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Worst company ever. Crooks, nobody wants to take responsibility for anything

Dirty Facility @ Warren, MI

The most dirty facility in state of Michigan it is La fitness in Warren specially when you complain they grin at you. The staff will not alert or get a manager for you, they just look at you like you have a nerve to complain. If you are a member wash your hands when you leave, who knows what you have come in contact with. The bathrooms (men are dirty) and are a disgrace.In women bathroom, the tampon waste bags spill out on to the floor, the floors are rarely moped and the shower, well WEAR Flip Flops! They are the only place in my part of town to offer the equipment they do otherwise I would NOT be a member. The equipment are ripped and the machines are broken and dirty, no cleaners to maintain and sensitize them. Most of the members start complaining and leaving that facility and joining different once. Please all I'm and other members are asking to maintain the gym, or hire better management. All we asking the LA Fitness in Warren, Mi to be same as the others. I am not saying the others are perfect.

Club rules are not being enforced, so some members bully other members which creates an unsafe enfironment.


Do yourself a HUGE favor and join another club. I resigned, received confirmation that I would not be charged going forward and they are still charging me! You can call them because no numbers work and they are "powerless" in the clubs.

Service Not

My family membership that we have been using at Greenwood . If you are not buying anything the service is not. I purchased Training for at least for year and half, which turned out OK. If I didn't work hard by myself then it would have not been worth a dam. My wife purchased training after I did and was able to find the right trainer. So she asked for the training sessions be transferred with our family account to me, She was told no. So now LA Fitness has 17 sessions that my family has paid for that we can't use.


Never sign up with the Personal Training Program. Total scam. My card was charged without my authorization. My fault to trust them by putting my cc down to hold my contract. I never showed up the next morning and they went ahead and charged my cc anyways. I was never given a copy of the contract. I had been a member since 2005. Now wonder why they have so many class action lawsuits.

I used to go to Water Aerobics on Saturday mornings at the Pleasant Hills, PA facility. They haven't had it for a long time know because of no instructor. Are they going to get an instructor for Saturday mornings. There were numerous people for that 9:00 class it wasn't like the class was empty. Every Saturday morning it was full. Please start that class up again. One of the main reasons I joined LA Fitness was to use the pool. With water aerobics being cut not sure why you need the pool. There really aren't a lot of people that go to swim. We would really like the class back.


my first day at the van nuys gym.... june 11th. Walked in put got changed and put my stuff in a locked locker. Went on the treadmill for 30 min. Went to get my other earphones. And everything was gone. even the jeans I had came to the gym in. I was told this was the sixth locker of the day that had been broken in to. WHY did they not make a member of staff monitor the locker rooms once they knew this was happening..


I have been a fitness instructor for a while with la fitness and i relocated to another state and did not get hired because of my visible tattoos, t he lady t hat was suppose to hire me made an excuse saying it was because there was not one class slot open to teach out of SIX gyms!, i was a great and reliable employee for la fitness and my former supervisor would give me a good reference so this lady is clearly discriminating because she is old and old fashioned and close minded, this is what i get for being a valued employee and wanting to help out and be part of la fitness


So disgusting/disappointing that swimming pool is so polluted with algae feeling at the bottom and cold. Also sandy , dirty in the spa. It's had just reopening at Rosemead after 3 months renovation and seem no clean up at the pool and spa. Wondering how they passed the inspection.

No Audio for TV

Since late December 2012 the audio for the TVs at LA Fitness on 134 and Aurora has not worked (that's almost 7 months). I was told on several occaisions after repeatedly inquiring that an order had been put in to fix them. Either they are lying or their service contrator for this is. If this was the problem for any of these employees or corporate biggies with their personal home TV they would not put up with this kind of service for a second! I have written corporate and asked for a response tto my written complaint to no avail. The employee's are very sweet at this store but they're thrown to the wolves at the front line by their lousy employer. My next course of action is to picket in front of their store letting potential customers know about their service; then moving across the street to "Fitness Evolution" for $10 a month with TVs on every piece of aerobic equipment to include a special aerobic room that's dark and shows movies!

hiring and instructors

I have been trying to get hired on as an instructor for several months now and can't even get the fitness coordinator to return my calls yet I see people that can't teach at all get employed. I was personally threatened the other day while on a cycle bike in the cycle room doing my own thing. No class going on but a sub came rather large man about 3x my size told me where the door was twice. Then got up to my while on my bike and told me to back off and stay out of his way. Complained to the Manager but I am thinking I need to take this to HR. I am apparently not the only person complaining about this guy.

Really BAD Customer Service from almost every LA Fitness employee

personal trainer

Hello my name is Debrina Dukes and I called to have my account frozen from the personal training and was OK and that my 19 sessions that was paid for will stay on my account. LA fitness has sent me through at least 8 personal trainers either they quit or got fired which put me at starting at beginning each time. I recently found a steady trainer and LA fitness had removed all 19 session I had paid for.

I love Goodyear

I have been a member of the Goodyear AZ club. I love it. Never have I been so motivated to stick to my fitness committment. The staff, the water aerobics classes and the maintainance of the club are outstanding. The Kids Club is well staffed and I my granddaughter looks forward to going there. It's unfortunate that there are so many negative comments posted. I feel very fortunate to live near Goodyear. Keep up the good work.


LA fitness is the worst gym ever. There corporate headquarter number doesnt even work, they say they have amenities they dont have and they change rates on people after offering them a certain rate. Go to costco and buy the 24 hour fitness membership, best deal ever and better gym!


Sales Counselor recommended 8 training sessions to start my new membership. Me being Excited I went ahead and gave it a shot. Little did I know...... I was only being tricked into a full year contract for thousands of dollars. Something I can't afford. Made numerous phone calls and no one will help. They dont care about their members. I dont know what im going to do. I need help.


It was recently brought to my attention that one of the members of the staff of the LA Fitness in South Arlington,Texas (the training manager to be exact) is an ex convict and was brought up on charges of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!! His desk is located just feet away from the kids club and I am not comfortable at all with him working there! I brought this matter up to two other managers and both brushed off my alarming comment like it was no big deal. Both were very rude, unprofessional, and it was sad that neither cared about the issue. The training managers name is Benny Cristantielli. Here is the article I found online about him. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Former-Soccer-Coach-Arrested-on-Child-Porn-Charges-105821853.html I suggest whoever reads this needs to do a full investigation on this gym because who knows what other criminals work in this gym. I dont feel comfortable, and will not return until I know this man has been removed from the company. Its sad that LA Fitness cant even do a basic background check!!

Wish I would have read reviews

I'm not the type of person to read reviews, but to be on here, and to see that the average rating is 1.7 stars!!! Does anyone else feel they signed their first born away? 3 personal trainers since Feb. Didn't even know my first one was gone. 2 out of the 3 cancelled sessions on me twice each by no call no showing. I haven't used them since April, and can't get out of the contract. Can anyone help? I've talked to 5 different people. 3 corporate, and 2 in the club. I don't even think you deserve 1 star!


Corona la fitness sucks needs new everything

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