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comlimentary pass

I received a complimentary 30-day pass as a 'prize' at a fundraising event. I went to a local LA Fitness to redeem the pass and was told that they would credit me 30 days on a membership because the pass was 'too old.' I had waited 5 weeks before visiting the facility due to a busy work schedule. No where on the pass is there an expiration date and no mention of a time limit for redeeming the pass. On top of this, I called the manager whose card was attached to the pass and he promised to call me back 'in a few minutes.' Never heard from him. There is no cost for allowing a guest to visit a facility for 30 days so there would no financial loss in honoring the pass. However, they definitely lost a potential customer!

personal training refund

I have been promised refund of 2 $150,00 monthly payments taken from my bank account after i had to leave La because of personal reasons.At least 6 different people in corporate headquarters promised the refund.It has been 2 months and still we are being given the run around.After around phone calls we will not call again,our lawyer will do the calling.We have tried to resolve this the right way but you force us to make it worse than should be.

lost instructors

At the Deerfield Beach facility, we have also some excellent yoga/pilates instructors leave due to upper management corporate office discrepancies. Is this really necessary? When you have really great instructors with a large following, it seems silly to let them go. It is only going to hurt LA Fitness' bottomline, as we, the dissatisfied customers will leave.

Instructors leaving

We have lost several of our most valued instructors, primarily from unnecessary conflicts with upper management, specifically Joanna Rabino and Jessica Casino. The facility is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida (Pines Blvd and 184th Ave).

Go to Xsport

This place sucks! From a former employee!


signed up for personal training and was badly injured. I cannot walk at all and may have to have surgery. LA Fitness says they cannot let me out of the personal training contract unless my doctor says I will be permanently disabled! How can he tell? I signed up for year and there is hope I will recover. I will never go to LA Fitness again but I might sue them.


Not much in the way of management at the Ventura, Ca. location or the Oxnard, Ca. location. And don't bother talking to any staff members because you won't get anywhere. Gym bags all over the workout floors, no towels required to wipe off machines, members hogging equipment and not willing to share. Equipment out of order of weeks.

How does someone send a complaint about a gym manager? The one I have tried to work with has very poor customer service, seems annoyed when asked for help and does not follow through on helping resolve issues. I have had no luck finding any way to bypass this person.

The Best Fitness Instructor at Harbor City and Torrance location

I wanted to say Elvira is one of the best instructors at LA Fitness. Her teaching techniques are phenominal. She really knows how to motivate the whole class and she makes it very enjoyable and fun. She has given me great results in the last 8 months I have been working out there. She has an amazing personality she is awesome

Misinformation and Unethical!

My fiance signed up for personal trainer. Entire contract signed was via computer. They never printed it out or emailed contract to her. What was verbally explained to her was totally different in the contract so now she was scammed into a long term, expensive contract. The San Marcos LA Fitness Center Manager was obnoxious/confrontational admonishing my finace telling her it was all was her fault she did not ask for copy of the contract. We want out of thgis scam. Buyers beware, the San Marcos LA Fitness Center is mismanaged and unethical!


On Thrusday April 18 at the Wellington, Florida facility while playing racquetball it was noticed that a father and a 7 or 8 year old boy was throwing a LaCrosse ball in a racquetball court. The lacrosse ball is a 5 oz. solid rubber ball that will do damage to the court walls. It was reported to the front desk and nothing was done. It was reported to the Manager (if that what you call him) and nothing was done. Beside using the racquetball court for something other than racquetball and allowing a child under 14 in the facility, several racquetball player who pay extra to play where setting out and were unable to play they sport. Thanks for you attention.

Thiefs at LA Fitness

There has been several locker break ins and today it happened to me. The only thing they could steal was my keys and photo copied DL but with that said it will cost me about 1,000 dollars. Had to the have home re-keyed and a new ignition and locks on my truck. LA Fitness does not care or they would do something to stop this and the police just take your name down. Big DEAL, that takes real effort doesn't it.

Hamden Ct (Skiff St.

Please consider reading all the reviews before you make a decision to join LA Fitness. Personal trainers are lazy and don't focus on important details like proper form. There is more to training someone than just putting a weight in your hand and making you lift it. The gym is dirty. Weights are scattered around making it difficult to find what you're looking for. This eats up time when trying to work out in a timely manner. Staff at front desk is clueless and requires repeated explanation. Brace yourself for the run around. La fitness goal is to sign you up and take your money. After that you're on your own. You've been warned.

General membership

My trainer was upgraded to 'master trainer' after a few months and I and to pay an upgrade fee to retain her! Very deceptive ploy, plus they upgraded my naming days as well. Facility is subpar with one or more machines, bikes, ellipticals, always out of order. Women's bathrooms are disgusting, stay away!!!!


I signed up for a basketball league at the new Milford, CT fitness center. Cancelled less than 48hrs later due to issues with the league and how it was run. I was told I would get a full refund within a couple of days. This t was an OUT RIGHT LIE and they are NOT and NEVER intended to refund my money. I am now at $169.00. Will NEVER go back there or recommend them to ANYONE!!!


I'm not a member but These people have my cell # for some reason and blow up my phone looking for someone I don't even know(collections). Hundreds of calls, no kidding, and they have mult #'s so i cant block all. I have begged, called corporate, etc to get them to stop. I am not connected to this place at all and never will be! ABUSIVE!


No one explained the trainer contract to me until after the grace period of when I could cancel with out having to pay. I am so mad I really dislike LA Fitness right now. No one ever sign anything with them.

Renewal Promoption

I received a membership renewal email on March 25th stating, "Renew before your expiration date and receive free additional time." When I attempted to renew my membership on April 1st at the club I was denied the additional time and was told this promtion was expired. I also called Customer Service who stated the same. No where did it say in the email I received that this offer would expire in five days. This is poor communication and customer service. In the future you must indicate that this type of offer has an expiration date. That's called quality customer service.


I paid Balleys membership for all my life. I tried to communicate with the manager of Lafitness at Highland Park. He told me that I lost my membership. I always pay on time and they withdrawed from my credit card and from my Bank the same amount. At this point, I do not have any answer from anybody. Please check that if you were a Balleys Fitness all life member, Lafitness do not take cancel out ypur membership.

Urban Active now LA Fitness

I am rating the staff only on the basis of the personal training membership I purchased while the club was in changeover. Now they will NOT honor the terms of what they told me, AND will not help me get it resolved with LA. Even when I confirmed that LA, not Urban has the contract and seeing it can prove that I am correct, they refuse to move forward. I just keep getting the run-around and the local staff is belligerent to me when I try to speak to them. No way to reach anyone or Urban says it is not their problem since LA is the contract holder. Suggestions?

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