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New hyde park ny the worse dirty no crew cleaning got here today at 4pm left at 5.30 pm garbage all over the workout area in the back weights left all over the place no employees put them back they just walk over them asked the girl at the front desk who is in charge she didnt no. No manager on duty asked if member has issues who can they speak too she shook her head she didnt know her response was im new they never told me. What a garbage gym it went completely south this place was once the best gym now one of the worse since 2006 a real shame on La fitness for not caring i will not join again been member since 2006 will be going to NYSC

I want my money back

For the past 5 months you have been automatically taking money out of my account for 2 accounts. First of all I'm not the person who open the account and I made a one time payment once. After that your company automatically started to take the money out of my account without my authorization. I never signed a statement agreeing to automatic payments. You owe me $300. Very unprofessional and very disappointed customer. Never will I use your services again!

Morning Management?

Can you please let us know if there is a Manager on duty in the morning at the Garden City, NY location. I am concerned due to the fact that this is a new gym and I left NYSC for this gym only to find myself regretting my decision. Members are not racking the weights when they are done and the bigger issue currently is the fact that members are not wiping down the machines after using them. I am not bickering and saying all members but in the morning there are 2 members that proceed to the second level after doing cardio and are drenched in sweat. They have no towel, and do not wipe down the machines, benches, pads when they are done. If Management does not do something about this i will return to NYSC as i am sure others will since everyone is now complaining amongst the morning crowd about this.

Temple City facility

I thought the facility was supposed to open at 6am on Sat. Waiting outside with more than 20 members waiting to get in. Got here at 6:20am and its 6:40 now. How much longer?

Sanitation LA Fitness New Hyde Park

Hi: I love the LA Fitness in New Hyde Park. It is great. There are four areas that do bother me though and they all involve cleanliness and sanitation. 1. There are not enough sanitizer & paper towel station around the gym. I have witnessed that most people don't santize the equipment after they use it. 2. The rug in the main work out room needs to be shampooed it is very dirty. 3. The two men's rooms smell very bad and the rugs are lased with mildew and mold. 4. The Hot Sauna and Hot Tube need to be cleaned more regular as well. They are both gross.. I am bringing these items to your attention so that you can improve your customer experience. Thank you. Christopher

LA Fitness (AKA Lifestyle Family Fitness) in Hunters Creek FL

So disappointed in this facility. The classroom is always dirty. Mats are missing. There are not enough hand weights for the classes. The weights in the workout area are broken and not being repaired. When the front desk is told, they say there is no manager there so nothing can be done. People are walking into the gym without checking in, even when someone is at the front desk. No one seems to care about this facility or the people that are members.

Let's Clean Up Facility*

*Gym needs more security... as folks go into the sauna with shoes and sweat clothing! condition of pool and smaller pool is not so clean; hair and water has bubbles meaning not changed often! women's bathroom and shower room floor is often dirty and smells... please put your act together so we can enjoy your gym!! employees there are good, but management ????


I have sent in the cancellation forms twice now and they conveniently haven't cancelled the membership for my family as of today! I expect this taken care of right away once my CERTIFIED MAIL gets to your corporate office AGAIN. I find it ridiculous that you can't cancel online, or in person like you can when you JOIN. Your gym purposely makes cancelling a membership difficult and requires multiple attempts. I will be seeking further action, if this is not taken care of immediately.

Taking advantange of the elderly

My mother, a 76 yrs old woman,cancelled her membership last year 04/2012 and up to this day, LA Fitness is taking the payment and not only hers, but her granddaughter's as well, as my mother brought her as a guess!! Unfortunally we can not resolved the refund of the payments and had to change my mother's back acct number. I would of had taken care of this sooner if my mother had look at ther bank statements, not until i found out.


I attend the La Fitness on Andrews in Florida and I love it! I would love it more if they would change the scales. Being a female I would rather not weigh myself in front of everyone including men. Then not only that but having to get the scale right is time consuming. I would really appreciate it if you considered but an electric scale in the women's bathroom .i would feel more comfortable thank you!

Reception/ Aqua Fitness Class

We definitely need corprate to visit their facilities..Facility needs new carpet and better cleaning staff that doesnt stand around in the locker room socializing with friends..Front desk needs to check people in properly, one time nobody at desk -just walked back..The aqua fit class I went to took our noodles away that the customers bought and threw them away and said we cant use them, while the other facilities(Wellington,Fl) is still allowed to use them. The West Palm Beach,Fl...needs qualified people at front desk that actually care about customer service and smile at you when you come in and acknowledge you...I might be able to get friends to join, but right now would be too embarrased to bring them there....

Swimming Pool

Every morning my daughter and I swim are laps at 5:00 am and I find a lot of disgusting things that bother me but this morning was the last I could take there has been other times when I have found toilet paper in the swimming pool but today was the most disgusting it was a dark yellow and I picked it up with me feet and it tour apart in the water.For the first time since February I did not do my laps because this LA Fitness does NOT! clean up after the aerobic classes the exercise stuff is out, mats are not enough for safety, kotex bens in the stalls are still filled up from the day before, the toilet seats are covered with urine drops and this is at 5:00 in the morning but the dark yellow stain toilet paper in the swimming pool was the most disgusting because if I would have swam I would have had that nasty paper in my mouth and have gotten sick. Its bad enough I see people in the swimming pool with the there shoes and street clothes and baseball hats swimming in the pool now toilet paper.I hope you are able to fix this. Thank You


I was working with a personal trainer and realized that my busy schedule wasn't allowing me to keep uop with the weekly sessions. When I went to cancel my workouts I found out that it was uncancellable and I had unknowingly agreed to a 52 week contract. The trainer that signed me up was a real shyster and led me to believe that I could get out of I wanted to. Shame on me for allowing myself to be dupped. I can't wait for my membership to end. There are at least 4 other fitness centers within a 5 mile radius of my home. I'm gone.

Run as fast and as far as you can from this organization. They are completely disorganized and hire thugs and gang bangers as employees. They, on many occasions have yelled at the members. This supposed new facility is in gross disrepair and I totally encourage 24 hour or any other place. Please heed this warning and don't patronize LA Fitness

Gym equipment

One of the worst gym facility I've been to, the equipment is so old with rust showing. I'm surprised that there has been no law suit, this place needs a revamp !!! Seriously !!! Warner and Beach in Huntington Beach ca


I go to the LA Fitness in Lake Worth, FL. The machines are worn, at least one treadmill is out of order every time I go. The other members are nice but the personal training program is a joke. It is the worst money I ever spent having bought a years worth of sessions. Even the trainer said I know your arms don't look like that because of what we have been doing. Don't get taken in by this big conglomerate, they are awful

Don't join

One of the worst gym chains I've ever belonged to. If you really want a workout go some place else.

L. A. Fitness snubs 'silver sneakers' program

I was a satisfied & grateful member of Urban Active in Hilliard, Oh. until L A Fitness aquired it and shut out the 'silver sneakers' group. I don't understand their disregard for seniors. I loved the hilliard gym, and even it was more than 9 miles from my home, it is the closest. I'm not poor. I could join and pay full dues and not lower my standard of living, however I'm sure that i'm paying for at least a portion of membership fees through medicare and my supplemental insurance plan. Do the right thing L. A. Fitness

LA Fitness Madison Riverside CA

I take Zumba classes at 3 LAF gyms & overall very satisfied. My only concern is the lack of air conditioning in the aerobic room in the Madison St. gym. I felt nauseated & dizzy during the cool down & saw several other people struggling with the heat. Potential for problems very high. This needs resolution quickly.

Gym Equipment

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to address a couple of issues that need to be changed for better service. I have came across a couple of treadmills that are worn down and don't function efficiently. Perhaps, replacement would be of better human service practice. Stair-master machines are out of service most of the time. Also, the stationery bicycles for the spinning class need to be updated or fixed. More than half of those bikes are in non-working and poor condition! I am not the only member that has these complaints...there are many people that feel the same way that I do! Please do not disregard my input and provide us, your members, with better quality. Thank you

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