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This company needs to hire better employees! My expierience with this company was horrible and L.a Fitness should go out of business for their poor customer service. In addition how their employees lie to steal money. I'm filing with the better business bereau and I will get my refund of money that this business stole from my account.

LESS THAN A STAR worst business ever. They are all shady and liars at Casa Grande LA Fitness. DO NOT GET A MEMBERSHIP THERE. TERRRRRIBLE work ethics. They lied to us about their membership. I called to cancel, and the manager argued with me about how I "Misunderstood." Complete BULL. NEVER purchase a personal trainer there, either. They tell you that they're giving you a "deal," and you're NOT getting a deal. One person tells you that you're getting a discount, the other doesn't even tell you that they're having a discount going on. Weird right???

I go to La Fitness in Avondale,Az, have complained along with at least 10 other people about hhow cold the pool is all the time. Nothing is done about it. Alos the pool, spa tiles & vents are filthy. Really for the money we pay you think someone could do something in over 6 months time.


we just got ripped off of our ipod in la fitness in higland ca, this place is a joke my kid had it and when my wife noticed it she ask him for it and he started crying, the girl that was watching the kids said that she will take care of it so she left to her class,at some point it run out of battery so my child gave it to the girl to put it away and she did in a drawer when my wife came to pick him up she ask the girl for the ipod and she said that she had it on this drawer and it was not there anymore,and thats it they are ignoring our requests to pay it back or return it so i will file a police report on site and sue the girl on small claims for the ipod,this is it.

I have been a member of La Fitness for about four months now.....Recently a new facility has opened in my area (Laveen, AZ....and when I signed up for a memebership I was told that I will be able to meet with personal trainer....So I made an appointment to meet with a personal training I arrived 45 min. early to my appointment. I was told to come back at my appointed time because there was someone who made an appointment scheduled before the time i did that day was running late.....so when my appointment time came I went back to meet with the training who told me to re-schedule my appointment because he was behind with this same client that was running late.....that is very poor customer service on the trainers part......there are reasons why appointments are set so that both parties are aware of when to meet. If anything he should of had the first client whom was late re-schedule not me. I a very very very dissapointed in how this trainer at la fitness handle this situation.

I am 17 years old and went in to add myself onto my dads membership with a no activation fee. I sat there atleast 30 minutes longer then need be due to their telling me that I NEEDED to sign up for a trainer. However the trainer told me that he would train me so that I could be added as a tally to his board of girls he trained and slept with! I AM 17 YEARS OLD! Then to top it off they came into my work asking me again to sign up for a trainer when I had just paid 70 dollars for a membership and my parents had been eating dinner at their time and went and interrupted their dinner telling them I needed to sign up that day! Then my dad went in and had said that I wanted a full refund and he wanted to cancel his account do to the sexual harassment that I encountered. It has been over 2 months and I still have not received my refund that would take 7-10 business days. Not to mention that we have been in 3 times and called numerous times and they always insist they will call back next day and we have never received a call. This is by far the worst company EVER! They will lose money then need be when I take them to court! I don't even think they deserve 1 star this is the worst customer service ever!

From janitor to GM, let's not forget the skanky front desk girls, the Langhorne pa club staff is nasty. Everyone is rude and iv heard stories about sales and managers stealing credit card info from customers. I am currently trying to cancle my membership and that is harder to accomplish than law school. This company is one big fraud waiting to get busted. Almost every salesman is an ex con. Pathetic from head to toe.

I was hired over two years ago as a part time front desk staff. A few months ago, our manager was transferred to another club leaving mine without a manager. Since I knew the position and had the availability I accepted the Acting Manager title. I was told that I would receive a bonus for each pay period I worked the hours and took cresponsibility of the club and staff. After 3 months of this, I decided to step down from the position and go back to my part time hours like I was hired for, especially since I was told I would not be getting an official promotion. Once I told them I wanted to work part-time (with sufficient notice) they took me completely out of the system, as if I was fired, and did not give me my bonus for my last pay period I worked. To add insult to injury, I was never told to my face by a manager or VP that I was terminated. I found out when my paycheck was not at my club on payday but instead mailed to me a few days later. Bottom line: LA FITNESS OWES ME $200 and MY JOB!!!!

Very disappointed with the LA Fitness in Ocoee Florida, I join the gym in January 2010 for the classes, the managment at this gym in terrible, we did not have a zumba dance instructor at this gym for our 4.45 PM Thursday night class for over a month now and no one there seems to know whats going on. I join the gym for the classes, I might as well quit this gym and go to another for $10.00 a month if I just want to use machines. Very fustrated with the LA fitness in Ocoee Florida.

How do I cancel my account??? I can't contact anyone from the website except to get a local number, they don't know anything about the website. Now I have to go out of my way to get some form because the website is sooo not user friendly. It will know take my fob number, so no way to create an account to be able to print off this one form. I enjoyed the gym when it was close to my job, but now there is not one anywhere near here I have to go on a mission to quit???

YOU SUCK BALLS....as we know the economy is not what it should be and I am one of many americans who lost their job. I contacted them right away to let them know and they said that its fine and i can take care of it when i return to work but instead of abiding by there word these dumb F...s still tried to take money out of my account. 3 months later I was fortunate enough to get my job back and when i got paid guess who took out half of my paycheck...thats right la fitness. when i called to speak to a rep they told me that they SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MY CARD OFF FILE but THEY DIDN'T, HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT SHIT. I agree with the person above, they do not greet you, nor do they check up on you. I would never recommend la fitness unless you dont mind pour customer service. Keep your asses in L.A.

Poor OM at Edina MN LAF. She is rude....that about sums it up. She might need to mature a little before getting a position like that. Where do they find their employees? In this economy there are far more educated and intellectual people who would be great at this job, find them PLEASE for the sake of your gym

I was looking for a gym in my area and I went to LA Fitness on University and Oakland Park in Sunrise ,Florida I just wanted to get pricing info I had the money to sign up but I was introduced to the rudeist person he lacked people skills and if this is the way that LA Fitness employes people thats sad .I've sold memberships before at a Gold's Gym and a Boxing Gym and i believe that 90% of the sell is personality 10% is money .This LA Fitness will never see me nor will I use any Free pass to any LA Fitness as a matter of fact i would drive 5 miles to another gym .And besides the point the other gym in my ares was alot cheaper and is open all night that should tell you who it is .......Hope LA fitness Collars read these post and do something or they are going to be just another gym going out of bussiness because of there employees......

I was pulled off the floor today by one of the sales people at the Tradition,Fla club. I was offered a job as a trainer,I declined,I was then informed that I was instucting a second women in the club on the machines,and I was considered to be doing personnel training. I was only allowed one training partner and I already had that,she was also black.I'm a 65 yr old divorced retiree,white,and I was showing a 28 yr old black women how to use the machine.The sales person was black,the Mgr of the club Michelle is black,most of the sales people are black or hispanic.I feel this was a case of reverse rascism in the deep south and nothing more,there are several people working out with multiple partners,one a ex-NFL player with three women.Several black man with white women,but in my case I was being singled out. I use the gym as a meeting place to make friends and maybe something in a social context. My step daughter who is mixed and , is a lawyer, in New York with a license to practice in Fla. will be contacted by me.This is the second time I've seen blatant favoritism displayed by Michelle.I was was not aloud to have my grandson on the floor with me,but constantly watch her allow friends in for free,(black)with their kids,allows a whole group of black kids to use the basketball courts,and use of the club,without membership.I know because one one of the women I was working out with told me her son is one of them. Racism is alive and well in Port Saint Lucie Florida.Only it's reversed.Racism is racism.We will see. I will be firing off this complaint to corporate.

The problem I have with LA Fitness is they open at 5:00 A.M or they say they do. They hire young kids to open and they show up when they feel like it. Folks like myself work for a living and go early to the Gym. This does not work if they don't show up till an hour after opening.

I am going through a divorce. I told LA fitness that I needed to cancel my PT membership. I called and spoke with Jason the membership manager. He said to come in and talk to him more about it and he will cancel it for me-no problem. I sent in the bar code letter to cancel and got an email saying my membership would not be canceled. I had to talk with someone in the GYM. I tried to freeze my membership online and the the website blocked me from doing that. The next day, I went to see Jason. He saw me waiting and did everything he could to ignore me, and then tried to duck out but the receptionist caught him and brought him over to me. He said he did not handle cancelations and sent me to Clint. Clint said he was new and did not know how it "all" worked. He said that I had to pay back 1/2 of what I owe. That is okay with me since I am breaking a contract. He did not know how to "Unfreeze" my account but he would call me because he would call the corporate office to find out how to do it. Guess what? He never called me back and would not take my calls. I am canceling at the end of the month. Just afraid that will screw me around and my accounts.

You really need to wonder how upper management thinks , I am talking about the CEO of Laf , do you think this person really cares about anything like the members you can forget it GREED my friend GREED, what they need is a class action lawsuit slapped on there ass

Tacoma club (men's locker room) is filthy. Talked to manager and he said my standards are too high! Only employees you will ever see are membership employees. The rest of the club is going down hill daily. I would join Balleys or Gig Harbor Athletic Club.

because la fitness cheated my sister me and our 10 friends gancel our membership Good luck La

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