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I just joined LA Fitness for a month, I even bring my mom to join, the first person I spoke to treat me not nice, i required him to have his manager call me, This LA Fitness is in Renton Washington state. The manager is more worst. I did cancel both my mom and my contract. I ever seen any bad customer service like this in my life. The show call manager said I selffish and mean. Is that the way a manager try to cool a customer down, Headquarter please talk to your Human Resourse or your quality control, this is a very bad customer services. The first person I spoke with his name was Jason. The manager's name was Shawn or Sean.He makes me to stop by there to pick up my cancel contract. To be honestly I really don't want to step back there even once. If you did not do anything, I don't think your business will grow, actually I plan to bring more friend go there and I do knew a lot of people. I am not dare to do so anymore. Sorry, very very bad customer service and I was lucky I had not bring my friend go there yet! otherwise more blame from them

LA Fitness you are a CORPORATE Joke. I do not recommend this place to anyone. The class schedule SUCKS. When we joined the classes were one hour and have now been cut to 45 minutes in the morning. Everyone in the classes dont understand why and the instructors dont like it at all. Every time you ask an employee or instructor a question they all say its corporate that makes every decesion and laugh. Well corporate you need to lighten up and let your clubs make some decesions becuase you dont have a clue to what goes on with your clubs. Maybe in LA people dont get up early or maybe you dont realize that we like to get up early in the midwest. Many of us like to go to class everymorning at 5:30 or even your late 5:45 am class. why not have a class every morning at 5:45 so we can be satisfied instead of 3 days a week. I totally regret leaving XSport as they were a good gym. LA is 10 minutes closer and my wife wanted to join a club with me so I changed, What a mistake. Bottom line is you will be disapointed if you join. LA Fitness you need to go on undercover boss or something so you have a clue cuase your management doesnt.


I've been a member of the gym located in Evanston, IL for a year now. Over this time, I've seen repairs take weeks/months to be completed. I joined this particular gym because of the pool.....yes, the pool that has been closed for SEVERAL weeks now. My credit card is billed the same every month, and yet the service we're receiving isn't. As for the staff, I can count on one hand the number of staff that actually says hello to me when I come in, the rest just kind of look right through you. What's the reason for this? I would like to speak to someone about my membership fees and what can be done to credit folks for not having access to the pool.

LA fitness in Atlanta GA is a ripoff and a they take advantage of people. I have had to quit the gym because of a serious medical reason and they refused to let me out of my contract. I am trying to fax them a doctor's note and they claim I can. What should I do?

I am and have been a member of LA Fitness in Miami, Florida the club located at 16051 South Dixie Hwy. Miami, Florida 33157. The conditions are extreamly poor and I have even called the Corporate office to complain and nothing has ever been done I joined primarly to use the pool, I am a swimmer for 40 years or more and the pool at LA Fitness is too cold to use at all. The management has refused to do anything about the water temperature they say it is fine the way it is. They say it should be between 82 and 85 degrees, the pool is not 85 degrees it is much cooler. The managers name is Michele Capasso, she has been rude and nasty to me, refusing to do anything to make it more comfortable for the people using the pool on a daily basis. I am not the only one who has complained there are others who swim daily. I know that LA Fitness is not going to do anything to rectify the problem so I'll probably be forced to give up my membership. I am paying $42.00 per month to swim in cold water not acceptable. I am extreamly disappointed in the way the management and LA Fitness Corporate Offices have handeled this. I will and have already filed an complaint with Consumer Services in Talahasse Florida. They in addition have other reasources available to me and have advised that I call.

It's been so much trouble with LA Fitness Membership. Their contrats are just outrage and once you singed you can't get out of it. These corporation doing wrong business and ripping off people.I am collecting the complaints about this corporation and filed the law sue against them. Please be my witness and send me your complaint at viral78@yahoo.com

The Haspanic guy (Aguilar) at ELDRIDGE PKWY @ BRIAR FOREST, HOUSTON TX dont know how to deal with new costumers. I went there to get the membership but he failed to show me any deals or let me in as a guest. 3 days guest passes are avalible on LA Fitness website but despite me telling him that i drove here from far he acted rude and turned me away.

Never Join, they are crooks. You send in your cancellation paper and call to ensure it is canceled and your local gym will say it has been canceled but they will never cancel it, you have to call your bank to put a stop payment on the fees

LOVED this gym, until I tried to re-instate. After repeated emails from corportate saying "we want you back!" and they were offering me a cut in my in monthly fee to "offset these hard economic times," I was told that I will now actually have to pay MORE than what I did a year ago because like others who have left complaints, my original contract did not charge a seperate fee for the kids club, and I was likewise told "that person no longer works here, he shouldn't have told you it was included." How is adding an additional $20 helping in these "difficult economic times?" The email should have said "we want you back, but you'll pay for it!"

Sue Bressler is the best trainer I have ever had. I have gotten great results. She never asked me to do more than I could and pushed me in her own way to my sucess. She is a professional (always on time, confirms appointments...)she was very accomidating she is often there early in the morning,stays late at nite and on the weekends. Sue is smart, she is a student of exercise physiology and she generously shares what she knows. If you are out of shape (like I was) or in great shape (I'm not quite there yet) she is going to accelerate your sucess. If you are member at Lake Sucess, NY I would recomend that you make an appointment to work out with her.

Their cancellation policy is a complete run around. I will never do business with them again. The process is a form of harrassment to try to slow down or discourage cancellation. I have searched the internet and they are building quite a bad reputation for this. Shame on them as I believe it will come back to haunt them.

Wow...I am amazed at the complaints that I am reading on this sight. Well...I am here to add to the list. My husband and I have been seasonal members. This would have been our 3rd year. I have no real complaints about the facility. I never had trouble getting on any piece of equipment. But my complaint comes from my experience that I had yesterday. I went on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe 20 people in the whole place. Yes there were the 3-4 sales guys sitting at their desk. I was on the stairmaster for approximately 40 minutes (I am 54 and in very good shape) and for some reason my heart rate jumped from 148 to over 200. Obviously I stopped and started walking trying to bring it down. After 20 minutes of being unsuccessful, I approached one of the men and told him I was struggling getting my heart rate down and could he help me. He basically told me to "stay vertical and keep breathing". Then he went back to whatever he was doing. I continued to struggle for the next 30 minutes. Heart rate went down to 168-175, but if I got up to walk it went right back up to 190.I called my husband to come get me.I was sitting at a table to the right of the front desk. Not 1 time did this so called "LA fitness trainer" approach me to say are you feeling better or is there anything I can do. The girl who at the front desk(asst operational manager) whom I cancelled my membership with today was on the phone the entire time at least 40 minutes. I cancelled my membership and will be joining another gym that I hope my new gym will have a little bit more concern for their customers. I do not feel LA Fitness have the proper training to deal with issues that can and will arise within their facility. I found it pretty comical when I went in there today and told the "assistant on the phone constantly operational manager" that I was cancelling my membership she asked me why? and I told her that I was "unhappy" here. She never asked "why?" she just handed me the papers to mail in. Pretty sad when they don't even attempt to save a customer during these hard economic times.

I am amazed at the illegal process that this company has for account cancellations. There is no corporate office information that you can use to call and there is no fax numbers where you can fax in any type of document. The company extorts money from people, tell them that it's easy to cancel your membership and then won't let you out of the contracts. And I don't even have a contract!! But they will not cancel my membership. I entered a cancellation for today, 11-11-10 and if I am charged for december, I will press charges for stealing.

I have been a member for 6 weeks now. I joined mainly to play basketball over the winter, as many of my friends belong as well. I was told by the salesperson, that the basketball courts have a monitor at all times that people are playing. The games were to 13, or 15 minutes. A list was used to insure everyone would be able to play in turn. Initially, things worked out ok, every now and then, someone would scratch someone else's name off the list and put their own, and cut the line. That to me, is not that big a deal. Then the other day, I arrived at the gym to play, and found that there was no monitor. The people were not at all going by the list, and people who wrote their names on the list, were just getting bullied by the bigger guys into walking off the court out of fear. Still, I was ok because luckily, I know most of the people there. But either way, I made a complaint to the Woodbridge, VA location manager, and advised him what was going on, and all he did, was give me an email address of his regional manager Mr. Park, and asked me to email him, as it was out of his hands, for budget cuts. So today I arrive to play, and during the game, I was guarding a black gentleman about 3" taller, and 40-50 lbs heavier. Regardless, I played him well. After blocking his shot, stealing the ball from him, and standing my ground to not be boxed all the way out in the paint, he (without the ball and not even in the play) gave me a nice sharp and hard elbow in my gut, knocking the wind out of me. I immediately called "check ball", to stop play, and asked him to quit playing dirty and play fair. He advised me that every time that I got up close to him, that he was going to do the same thing. After the game was over, I went and talked to the other manager. She stated that she could pull him out of the gym, and ask him to leave, and possibly even revoke his membership. Great! So I have to look over my shoulder when I leave to go to my car??? "NO" I said. We need the court monitor to maintain some type of order. These big guys in the gym are going to continue mistreating, and bullying the other (paying) members as long as there is no control of the court. This was the main selling point for why I joined the gym. The manager said that my emailing the regional manager again as she was well aware that I had already done so, would not do any good. I inquired as to if it someone needed to be beat up, or put in the hospital, or even shot for someone to listen, she said that it wouldn't matter. It was over her head. So I asked her, once the management has received multiple complaints, and incident reports, and somebody does get hurt, if she thought that the "budget cuts" would cover the law suits that LA Fitness would most definately be receiving. She stated that she wasn't responsible for actions of other members. This is true, but if it is an ongoing problem at the same location, with documentation, and action is not taken by LA Fitness to address these issues that the gym would most definately be held liable in court. I also advised her that she better hope that if someone gets hurt, that it isn't me. Once I win my law suit, she will not like me very much as the new owner of LA Fitness. I am a mean boss. But at least if I do become the new owner, I can take care of the scams and dirty contracts that LA Fitness is conning everyone to sign.

The Farmingdale is a rat infested club. The members are treated with no respect workers steal from members lockers and they play basketball instead of working. Most importantly, the personal training is a joke. Trainers are ripping off the corporation by training in the facility with out uniforms are periodicailly during the day to pocket the fees rather than paying the training group or corporate. The so called general manager is hardly there and does not control anything within the facility and it is even more attractive to walking to a facility to see workers eating at the front desk as you check in to use the facility. Good luck to all who join, keep the bugs away and do not bring them home as you will be sorry, but rest assured you got them from the sloppy, grimey conditions at L A Fitness in Farmingdale. The club has not been adequately cleaned in two years and needs to close for a major face lift and even that would not be enough to fix this location Go to Retro Fitness or to LIfe Time Fitness or Equinox, all well worth the investment versus the VILE environment at the club

LA Fitness is a rip off. They open new state of the art facilities and let the older ones rot into A SLUM LIKE CONDITION. There is never anyone that you can get in touch with and they local managment is both inept and incapable of managing the club and its members. For days they go without hot water and do not know the numnber of an exterminator. someone please give them a hammer to fix the lockers and the $10 or $15 for a community scale. it is a shame that the personal trainers charge to use the one scale to get your weight in the entire club

La Fitness, should change their name to lousy operators and close their underperforming locations. They have some A properties and some Z minus properties that are so disgusting, it makes you sick to just walk in the door. The lack of attention to existing clubs permeates through out the country and they repeatedly do not reinvest money into existing operating facilities. They build new state of the art clubs, then they rot after a few years anticipating a small membership decline and then NEVER stop charging your credit card. Stay away from these clubs as they do not meet minimum Health Standards and should be closed by any reputable Board of Healht Facility. Local management at several locations are just happy to show up and be there and really do not know a thing about operating a club, or anything about the service industry. I would recommend the local Y or even Planet Fitness at $10 a month over LA Fitness to anyone after one year of being a member of LA Fitness that is open over a year. Bugs, Semin, Rats, Roaches, Mold among the many other issues that are problematic at several facilities through out the chain. No wonder so many new operators are opening that are going to put LA Fitness out of business, which would be well deserved, based on the way they treat members.

Each of the clubs are run like a candy store that sells rat poison. The managers could care less about the members, the music sucks, the equipment is broken and the staff are all ex cons or worse. They harrass you to get pesonal trainign and then rob you in many ways, from the cars, the lockers to repeated charges on your credit card that do not stop months after you quit. Have you ever seen the inside of a jail, if not go inside LA Fitness and see a locker room and the cleanliness of the facility

I have been a member in Douglasville since April, 2010. My husband has been a member for a couple of years, the staff has been nothing but courteous and respectful to us. Very helpful in any way they can. I am sorry to hear such horror stories.

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