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Pissed Off

LA Fitness Sucks and I haven't even gotten past the sales staff, because i continue to get the run around, needless to say i will NOT be joining!!!

Filthy w/a chance of attitude.

Yes, your reviews are on target for the LA Fitness in Snellville, GA as well. Managers with little to no customer service skills backed with heavy neglect cleanliness. Need another fitness to move into the area. Takers???

Screwed on Membership

My daughter and I joined the gym and I was not explained how the memebership worked and was told we each had to pay a $99 fee to join and $29 for first and last month’s membership which would have been $380 to join I didn’t have that. Later I learned it should have been $99 for both of us and first and last month that would have been $218 for both of us. I paid amost $200 for a month by month anyway. Poor customer service and no one was will to correct the situation. VERY unhappy!!

What Happened!!

The Denton, Texas location. I was happy when I joined first of 2013. The location was clean and LA Fitness Team very kind and took care pride. Since changes in the Team in via operations and sales the location is sad in attitude and doesn't care about the facility. The sales manager and operations manager is the worst and clearly is confused at the level needed to take care of members or police the facility. Someone needs to get it together.

Huntington Beach location dirty. Staff are rude

Women sauna room had worms and mold under the wood bench. I notified James, the manager, and told him I would consider reporting the problem to OSHA and his reply was "Go ahead and do whatever you want to do. This place is definitely filthy and staff are rude.

Needs Maintenance

The Covington WA facility has been great. But it's not getting enough budget to keep it maintained. The parking lot is filthy and needs a professional parking lot cleaner to attack it. Several machines are out of operation. And now we're running out of hot water in the showers several days a week. HELP!

Cerritos LA Fitness

This place is totally screwed up. The service is lousy, everything is falling apart and the operation manager does not care at all. LA Fitness take money from member and do not provide adequate service. The spa, sona , steam room and many other things are out of service for weeks and nobody care!

No Response

I called the Corporate Office over a week ago to complain about the floors in ladies locker room not being cleaned (washed) as I had made the complaint at the actual gym for OVER a month!!! I cannot believe that a week after I complained to Corporate the floors are still disgusting and they have the same stains from over a month ago. They told me that they would contact the Operations Manager - did nothing!!! They actually had someone new cleaning on Friday, she even put "wet floor" signs by the door to make it look like she was cleaning, but the floors NEVER got washed. Absolute filth!!! Shame on You.

Wellington gym can't seem to get the Jacuzzi fixed- no heat?? It's been 4 days- manager blames pool company and has the attitude he could care less!

How rude

I told the personal trainer "Director" at my Lexington, KY location that I could not financially afford to pay for a personal trainer. You know what he did? He LAUGHED at me. Well, I'm glad HE has plenty of money! Maybe LA Fitness is paying Chris too much!

I was lied to

I was lied to when I was told how much I would pay per month. When I pointed out that I was being over charge to the manager, I was told there was nothing he could do about it. I called corporate and I was also told there was nothing that could be done. The dollar amount that we are talking about is $5.00 a month. That $5.00 is worth more to them than a happy customer. They will not me as a member but also other family members and anyone else that asks me about them.

bad business

I had a contract for personal training 27 sessions. half way through the sessions. I have 17 sessions left. they told I can no longer be with the same trainer and cancelled my contract. the reason I as given is that my trainer got good reviews and became master trainer, so I have to sign new contract and pay more to continue with him. my understanding of business is if you get your people better skills to serve your customers to keep them coming back , you don't charge more. And you don't cancel contracts half way through. the better business model is to Waite for my contract to finish then you ask if I wanted to continue with the same trainer I have to pay more, I would've been more than happy to do that. now you pissed me off , I requested no more training sessions and stopped my payment. and will tell everyone I know not to go there.

Purell is not the same as soap

My local LA Fitness in West Boca Raton, Florida has hand sanitizer in the soap dispensers in the men's bathroom. I brought it to their attention and they fixed it once but then it was back to hand sanitizer a few days later. I think this is unsanitary and unacceptable. If it isn't fixed soon I'm reporting to sanitation authority and changing gyms.

Cleanliness (None)

The Centereach NY gym is quite new, but very dirty.....you never see anyone cleaning and if you make a complaint its like talking to a wall because nothing gets done. One of my friends complained and they revoked her membership (that Manager is now gone) but the new management does nothing about cleaning. I can go any time of day any day of week and you never see anyone cleaning - they may empty garbage and tidy, but they never really clean - you should be using bleach in the locker rooms because the floors are disgusting.

LA Fitness in Broadview IL

Just recently joined the gym in Broadview IL and I joined through my company wellness program. I go three times a week and staff there is fantastic and so is my trainer. The only thing that really needs to improve on is I feel like I am working out in a toilet. It is super dirty and I don't see anyone cleaning the machines or any spray to use. This has to improve if you want me to go back and give good feedback to my company CEO. We work in the health field and cleanliness is number one. Please improve ASAP!!!!

pool problems

I purchased a family membership and pay good money, The pool and spa tub has been down for 4 days. I am told there is something wrong with the filter system and no one seems to know when it will be repaired. Since I pay for a pool and spa tub I would like to be compensated for having to do without it.


I am a member in Scarborough,Ontaio,Canada and have been since 2012 when LA opened and their have been several occassions when it has not opened on time even waited almost an hour. I have spoke to several people in regards to this matter as I pay to go when the time says it is to be open not at their convenience.the last person I spoke to was the Operations Manager of this facility and it was like talking to broken record,same thing over and over (the problem has been delt with it won't happen again) Well it has been happening for over 6 months and a large group of us are fed up. LA FITNESS is no better then any other gym maybe worse in some ways

Great experience

It is a great experience for me. I love my gym. I go to East lake Chula Vista CA. everything is great there.

LA Fittness Secaucus, N.J

I am a member at the Secaucus N.J location and the gym itself has plenty of equipment and a nice pool. However, this is the filthiest gym I have ever belonged to and the staff is useless. There are never any towles, soap or hand sanitizer and the bathrooms are always a mess. The staff could not care less, they are more interested in hooking up with or signing up new members. It is a shame because this gym has the potential to be great if there was some effort put forth by management.


What do the members of the Matteson Illinois location need to do to get WIFI at this location? Do we need to sign a petition or what? Please advise...

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