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Heat stroke

Feels like the heat is on! Cooler outside than inside! Repeated complaints to no avail. Today, the manager HUNG UP ON ME WHEN I called about the a/c.

What a mess

LA Fitness screwed up my membership billing. They were billing my friend for my monthly services, than they would not take responsibility for the mistake. They refused to refund my friend what a mess. Go to any other gym but not LA Fitness they suck.


They are allowing another person use my old account and will due nothing about it. I simply want the account closed so I do not get hit with the responsibility of the account. I keep getting the run around with the local gym and the corporate office.

i was supposed to renew my yearly membership they call me and said if you renew i will give you a month free bunch of lies never got it is sad that you have to lie to your customers i will not recomend these club

Don't expect them to keep their word

After responding to an ad to obtain a 2 week pass, I was denied one. Not a company I would ever place much value. :(

Palm Harbor, Fl

After reading about what happened in PalmHarbor my wife and I will no longer use la fitness. That was pure B/S

Inflexible Customer "service"

LA Fitness bought my gym 2yrs ago. Switched me to auto renewal without me knowing it. Just found out they've charged me for 2yrs that I didn't go since I thought my membership expired. Told me they don't care how often I go, they just want my money. All I asked for is one year credited back & I would start going again. Straight answer: NO Cancelled!


i moved and my company has a gym on site for free.. there is no need for me continue a membership. I think it a waste of time to make me come in the gym to cancel my membership! I will not recommend this place to anyone!

Cannot get through

I tried calling the corporate phone number listed on the website. Each time continue to received fast busy signal as if the phone number is not valid.

trainer contract refund

Woodbury Heights NJ I have requested in person , in writing to get the auto deduction for trainer that I was tricked into signing up for when I joined. Does anyone know how to get the incompentent staff at Woodbury LA to follow thru.


Have been trying for months to get the $250.00 a month auto billing to stop. Trainer never showed up for my lession and they are no longer with LA. Don't do it. You will lose.



It is a shame you pay dues and members have to pick up weights and place them in there proper rack. Service in Hemet is terrible. You complain, but nothing is done. Members pick up weights because of safety reasons. It's no wonder no one has been seriously hurt.

I'm glad my w is only 112 pound I will cancel my member ship

Farmingdale gym

Total disregard for members concerns. In the morning the locker rooms are gross. Human waste matter on the floors, paper all over in both men and women's locker room. Spin doors are left opened during class with blasting music from inside. Instructors refuse to close doors, no respect for gym members who aren't a part of the spin guru.

terrible service

Atlanta locations are filthy. It amazes me that the workers will walk by full garbage cans and not empty them. They have no pride in their jobs. Ladies rooms are disgusting. I got ring worm on my arm because they do not wash down the equipment properly. I would never recommending taking a shower at any of the gyms.

The sauna in the Women's locker room in the brand new Greece NY facility had not worked since last Thursday. I called this morning to inquire when or if it has been fixed. The manager said she didn't know and had not been in the lockerroom. Are you kidding me???? Very poor customer service. They are only interested in selling memberships. There are not less than 5 other clubs within a five mile radius. I wonder whether or not they know if their equipment is working? Too lazy to check at LA


If you are thinking of joining LA Fitness in Keller Texas for the water fitness program, forget it! The pool is cold ( under 80) half the time, management is non existent to help with any complaint. I have been a member there for over 3 years and need the water aerobic classes for my arthritis. Maybe I can use the pool half the time because the heater is always broken! So frustrating! Find yourself another gym where management cares!

Bad business

Was tricked into contract with trainer no longer employed at company and management won't assist in the name of goodwill. Who does the company think they are? God? The IRS?

I have called the cooperate office time and time again and the phone system is horrible. It's been almost a month and I cant get any help.

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