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I will have to write TWO reviews. The first, being the best, is five stars to the online chat customer service team (specifically Arthur and his supervisor Kurt). I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO angry by the time I got through to them, and yet Arthur NEVER lost his cool. He calmed me down, he went WAY out of his way to help (I had ordered something and paid for 2 day air UPS and a week later had not gotten the item)...he did NOT treat me like an idiot (I had already tracked it on UPS - I knew it would be here Monday, but that is SEVEN DAYS and I paid for 2 day air)...I was devasted that the item was late because it was for a special occasion. Arthur spent a lot of time trying to compensate me...not fully of course (well, for the two day shipping) but also with a small discount. But what impressed me, is when I asked if I could thank his superior, he said - oh no, no prob - no, no, no....well, ya know what? GOOD EMPLOYEES ARE VERY HARD TO FIND...I OWN A BIZ AND I KNOW THAT AND HE DESERVES TO BE RECOGNIZED...SO AFTER BEGGING HIM I FINALLY CHATTED WITH HIS SUPERVISOR KURT AND ASKED THAT ARTHUR BE RECOGNIZED AS EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH...BECAUSE I HAD SWORN ON MY LIFE I WOULD NEVER ORDER OR SHOP AT KMART AGAIN AND HE CHANGED MY MIND...THRU KINDNESS, RESPECTFULNESS AND HIS DEMEANER. AND YA KNOW WHAT? SAME GOES FOR HIS SUPERVISOR KURT - WHO MUST BE A GOOD SUPERVISOR IF HE HAS SUCH AN EXCELLENT EMPLOYEE! PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY GET RECOGNITION OF SOME KIND...THEY DESERVE IT...I DO NOT KNOW THEIR LAST NAMES THOUGH...IT WAS ON LIVE CHAT AT 1:15AM TODAY (THIS MORNING!)

Phone line for ordering customer service. APPALLING....I am NOT a bigot, I am proud to be a bleeding heart liberal who welcomes everyone from every country to our nation with open arms. BUT - if a person is working customer service, they should speak and understand english - if not, maybe they can type it better? Work a chat line instead of a phone line? I am SICK with barely any voice, and she made me repeat myself five times...also, I did not understand almost ANYTHING SHE SAID. I called this number: 866-562-7848. Her name was Kristine? I do not hold her personally accountable, but SOMEONE SHOULD BE...first, it was a HUGE waste of time and money (we could have been on and off the phone in a moment or two)...second, it was insulting because she kept telling me my UPS tracking number, even though I had already printed out the tracking info and had it right in front of me...and when I read off to her where it was (my item that I ordered 2 day air) on a day by day basis, she did not beleive me or understand me or listen to me, because she finally said "OH! You will get it MONDAY!"....well gosh dang it...I had THAT figured our BEFORE I CALLED...I WANTED TO KNOW WHY IT TOOK AN ENTIRE WEEK TO GET AN ITEM THAT WAS IN STOCK AND THAT I PAID EXTRA TO HAVE SHIPPED TWO DAY AIR...NEVER GOT MY ANSWER...BUT I DID GET IT FROM THE CHAT LINE (SEE POST ABOVE)...THANKS...

I was very upset that Cortlandville NY Kmart did not have a single nativity figure, scene or christchild christmas item....hey that is really taking CHRIST out of Christmas, do you just cater to non christians who might get a little bent out of shape if the christ child should appear in stores at christmas time....lots of disney santas and elves etc. I use your store once a week as I can't stand Wally World with their new big box grocery/dept. store a few yards down the road but had to have a nativity set for a sunday school program, guess what, found exactly what I was looking for. this will not turn my dollars to their site but was very disappointed in the experience, also miss Martha Stewart....I furnished my entire cottage with her country living line from furniture to lines to dishes.

On Tuesday, November 30th, I arrived at the Portage IN Kmart is search of an artificial Christmas tree. I couldn't find the one I was interested in, and had to search out an associate to help me. He promptly told me the one I was interested in had sold out. I had questions about another tree, and then had to go and find the same associate, and he did help me find another tree and loaded it in my cart. Then I went to the electronics department to find a DS game for my daughter for Christmas. There was no one to help in the department, and I asked someone sweeping the floor and he went and got me an associate to unlock the case. Then I went back to the Toy department. Once again, there was no one there to help. I got fed up and went to check out. The cashier was having problems ringing up the person in front of me. He couldn't get the price on a head of lettuce. By the time he finally got to me and rang up my items, he didn't notice the 6 1/2 foot Christmas tree in my cart, and then had to ring it up separately. This is the last time I will ever go to a Kmart store again. I decided to try the website the next day to find the Disney Princess Toddler dolls my daughter wants. I tried for over two days to purchase the dolls using Paypal, but that option was never approved. I eventually paid using my Paypal debit card. Now one of the items that I ordered was cancelled. This is the last time I will ever use the Kmart website. I called over 6 times trying to get help, and instead just got a run around. The customer service at the store and the website are horrible.

you know i bout a playstation 3 move bundle for like $440.00.. ive had it for about a month and a half and it started acting up, popping and freezing, and my reciept says i still have plenty of time to return this item, and i mean like i have another month to return this item, and so like any other person with a little brains, and i mean alittle you dont need alot to figure out to return it, specialy with that kind of money on the line... so i went to return it and they told me that electronics only have a 30 day warranty... WHAT ... what kind of mess is that, i showed her the receipt to where it says i have 3 months ON THIS ITEM to the date to return or exchange this item, and i dont want my money back i want to exchange it for another... they wouldnt let me do it... and that is alot of money wasted... i called sony and they told me that kmart should take it back... to try them.. ha.. what a joke.. so i guess that if i cant get this resolved through kmart ill just keep my business with walmart they are much more better on this and would not give me and problem and if they even have a 30 day warranty and the reciept has 90 days theyll take it back... so i hate to know that i lost that kind of money through kmart cause i really like kmart but if we cant get this resolved with them i hate to say it i well NEVER shop there again, thats to much money that i dont have, thanks to all that read, sorry michael

I shop at your store often, or I should say .. I DID shop at your store often. Thursday I purchased my daughter a hat for Christmas, and gave it to her early as it is getting a little chilly out. The next day, she needed a few items and went into the same store. She took the hat off upon entry and stuck it in her purse. After she paid for her items and was exiting the store, she opened her purse, retrieved the hat and put it on her head. As she stepped OUTSIDE the store, two men escorted her back inside and accused her of stealing the hat!!! They took her to the back, questioned her, of coarse did not have ANY proof of any item being stolen since nothing was! so they let her go but told her she was banned from the store!! I am completely OUTRAGED!! That incident was absolutely absurd! I understand it is the holiday season and employees are watching diligently for shoplifters, but this was totally and completely out of line. Not only was she illegally detained, she was completely embarrassed in front of a crowd of people and then she was talked to in a horrible manner and treated like a criminal. I will be contacting our attorney on Monday to possibly file charges against the manager and the store. You cannot detain someone against their will without just cause. If you stop someone and detain them, you better be 100% certain they have stolen something!!!

i put a layaway in at the kmart stor in piqua ohio and had until november the 28 to get it out not long after putting my layaway in i found out they were closing and your layaway would be ok to keep in if you had a layway well i went to pick my layaway up on the 27 of november and load and behold i had no layaway to pick up they put it back because they closed the layaway early and guess what they didnt even call to let me know they were closing it early the manager told me if i would have came in to pay on my layaway i would have know they were closing but i always put a layawy in and get it out before it is to out done that for years but also you would think as a company they would have called and said they were closing the layawy early and see if you still wanted your layway and i could have went and got it out but no they did not also the manager took a copy of my receicet and said they would call home office on monday and get back in touch with me and as of december the 4 still no word from anyone i guess thats why walmart is taking over because of poor service at kmart i lost my money and my layaway thanks alot kmart

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for one of the manager's at our Kmart store located in Chillicothe, Ohio. I believe the store # is # 4937. Her name in April and what a tremendous asset not only to this particular store, but to Kmart overall. Anytime I have a question or seek assistance, April is always working and I feel very comfortable asking her for help. She has never let me down and has actually gone out of her way to make sure that I was completely satisfied. She helped me this holiday season with a layaway situation that I was having. Thanks to her help, I was able to retrieve my layaway... I cannot tell you what that meant to me. I know that all companies get a bad rap more often than not. But this is one true occasion that it is well worth mentioning to the folks at Kmart Corporate office that they have a true example of what every store should have as a manager working for them. They should be very proud of what April's actions alone speak on the behalf of the very company she works for.

for the past several weeks you have been running ads for items you don't have in the store. I know because I am in there quite frequently. Then when the new flier comes out I call to see if the item I want is available. Of course not. Why would you actually have something that's being advertised? I called two other stores & was told they never got them in & NO there is no rain check because it's a seasonal item. Not that it matters to anyone but I am not shopping in Kmart any more. It is deceptive & false advertising. I am also considering turning this into the BBB.

I was in a Kmart store with my grandson when I saw a women talking to employees(mgrs) in a very ugly tone of voice.Noone should ever be talked to this way.I like Kmart, but if these are the kind of boses you hire and allow to talk to people this way I dont thinl I would care to support the store.

I went to K mart on 12/3/10 when I got there I was needing help with a purchase I wanted. a young dark haired man that worked there was so mean to me. I went to the manager " he also very rude and in front of every one.So I just turned around and walked out the door with tears in my eyes.They might had a bad day, Everyone does, MY husband and I just found out he's very sick And all we wanted was a coat and bed sheets for our granddaughter I will tell every one about the rudeness I got at K mart in Franklin Tn

I had recently put christmas on layaway. I called to get the balance when your worker told me my account had been closed out.. I still have my recipt and my name is the only one on the account. I did not go close it out or get the money in which i en-trusted in your corperation. I have talkedf to the managers asked to veiw the tape.. They said they can't help me out.. So now thanks to your employees my children no longer hve christmas.. quincy illinois I will seek further legal aide..Please respond

I went to one of your stores in Philadelphia to pick up my layaway. I was in line at 5:30pm. and didn't leave until 7:45p.m. When I went to speak with a manager regarding the long wait, we were told that they didn't have enough staff to work the front of the store let alone the layaway department. This isn't acceptable because they failed to schedule enough staff the shoppers shouldn't have to suffer. The lady behind the customer service desk, said "that's layaway". well it shouldn't be and I told her this. If it's like that then you aren't doing something right. Just to let you know we where the 5th people in line, that why the time we were in line is unacceptable. To your large cooperation my complaint probably means nothing, but I just need to be heard. So thanks for taking the time to read my complaint.

I recently went to a Kmart to purchase something you had in your paper. It was a 14.99 microphone that hooks to your dvd player and becomes a karaoke machine. I shop at kmart all the time and 99% of the time I am satisfied, but when I asked a lady about this product she said they dont have any thing like that and acted like I was crazy. I approached another lady and she was just plain rude to me as well. Had they have told me we are out or we dont carry this in this store I would have said thank you and left it alone. But why is there somethin in your paper that you dont have at all? Needless to say I am very aggrivated!

Kmart could be an excellent store but the lack of interest of sales people, the attitude, they all act like they hate their job and every person who walks in means they might have to help them.I was there several times during the summer ,and fall and most of my company won't be back. I was at the register and I said 'Good Morning" and before I even asked my question she turned around and hollared WAIT!!! she was not during anything she was just standing there and was talking about her hot date the night before...then when she hung up the phone she turned to me with a hateful expression and said What!!!!!when Kmart falls on it's face I won't be surprised.

To Bad i couldnt rate a zero......with there service and personnel they will be history very soon. To bad corporate has there head up their rectum.

I never been a kmart shopper and now I know why! This has been the worst experience I have received in a retail store! I was in there buying christmas decorations and the price they had on the endcap with large stocking is not the price they wanted to honor at the register! It was clear the sale tag said the description and there were many of these items on this rack! From customer service to the manager they all were rude and unprofessional! I left there empty handed and will never step into a kmart again! I have a complaint to corporate office!

Kmart Sidney NY, Was trying to put some NON-Holiday items on layaway and was told they would not take any layaway's till NEXT YEAR, Went to the manager that night and got the same answer , NOw what is the deal there you have layaway but people cant use it till next year in that store ????????? At the same time i was trying 3 other people tried and were told the same thing well there was 4 very full carts left sitting in the store as we all walked out without purchasing a thing ......

For 2 years I have attempted to purchase the Lighted Christmas Pig. It is on display but never seems to be in stock either at the stores or on line. Have asked to purchase the display and was told I was not allowed to purchase a display-Hmmm-Kmart and Sears must be doing a bang up job if they are turning money away...contacted their Corporate office and was given a case number-but still no pig! Guess I'll shop at Walmart's and get my big ticket items at Home Depot! Great Job Kmart and Sears!

I was very disapointed with your black friday add I went to my near by kmart store and found that you did not even get the item that I was looking for star wars lego clock how can you advertise things when some stores do not even get these item sad

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