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On June 1st I was in your K Mart located in Elizabethtown Ky. to return some clothing that was a gift,no reciept. The lady was very nice ,scanned the U P C inside the clothing gave me a refund.I had forgotten one article,came across it onJune the 4th,took it back was told in a VERY rude manner, NO RECIEPT NO REFUND,NO EXCHANGE,NO STORE CREDIT,stuck with something I CANNOT wear. You call this customer service! Wal Mart will give you all of these choices,guess what,NO MORE K MART for me.

i bought my son a playstation 3 system it burned up afte 90 days your people were rude and hasty towards me i have always been a loyal customer for years i guess wal-mart will get my bussiness

Dear Sirs, I was in a K Mart store in Asheville, NC on Patton Avenue yesterday to make a return and got very upset. I had spent $169.00 on baby items for my daughter the week before for a baby shower and all the items she kept except for a infant bathtub. The only reason she wanted to return it was because she received two bathtubs. It was still in the original packaging and had never been opened.I did not have the receipt but all I wanted to do was exchange it for another baby item that she could use. It was only a $12.00 item and I did not want any money back.I was told I could not get a store credit or make an exchange because I didn't have the receipt.You have a large sign in the store taking about customer satisfaction but the manager failed to follow that policy. I worked in retail for 12 as a buyer at Belks and we always tried to make the customer happy. I shop at K Mart a lot because it is close to my home but I will drive longer to get to a Wal Mart to do my shopping if this is the policy you choose to follow. If you would like to respond you can do so at NCHOCK3@aol.com

I live in South Central PA,every 6 months I visit my mother in Ohio. One part of my visit is to stock up on Faygo soda which I can't get in PA. This time of year Kmart usualy has 12pks 2 for $5 or so. When I went shopping today I couldn't find any Faygo. I was told it had been replaced by that Crush brand soda. Well let me tell your "marketeers" something, The Crush brand flavors of soda are watered down insipid versions of Faygo. Crush may have a nationaly recognized name but their quality sucks. Faygo may be a regional favorite but the reason it has lasted so long is they turn out a quality product. And I thought that was what Kmart was shootin for. Might as well go shoppin at Wally World.

I am so disappointed that you have run ads in my area twice for an item that you don't have.I have checked several stores and to no avail. It's not that you have run out. You never had them to begin with. Isn't this illegal? It's the Lazy Boy Chelsea outdoor recliner. It is currently running in my ad for $229.00. Please tell me where I might can locate and purchase this item. Thank you, Susan Hamby

I work at the Kmart located in Franklin, NC. I just wanted to know how is it fair that managers are supposed to do evaluations within a certain time limit and if they don't get to you within that time limit then oh well, you don't get evaluated because they don't want to get in trouble. You know it didn't bother me until I found out that they were lying and telling everyone we were on a "raise freeze", and then turning around and giving at least 2 people that I know of raises during their evaluation, which I never got. It's really bugging me that I work as hard as I do, and I don't get appreciated, and that I'm being lied to. I would really appreciate it if you called them and told them to make sure they gave EVERYBODY A EVALUTATION

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