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Hello!! I have a HUGE complaint! You guys have litterally ruined my 6 year old's Christmas not that you really care because it's my son not yours!! I ordered a Razor E100 (electric scooter) online during black Friday sales! It was a great deal and I was so excited to get him the one thing he asked for from Santa but had I known that you would deliver it to my home uncovered so all the kids could see including him I would have gone to Walmart and paid full freakin price!! I was working evening's at our local hospital this evening when it was delivered and my husband said that our son wants to know why his present was delievered early and why Santa didn't didn't bring it?? I am lost for words and my heart is broken! He is too young to understand just yet that mom and dad are Santa, I mean my 8 year old doesn't even know yet!! This email will probably never make it to your desk and if it does you probably won't care you got my 100 bucks and that's all that matters!! Last year we ordered a bike from walmart for our youngest and it came in a box about the size of this Razor and they at least covered it with brown paper!! It's the holiday season why would you guys not do the same?? Now I have to get creative and hopefully we can come up with something good!! Just please know that I will spread the word in every way possible to keep people from purchasing anything from you guys in the future!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!! Thanks alot!!

I was looking for the CEO's email and found this site along the way.I have tried to get this resolved with customer service several times. I think a machine keeps spitting out the same worthless response.On Thanksgiving Day I tried to order an RCA antenna that was advertised for $14.99. The website also said $14.99, but as I was ordering the price changed to $29.99, so I didn't complete the order. I just tried a few more times and the same thing happened each time. I tried again the next morning, same thing.I started emailing customer service to find out how they were going to resolve this. I thought they might issue me a credit, a coupon, a voucher or somthing to honor their ad and website price. Nothing, just the same idiotic answer, "sorry".Is this a scam? Should I let them get away with it? You might say it's only $14.99. Well, now it's the principle. I won't stop until I get the antenna for $14.99 as posted in the ad and on the website.If anyone would like to comment, my junk email address is hojo5750@hotmail.com

k-mart ruined my brothers wedding....k mart is still using classic bait and switch practices.they advertised a wedding ring on there on line add that my soon to be sister in law fell in love with they said it was marked down so they ordered it,it arrived first to the wrong address witch took a couple of days to track down.it was found and delivered to them Tuesday.When they opened the box there was a ring inside but it wasn't the one picturd in the add that they ordered,the ring is hideous.well my brother is due to be married on Friday so they were on the phone with k-mart to say there was a mistake to witch k mart said that the ring pictured in the add was the wrong ring and that a third party does there adds and there not responsible because the add showed a ring that was worth more then 3000.00but was mistakenly advertised for 199.99 witch was what they payed on there sears card...(sears owns k mart)so the one they shipped them wasn't the ring in the add but instead was the one worth 199.my sister in law started to cry because now she wont have a ring to get married with to witch the rude lady said that it was just tough and if she wanted a ring to get married with she would have to quit being cheep and pay 3000 for the one she ordered plus the overnight fees and have to size it herself and the hideous ring she unknowingly bought wont and cant be refunded until she ships it back to k mart at her expense then the heartless k mart employee hung up on her.

Does anyone at Kmart know what customer service is? Or know what honesty means? Try to find an employee, first of all, and when you do,...oh my gosh! You think you insulted them when you ask for help. When you ask for management, you get the run around. Then no one has voice mail, emails or knows how to get in touch with the Regional or District Manager. Then they lie yo you and tell you you that they have no knowledge of information of a store mangers schedule, who has no contact information to contact them in addition, and you get even ruder people from the corporate office line, who, by the way, hate their jobs because they once again don't even want to answer any questions or help ypou in any way. They act like sales people, wanting to sell you a "bill of goods" without integrity. What a mistake it was for Sears to be combined with Kmart, who has never been good in customer care or store cares from my experience. I suggest, if you want customer service in any way, do not shop there! You won't get help or find people that are capable of dealing properly with customers...

Erlanger, Kentucky K-Mart. I wish I could give this store negative stars! I went in this Northern Kentucky store on November 29 with my 4 children aged 5,4,2, and 2. It was supposed to be a quick trip for some Christmas lights I had seen an ad for, but either the lights that I had seen in the ad were not what I thought they were, or the store was out of that particular item. Anyway, one of my 2 year old twins was upset so we were on our way out of the store and because all the carts are only equipped for one child to be restrained, I had my least likely climber in the front of the cart. We were making our way to the exit and were actually almost right in front of the "service department." my 4 year old had picked up a bag of m&ms to purchase, but like I said, my 2 year old was crying and we were just trying to get out of the store. When I stepped away from the cart, my 2 year old stood up, lost his balance and fell over backwards out of the cart on the top if his head. NOT ONE employee made a single move to assist! NOT ONE employee asked if we needed anything! NOT ONE employee even asked if he was ok! However one employee bent her neck over backwards to make sure we didn't have the $2 bag of m&ms in the cart! My son is fine, but I am enraged at the lack of humanity that was shown. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN A KMART AGAIN! I have informed my friends and family of My experience and I have asked them to NEVER purchase anything for me or my children from K-Mart and I can promise that if they do, I will return any item for a full refund. To treat us in this manner is disgusting and appalling. Rainman had it right!!!

I will never order anything or shop there again, I order a DSLite for my son after midnight placed the order had a confirmation number and thought I was all set. WRONG only yo get an email the next day telling me an error was made and my order was cancelled. I call then and they tell me the system didnt update and the store I was picking it up from was out of them. WTF aa company as big and Kamrt/Sears should have a system that updates when an item is sold right away. I shouldnt have been able to order it if they were out of it. Now they cant do anything about it since it was while supplies lasted. THey can only offer me 10% off when they get them back in. like thats any help. THey were rude on the phone and slow in helping me find one at another store each time the guy found one and was ordering it again by the tiime he was there again it was gone. THey had no problem taking payment from y credit card but it will take 5-10 days to credit it back,, thats not right. Im going to contact the BBB as well and report them

I placed an order for a net book on the kmart website on Wednesday November 25 and the order was canceled on Thursday November 25 and was told this item was not available. The money was deducted from the visa gift card I used immediately after the order was placed. I was told it could take 48 hours to return the money... I called today, November 30th, as the money had not be returned and was told it would be on Friday December 3. If you are able to take it off the card that quickly why can it not be returned just as quickly. If I had known the item was not available I would never have placed the order but the website was showing it was available. In the future I will not use this site to purchase anything online with Kmart, nor will I recommend it to anyone I know...

I was an employee of Kmart and I was sick that day it was Easter and I wasn't feeling good at all the next day i went in they told me that I was let go and they told me that I got the code of absentssem and I feel that I brought in a lot of reveune and business and wish that I could work there again at like Sears and now its hard to try to get a job I have a daugther and a son on the way I really need a job and I want to work for Sears Holding Company please consider Thank You Orlando Reyes

On 11/28/10 I drove 20 miles to your Palm Bay store, to see if they still had one of you seasonal Christmas items, in which they did, but only the display was left. When I went to pay for it the girl checking me out said I couldn't have the display item.The checker then, asked the girl behind the return counter if I could buy it & she also said no. I asked to see the manager. The girl at the return counter was talking to the manage on her head set,telling me their answer. I was very upset by the way thing's were handled, was the manager of this store so busy that they couldn't even come face to face with me & tell me no? I don't believe this person need's their job, cause they sure don't know a manager's job. I tried to explain that I had gone to 2 other cities ( in which they could of checked on ) & that the other Kmart stores had sold their display items already ,. I was told that by the 14th or 15th of Dec. that they could sell the display items. I don't believe them, it'll be gone before that to somebody else. The item I wanted was the Christmas Pig. $ 44.95 , for this small amount, we've lost me as a customer for ever. By the sound's of all the letter's before mine your not doing so good in pleasing your customer's,I agree I'll be taking my business to Wal-Mart.I've been told if you don't treat your customer's right that ,word of mouth will kill a business !

I was in Kmart yesterday shopping and was a little irratated with what I saw. while I was looking for towels for Christmas all I saw was Holidays on all the towels None of them mentioned Christmas. Oh but look right next to them the towels Saying FeliZ Navadan isnt that Christmas in spanish. No one has any guts any more. By all the signs in the stores now adays, pretty soon english will be our second language. Ok Thanks. Grady Sewell sewellgrady@aol.com

I go to Kmart Pharmacy in Lawton Oklahoma, My doctor tries to send Prescriptions by internet and they never arrive at the lawton store. The Pharmacist the gets prescriptions this way from other doctors and My doctor sends them to other Pharmacies ok. No one seems to know what the problem is. Also when you go shopping at Kmart here there is never enough cashiers, long lines so alot of people go elswhere. I have been in the Kmart here in Lawton 5 times this month and there were now baskets in side the store all in the parking lot banging in to cars. My wifes car has A big ding in the door, oh well its not our responsibility Kmart says. Ok if some one would get out there and pick up all thosel baskets maybe customer wouldnt be upset by dings in there cars. You do have excellant and friendly Pharmesist. SewellGrady@AOL.com

So, I recieved what Kmart calls a " Courtesy Call " stating that my payment needs to be made by Saturday otherwise my laway will no longer be available.... I go in Saturday as they said to make my payment and low and behold they put everything back... I call corporate to file a complaint and she has some nerve to tell me that their recordings are not insync with the stores... SO why the heck are you calling me giving me a day when your systems so screwed up and cant get it straight... Why don't you guys be the ones to tell my children on Christmast morning why their are no gifts under the tree... I thought layaway was suppose to help those who cant pay it all in full... I am so disgusted that I will NEVER shop at Kmart again and let everyone else know the kinda bullcrap scam they pull... Anything for you guys to keep your money and say screw us.. Merry Christmas!!

If I could give K-mart a 0, I would. Heck they're below zero, I guess K-Mart sucks all over America because I thought it was just the one in Indio, California. I've had many bad experiences there and have had to tell a rude employee off at one time or another ( not very ladylike I know) but these people have driven me to it. Now I hate to belittle anybody working in the retail business but heck, my 5 yr. Old could do it with her eyes closed. These idiots are rude, ignorant and racist. 95% of the employees there are Hispanic and I gotta tell ya, they really give us a bad name. Lazy, inept, giving themselves the biggest importance. Well K-Mart, you should give US, the people that keep your corporation going importance. When will you learn that there are waaaay better stores out there and if people continue being treated disrespectfully at your store, they're just gonna end up at a place that deserves their patronage. I requested a new K-mart credit card in the mail because I had lost my other one, the person told me that if I wanted to shop without my card, I could get a shopping pass from the desk just by showing my ID card. Before we started shopping we decided to ask at the front desk if we could go ahead and do that because we sure didn't want to waste an hour there and then not be able to do it. The lady says yes but the thing is you need to get your stuff first and then we ring you up and check for your account. So we start shopping, an hour later we go back up there and the girl tells me I don't know if were gonna be able to do it, sometimes the computer lets us and sometimes it doesn't. It didn't even faze her that my husband and I had just completely wasted a whole hour there. I don't know about you but our time is precious which is why we asked beforehand. This is just one of many bad experiences that I've had at this store and from now on, I am DONE with K-Mart and I will be sure to let anyone I cross paths with to not shop there. I'm posting it on Twitter, Facebook and all of the patients that come through the hospital I work at. K-mart, YOU SUCK!!!!

K-Mart is awful, horrible customer service, every time you ask an employee for help, they just pass you off to another employee because they're just too lazy to look into it themselves. My boyfriend and I used to have this thing where if we ever needed help from an employee, we would make a bet to see how long it'd take them to pass us off to another just as lazy idiotic employee. It never failed!! We don't go there anymore. We prefer Target because the customer service there is 1000% better...

I was visiting store 3407 and im not sure whether it was thanksgiving or black friday. Anyways i was getting ready to check out with my sister when i saw Bill Taylor, [which states about the customer service desk that he is store manager] scream to an employee "what are you retarded." My sister is mentally challenged and we were both greatly affended. I am outraged that any supervisor or manager would have the right to say that to any employee or anybody, let alone in front of the entire store. My sister and i will not be coming back to your stores and will be letting everyone kwno how prejudice that store is. I hope you fix this problem.

I was in Kmart in Mattydale NY, i purchased a Acer netbook for $279, I leave there and go to Walmart and saw the identical netbook for $248. I then call Kmart and ask for a manager to have a price match done. I was told by Jennifer that they wont price match it and i could return it and buy it from Walmart. Kmart has poor customer service and I will never be shopping there again. What ever happened to the customer coming first??? It was a measly $30, but hey, im just 1 person, there are many other suckers that will shop there, they could care less weather I shop there or not........

Kmart stores advertised the nintendo ds at $89 for Saturday November 27th, which was my purpose to visit their store located on 10501 Pines Boulevard Tel: (954) 438-8822. I arrived to their location exactly at 5:00am and was allowed in the store by 6:00am, as soon as we arrived to the line to order the nintendo ds I went to purchase, we were told that only 4 will be sold on that day, which was ok by me because I was the 3rd person in line. The head of security named Marcel then approaches the register to advise the register representative what customers to sell the nintendo ds to. I was very upset because he completely over looked the fact that I was in line and was the third person waiting to buy the nintendo ds, it seemed to me as if he knew the girls behind me which came way after and was giving special treatments to. I then asked to speak to the manager whose name was Cindy, she didn't even want to hear my complaint and practically left me with the words in my mouth, there was another customer complaining as well and she simply walked away by making a gesture with her hand as if she didn't want to listen or care. I strongly disagree the methods of handling their customers specially when I am a paying customer and made an effort to be there early so that I purchase this for my child, I can understand if there was an argument between customers or fighting for the head of security to get involved but the fact that he orders the cashiers who to sell the products to doesn't make any sense to me. I called the cops made a complaint about this store and while I was on my way out I noticed the manager outside smoking a cigarette, I guess she didn't have time to listen or acknowledge my complaint due to her habit. I was simply trying to purchase a product in this store, arrived early, waited in line, was the 3rd person at the register and was completely discriminated for my race by this man, I am very upset with my experience this morning in this store and I hope someone takes it upon themselves to do something to change this and improve the way they mistreat paying customers. It is very sad to realize that Kmart obviously doesn't offer their employees with the proper training in how to treat their customers, especially their managers who are the ones that are supposed to place an order in a situation like this. I have no interest in returning to any Kmart after this experience and would rather give another store my business!

I recently paid off a layaway at our local kmart. On that layaway I had paid off a tv that I had purchased for my fiance for a christmas present. The day before that he came home from work with a tv for me as an early christmas present. I went into kmart, paid my layaway then returned the tv. The amount of my refund was 614.00. I made the payments with cash and with my debit card, which in return I should have been reimbursed with cash. The girl told me that she didnt have that much cash and could she put it back on my card, mind u it was my unemployment card which is a mastercard. I asked her if it was going to go right back on my card, in which she replied, yes it will go right back on. So I agreed to let her based on what she said about it going right back on. A couple of days go by and it still isnt on my card, so back to kmart I go to see what is going on. I went to customer service and spoke to an employee, which was of no service, then to a manager, who then informed me that it will take at least seven to ten business days to appear back in my account. This isnt what I was told when I returned it or I would have told her to get me the cash. So, I leave kmart very upset that i have to wait. I have a baby and dont just have six hundred dollars to give to kmart for nothing. So approximately one week later, the six hundred fourteen appears on my statement, BUT, the money wasnt going to my balance. Getting more and more angry I called my card. The gentlemen told me that kmart credited to my account, then they debited back off my account. Back to Kmart I go with my statement in hand. Once again Im at the service desk. After talking with another girl, I asked to speak with a manager AGAIN. THEY SENT ME A SALES COACH! The only interest this guy had was looking at my statement and asking me how much I had deposited in my account every week, which is none of his damn

11-27-10 Kmart in Kingsburg, California has the worst customer service compaired to any other store I have ever shopped at. Employeees run the other way if they think you might ask for assistance or they completely ignore you. You are LUCKY if they have more than one check stand open with less then 15 people in line. They frequently charge different prices than what is on the bar code. Then you have to wait while someone hunts to find the item for a price check. You would think they would know what isle the items are on. Then wait while they find someone who knows how to void a transaction and input the correct price. I went in the store today, in the rain. Baskets scattered everywhere in the parking lot. Went inside and of course not one basket in site. Asked a employee if there were any baskets in the store she looked at me and said, no and walked off. So I found her and said well I guess I'll shop somewhere else. She didn't even respond. Guess that shows the lack interest in customer service. Went to Walgreens, was greeted promply, provided a basket, excellent customer service. You know, more and more people in Kingsburg have been going elsewhere than Kmart due to the extremely poor management, lack of everyday items and lack of service. Hopefully this store will close down and a more reputalbe store takes its place.

I was hired as an employee at the KMART Louisville, Ky. and I have quit after being there three weeks. I was exciting about the job even though it was min. wage. It was close to home and they said there would be no problem working around my full time school schedule. I was hired with the understanding I would be seasonal part time, off on Wed. and Thur. for school. Also, I would not work till after my sat. morning class, 9-2 and that would not be a problem because I would be nights. I soon ran into the following issues: I was scheduled on school days (I tried repeatly to talk to Rick the main supervisor about it. He would say he would get back to me and never did. I told other supervisors and they ignored me or told me to talk to Rick. I also was hired on as a part time employee not seasonal and only found out after I was hired. I was scheduled for morning work repeatly and was scheudled for 39 hours. After you add staying over each night to put up strays then it was over 40 hours. I let them know that once my semester was over that would not be problem (second week of Dece.) but I could not do that many hours until then. Other issues was that I was told the name of supervisors but was never introduced or even knew what they looked like. I had to figure it out on my own. All the new hires I talked to said there should have been training on the computer but no one received that. When ever I needed price checks at the register no one would ever answer and I would have customers waiting for almost ten minutes to get answers. I would have to go to the service desk and say, "hey I can not get anyone to answer me". There was never anyone around for the cashiers and you would have to leave your register for help. The cash registers went down repeatly and scan guns did not work. There was never cash pick ups from the registers unless we complained about how much was in our registers. Over half the time there was only 2 cashiers for a Friday and Saturday night. There may have been others down as cashiers but I would see them for a minute and then they were not seen again. When it came to breaks you was on your own. When there is only 2 cashiers it is hard to take a break with lines rapped around. The night supervisor would repeatly stay back in toys stocking and you never seen him. There would be carts and carts of strays and the 2 cashiers was expected to put them up at night. Even when you got help most of them would just hide carts in aisles or just throw things anywhere. The store is a mess and dirty, not to mention the food area. The only time the place was on its toes was if Mr. Hurlock (spelling?) showed up. Then all they really worried about was if we was signing people up for the shop your way rewards card. On a average I was getting 15 a night(one night 25) at the register not including St. Judes, and Smart plans. All other cashiers would get 1-5 a night with barley anything else. Their point of view was that they don't get anything out of it so why bother. Offering incentives could fix that problem, if it is so important. You could offer a free food ticket for the most in a week or something. The place is so unorganized and the supervision has a careless attiude or they pawn the responsiblity to someone else. I seen employees that have been there a while (not many of them) be so rude to customers over stupid stuff. I know I quit the wrong way but I was just so upset about the whole situation and I felt they could really care less. All I know is that I will never step foot in a KMART or Sears again. All my family and friends was saying this before I got hired and now I know why. I suggest watching the camera's and see for your self. You may not care but at least I feel better letting someone know.

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