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Hello I think Joe's Crab Shack need to be in Omaha Nebraska!!!!!! We don't have many good seafood places!!!!! I have property for sale off a major Hwy this 4 lane hwy has all of the Corn Husker traffic each game days lots of Omaha people love seafood they even quit selling at the casino's. We need you a great resturant for sea food.I love crab legs!!!! I will give you the address we have 3/4 of an acre and the other 1/4 you can buy back back from State of Nebraska. We have a cornfield behinds us and they are going to build a school and a park down the road. The property we have has a 2 bedroom house you can sit on the property till the economy picks up in the mean time rent the house.We have lived there 15 years. The address is 5005 south 204th st Omaha Nebraska 68022 We are in the middle of 2 growing town Gretna & Elkhorn, something to check out. interested email for more information SJK5005@aol.com

I took my daughter to Joes Crabshack in Chesapeake Virginia last night for her 17th birthday celebration. (My husband was out of town, lucky for him because he HATES the loud atmosphere and EXPENSIVE low quality food there.) We started our meal by ordering the Double Dip- the crab dip and spinach artichoke dip appetizer, served with red and blue tortilla chips. Halfway though the spinach dip, I was surprised by the extra crunchy chip I was chewing, thinking it was one of those super hard, over cooked ones you find in the bunch occasionally. I kept trying to chew it up. Then I began to think it was a crab shell, so I spit it all into my napkin only to discover I was actually chewing pieces of BROKEN PLATE!!! I spit out FOUR half-dime size pieces of the sharp shards along with the smaller chewed gritty pieces. We discovered the edge of the bowl was cracked and the large chunks had spilled into the dip.I was horrified. I called the manager over to explain. She removed the bowl only to return and claim the bowl was intact....my daughter had to then show her the obvious break in the bowl. After I returned from the bathroom to rinse the gritty remnants from my mouth the manager explained that the dip was cooked at very high temperatures under a broiler....(so this is to be expected???) She offered me another spinach dip! That's it!! I thought to myself, why would I want another if your standing there excusing the incident because of how you cook it? I declined. I received NO APOLOGY. I demanded instead that they buy our dinner, however I was so upset by the incident and even more distressed by the way I was treated, I felt nauseous and unable to eat. The manager's actions caused me,--the victim-- to feel humiliated and embarrassed because of her complete lack of compassion and empathy and the way she minimized of the situation. Had she been half as horrified as I was, had she genuinely apologized I am certain I could have continued my meal without ill effects. Unfortunately, I was so upset I could not eat, I felt like I was going to vomit, and was on the verge of tears the entire time I sat and watched my daughter eat her birthday dinner. The manager gave me a copy of an incident report which she filed- a simple form that basically said NOTHING, I tipped the waitress $20, (it was not her fault AND she was actually compassionate!)and left. This morning I am even more upset, except today I am AMGRY, not a victim. I WILL take this further. What ever happened to quality customer service? At the very least, this manager needs some intensive training but more than that I would like to see her lose her job. She is NOT in the right career. CUSTOMER COMES FIRST! Little do these people realize that for the most part an apology is all it takes to avoid a lawsuit.

Worked there for one month was always in top 5 on server report.I was treated like I was nothing more or less told that.I kept to myself as I looked apon them doing there best to break anyone down they could anyway they could. dont eat there. All they care about is the dollar food is yuk


indianapolis jcs friday july 15 2011- husband orderded pot with 2 lobsters clams sausauge corn and 2 potatoes 39.99. i ordered pot with one lobster 2 king crab 2 potatoes 2 snow crab. these are ready to steam in nylon like bags. all thes things take different times to cook. the worst meal i have ever eaten out. the lobster was like a rubber ball and potatoes 2.... where very hard. told manager very bad food and he offered me another lobster, got it , another rubber ball, broke it open and full of tiny orange eggs, very gross. waiter brings check and we were charged for 2nd lobster. got manager and told him i would pay for my husbands meal. but not mine. service very bad, just a bunch of 21 yearolds not wanting to work at all. the food never has been very good at joes and we will never enter another one anywhere. we paid for my husbands tho it was worth about 5.00. the last worst meal was at logans, but this topped that.

if there was a 0 in ratings thats what i would give the joes crab shack my family and i ate at while taking the on a summer vacation in orlando, fl. When myself, my boyfriend, my three sisters and their husbands first got inside we asked if we could put two tables together so we can all sit together the waiters and waitreses just stood there and looked at us like we were crazy once we seated i hung my purse on the back of my chair after we ate our dinner i asked out waitress who looked like she been on drugs since middle school do they sing happy birthday she informed me that they did at the end of your meal so of course they did through this whole time my purse is on the back of my chair with everything i had including $1000.00 cash my sisters and i took pictures of them singing happy birthday right before we left asd soon as we were done we all walked out as soon as we walked out i realized my purse was still on the back of the chair i sent my boyfriend back inside to get it and the waitress was gone and so was my purse i informed the manager what happend and she informed me to count it as a loss i was so upset i almost went off count everything i worked hard for as a loss wow!

When my wife and I arrived at your Mesquite, TX location, June 16th, 2011 we were the only ones in the bar. (We had been eating and drinking there several years). A sign on the wall showed draft beer for $1.25 pt. Waitress told us new happy hour price for large beer was $3.69 but didn't say that ALL beer prices had gone up. We ordered pints (we thought at $1.25)We also ordered food. After our drinks were served, we noticed the waitress and barman taking down the happy hour sign. When the bill came, the small beer was billed at $3.29. I requested the manager to see me. He said that since his waitress had told us the new price for LARGE drafts, that we shold pay the new price for the small drafts. After some words were exchanged, I told him to go ahead and bill at the new price because I was finished trying to explain the problem to him, to which he said, "you have a bad attitude". I don't need the money, but there is a principle involved. We'll not set foot in Joe's again.

I took my children father to Joe's on Fathers Day, we were told that the wait for a hour to be seated witch was fine because it was Fathers Day so we sat outside at the bar then our name was called by the time we reached the inside our table was gone to another group of people so we went back outside & our seats were taken so we went to the manager & we were seated so our waiter Josh came to our table gave us a menu & we order our food then he returned wit our drinks & our plates witch were dirty & we asked for the manager & by the time she arrived to our table ten minutes later i was pissed cause our food was out so we had to wait for clean plates then they forgot the silverware and wen we did get them they were also dirty. That was my last time going there NEVER AGAIN.....

I live in a town called Hemet C.a in Riverside county. And we have small choices here as far as seafood. Unless you want to spend your whole week paycheck on ones night dinner. I wanted to submit a request that you would look into our town and see about adding a crab shack here. It would be great both for your company as well as my town Thank you for your time.

I called 713-366-7500 (the corporate office) and the lady that answered the phone repeatedly was rude and unprofessionally. Considering that this is the CORPORATE office you would think she would answer the the phone in a friendly voice and actually be helpful. Instead of great customer service she transfered me to another number TWICE without giving me the direct line number and I received no answer. When I called back the third time after she hung up in my face twice she told me she CANT give me the direct line to whom she was transfered me to and transfered me to the answering machine with again no assitance. Joes Crab shack or "Ignite Resturant Group Inc." should retrain or terminate...First name:TRACY ... Last name: "UNKNOWN<.>!!! on 05/09/2011 Monday 8am- 9:33am.

It was my first visit to Joe's Crab Shack. I purchased the Orleans with craw fish. I had never had crawfish before. I have to say even though the service and atmosphere was great my crawfish was awlful. I thought if I took it home my husband would eat it, but even my husband did not like it or my mother-in-law or father-in-law. My father-in-law is just going to use it for bait for fishing. If it was not for the fact I had got an appitizer and shrimp was included I would not have had anything to eat. I had only had one crawfish and it was horrible. I would go back to Joe's crab, but I will not ever get crawfish again.

We made reservations at the Vancouver, WA location for 3:30 for a party of 20 to celebrate our sons birthday. We were told 3:30 is the latest a group our size could get a reservation (and none were taken after 4:00) so we took it. We finally got our table around 3:45 or and sat down for what we thought would be an enjoyable dinner. A little after 4:00 and after we had settled in, our server came over and informed us that a Portland Trail Blazer was going to be seated at the table next to us. She informed us of how nice he was (a regular there I guess) and he would sign autographs no problem. She only asked that we not bother him while he was eating. This excited the 7 kids that were a a part of our party that night. He finally rolls in about 4:30 (which by the way he obviously had a reservation after 4:00) and the coolness of sitting next to a local celebrity begins. Dinner is served and really isn't that bad. It's not the best seafood ever but we had no complaints about the food tonight. The party was going great and everyone was having a good time. Our servers were actually pretty attentive as well and she even mentioned a couple of times to just wait a bit before asking for an autograph. We finish our dinner, order some dessert and just hang out and socialize for maybe 10 minutes. That is when our experience went from really good to really bad. I watched as the manager walked over to one of the local stars "entourage" and pulled him aside. After a few minutes of talking, they shake hands, he returns to his table and the manager walks right over to our table and in a loud voice and with a negative tone says "I heard a rumor that you were going to ask Mr. _____ for an autograph and he just doesn't do that and never has when he's been here." Needless to say, the kids with our grouped were pretty bummed out. We hang out for about 5 more minutes at which point the waitress comes over (the same one who told us multiple times that he always signed autographs) that really what was going on is that the manager wanted our tables since he had people waiting and he was basically trying to encourage us to move along. I would like to clarify that we are not the type of people who assume that celebrities should sign autographs wherever they are and that kind of stuff. Had the waitress not specifically told us he did, we would have let them be and just left having a cool story that we were right there with someone famous. We are not at all mad that we didn't get the autographs (the kids were, but we do understand him just wanting to be out and left alone, completely respectible). I do take issue with the fact that either our waitress or the manager lied (I'm leaning towards the manager) and essentially ruined the night for the entire group. We also understand that it's a Saturday night and it's busy, but our group of 20 spent a lot of money that night and in no way deserved to be rushed like we were and essentially encouraged to leave because he wanted our table. I have no doubt that the table next to us was encouraged to take their time and stay as long as they would like. We were really discouraged because we were such big fans of the Joe's locations we visited in California. We even sent our concerns to corporate and have yet to hear back. Unfortunately for Joe's, they have lost on out on more than 5 families worth of customers for the lack of any sort of caring about this situation.

We used to have Joe's here in Aurora, Illinois as well as Bowling Brook. They have both closed - it was a restaraunt sorely missed in this area. An option to reopen would be on Rte. 59 right by the theater - the businesses all do well there. Please, please, reopen!

we went to joe's crab shack in round rock tx for a large birthday party...The reciptionest was really stupid.Mind you it was not busy 8 people in there at 6:30 on tue our drinks were lacking in taste..our food was cold when served we had to ask for condiments,wait for refills and I ordered a crab cake which was raw the first time sent back and it has been thrown on the plate and taked STRONGLY OF FISH NOT CRAB!!!The coconut shrimp was overooked,chicken tenders as well plates were not arranged in a presentable manner we had to get up and find wait staff to clear items from table,there were members of my family from 3 yrs old to 84 what a horrible expensive experence. in this day and time with gas over $3.00 wonderful dining to compete with and people eating at home more they need to probally fix these problems or they won't be there next yr ,since going i have shared our experance w co workers and advised to skip Joe's money better spent elseware.

I would like a Joe's Crab Shack in my area, Raleigh, North Carolina. Preferably Youngsville area because a lot of new places are building now and land is cheap. Thanks.


My husband, daughter and I went to JCS in Dublin/Columbus, OH on Saturday. 1. A gnat was frozen on an icecube in my daughter's drink. She noticed it after she drank the entire drink. 2. The arrival of food was slow. My husband ordered a salad. The food came 10 minutes AFTER he finished his salad. 3. The floor where we sat was gross. My shoe came sticking to the floor. The place just felt unkempt. We were offered a free appetizer (with the purchase of a meal). Unfortunately, we will never be back to get it!!

Used to go to Joe's whenever my family and I were on the river, here in Sacramento. Most times...good food, good service...enjoyed ourselves. Last trip...left a LOT to be desired! Got seated, 7 of us in total. Took some time for the waitress to finally approach us...gave utensils/etc. No order taken for drinks. Finally, another waitress took pity on us ( I guess) and came over, explained they were 'slammed'...they were...but no excuse for what happened to that point. Drinks come, we order. A six party group comes in behind us, ten minutes later. They are served their food order! We are still waiting!!! Finally, 10 or 15 minutes later,our food arrives. That did not make me happy...I sent a message via e.mail to Joes...NO RESPONSE after a week. Sent another e.mail three days ago...NO RESPONSE!!! What is it...do you guys really care what happens out here in the 'real' world? After spending close to $100 for a meal...and then not getting any response...why would/should I spend any money there again?

Dear Joe's Corporate Office, So a little less than two weeks ago some friends of mine invited me to Joe's crab shack for dinner. I'm not a big seafood fan and figured I would just tag along to drink a few beers. The service was quite poor and our waitress Audrey seemed to be having a hard time in the section she was working in. Having waited tables myself in the past, I can understand that waiters/waitresses do get stuck in the weeds from time to time. So that was no big deal. So the food came, one friend ordered a side if crab legs, the other had a fish and shrimp plate, myself enjoying a red stripe. The food was great, my friends said, and the red stripe too. So when it comes time to pay our tab, we split the check two ways, two red stripes for me, and the rest of the bill for them. I ended up paying with my card while the other bill was paid in cash. I believe my friends bill came out to $32.00 and some change. They left $35.00 cash on the table, and we left the building. While on my way home I realized that my card was left at the Crab shack and turned around to go and get it. When I went back inside I was approached by two managers whom were curious about my friends bill. I was told that my friends had only left $2.00 and some change, and there bill had been walked out on. I distinctly remember there being no change placed on the table, and the amount of tip they gave our poor waitress was $2.00 and some change. $35.00(AMOUNT PAID) minus $32.00 and some change(PRICE OF THEIR BILL) equals $2.00 and some change(THE AMOUNT THE MANAGER TOLD ME FRIENDS LEFT) I was told by the manager that the bill was not taken care of and needed to be. So trying to avoid any further confrontation I paid the bill of $32.00 and change with $36.00 in cash, and apologized for any inconvenience. The next morning I was able to get in contact with the couple that I had went to Joe's Crab Shack with and they were outraged about the situation that happened the night before, saying that the bill had been paid in full. My friends Angie and Mike then stated to me that they were going up to Joe's to speak with a manager. They went and explained in detail the situation at hand and were told that the computer showed there bill being paid at the same time that my card was ran to pay my bill, and to leave there number and a manager would get back to them once further investigated. I also have called and left a number to get back to and have not been called back. Its has now been over a week and neither I or Mike and Angie have been called about the situation. While Joe's may still be employing a waitress who is keeping cash that is paid for bills and claiming that guest walked out on there ticket. Because of this waitress and poor job of investigation by management I have now been cheated out of $36.00 cash by a multimillion dollar franchise who is employing possible thief's. Since neither of the parties has been contacted back by Joe's management. It is obvious that they are unwilling to admit there mistake, and would rather employee thief's, then repay a customer who has been violated by fraudulent acts of the company. Joe's Loaction-600 East Riverside, Austin,Tx. Managers Names-Brandon and Vicki

Well Don, You should try coming to our Joe's here in Bellevue, KY. We have so much fun and the food and environment is awesome. I'm sorry that you had such a horrible time at that particular store, but that is not the case across the board. Joe's Crab Shack does promote a fun, safe and Friendly Environment for all to experience. Have a wonderful day and please try one of our other stores you will see that we are not a bad company. Sincerely, The DJ

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