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We just walked two miles down the corpus christi bay front to the shack on the pier, they had five empty tables and three groups of people waiting. Manager said he only had two servers and could not seat anyone else, we had about a forty minute wait.management needs to learn how to staff especially on a busy saturday. With that said we will not be visiting that particular shack again.

It was uncomfortably hot.I did not get served with the rest of my family.The specials the waiter offered were not available.Poor service, poor quality food in a hot room. There website would not post my comments.They will not make it. .

Was looking forward to my first time there. IT SUCKED in Peoria ill. Will never be back again. I think they need to call restaurant impossible.

I currently live in new Orleans la. Prior to storm in 2005. We had a joes crab in Metairie la. As of 2012 we are still without a joes crab shack. This restaurant did extremely well here. Do you know if they are planing on opening up a new restaurant sometime in the future. A customer that really miss joe's.

On March 30th, 2012, I was in Las Vegas for a convention and was very excited to find a Joe's Crab Shack there. There were 3 of us for dinner, 2 of us ordered a Lobster pot with crab legs. The lobster was so tough we couldn't cut it let alone chew it. I told my server (whom by the way was wonderful). He got the manager and I had to explain to her again about the Lobster being so tough. She just stood there for a minute and then asked if she could replace it with crab legs. We said yes. She then brought out one small cluster of snow crab to each of us, mine only had 2 legs & no claw. I was NOT happy. Tired of complaining, we ate our dinner thinking our bill would be adjusted since we did not eat Lobster. The bill came it was 79.63 and was not adjusted. I tipped my server 16.00 and left mad as hell. I paid an extra 10.00 each for Lobster we did not get to eat. Our Lobster pots were 39.00 each and crab pots were 29.00. This is no way to keep people coming back. Andre' Torres - Sioux City, Iowa.

I went to the new Joe's crab shack here in Omaha, ne and i have to say it's the most unorganized place I've ever been. For starters, we was waiting for a table and the hostess tried to seat a couple who came in after us, the silverware was dirty, they brought our entree out before the appetizer. I understand that it was only open a week when i went but you'd think they would hire some competent people to run it. I've eaten at Joe's in other states and never had these problems.

I would never suggest anyone to eat at the joes crab shack in Memphis, TN. There is a blatant disregard for customer and employee happiness alike by the managerial staff, not to mention the substance abuse by the so-called flex managers. The unequal treatment of the wait staf and host staff is uncalled for and desperately needs to be addressed. The lack of employee satisfaction directly affects the customers and is tarnishing the restaurant's reputation. Please DO NOT give them any business.

We went to Joe's in Omaha, NE on opening day. I was so excited I had barely eatten all day. After waiting almost an hour for food (which was fine there was 6 of us) I had lost my appetite. One of my crawfish still had a whole bunch of eggs connected to it.. I waited a minute and tried to eat another one. I got the next one open and there were more eggs in that one. I eat crawfish all the time and I have NEVER had eggs on them. The server asked if I wanted a box I told her I had lost my appetite and she said she would bring her manager over. The manager came over asked what was wrong and when I showed him he just shrugged his shoulders and said that happens sometimes sorry. I asked if they rinsed or purged the crawfish before cooking and he said no. He asked about 3 times if I wanted another steampot. Why would I wait longer for something I'm not hungry for. Eventually he just walked away. He did take it off from the bill, but it definately was handled the right way. Being in the restaurant business for 7 years, I give some credit to the server. She was very nice and the reason I give 2 stars.

Where do I begin...this evening my husband and I and two young children experienced THE WORST restaraunt experience in Oceanside, CA at Joes Crab Shack. This was the absolute worst in our lives. Truely disappointing and esp since we are staying at a neighboring hotel and went to Joes to celebrate my husbands birthday tonight. After one of our best family days of our lives, it ended in utter disrespect and disappointment. After placing our orders, we patiently waited an hour and half for our meals, but eventually we didnt get acknowledged again after my 4 yo son received his milk. There were several mishaps that I wont detail, but all throughout we waited patiently and kept our hungry and tired children distracted. A waitress finally came over and said "a manager is coming to talk to you guys." She walked away. A manager never came. Thats when we knew our food had never been cooked yet. We finally decided to leave, but spoke to a manager about our exprience on our way out, and he was arrogant and could have cared less. We left with our children crying and my husband upset he was made a fool of on his birthday with his family. Never again.

So when is it the sever's job to wash dishes??? It's ok to work as a team and help each other (busing tables, seating customers,sweaping floor, sing, dance, run food) but to have a pile off dishes in the kitchen and no place to put your dirty ones. Then the manager tells you to run food to a table! Gross no time to wash your hands. Get this, Sunday thru Thursday their is no dish washer! So the server's are told before they can leave for the night they have to wash some dishes. I heard the manager tell the kitchen guy to go home. He said what about the dishes? The manager said the server's will do them. So much for the PRIDE they teach you in training...Passion, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Excellence..... As long as the Manager saves a buck on their payroll at the end of the month. Those poor kids working so hard to make a dollar and serve the customer. Just to get chewed-out for not taking care of their tables, because they are too busy doing dishes. Plus those kids could be your kids and they won't speak-up because they can lose their job! So I'm speaking for them!! Oh, and about the butter, it's not the server's mistake. Take that up with the corporate office, that's their new policy (no butter, only on customer request). A crab pot served with potatoes and corn but NO BUTTER! They got the SHACK part correct!

My experience at Joe's Crab Shack in Memphis, Tennessee (Wolfchase/Cordova area) was beyond poor. I arrived at the restaurant in a very pleasant mood. When I left I felt as if I was discriminated against due to my age and race. I am not using age and race as an excuse to complain. I KNOW because of my age and race, the manager, waitress and the rest of the staff took my complaint with a grain of salt. I did not enjoy the drinks, food, or service AT ALL. In my opinion, it seemed as if very little effort was put into making my experience as a customer pleasant. My husband and I went to Joe's Crab Shack on 03/15/12 with the intentions of enjoying each other's company over a bucket of crab legs. We were greeted by an unenthusiastic hostess. She showed us over to our table which was seated right in front of a bussing station. Our waitress, Becca, greeted us at our table immediately with our menus. First, we ordered simple fountain drinks. We ordered water and Coke. We both noticed that the drinks were too tart and bitter. My water tasted as if there was still soap left over in the glass. Ignoring this, I ordered a milkshake. I was thrown aback when I took a sip of my shake to find that there were ice chunks in it. To me, this suggested that the ice cream was old and frostbitten. My husband and I decided to order the King Crab Bucket along with a burger. Also, Becca failed to check on us to be sure that we were not in need of anything. When the food arrived I noticed how small the so-called King Crab legs were. I would have been better off ordering the Snow Crab legs. I noticed that Becca only brought us one 1oz serving of melted butter. When she asked if we needed anything else, I simply said "Could I have some more butter, please". Becca responded by saying, "Well, I will bring you more butter as you eat. Is there anything else I can get you?" I asked for butter one more time so that she and I could have an understanding of the fact that I wanted more butter. I was not rude to her at all but Becca became rude with me. She said to me in a very condescending and sarcastic tone "So, you want me to go and get you more butter so that it can sit up and get cold? Okay!" When Becca said this to me I could not believe my ears. I expressed my concern about Becca through conversing with my husband. The same young lady that showed us to our seats was bussing a table next to us at the time. It was obvious that the young lady shared what she heard with her co-workers and the assistant manager of the establishment, Ronnie Cannon. Mr. Cannon came to our table five minutes after the conversation between my husband and I had ended. I noticed that he only came to our table; he did not give the same attention to the other families in the restaurant. Mr. Cannon asked us "Is everything O.k."? I could tell through his body language that he could care less about our experience. From what I could tell, he only came to our table to cover his own back. I told him "No, everything is not o.k. our waitress was very rude to me. Her attitude is not right for customer service. I will be writing a letter to the corporate office about our experience here. I do not wish to tell you the specifics of why I am upset because I believe that you have already formed and opinion about us and you will not discount me as an irate customer who is trying to receive a free meal." He walked away to go and investigate the problem. While he was gone, Becca and her co-workers were eavesdropping on our conversation. Becca and the other employees were listening in on us from the bus station that just so happened to be RIGHT BEHIND THE BOOTH WE WERE SITTING IN. The restaurant was not very noisy, so it was very unwise and unprofessional for them to make disrespectful comments about our conversation. What made the situation even more worse is the fact that they were trying to whisper. While we were eating, Becca came back over to out table to check on us. My husband told her we were fine. She left with a chuckle and a grin approaching her co-workers so that they could continue to ridicule us. In an effort to be sure about their eavesdropping, I said to my husband, “These employees are eavesdropping in on our conversation. And just so they know, just like they can hear everything that we are saying, I can hear everything that they are saying." A few moments afterwards, Becca approached our table. Her entire demeanor had changed. She seemed more humble. Right after she left, Mr. Cannon approached our table once again. He apologized and I know that he was not sincere about it. During his apology he had a smug grin on his face that he was trying to hide. I could tell that he did not take me seriously. JOE'S CRAB SHACK IN CORDOVA, TENNESSEE IS WORTHLESS. I have worked in customer service all of my life. I have never experience food or customer service that was this bad. IF YOU LIVE IN MEMPHIS, TN, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE BECAUSE IT IS SO NOT WORTH IT. IT WAS SO BAD THAT THE CHICK-FIL-A DOWN THE STRET PROVED TO BE MORE SATISFYING. $10.00 dollars versus $50.00 and Chick-Fil-A has never let me down. Maybe Joe's should take a lesson from them.

I will never go back to Joe's Crab Shack (Wolfchase ~ Mphs, Tn) My husband & I were enjoying our dinner and about 10 minutes into our meal they seated a table of 4 right behind us. They were so loud & obnoxious also saying a few words of profanity. Both tables had the same waitress. Her name was Taylor Hopper. She was the sweetest little girl I've ever had wait on me before and I'm 62 years old. The table seated behind us gave her such a hard time over everything she did. They were very loud as I stated before so we heard every word that was said. One girl even stated "I bet we will get this meal free since we complained so much" 2 days after my visit to Joe's we saw a piece on the local news about a couple going from restaurant to restaurant complaining about service just to get free meals. That made me feel more sorry for the little girl who waited on us. I only knew her first name while dining so I called Joes to get her last name. They informed me it was Hopper and her first name is Kaitlyn but she goes by her middle name(Taylor). I told the store i wanted to give her a compliment. I am assuming it was her manager (name~JT) yelled at her in front of her coworkers and customers dining. Told her she was stupid & just to stay away from that table (the table being so loud)(the ones who came out to ententionally dine for free food) This company needs serious work on how to run a sucessful business, A little rescpect for the employees & alot more customer service skills. I hope the poor little waitress (Taylor) will realize she deserves a better job than the one at Joe's. RESPECT ~ GIVE IT & YOU WILL GET IT!!!

Food is good, service is also good...where my son in law is the GM anyway....have never seen a more motivated, roll up your sleeves and wash dishes if you have to, type of guy... however, you folks are screwing him around with the bonuses he was promised when he signed up. Is this any way to keep good, faithful employees?? I think not...he's going to start looking...your loss

station square pittsburgh pa from the minute we walked in with three people leaning on the hostess podium and the manager having to get there attention to get another menu we should of turned around. our meals were awful the crab patty tasted like it was three weeks old the along with the stuffed shrimp the fish also was not that good either we got our meals could not eat it then not wanting to make a scene over it we asked for our check . 49 dollars was the bill we paid with three twenties and our waitress had the nerve to ask if we would like her to bring us the change i never have been asked this from a waitress rating this as a one is to much a 60 dollar lesson learned joes crab shack is awful

I'm giving Joes a ZERO rating and here is why! First of all we've been to this particular location many times in the past usually only for special occasions due to the fact we live in Murrieta. We have had great food there and not so great food. We have had great service there and not so great service. BUT tonight, was the absolutely first time we have been treated so freaking poorly that I will NEVER go back again! So here’s how the night started . . . We showed up a little after 8 p.m. there was a girl downstairs which we’ve only seen a few times in the past, usually means they are really busy. Instead of asking for our name she asked for our cell number. After my husband gave her the number I asked her if this meant they would be calling us to let us know our table was ready. She said no, we will text you. Well my husband and I looked at each other, laughed and at the same time told we do not text. She, looking all surprised erases the number and says, “oh, well then we will announce your name over the intercom, will be about 20 minutes.” We go upstairs, find a place at the bar and order a couple drinks. We were laughing over the text thing and I made the comment to my husband, “you watch, some day were going to walk in a restaurant, they will ask for text number, will say sorry don’t have one, they will say, sorry you’re not welcome here.” Word for Word and a joke! Have to wonder though after tonight! So anyway, our name is called, over the intercom (the only name announced that way from the time we got there to the time we left). Now I don’t know about you but I’m used to being seated when your name is called. Anyway, we pick up our drinks and head over to the desk. My husband is told to wait . . . Well we waited as 5 other groups were seated (I counted!) before she came over and pointed to a huge bench right in front of the bar. We’re like, ahhh no! So she scrambles around then points us to a table at the far far far away corner of the bar, literally! Again, ahh no! If you have been here then you know what table I’m talking about! Then she tells us we have to WAIT! The night just gets worse but at this point I’m still wondering why our name was called in the first place???? So finally we are lead to a decent table and the first person working there walks by and makes a comment about our not taking the far away corner table!!!! WTH! We order our appetizers then our dinner and wait. Next thing we know our dinner is on the table and NO appetizers! Just as were like uh no thanks, 2 more people show up with the tasty treats I’d been waiting all night for . . . We said no thanks take it off the bill. A couple of the employees make comments about the kitchen being slow and we are told we won’t be charged. So, we eat our crab, was good but not worth the treatment and get the bill. GUESS WHAT? The freaking “horderves” are on the bill!!!! We got them removed but by this time I’m freaking pissed – poor treatment from beginning to end. I ask for a manager, takes him at least 7 to 8 minutes to come out. By this time my husband’s walking out saying they don’t care what you have to say and I’m getting madder! So another ten minutes of arguing, he does not listen! He’s all like we offered you a bench and I’m like YEAH after you call our name AND after 5 others were seated before us and pointed to the tables and booths! All he had to say is, “Well, what do you want me to do for you?” Well, hummmmmm, you could have comped our dinner, you could have done something instead of standing there like a freaking deer caught in the headlights! Why the hell should I have to ask for it and why the hell were we treated so freaking poorly! I walked out and not going back . . . Have never felt so unwelcomed and so poorly treated before. Real shame because I really liked the food!

I was wondering if you would be interested in coconut crab from the Marshall islands,they grow 5 to 10 pounds and are delicious,please contact me at parisdavis1@live.com.Thank you

I'll never eat at a Joe's Crab Shack "NEVER!". I called up the day before Valentines Day and made reservations for 2 for 7:00 PM. Meaning that had to leave my office early to beat the traffic with my 25 mile drive. We arrive to the restaurant at 6:55 and had to get through the long line of people waiting. I flag down an employee to tell them that we're here and she tells me that they don't take reservation for 2....Shocked I ask to speak to the manager. The manager then confirmed that no reservations are taking for 2 people only 8....So now our evening is ruined being that it's after 7PM and Valentines Day and restaurants are packed. To top it off she (the manager) acted as if she could care less that her employee gave out incorrect information and ruined somebody evening that was planned in advanced. Her resolution to the problem was to go stand in line. So as far as I'm concerned I'll never set foot in a Joe's Crab Shake and I'll make it very well known to everybody I know that your group could care less about their customers and JCS's problem resolutions skills are non existent. Also we ended up not being able to find a restaurant to have dinner because we needed reservations. So bottom line....You guys suck!!!!!!

We went for our anniversary to San Antonio Riverwalk Joes Crab Shack. BIG MISTAKE!!! They ruined our Anniversary Dinner. It took forever to serve us and when our food arrives, it was awful. My salad was old and wilted and the crab cake did not even look like a crab cake, it look more like stuffing. It didn't even taste like crab meat. My plate was ordered with fries and I counted 9 little sticks called fries...incrediable! Looks like it was the end of the fries and they did not want to make any more. My husband ordered a steamed pot meal. Oh my....It was cold and the shrimp was hard. I could say so much more ugly things, but I think you get the picture. I feel like I need to go celebrate our Anniversary again. Cause that experience at Joe's Crab Shack was no celebration. So disapointed! And we were looking so much forward to this night. I've tryed to call corporate and only get a recorder for leaving messages. I hope they do call me back. I want to vent and get this off my chest verbally.

Me and my husband went to the joes crab shack in mesquite tx this past Saturday and I must say my past few experiences have been god awful but this last time was absolutely amazing. We had a waitress by the name of Loren she was very attentive but did not bother us too much. The entire staff was very helpful and the food tasted wonderfully. The managers also were very nice. It's been so long since I had an expierience like that I will definitely be returning.

A group of us went to Joe's , by boat yesterday for lunch...(as we've done before). We were so disappointed to find that the menu had changed since last week and that our favorite salad (Cobb with shrimp had been eliminated... Why would you take one of the popular choices off of your menu?

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