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tip sharing

What a terrible way to treat your employees.taking part of the tips again that they have earned.my daughter I single mother working for your company.She is already made to work 6 days in a row away from her son.and there is not much she can do about it if she wants to keep her job ,but now you take more of her tips with no letter or meeting top inform any of the staff..Is that even legal? Close to be a sweat shop.I will not eat there anymore and will tell friends and newspaper.So disappointed.

Don't waste your money here!

I usually go to the Joe's Crab Shack on pleasant hill road, Georgia which is the closet to my house, I don't believe there are anymore in a good mile radius. Anyway the past times I've been there the crab has been way too over cooked and I've had to literally scrape the meat out which is not enjoyable at all! I love seafood and mistakes happen but here mistakes keep happening! Seafood is expensive so no one wants to spend their money and money and not enjoy if! Please take my advice and don't go here! Management is less than helpful when it comes to fixing problems!

better cooks

I recently was at the new Joes Crab Shack in Deptford NJ and ive tasted bad seafood in my day but this was the absolute WORST!!!! It was sooo bland i couldn't stand it. Do us all a favor Deptford Joes, HIRE NEW COOKS!!!!

Never, will I go back.

Have you read the reviews for Omaha NE? I wish I had. The place is pathetic. I don't like to talk trash, but you should know. I spent $28 and I had to go to Burger King after to feel somewhat satisfied. The restrooms were trashed. Should of called the health department. I might still. The waitress at the bar complained about how I only gave her a $2 tip on my way out.

need nicer staff

I was in the Joe's in Deptford NJ and i encountered a kitchen worker there name Lewis and i saw him talking nasty to a co-worker. Ive seen him work in other eateries and he has a horrible personality. Management should be more careful who they hire. Terrible,terrible cook!!!

Joe's Crab Shack not what it's cracked up to be

Very disappointed been here a few times hoping for it to get better last night took my family of 6 food came out wrong 2 of my kids ate alone poor service and shrimp very dry and chewy wow I thought joes was better then this guess thinking comes from not knowing


Incredible.. 45 minutes trying to reach someone live to talk to..

Waited so long to go to Joes as it looked so good on TV , was very expensive can't imagine what a family of 4 or more would spend . Food was good service not so much

How about putting some Joe's in MA. you would really make me vary happy love your food, We have lot of good towns hear that enjoy good sea food. Think about that and we got of water to keep your stores full seafood.

We love to eat at Joe's Crab Shack. Whenever we are out of town we check the area for one. The food is always fantastic! Now we would like to ask one question. When can we get one in Grand Junction, CO? We only have a Red Lobster for sea food. Everybody eats out here and it would be packed all the time. Have you ever done a demographic of our area? I think you would be surprised. Well we love you and would love to have one here to enjoy.


I have visited the hunt valley location and it was ok at first. Everyone working there now from hostesses to servers to chefs seem lazy! The management is horrible. Service is slow and food was disgusting and cold. I was excited to see Joe's come to Maryland and now Zi would never recommend it to anyone. Very disappointing !


food is excellent but the service is terrible!!!!

manager left customer unhappy

not happy @ all. messed up my order had to drive 10 miles back to the location for them to cheat mr out of my food.& then the manager refuse to try to satisfy me so she just gave me my money back...


I would never eat there again because they do not pay there bills. At least not mine worked did a great job on short notice but never paid the bill. How would they like it if I did not pay for my food?

Lobster Pot Pie & Crab Legs

Today my husband, daughter and I ate at the Lubbock, Texas restaurant. The Lobster Pot pie was not as advertised on TV. There was not one piece of lobster in it, only potatoes. The lobster claw on the top was empty. My husband and daughter ordered crab legs, half were empty. The Key Lime Pie was just o k nothing to rave about. Our overall experience, after spending an excessive amount of money for a quick supper, was that we will not go back.

My husband and I went to Joe's for dinner the other night...the appetizer was great.....the entree was served luke warm to cold. Not a good experience for us..and the crab stuffed fish was less that stuffed.

The corporate office for Joe's Crab Shack is located in at 9900 Westpark Dr., Suite 300, Houston TX 77063. The concept is managed by Ignite Restaurant Group.

I visited the restaurant in Baton Rouge Louisiana on Thursday sept 13 and while I was inside eating my dinner I was a victim of a hit and run in parking lot the restaurant didn't have camaras so all we got was a description from some nice people who saw it and tried to stop the person with no luck mgr gave me his business card witnesses gave sheriff their statement but mgr didn't ask for my info nor have I been contacted from anyone from Restuarant I understand it was not their fault but I could have been offered something more than apology I have the expense of the dinner a rent a car and my deductible for something that wasn't my fault if they would have been camaras we might have been able to get a plate number

We been costumers in Joe Crab St. Peters, Mo. for a while, today they show how poor and ignorant people works there. We order a beer, like we always do, and the waitress ask for ID. something that we are agree, and we show to her our INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT. With all that ignorance that she can show, took them and take them to the manager office and took more than 15 minutes to came and said that could fine is we order some beer. We try to talk to the manager on turn, and explain that is so rude to show that kind or discrimination and ignorance and we complain why she has to take so long for verify our ID, and of course the great manager said we don't trust you gays and we don't trust to anybody in this place. This kind of experience and answer make a huge difference with another Restaurant that the policy is no alcohol without ID.We feel so sorry for this people and we are absolutely sure never back again and make sure to let it know to our friends to make sure don't get the same experience.

Located in Chesapeake VA. What a disappointment. Your advertised portions certainly do not add up. Steam does not mean fried and then steamed(crawfish). Thank for the sausage and corn which of course over powered the tiny shrimps and crawfish. My usual Chinese buffet sure does provide bigger and better for a 1/4 of the price. Your advertisement is border line false. I took the liberty to make sure my family was aware of it and strongly suggested to avoid your establishment.

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