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I love Joes crab shack so much that my family and I have to drive to memphis just to eat there, please send a Joes crab shack to ARKANSAS! We would be more than grateful to have the restaurant in our present! Arkansas alone would be grateful! ;)

Please check feasibility for the Aiken, SC 29801 market (specifically along Whiskey Road)-- there are currently 2 locations available (no- I'm not in marketing or commercial real estate)... and we would love to see a JOE's Crab Shack here. This is a rich retirement market as well as younger demographic. Only 1 seafood place it (major chain) so there are no CHOICES. I like Red Lobster, but it's not Joes! Ryan's Steakhouse closed at the corner of WAL-MART (very hi-traffic count & visibility); and immediately adjacent to this facility is an out-of-business, for-sale, (former mom&pop) Mexican rest that had terrible food. Either could be profitable for Joes ! Many thanks, A devoted Patron from other cities!

After reading all the reviews...crab shack ceo should go on Undercover Boss..but with all the bad reviews..JCS needs to be shut down or the have a turnover in mgtment.

My family of 3 went to the Joe's Crab Shack in Galveston, Tx by the beach. We used to eat there all the time in Colorado and the food was always GREAT! The food here was horrible. My husband and son who will basically eat anything hated it! So, after spending $80.00 we all left hungry! I was contacted by a guy named Ramon from there about my complaint. He said if I would have paid with a credit card I could have been refunded but, since I paid cash all they could do is give a gift certificate. Wow, penalized for paying cash? And no thanks on the gift certificate!

8 of us went to JC in Newport Beach on Aug 4.6 adults, 2 children. The evening started well. Ordered 3 appetizers delivered promptly and tasted good. Orders placed and 2 of us had the antarctic king crab, one "fire grilled" one steamed, neither parrticularly hot. The 2 antarctic king crab and 1 child meal showed up then we sat and sat and sat waiting about 20 minutes for the remainjing meals. The one that orderdd the "fire grilled" crab tasted and found it truly unedible. I tasted and agreed. It was salty beyond belief. It tasted as if the spices in the boil clung to pieces of the crab and we told the waitress it was just not edible, and to olease bring a simply steamed crab. By the time the replacement showed up at the table, , after us asking her 3 times to check on it, the remaining 5 had received their meals and all 7 had finished. Mind you a managr showed up once to ask how everything was and we said we are waiting; after a period of time I got up to find another manager and tell her the situation along with my strong suggestion that they remove the charge for the one meal, and then to add insult to injury they double charged so that 3 antarctic king crab meals were on the bill and one was backed out, a tactic the manager admitted looked a "little tricky," No it wasn't tricky; It was unethical and dishonest and technically fraudulent to agree to comp a meal due to the poor quality and service and then try to slip in an extra charge so that it could be backed out and appear that the charge was credited. Not only was this issue going on but soft drinks never got refilled and one glass of water is apparently all that is served. I have never experienced such unprofessionalism and though we have never had outstanding service, always thought it was a fun place for the kids so we have been 3 times since May. Never again! Buyer beware!!!

On July, 28th 2012, my girlfriend and I went to Joe's Crab Shack, the Newport Beach, CA location for my birthday dinner. We drove out from Phoenix, AZ. First of all, our server Nicole visited our table twice, once to take our order and once to give us the bill. I had asked her for a refill of soda once when she walked by to another table and she never brought it. I had to ask another server who wasn't our server about 10 minutes later for a refill and she gladly brought me one. The crab steam pot I ordered was over done, there were muscles missing from it, just empty shells. The corn was over done, the potatoes as well. Our appetizer we ordered "Falls of fire" or something like that, was decent however the fries were cold and soggy. I was very disappointed especially since we drove 5 hours and had been planning on eating here for my birthday dinner. I felt as if I literally wasted $50+ dollars on the food. Very disappointed, bad service, over cooked food. I would have said something to my server Nicole but she was always never anywhere to be seen, plus we waited almost an hour to be seated so I didn't want to have to wait longer for the food to be re-cooked.

I am very upset with the way we were taken care of at Joe's Crab Shack on Oceanside, CA. We were on vacation with a party of 8 and we were treated like idiots. The roof was leaking water on us from the a/c unit and after 3 times of pouring down on us and our food the waitress and manager moved us and mixed up all our plates and beverages. It was so rediculiously taken care of. They never did anything to help us or give us any new beverages or silverware! It was gross and I cannot believe we were treated like this!!!! I am so upset and Am thinking of contacting the health inspector. Ayrealtor@frontiernet.net

Really. Do something with your management team at your. Fayetteville n.c.location especially the g.m. she is out of control. And constanly allowed to talk to employees and guests any way she wanta. Uts time for a leadership change unless you want to keep losing good employees and customers

We dine occassionally at Joe's Crab Shack on N. Wilmot Rd. in Tucson. We really enjoy the variety in the new crab bucket menu and the food is great. We ate there last night, 25June12, and not only was the queen crab bucket true to form - outstanding, but so was the service. Out waiter was a man named Rich and he made us feel like we were guests in his home. He was attentive to our every need, personable, funny, and made us feel important. It is food and staff like Rich that make the dining experience at Joe's a pleasure and we will certainly come back for more. Hat's off to Rich who could be a role model to other waiters/waitress' and obviously takes pride in his job and the restaurant he works for.

My Wife and I have been fans of Joe's for many years. We live in Northern New Jersey and would travel to Southern N.J. Just for Joe's. We were so happy when the new store opened in Clifton N.J. But the Clifton store haas been a disappointment, There is always a long wait and the crab never cooked properly. But on a lighter note... We were in Gaithersburgh M.D. Over the weekend. We were extrely satisfied with our meal. We asked for the manager to thank him for the great meal. Daniel Boyd was the managers name. We wanted to Commend him and his crew for running a fine store. I know most of the time people contact the Corporate office is to loge a complaint. We wanted to tell a good story of some employees that are doing a great job and should be Commended. Thankyou for your time. Gary Visoky & Lisa Desiderio Lisajdesi@aol.com

We went to have dinner at the Joe's Crab Shack - Pleasant Hill Road, Norcross, GA. on Friday, July 20, 2012. When we go there we waited for approximately 5 minutes before anyone acknowledged our presence. We made it to our booth and immediately noticed how filthy the restaurant was. The floor was littered with food and trash, tables piled with the same. Little bit worried. We ordered a bucket of beer and 2 Steampots. Our waiter came by a couple of times to let us know that our meal would be out in five minutes. An hour later we got up and left. We have always loved Joe's but will guarantee that this was our last trip to this location.

I went to the Daytona Beach pier location only to realize the next day that I was being charged for someone else's dinner bill!!! The server charged my credit card, and then used my credit card for someone else's bill!! Seriously??? I immediately called the restaurant, and was told to call back the next day. Then I was instructed to call back if I did not see a credit to my account. Well guess what!!, surprise I did not see a credit!!! So now I get keep dealing with this !!! How many days will this take to see a credit of over $80.00??!! Stay tuned!!

Would you consider Port Canaveral Florida as a restaraunt location.There are Casinos being built together with the largest port for Cruises.Everyone I talk to would love to see Joes Crab Shack in the Port Canaveral area.Thousands of people year round come here and it's just getting bigger.Let me know.Thank you for always making it a positive expierience.We go to Orlando and Sanford alot and Just wanted to know. There are also incentives from the Space Coast Economic Development for new Companies that come to the Port Canaveral Area.Let me know.Highest Regards,Steve Hayes

Below is an attempt to contact your Events planning coordinator at your Crabby Joe's new location in Daytona. I was given this contact information from the Mike Eisenberg, the GM at the Daytona facility. I am trying to network and form some alliances between our two companies. However I have left several messages for Mike and received no response. Then I personally went to see him at the restaurant which is only a quarter of a mile from the Wyndham Ocean Walk resort. It surprises me the lack of receptiveness to these attempts that have taken place. Daytona is a seasonal resort area and without a local following or networking with local businesses the impact is likely to be less than desirable. Perhaps this communication will prompt a response that will be more conducive for business. BTW our concierge attempts at communication have been ignored as well. Hard to imagine for a hotel with 350 units and a 90% occupancy Thank you, Glenn Glenn Smith Podium Manager and Presenter Senior representative and legend Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort 250 N. Atlantic Ave Suite 333 Daytona Beach, FL. 32118 386-323-4852 386-852-7426 cell 386-323-4891 fax

We will not be returning to the Joes Crab Shack in Schaumburg, Il. The lobster was tough and rubbery and when we advised our server (who was wonderful) she notified the manager who we could see standing at the bar. He never approaced us to ask what the problem was, instead sent us a message via our server that he would adjust our bill and disappeared into the back. $24.00 on a $200 bill was an insult. After we left the restaurant, we were standing outside saying good-bye to the couple we had met for dinner, and guess who appeared again out on the restuarant floor. After talking with some of the other wait staff we were informed that we were not the only ones to complain about the lobster. Okay it not called Joes Lobster Shack but if a item is inferior why not remove it from the menu and concentrate on what you do best...CRAB ! You can advise that manager that we as a group of educated grownups considered him to be inept and a coward for not addressing our complaint himself instead of using his wait staff to do his "dirty work". In addition to not returning to this location we will advise any and all friends to avoid this location due to the shoddy treatment from the so-called manager

Does anyone have anything nice to say? Seafood is ''expense'' people!!! Plus you are havign it cooked for you , plus any way you want it!! I had a great experience and the food was awesome.. Soemtimes you can not base the whole resturant on 1 experience,, ya know? Try again ,I loved it !!!!

For my son's graduation dinner we went to Crab Shack Joe's in Delaware. It was the absolute worst choice we could have made. there were 6 people in my party. My guests were from NYC and had never eatten at crab shack. we told them about the big hook up meal and the size of the fish. we told them about the steam pots lobsters etc. we told them about the little dance routine. CRAB SHACK RAN OUT OF LOBSTERS AND DID NOT TELL US THAT PRIOR TO SEATING US. THE RED SNAPPER THAT WAS THE SIZE OF THE PLATE IN THE BIG HOOK UP MEAL HAS NOW BEEN SWITCHED TO A PIECE OF FISH SMALLER THAT MACDONALDS FILET OF FISH. NO ONE PERFORMED THE DANCE ROUTINE EITHER. WE LOOKED LIKE FOOLS IN FRONT OF OUR GUESTS AND MY SON'S GRADUATION DINNER PARTY WAS HORRIBLE. NEVER GOING BACK AND DON'T RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT TO ANYONE. SUCKED BIG TIME!

I live in Orlando fl and wanted to take my family to The grand opening of joes crab shack in Daytona Beach new pier we got there at 7 pm and was told the wait was 2 hours because we were A party of 6 by 9:30 pm I was told I had I had to wait another 20 mins To find out by 10:45 the we had 5 people in front of us We never got to go inside since we have to baby's and they were sleepy by 11 pm My experience was horrible and and I waist of my money to travel from Orlando to Daytona to ended up eating at apple bees that was the only restaurant open At that time of nite

we need a joes crab shack in albuquerque New Mexico we ate in 1 in colorado

EVERYTHING WAS HORRIFIC, right down from the way we were treated to the quality of the food. We came as a family of 9 adults and 2 kids to your restaurant in Sacramento yesterday at 5:30pm to celebrate my cousins 26th birthday, for a Tuesday there was hardly a wait and not too crowded (average crowd with the exception of 1 large group seated before us), we were seated about 6pm after having to continue our wait when we declined to sit outside on the deck which initially upon check in i stated we did not want due to the fact it was chilly, windy and had 2 babies with us. Once seated the waitress came right over, nice girl seemed eager to please took our drink order and appetizer order and then disappeared for over 20 minutes, we didn't receive our drinks until about 30 minutes after we ordered them after having to ask multiple times for them. She took our order and was accommodating with doing split checks which was appreciated, 6 of the 9 adults all ordered steam pots something that looked delicious all around us, the other 3 people ordered ribs, a blackened chicken sandwich and a burger, we placed our order at about 645 by 7pm still no appetizers out to us and at that point our waitress came back out and told my relative they were all out of ribs and needed to pick something else (no I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, no here's what else is good, no let me make some suggestions) she chose to do the steak with fried shrimp asked for it to be cooked medium well and for friend instead of the baked potato. By 7:15 and still no appetizers and after asking our waitress at least 3 times how much longer our food started to be brought out mine was the first to arrive, I had got the Joe's classic steam pot but when she lifted the lid there was no steam no heat nothing, there practically wasn't anything in there for that matter it looked as if someone has riffled through my pot ate out what they wanted and then sent it out to me my potatoes were solid as a rock (as were most of the other steam pots our party ordered, the corn was old and chewy, the sausages wasn't hot, it wasn't warm it was old and luke warm and the amount and quality of shrimp and crab that was in the pot seemed hardly worth the $24, it wasn't just my steam pot that was like that it was EVERYONE in our parties, especially for a relative who got the Lobster Daddy it was cold, skimpy on the crab portions and the lobster was the most disgustingly chewy rubbery thing any of us had ever tried. I told my waitress I was beyond unhappy with my steam pot told me that "unfortunately it is already portioned out and all the cooks do is just grab a bag and drop it in the boil and that my pot along with the other classic pot was probably cooked first and just waited for the rest of the food to be finished" which in my opinion isn't the best thing to say to a unhappy, hungry clearly irritated customer it doesn't make her look less at fault because she wasn't the one who packaged and prepared the food. More of our parties food started to arrive along with the appetizers we had ordered when we were first seated, I chose to send my appetizer back since receiving it with my food defeated the entire purpose of ordering it, my cousin the birthday girl kept hers because she was starving and had a 3 year old who needed to eat. The guest who ordered the blackened chicken sandwich had cold food, chicken wasn't blackened, bun was stale and it wound up getting picked apart to eat what she could that wasn't dry, the other person who ordered the steak and shrimp received not only under done steak (at least a medium but id say close to a medium rare, it was beyond bloody) no french fries and the fried shrimp wasn't crispy at all rather quite soggy from the steak juices, we had to tell another server about the steak since our waitress was absolutely no where to be found who eventually located her for us to tell her about the doneness of the steak and the fact that there were no fries, she asked my cousin "well what do you want me to do to it? did you want me to like have him like put it on the grill and like cook all that red out or did you like want me to like make you a new one but if you want a new one i cant even tell you how long that will take cos like there are some big parties here right now and the hostess didn't seat them right so the cooks are mad and it might take a while"... again something you shouldn't say to a customer especially one who has never eaten at your restaurant before, my family member was so fed up with the service, attitude and quality of everything all of us had received that she said told our waitress it was fine to just throw it back on the grill and it didn't really matter because she lost her appetite by that point, as we all know throwing a steak back onto the grill is never a good idea because you can imagine the piece of leather that was brought back out to her 20 minutes later once all of us had finished eating. We never saw our waitress for any drink refills, extra butter, claw crackers nothing, we had to flag down whoever was walking to the kitchen in order to get the things that we were needing because our waitress was constantly no where to be found.We were all beyond ready to leave as fast as we could for it was almost 8pm and had already had the worst experience we could have ever had. I asked the waitress to speak with the manager and for our checks and she said shed be right back with that, she brought our checks, some of the party paid and left while a few of us waited to speak with the manager that we were told would be right over and was currently dealing with another parties issue, THE MANAGER NEVER CAME OVER TO US, we were all so upset we paid and left and vowed to never return ever. It was an awful birthday experience for my cousin and for our entire family, to be treated as if our business (which was pretty generous last night with the amount and price of food and drinks we ordered) didn't even matter, that our concerns we rent valid and that they could care less if we ever returned which isn't a very good impression on a large group of people dining in for their very first Joe's Crab Shack Sacramento experience. Last night cant be redone and to know that her birthday dinner fell beyond short of even being considered a poor meal really upsets me. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK!

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