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I always go to Joe's when I go home to visit Texas twice a year. Yes, I always spend some money (150.00 for two usually, but some drinks involved)but I have a great time. My food always hot and good so far. Service has been great. I am sure locations differ from here to there, but the one in Fort Worth Texas gets two thumbs up. Now to my problem with Joe's, the nearest one to me is New Jersey 104 miles away from Wallingford Connecticut. There's not one single location in the whole state of Connecticut. C'mon Joe's

Joe's crab shack in Snellville/Stone Mountain Georgia. This was my second visit in about three years...After receiving the meal, I remembered why I had not been back. I am amazed that you are still in business. Your advertisements on your commercials and on the menus are nothing like what we receive (or don't receive) for the money. Your prices are HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! Hope your other customers read this and don't believe the HYPE!! Husband ordered the platter, and as a big guy, thought it would be a plate comparable to that given by Red Lobster...NOT...Food was not good. One fish cut in half and presented as two. Crab patty full of bread..shrimp unseasoned...UUUGH. TERRIBLE!! My meal was even worse. Saw the ad and pictures on the menu of the steam pot classic and thought WOW this will be enough to have a doggie bag... maybe get two meals out of it....NOT!! When the waitress brought the plate back, I asked where the rest of the meal was. For $40 dollars, you get two small potatoes, an ear of corn, a cluster of snow crab (small)legs and a cluster of rock crab legs(small), an andouille sausage, and four shrimp all wrapped and supposedly "steamed" in the pot. When the meal came, it was so disappointing that I had to force myself to eat it. The crab legs, sausage, and shrimp were mushy and tasted like they sat all morning in crab water. TERRIBLE!! Although the manager tried to make it work, it just didn't. I will not forget this unforgettable, unpleasant, unsatisfying experience at Joe's Crab Shack...How do I know...I have told all of my friends, families, associates, and enemies of the horrible time at Joes and to literally "kick me" if I EVER mention going there again.

STONE MOUNTAIN SNELLVILL GEORGIA LOCATION: Poor does not describe the experience, the food, the service. Suggestion: Visit your franchisees. Great segment for the show, UNDERCOVER BOSS!!! Your reputation is being RUINED.....BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE....NOT WORTH THE TIME SAYING ANYTHING ELSE....GO SEE FOR YOURSELF...IF YOU DARE....

I always go to joes crabshack in merriville usually I get good service this time I was highly dissapointed I dont think I will be returning soon I drive twenty miles to dine there and the service I recieved isnt worth my drive and I am a server for darden ans expect good service and not to be ignored

My husband and I have been seeing the comercials for Joe's on TV and he made a comment about he wish we had one around us, I told him that our youngest hasd said there was one in Abingdon that had just open up. So we went in search of Joe's crab shack in Abingdon we found it, there was 3 in our party and we went in get seated right away. The hostess was very friendly and the waitress (Kim) was ok. We were told about the menu and my husband order the classic pot and told Kim that he and I would be sharing it (I'm not a big fan of having to pick threw the legs for meat or clean the shrimp, so I order the cesear salad (which the salad looked wilted and gross) my daughter order the queen crab legs that came in a pot, we also order the sampler appetizer the waitress told us it was on special for 9.99, we also order our drinks, she also told us about the feed the hungry donations they were doing. Our meal came and I said to my husband that's a big pot, so I said to Kim (is that always that big) she shook her head and said yes, when we were done I asked for the check, Kim asked if we wanted donated, so I said ok $10 dollars my daughter asked for a Tee shirt, so to my surprise when I seen the bill I about fell over it was for 141.00, so I asked Kim why we were charged doubled for the classic pot and she said well you had to order 2, I said no Joe said that we were going to share it and that's why I had also order the ceaser salad, and the sampler was 11.99 not 9.99. As I was paying for the bill she had taken the receipt back (after she had told us earlier when she had gave the bill to us to go on the web site and tell the corp office how they were doing, she knew we weren't happy with the amount on the bill) that's why she took it back. She didn't want us to complain. If everyone is getting that kind of treatment or sees a bill like that I'm surprise you can stay in business. I can see the bill being $80 or $90 but not 141.00. The waitress made one heck of a mistake.

Im writing a letter to the coporate office about how horrible they treated me and the other employees while I was working there. And i want something to be done. A letter will arrive to you soon.

Yes I am wondering if and when they are planing to put a joes crab shack in little rock ar

Came in joined our party.. Took 30 minutes to get mine and my husbands drink order and we orders our meal as well which was joes classic steam pot. When they arrived with our food it seemed funny when they said dinner for 2, and not the classic. Well we are more then half a lot of it was over cooked. . Got our ticket and something that should have only been 22.89 came to 66.59 & I notified my waitress and she pretty much said too bad. You already are it. So I asked for a manager and she never got her. So we just paid and left. Never will I return!!

I'm writing this to warn you if you park your car in Joe's parking spaces and go in and eat, if you take more than an hour or so, there's a good chance your car will be gone when you leave...towed away!!! This last week a friend of mine parked at Joe's crab shack in one of their designated parking spaces. When they finished their meal and went to leave, their car was gone...it had been towed! When they went back inside to talk to the manager, he said they have a right to tow non patrons cars. When he presented his receipt and told the manager he was a patron, the manager grabbed it out of his hand , threw it in the trash and said "now you're not a patron"... then the manager called the police and my friend was asked to leave. They have contsacted the district manager for the company and he said "I stand by my manager". As for me, I'll not eat there again........ever. And I will make sure none of my friends do either!! this is in reference to the place in Mission Valley (San Diego) ca.

I want to say that the Joes I'm Kansas City Kansas is the worse restaurant I had ever walked in to! The staff looked sloppy it was like they had woke up and just went to work! Also we had a party of 10 with 4 separate bills and all had been charged the extra on our bills do the waiter made a extra $50.00 for not doing any but messing up the orders and then didn't even clean our tables off so we had shells coming out our ears by the end of our lunch! So for spending 107.00 on some food that was cold and wrong orders I guess I won't be going back to suck a dirty and rude place! My address is 3021 sunnyside dr 66502 if it even matters.

Very bad experience- Newport Beach, CA. Manager Amber Rider was rude. Won't ever go back again. Atmosphere like a freak show, stop to sing/dance every 15 min, had fake bride and groom ceremony etc. Creepy! Crab Nachos were soggy so we asked to have them taken off our bill and ordered a more expensive item ($30 crab bucket) in its place since since my son was still hungry. The manager Amber Rider refused to take nachos off and would only give me half credit for the nachos stating it was their corporate policy. So I canceled the crab bucket and went to In and Out Burger. My first clue should have been that Crab Shack parking lot and restaurant was empty on a Friday night and the restaurants next to it (Rusty Pelican , Chart house etc) were packed! Our tab was $90 for 4 of us, apparently they would rather loose a customer over $10 and aren't interested in making their customers happy. Spend your money some where else!!

My son, and 2 grandkids were having dinner last night Nov.11,2011. At Ft.Worth, Tx. Joe's Crab Shack. My son was served a glass of beer, wth a chunk of glass in it! I was shocked! My son almost had that piece of glass in his mouth! and all the manager did was give him another glass of beer! We had spent $105.00! in food! which I could not eat! I would never go there again, I needed you to know of this incident!

To whome this may concern; On October 5th, 2011 my wife and I went grocery shopping and found a product by Joe's crab Shack, titled - Joe's Crab Shack eat at home Cod with Cajun lemon Butter Sauce- On November 27, 2011 my wife decided we try this product for dinner. She followed direction's completly and just as we sat down to dinner, my wife told me to try this fish and see if there's something wrong with it, since it didn't taste right to her. I took a small sample of the Cod and it began to desolve in my mouth and had the worst taste anyone can imagine Seafood could have.. I immediately spit it out into the trash and told her to throw it all away! Not wanting to waste this food I gave it to our three cats who would not even touch it. One cat arched her back and began to growl at it, another then took it to the cat box while the other covered it up. We both have visited Joe's Crab Shack several times located in Round Rock, Texas and have enjoyed ourselves there, but we will never again buy the frozen products. The UPC seal #5123529324

I went to the Joe's Crab Shack in Merreville IN on 11-6-2011. From the time we entered the door until we left was horrible. Upon arrival there were only 4 or five tables that were seated, the hostess was too busy organizing the t-shirt display to seat us. Upon arriving to our table, the server took our order, 3 soups, 3 salads, and 3 appetizers....not difficult right? I guess for Natalie our server the concept of timing food was not there. She specifically asked us what order we wanted our food...we explained our preference to her; however, she still couldn't get it right. ALL of our food arrived at the same time, with no room on the table to even pick up a fork and manuever a plate. The lobster bisque was ice cold and had a film on top (wonder how long that stayed in the chef's window), the salad was wilted. We ordered the bucket-o-shrimp (18ct) and only received 16...with 2 tails no meat attached. The cole slaw was warm (gross!). It took Natalie our server 28 minutes to bring the bill after we asked her twice to bring it and explained we were in a hurry. She was too bush waiting on other tables. I would love to tell Natalie that a good tip is awarded to people who complete the task from A to Z. The guests at my table between us had over 20 years of waitress experience....she was horrible, and for as low as Indiana's employment rate is, she should be ashamed of herself, and take a little more pride in her oppotunity of being employed. The entire place smelled like they use the same rags and mop heads over and over...I realize in a fish house there should be some amount of a fishy odor....but this place smelled like a sewer. The manager never rounded to tables....which by the time we received our food the place was approaching being full. I will never go back, and as word of mouth can be very detrimental to any business... I promise to spread the word.

Went to the restaurnt in Myrtle Beach - it was horrible, the wait staff was dirty and unkept the paella that we ordered was a plate full of dirty rice, 3 shrimp 3 clams 3 mussels, and slices of sausage so small I had to ask what it was - $17.00, nothing else came with it - it must have been microwaved - we were served in 5 minutes - I can't remember when I had such a bad meal. The wait staff was eating at the bar screamng and hollaring in the kitchen - I even asked the manager what was going on back there - was not really comfortable eating food coming from a kitchen with so much playing going on - the place overall was not clean. Don't waste your money - go to a drive through - I wish we had

Chairman of the Board Joes Crab Shack, Sir, I have looked forward to visiting one of your facilities for the past several years. And finally the opportunity arose. My wife and I visited your establishment on E. Southern Ave, Mesa AZ. We were met at the door by very well trained greeters, and then taken to our table by a waitress with complete knowledge of your menu. I felt this was our day, and then came the clam chowder; which by the was as well made as any I ever had on the Northern East coast or the west coast, or Florida. I am a retired Federal Aviation Inspection and spent twenty years traveling between cities and lived in Florida where I skimmed my own shrimp from my boat and from the bridges. My wife ordered a shrimp platter, my order was similar except it was shrimp with Panko,Chese and I forget the other three shrimp coating. When our plates arrived I was aghast; the shrimp was overcooked beyond the color of the deepest brown shoes you could ever purchase. The edges of all but three shrimp (three which appeared to have a real light batter)/ I have never been served such poor quality food not even in Mc Donalds. If I were to guess I would guess that someone tried to cook all the different coatings at the same time and in the same oil. I do not personally care for Red Lobster, but they will be my choice before I ever try your food again. I will not speak poorly of the quality of your food to anyone, but I will advise anyone with interest of the excellent clam chowder. Charles H. Bunten 1680 North Starr Rd Apache Junction AZ, 85119 (480) 288=0175

I went to the Joes Crab Shack on Seigan lane in Baton Rouge Louisiana and the served me a metal clip grinded up in their ice machine when I called their corporate office after seeing my doctor for a laceration to the right side of my tonsils Joes Crab Shack's Micheal Slage told me that their CEO Ray Blanchette told him to tell me the company is not liable for their negligance.The people at the corporate office 713-366-7500 are full of it and choose not to deal with their mistakes wrong decision here.I will be compensated

Please bring a Joe's Crab Shack to Titusville Florida. You can move into the Roadhouse that closed down a few years back. Great spot...right by the interstate.

The only reason I am even giving a '1 star' is because there was not an option for NO star. Tonight we went to the Joe's Crab Shack in Humble, Texas to celebrate my Aunt's 50th Birthday. Upon arriving there, there may have been maybe 10 other guest in the whole restaurant. We placed our orders and literally waited for OVER AN HOUR to recieve our food! We had complained to our waitress who had about a 5th grade mentallity, that said they only had 2 cooks in the kitchen but kept telling us 'she believed our food was coming out soon'. She then sent the 'manager' out to talk to us whom we seldom seen but when we did he was either walking out of the kitchen eatting and drinking or clearly bs'ing with a few of the girls that worked there. Anyway, he tried to blow us off as much as he could saying he was sorry although he didn't even try to explain what the hold up might be or offer us anything in the meantime. We explained that we had patiently been waiting for an hour for our food and he just acted clueless and said he would go see what time our ticket got put in and see what's going on. Mind you, if they had been super busy in there or something, we may have even understood some what of a wait but they were NOT!!!! After that, we expected he or the food would come out soon but it did not. Although we had been polite despite our aggrivation, he never returned to check on us and ended up avoiding our table like the plague!!! He literally, pretty much stayed hidden as much as possible! We did recieve our food about 30 minutes after speaking with him which put us at about an hour and a half waiting BUT the fact that he never came back to check on us after that was highly aggrivating. After we finished eatting, we didn't see our waitress for a while, no one came to clean our table, and after asking for our bill which took an additional 30 minutes to recieve we had been there 3 hours!!!!! My aunt didn't even get a desert! She even asked to speak with the manager again to discuss our experience and he never would come out of the kitchen area!!! Our waitress straight up told us she told him but couldn't get him to come out!!! WHAT? He acted like he was 10 years old or something afraid to hold accountability for his actions. It was seriously, UNBELIEVABLE!!!! What kind of manager does that? The disrespect and lack of service we recieved while there was totally mind blowing. It was without a doubt the craziest, rudest, WORST service at a restaurant that any of us had EVER experienced. I am convinced that those doors will be closing up soon around there...I guess the fact that it was vacant tonight should have thrown up a red flag! We all vowed to never go to another Joe's again and I will be sharing my story with my 900+ facebook friends and will post my complaint on every website I can find that accepts Joe's guest comments!!!

I am so disappointed with our first and last visit to Joe's Crab Shack, Schaumburg, IL. My husband ordered the Crab cake dinner, the plate presented it self with 2 cakes 4 large french fries and a few other ones on the side, coleslaw and dippin sauce, the plate sure looked pretty empty. I ordered a Ceasar Salad,and was servered a side salad. No bread comes with the meal. Bread is not served at this establishment which is inapproprate especially with acidic seafood.

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