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Horrible commercial the shrimp alive and running in a aquarium gross turned me off of shrimp


We need one in arkansas!!!!

enjoyed the experience

Food was good. Service was good. Manager, Chris, was very accommodating.Joe's Crab Shack, West Baseline Road. Tempe, Az.

Hair in my food

I brought family from out of town to have dinner on new years eve. I found hair in my food and I was told that the hair was mine. I sent in an online complaint and I heard nothing back

I wanted to complain but your website won't let me send the complain! Have to fill in he box it says but I can't see the box!Tried 3 times still the same problem.(like the box below deos not appear on the web site)

Horrible visit

First time visitor I visited the joes in gurnee il fast serves staff was ok until the end. The food was the worst meal ever I had a ragin Cajun steam pot the food was super salty and 30 for a steam pot which the pot was not full I'm confused I thought it was a steam pot meal. Would never ever ever go back. Waiter was rude once bill came because I stated I didn't enjoy my meal.

glass in my drink

I order a drink and drank it half way down then I found out that there was blue glass in it. I had spoken to Brett Cruickshank manager , also Steve Brunt. They pay the bill because of this problem with the glass. I still have the pieces of glass that I had taken out of my mouth with me. Now I'm just waiting to see if any thing will come of this.


Ate at Joes in Houston on 45 south. The wait staff was slow. Food was ok. We had left some kids snacks that we had brought for our grandbaby and when I called back to see if they had them they told me they threw them away. That is a crazy. Money does not grow on trees.

Spicy Citrus Steampot

Hello! My husband and I love coming to Joe's Crab Shack. We went a couple months ago and found out that the meal we order is off of the menu. I am writing to see if you can put it back. We love the spicy citrus steam pot and that is the main reason we came to to Joe's. Please add our favorite meal back on the menu! Thank you! Hannah

Rude and Unprofessional

Don't waste your time complaining to the management to save yourself the aggravation go to Applebee's.


This was one of the most TERRIBLE services at this establishment i have ever experienced. The staff was unprofessional, sarcastic, rude, and disgraceful! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE - 35TH SEAWALL IN GALVESTON

job position hiring

This place in Arlington, Texas on Copeland Road that I had applied for a job ....3 times since 2 years and declined to hire me. I fel;t that is a real discrimation hiring disabilities people to work. I still looking for a job for 2 year and a half and i am on fixed income, frustrated to find a job. I will report this to National Association for the deaf for this company possible violation of American Disabilities Act.

Never Again!

My husband and I had the worst experience ever @ Joe's in Hunt Valley MD. It took approximately 10 minutes for our drinks, 25 for the appetizer (a small order of crab balls), and 45 for the entree. Whenever we visit Joes, which us quite often, we order the same thing! Never have we ever waited that long for anything there until last night. The waitress visited us ine time and that was to give us a bib and utensils for cracking the crab (that we didnt have at that moment!) The worst part about our experienceis that there were just two guest in the dining hall! I have pictures to prove it. I loved eating at Joes, until now! I will not be back, nor will my husband and his colleague. Taheera Muhammad Baltimore MD

I eat lunch every Sunday at Joe's on NW Expressway in Oklahoma City. Never had a bad or mediocre meal!! Always excellent. I know most of the management and wait staff by name and they know me and my group of friends by name. They treat us very very well. I watch them take care of other guests an they really go all out!! I feel at home when I go there. Keep up the good work!!

no bread or biscuit with meal

My wife was at joes today as we are about 3 times a month. We ordered our meal which is always perfect, as our surprise the manager told us they quit serving bread with the meal.iknow the economy is bad but, what is a piece of bread. The restaurant is in peoria illinois. I just wanted to tell you I thought it was a bit cheesy to serve a meal without bread. Thank you for listening to my gripe. Sincerely yours Roger hamby

bad food

went to joe's in San Fransisco for my daughters birthday the food was horrible and the drinks was to i visit Sacramento all the time never have gone through this,complain to the manager has yet to here back from him,i hade to give a rating but even one star is to much

Joe's in Duluth GA

The food is under cooked, and cold. Last time we were there we saw roaches crawling in the bathroom and around the bar. the managers are rude and the waitresses stand arouind gossiping. we would rather drive to the south side of Atlanta to eat in Morrow. The one on Pleasant hill sucks.

Pig Sooie State

I agree with a recent post. I also live in Arkansas and have drove to Memphis just to eat at Joe's Crab Shack. Downtown Little Rock by the river or in the new outlet mall, Otter Creek area would be great!!! And I promise, it would definitely make this franchise lots of $$$ :-) thank u!!!

Look Out For This Company

Joes Crab shack is not an an ethical company to work for at all! The entire management team, as well as HR are don't follow, or Comply with their own employee handbook rules. What a joke! I've watched and listen to managment tell employees a simple request and tell new employees which is an in door and which is the the out door to entrance an exit of the kitchen to use it properly; Yet all of Management contradict themselves from the Director of Operations, GM, Bar manager, and staff all go through the kitchen the wrong way I personally was hit with the door. They take bartender tips from tip outs from wait staff which should be delivered directly to bartenders hmmmmm... what does that tell you? and they supposedly give it back to you in your paycheck to scketchy? Maybe the IRS should investigate... In conclusion there is no open door policy and HR is no help via phone, fax, mail, or email they will not respond nill. LOL!!! What a joke this company has no back bone!!

Visited a Joes Sh_T Shack located in Riverhead NY Food Sucked!!! The sevice was terrible Management didnt seem to care at all when I told them my food was way over cooked! Bathrooms filthy too! Over priced for crappy food and lousy service!! I would never recommend this Place dont waste your money!!

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