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Bad Experience

First I have to apologize for running into the store 15 minutes before it closing with unsure game plan. However, I don't care if it's 10am or 9pm a sales associates must always be pleasant and somewhat cheerful and always I mean always willing to help. These ladies had the biggest pusses on their face. Not one smile, no thank you for shopping at JoAnn's. Nothing. This store needs to hire people with a sense of pride not sour pusses.

Bad experience

First I would like to say how great all of my previous visits were and how professional and pleasant the staff always is. However, last night I had a less than satisfactory interaction with the cashier at the Greensburg PA store, Debbie. She started out somewhat pleasant, but then everything just went bad. She totaled up my purchases and it came to a little less than $50.00, to which she advised me I needed only $1.29 to qualify for a 25% off coupon. I then told her I had a 50% of a regular priced item, and since so much of my purchase were sale items, I wasn't sure it was worth while to use it now or another visit. I was trying to look on the screen to see if any of my regular priced merchandise was worth using the coupon on when she snatched it out of my hand and scanned it! She then said in a very sarcastic snotty voice that I now needed $2.50 to get my discount card and proceeded to tear my coupon in half! I said "wait a minute, I don't want to use it now, please put it the way it was". She said she couldn't do that because she had already scanned it. Now, you and I both know you can void the transaction and start over again. I only had 13 items in one small bag, so it wouldn't be a big deal, but she told me no. She told me she would hold my merchandise while I found the $2.50 I needed. I was exasperated at this point. I ran back and grabbed a couple spools of thread. I waited for her to finish with the customer she took while waiting for me. She added the tread to the total, all the while conversing with everybody around us except me. She told me my total then ignored me. I asked her where to slide my card and it was clear she was irritated that I interrupted her conversation with another employee. She didn't look at me just pointed to the end of the counter. I asked if it was ok to slide my card and she completely ignored me. I waited, then figured I'd just slide it and did, and nothing happened. I tried to tell her there was a problem, and she wouldn't listen to me, just continued to talk to the other employee. I then had it. I just stood there with my arms folded until I had her attention. It took a while. I told her it wouldn't work, she cleared it and then called the next customer forward and I wasn't even finished! I was unfamiliar with the machine and the prompts weren't coming up, and she refused to help me, just stood there glaring at me because I was holding up her next transaction. I was finally finished and I told her I was grateful for all of her help, and she knew I was being sarcastic and just glared at me again. Now, I'm a designer and am commissioned to make dresses and gowns for special occasions and spend a great deal of money in this store and have ALWAYS been treated with respect until I encountered Debbie. I will continue to shop at this location, but I do want to point out an employee who doesn't provide the same beautiful customer service I am used to at your store. Please speak with Debbie and give her a talk about professionalism in dealing with your clients.


I have Been shopping With jo-Anns for some time now Will not be back or tell a friend to shop there reason is why if one of your stores does not have the material you are advertising and they tell you they can get it from there other store no probelm why do I have to pay shipping charges for you to ship it from your one store to the other total rip off you do not take care off your customers and you now have lost a 200.00 order because you wont wave the ship charges from one store that is 25 miles to the other store that needs it well maybe 200.00 isn't a lot for you but I've heard other customers not happy about the same thing bad business to bad for Jo-Ann's especially in these times.

Lack of Service

I will no longer shop at Jo-Ann fabrics as I have grown tired of the lack of customer service, luckily I have better options here in town and will not spend my money at this corporation as they do not value my business.

Handicap access

I had a health event 3 years ago that left me disabled and wheelchair ridden. Your stores do NOT have handicap electric doors for easy access and NO electric carts for shopping once inside. Have you heard of the federal disabilities act? How do you expect disabled people to shop in your stores? PLEASE at the very least install the electric doors!

Since When?

Since your policy began filming your fabric cutters with the warming not to give us one thread of extra fabric, and not to "waste" even one thread AND not ever to tear along the straight of grain, suddenly my fabric pieces are crookeder and crookeder. They look like a pair of rhombuses attached at the middle, and I waste sometimes HALF of what I buy trying to get the pieces on the straight of grain. I HATE that your cutters are always looking over their shoulders at the cameras and fiddling with the fabric to cut me a crappy, crooked piece. What happened to understanding that being able to USE what you BUY just might be important to the customer?

not customer minded

In Scottsdalle, AZ, there was a an amazing store. JoAnn lost the lease, didn't relocate and didn't keep some of the best people ever! In home decor and fabric, a woman named Fran was great. She knew everything about everything! She was kind, knowledgable and freindly - always! She was not placed in another store! People like her made joAnn fun and exciting to shop because she was always helpful and always smiling. Poor business practices and very poor business judgement on JoAnn. Bankrutcy is in Joann's future.

Never again

Special order had oil stains. Had to reorder. Taking a long tome to get it. Now the manager won't tell me when they ordered it she won't take my calls. I have my own sewing business and I will be telling my customers to order material from our hobby lobby store. I will not do any business with this store again. Rude help. And when the manager won't take my calls shows me they aren't interested in making the customer happy. This. Store is in pueblo Colorado

Cutting Counter

I've been to many Jo-Ann fabric stores and very seldom do I encounter a pleasant employee at the cutting counter. However a woman at Jo-Ann's is in peering plaza. She w.as rude, and unpleasant. I was treated in an unpleasant manner and she insinuated that I copied my coupons. She also walked my fabric to the front counter yet no one else's were. And when I o

Comments, Leesburg,VA

I can't really give a review because It's still shocking at what the clerk said to me when I asked for the manager. "She's pregnant, so she might be a little moody when you ask her questions." I also can't rate it properly because of shock!

Don't try to match!

I bought some lavender garland for the bathroom but at $9 a piece it was getting expensive. I kept checking back to see if it would go on a better sale but then they just were not in the store. I brought in my UPC from the item and was told they no longer sell this item. Now I have to start all over in the bathroom and chuck or craigslist the original garland. Could you imaginie if Sherwin Williams stopped carrying a certain paint after just 1 year?! I will NEVER. EVER. Shop Joanns again. They scam you with the %50 coupon you can't use cause everything is already on sale for the %25 off. Who buys stuff at regular price?

lousy checkout

JoAnn's has the worst checkout system I have ever been through. Sometimes 30 people in line and 2 lousy checkers. I used to love the store but not since they have changed the layout and the way people are treated it is not a store I would ever recommend to anyone. The fabrics are also not very good quality. I quit buying fabric there years ago.

Mentor , Ohio Store

The Jo Ann Fabric Store in Mentor was redone about 2 years ago. I was JUST now starting to find my way around it and now , AGAIN it is under reconstruction. As a steady customer for many years, I am completely frustrated ! Also the yudo silk screening kit has been discontinued along with the supplies for it. Now as a customer I am being forced to buy more and more supplies on line.

I had a good time shopping at the Grand Rapids Centerpointe Mall store last week. I went twice and both times the staff was friendly and helpful. I found all the bead items I wanted and had a short wait at the checkout. The cashier was very nice and polite. The store was well stocked and clean and I consider it the best craft store in Grand Rapids to get beads.

I find that the stores in Oceanside, Escondido and Poway are very outdated and carry limited inventory. The stores are depressing to shop in with ugly flooring and lighting. There are no fun displays or excitement. However, I highly rate your Roseville and Citrus Heights stores. San Diego can take a lesson from them.

I am soo MAD at the McMinnville store!! Their help is very rude and their customer service is horrible! I went in there and bought material they didn't have enough so I asked her if she would order me some so she tried the Hillsboro store and they wouldn't answer so I called them set it all up and the cashier said she would send off the proper paperwork! SO I've been in there 4 times now and it still hasn't been ordered so I talked to the manager and she said she had t heard anything about it and then told me that she would charge me 8$ for them to ship it to their store! I am not happy with Joanne's at all and hear tons of complaints about our Mac store I will not be hopping there any more and I buy ton of materials, an I WILL NOT be giving your store any referrals period! You seriously need to pay more attention to the ppl you hire and your managers!


1 person on the cutting counter. 1 cashier with more than 10 guests in line. No one to answer the phone when you call. Stressed out unhappy workers that complain about corporate regulations. On hold with corporate for almost 3 hours then hung up on. Do you want my business? Am I a valued customer? Then show me!

my wife tryed to buy a watercolor paint set at your flint michigan store. when checking out she was told the product should not have been on the shelf and they refused to allow her to make the purchase. what ever happened to the customer is always right. as a regular customer we will no longer use this store.

unavailability of coupons

I cant receive your coupons because I don't texting capabilities on my cell phone. pleasemake it possiblef for me to get coupons with out haveing to use a cell phone If I had a choice i would take my business elsewhere!

Wont be shopping at Jo-Ann

I am so glad I read reviews, I had planed a trip to the closest jo-Anns which is 60 miles from where I live. Thanks to these reviews I wont be wasting my gas or time...Thank you ladies for the heads up!

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