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I am writing in regards as a past employee of your Darien, IL store. Although I had only worked there for a little over a month, from the start it was a horrible job. I was told upon being hired that it was okay to leave the store (as I worked part time elsewhere) at 8:45 pm. The manager Kevin told me that this would be no problem and that he would just make sure that someone else was there with me to close the store. My husband also worked at night, and needed to leave at a certain time. We were also down to one car the main reason for working a second job was to raise money to get a second car. The other managers were never cooperative and would always tell me to ask someone else if I had any questions about anything. The "big grand opening" was only a few days away, October 16th, and I was never trained on the register because "I was never scheduled when the trainers were there." So I worked the first couple of nights during the grand opening on the fabric counter (since I could not work the register) and this didn't bother me until the point of my leaving time. My schedule was simple--I told Kevin I could work Monday through Friday three pm to 8:45 pm and that was fine with him until I had to leave earlier than all the rest of the staff. If it had been that much of a problem should he have really hired me? I was also scheduled off on a Thursday one week and when I showed up for work the next day, they told me that they were "going to write me up" for a "no call no show" I was appalled. This store and it's staff was not worth my time or effort. The last straw was when Kevin confronted me on my car situation in telling me that me leaving earlier than the rest of the staff was such a burden on him and that I should buy a car was my last nerve being hit. I thought that was just as unprofessional as it gets. He had no right to tell me how to spend my income, and they shouldn't have hired me based on my hours if they didn't seem they could handle them. I would just like to know what could be done about this situation because I was in need of a second job, but if I am to be treated like that, I will never stop into a Jo Ann fabrics store again.

I am writing to ask you if the JoAnn Fabric store that closed on Larkin Ave. in Joliet, IL is going to be opening somewhere else (in the area) sometime soon. We have lost all of our fabric stores in the area. We were told that JoAnn Fabrics was going to reopen somewhere near the Louis Joliet Mall. Could you let me know if this is true!

I was at your John R location in Madison Height MI today around 130 p.m. When I walked into the door I was hit in the face with a wave of hot air. The store was at least 10 degrees if not more than the outside tempure of 70 degrees. Everyone in the store was complaining how warm it was. I didn't finish the shopping I wanted to do as it was unbearable to even be inside. I mentioned the overly warm tempureture to one of the employees and was told this is how it has been and no one will do anything about it. I found it too uncomfrotable to shop for more than 5 minutes. Your poor employess are putting up with this for hours at a time. The cashier was drenched in sweat and was obviously very uncormfortable. If Joanns doesnt care about it customers and employees, I will take my business else where. And I will also make sure the word gets out if this situation is not corrected. TURN ON THE A/C !!!!!

On May 22, 2010 at 11:30 am, I was shopping at the Del amo store in Torrance, Ca. I spoke to a manager named Hilda, when I saw another customer run face first into a locked glass door. There were two locked entry doors and one door had a sign on it, stating that the doors were locked. The other door had nothing on it and since it was during business hours anyone could have just tried to walk into the store. Manager, Hilda, quite curtly, said "I put a sign on one door and I cannot be expected to put a sign on every door. People need to slow down and read the signs". She probably would have been even more aggravated if that customer would have gotten hurt. It is not a good idea to have employees who are not looking out for your corporations' and the customers' well being.

I am a frequent shopper at JoAnn Fabric stores in Torrance, CA. On 5/1/10 I went to JoAnn Fabric store in Lakewood, CA (a new store)hoping they have more to offer. The cashier overcharged me 2x the amount of my purchased. On Sunday (5/2/10) I came to JoAnn Store in Hawthorne, CA by the Del Amo Mall thinking they can help me, instead I was advised to go back to Lakewood store. The store manager of JoAnn Fabric Store in Hawthorne gave me the list of all the store managers in District 12 and the DTL which I left a message hoping she will call me back ASAP. On 5/6/10, I called JoAnn fabric store in Lakewood and talked to Ashley and advised me to come back to the store so that they could assist me. When I came to the store Ashley is at lunch break. I talked to John which he claimed he is the store manager. I explained to him the situation and how inconvenient for a customer like me wasting my time, gas, and nothing is happening. I showed John (which he does not want to reveal his last name) the receipt of my purchased and my bank statement which JoAnn Fabric store overcharged me. He said there is nothing they can do in that Lakewood JoAnn store and I have to call the corporate office. My blood rushed to my brain I feel I am going to have another heart attack. I even suggested if he can call the corporate office or at least fax my receipt and my bank statement but he refused and said I have to do it myself. I was very, very, very upset. I screamed on top of my voice especially when he gave me a bad look. JoAnn Fabric store should not placed people like John in that position, There are millions of people who are jobless and look what kind of employee your company JoAnn Fabric Store that customers are dealing with. I went home very, very, very upset. What a waste of time, gas! I hope JoAnn Fabric Store will refund me for the overcharged. I hope JoAnn Fabric Store will listen! Thank you, Rusela

I am a frequent shopper at all of the JoAnn Fabric stores in Columbus, Ohio. I was just at the Sawmill Road store to purchase immitation rhinestone trim last week. When I went to the cutting counter I asked the girl if she could give me a couple extra rhinestones. She stated to me no she would have to charge me for them. I am making doll skating outfits and the trim has to be exact. I said then just cut half of a yard. She handed the trim to me no smile on her face and no thank you have a nice day. I do a lot of shopping there and spend a lot of money. I think she could have done better than that. Sincerely, Susan Trager

I worked for Jo-ann Fabris for just over a year; I moved away, then the Oneida Nation took the land back...Our store was traditional. We had a fantastic manager, Ruthie, who taught us all what a team was; she was on her knees scrubbing the floor with us all the time. She NEVER expected an associate to do anything she was not willing to do herself. If we made a mistake, she was there with us. If the floors were being done, she stayed all night with the team and we had sort of a PJ party while we worked. I know a well run store, Jo-Anne is it. I'll admit there are problems, but I spent over $6,000 a year with them for more than 20 years BEFORE I worked there! Now, It's more. I donate fabric and quilts all over: teach Autistics and battered kids; disabled, etc. to quilt and serve the commmunity. Jo-Anne made that possible. I haunt other stores too, but my award winning quilts are made of Jo-Ann fabrics bought on sale. Our club, Liberty land explorers is becomming big business. We will employ People with disabilities and mental illness following The corporate model of Jo-Ann. These folks can only work part-time, but the job coaches will be full time. It's a Win Win for all.

I was at your 2891 Taylor Road store in Reynoldsburg Ohio on April 24th @ 6:45pm. Your employees need to be a little more customer service friendly. It seems they are not in the business to help people. I was looking for some Serger Thread and asked an African American Lady at the cutting fabric counter if she could tell me where it was. With an unfriendly attitude she said it's over there. I looked and could not find the color I was looking for and went back and asked if she could find out if they had anymore in the back, didn't bother to scan and see if they had any. Without hesitation she said no they didn't have w/o even as much as a smile on her face and an annoyed look that she had to help someone. I immediately went down the aisle and found in a bin some serger thread and the color I needed. Had she taken the time she could have told me there was some more on another aisle. I think you need to call the Nordstrom store and ask them to teach your employees how to treat customers and how to assist them. Nordstrom has the best customer service store I have seen and you need to take lessons from them. I know your people probably don't make that much money, but there are plenty of people out there that are eager to have a job right now. Maybe you need to tell your employees if they don't like their jobs they need to go somewhere else. Thank you for listening.

I was in the Independence, Mo store on Monday April 12,2010. While checking out by associate Caren, she said that I had a buy 2 get one free item, but she could not figure out which items it was. She finally said it was Blue Moon and I informed her that was part of the jewelry making items. She called back to that Dept. and asked the associate what was on sale. She gave me a name that I was unfamiliar with. I went ahead and paid for my items and Caren said" you can walk back there and check and see for yourself". I told her that I had just had a hip replacement 5 wks prior and did not want to do all that walking. I told Caren "good thing I was not your mystery shopper" as I used to do that part-time. She thanked me and said to go back to the back of the store amd check for myself. I informed Caren that I felt the associate that she called could have been asked to come to the front and look at my items and for her to inform me if what I had purchased was part of the buy 2 get one free. Then I left. I have worked with the public all my career and then some, and would not have treated a customer in that fashion. During all this, her line was backing up badly before she ever called another associate to come ring. Thank you. Sincerely, Jody J Jones

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