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advertised sale

Bait customers with sales but don't honor them unless you bring in proof before purchase

Great customer serivce on corporate level

I have been treated very well when I called the corporate office customer service rep. They get the job done and end up being pleased and taken care of. Bravo to.you


Managers sons girlfriend works at store. She always gets lots of hours.


Turlock store just opened in November. We are only getting 4.5-9 hours a week. Management blames corporate. Manager in store has favorites and they get hours. It's unfair to those of us who bust our butts.

Not enough staff

Every time I shop at Citrus Park Tampa store I have to wait ages to checkout, regardless of time of day. Yesterday there was only one cashier and the poor lady was also manning guest service desk. Surely the company can get more staff?

Poor service

Today I waited for over 40 minutes to have my fabric cut. Number system, you know. I even called the store on my cell and told the party who answered that more help was needed at the cutting table. Her reply-we don't have anyone else on the floor. I spoken to the manager as I checked out. His reply -it will only get worse, management wants to cut expenses. Sadly, I can buy fabrics online And may resort to that in the future as customer satisfaction is no longer a priority at Jo Ann's

Closing of Joann in Cedar Hill Texas

I am sadden that the Joann will close in January I am a seamstress and this store is only 5 minutes From me and when they close this one I have to Drive almost 25 minutes to go to another location. I think I will start a petition because there are many Of us that shop this location regularly.

Filthy bathroom

The bathroom at the Kennewick, Washington, store is disgusting. Today there was fecal matter smeared on the wall and on the toilet. The sink is falling off the wall and the fixtures are corroded. The floor is filthy and the door wouldn't lock. Nobody seems to care.

We Try

I have worked for JoAnns for two years now. I really love my job, and we all go out of our way to make the customer feel welcome and valued. We would do better if we weren't so understaffed. Corporate won't let us work enough hours to make a decent living, won't schedule enough employees in a day to offer the excellent service that they require, and the pay is minimum wage with fifteen cent raises every year. I really like the job, but I find it very discouraging. Employees don't feel valued.

Horrible, horrible...

Jo Ann's had a grand opening in my town just this morning. They had a dollar bin but then when i got to the check-out, they said one item in the dollar bin scanned at $4.19 and the other one did not return a price. It took them forever to find out the price but by the time, I was forced out of line and told I would have to get back in line if I wanted the item; although by now, the line had grown to about 80 people! People were excited about Jo Ann's coming town...but now...not so much...

One of a Kind

I Special Ordered some Fabric from the store in my Area, and had a very a Bad Experience. Not only were they Rude but later did not even try to lift a finger to get my Fabric.. I had to call Corp. to complain and ask for Assistance in getting my Fabric. They gave me MARCY's phone number in Cliffton, N.Y. This Sweet Lady went the Extra Mile making phone calls. She transferred the Fabric to the store in my area.. She worked really hard for someone who wasn't even her customer. She is Someone anyone would be PROUD to have them work for them.

The store in Lynchburg Virginia sucks. I went there to get fabric and the management ends up treating you like u r going to steal something cause they follow you around the store. Plus the manager there is so damm dum all she does is set in the back in her office and does nothing. I hope they shut the virginia store down r fire the management.

Poor customer service

Store # 2095 Riverside California has very poor customer service. I'm in there all the time. They have one person working check out with 22 people in lline over 30 minutes in line it's just wrong! They the manager always blames headquarters for the issues. Just finding someone to get something down is rediculis. I also just got a special just for you cupon on the 14th on August and was out of town. So today I went to use it after spending 30 min in line they said it expired yesterday and they can't take it but was willing to take a competitors expired cupon. It looks like Hobby lobby will now get my business.

getting looked over for a managers job

I'm a very hard worker and have been with the company almost 10 years and have got looked over a few times for a management job and i at least deserve a chance to see if i can do it and come in on my days off to work and pick up other peoples shifts when they needed them covered.


The store at Ridgmar Mall in Texas is too bloody hot. The poor staff there is sweating and a pregnant lady today nearly passed out. I don't like sweating when i shop and i go 2 to 3 times a week. If it is not fixed i won't be back

I'm surprised and disgusted at how some of the management at the location I work at. I am six months pregnant and they refuse to comply with my doctors note and continue to try to force me to climb ladders, carry very heavy carts of boxes and do everything the doctors note says I can not do! Apparently the safety of the employees does not matter to management.

Santa Maria store

I have always been a happy customer at Joann fabrics until tonite. I left the store very dissapointed when I wasn't able to return an item I purchased not that long ago. BEWARE customers!!! I asked for a store credit vs money back since I am a loyal customer who would have been back but the answer was no and the manager didn't even bother to show his or her face... How professional!

Your store in Sanford Florida is being managed by a complete idiot. She does not know how to schedule her employees, has no appreciation for customers or for good work by employees and belittles them in public . People are afraid to complain because she is vindictive and they are in fear of losing their jobs. Shame on you!

cleaning lady

I am sale associate and my manager told me sweep the whole store floor, they don't even have cleaning lady. Very cheap company

Cleaner entry

Visited Minnetonka Mn store just before Easter, THE ENTRY WAY WAS FILTHY. realize wind may blow in leaves but the glass doors and floor were very unappealing. Staff seemed tp be over-worked and short staffed for the extra holiday season work.

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