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You had no rating for below average, or piss poor rating. This is one of the Top Racist Stores in the United States. People of color are not only disrespected but treated and talked to in a condescending tone. The Usual redneck clerks who are very plain have the audacity to look down on people of color who are very cultured. I have never had a pleasant shopping experience in JC Penny's and I can't wait until this company goes bust because they deserve it, for the ill treatment of many, many people of color not only shoppers but also their people of color who are and have been employees. Customer service is more of a joke for this store and the Sephora Counter is a joke for the worst ever treatment stay away from the Columbus, Ohio at Polaris JC Penny if your Black stay Back!@

first i don't even want to give them a star. ,I have had a bad experience. this is not the 1st time i have been treated in this manner. this happened in store #2888 in GA. About a year ago i was at the store buying clothing,I was standing in line to checkout. the associate BINA looks up at the line and stares at me and askes me in a loud voice"ARE YOU A MUSLIM" Igive her a nod and she contunies back with her work attending to customers. when i reach my turn I have no conversation with her, pay my bill and leave saying to myself she is immature. when i reach home i realize that my one of the item i purchased had a broach and it was missing. i dont have the time to go back so i look at it as my bad luck and say nevermind.NOW oct.13th 2010 I go to the same store home depart. to return 2 items. I dont have a reciept and ask them to look up the receipt on jcp card associate DARCEL could not find a single tran. she does RETURN without receipt and askes for drivers licence i tell her she does not need a licence as i am putting the amt in my jcp card but she still insists. I scan my card and sign for it and wait and she tells me thats all. i take a few steps to leave and return back saying i need proof that this amt is gone into my account. her reply was you did not have a reciept so you dont get one. I ask her to call for a supervisor and she said she was a supervisor and wounld not bulge. asked her to call for someone above her and she said there is no one she is the only one. I then told her to call someone frm the other store whom i could speak on the phone she wanted me to give a name i said any supervisor she would not bulge without a name. then MR. BILL is walking by she says you can talk to him. I tell him I need a reciept for my return and he tell DARCEL to give me the reciept, I take the reciept and leave.another thing that bothered me was that MR.BILL did not bother to stand and listen to what i have to say kept doing his work near the counter asthough i did not exist.THIS IS HOW STORE#2888 DOES CUSTOMER SERVICE.LET ME TELL YOU MR. BILL AND DARCEL IF YOU ON THE TOP HAVE NO CUSTOMER SKILLS HOW DO YOU EXPECT ASSOCIATE UNDER YOU TO HAVE IT.This is not the end I reach home and realize that my licence is missing I call the store and ask for DARCEL but she has left for the day, i thought she was the only one working but doesn't look like[LIAR]. anyway the phone is transfered to MR. BILL, he cannot find it.the reply was it was given back to me.its like I SAY, YOU SAY does not lead any where. NOW I HAVE TO PAY FOR A NEW LECINCE AND ALSO MISS A DAY OF WORK TO GET ONE. WHAT JUSTICE. A YEAR AGO DISCRIMINATED FOR BEING A MUSLIM AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM SUPERVISORS.

JCP Follow up, with my coupons I called corp office and they called the Manager DONNA at Moreno Valley Mall in Moreno Valley Ca. I was right I could used the two coupon and the Manager Nancy said she check after I left and i was right. I told her to let me talk to another manager and she keep sayin I am the manager. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ASK SOMEONE PLEASE. STUPID!!!

I went to Jcpenny store at Moreno Valley mall in Moreno Valley, Ca. on October 10, 2010. To buy Faux Leather jackets for two of my girls. I had a store coupon for 20% off and a 15% coupon I had printed off the computer for taking a survy. I have use two coupon with % off before, but this time I was told I can only use one of them by the manager NANCY BEING VERY RUDE. Did the policy change in the last month. I will follow this up with a phone call.

If you think that is bad,get this - I was hired at JC Penney last year in November for seasonal employment - after the season they retained about 4 of us for on call employment - I must have done something right or they would not have retained me - August came and I had no hours (the company has a "policy" and i must say it is the most ridiculous one I have ever heard of especially if you are on call employee that if you do not work at least 4 hrs in one month, you auto - terminated. They gave me my 4 hrs in August - In Sept, they said they had no hrs and that svrl people had been auto terminated. They told me to re apply when it got closer to the season - I went on line and the store I had worked at did have openings so I filled out app to next closest (about a week ago) I called to check on status as I was trying to update my profile and the system get taking me to the associate kiosk - I ended up speaking with the trainer who found my application and told me she was taking it over to her manager seeing she had training starting soon (she was real nice during this conversation) - she called me back and said her manager said I had been terminated so too bad so sad - I adv her I was not "terminated" but auto-terminated - she told me now it was not her problem (you would not have known I was speaking to the same woman) and if I had an issue with it, to call back the store I worked for - I did so and spoke with scheduler who is always a pleasure but asked her why was Penneys not honest with me and told me I was auto=termed when mngr said terminated - she had no clue - she said she did not terminate me and told me to call office mngr in the morning and she also did not know why the mngr at tyrone was not aware of auto termination as it was a company wide policy - she advised me to speak with the office mngr to make sure keyed in right and then to call back manager but do not know if this is possible because they really do not like to put you thru to them...........if this is not poor management, I do not know what is.

I went to the JCPenney store at Woodfield mall in Schaumburg,Illinois.I needed a new battery for my watch,so I went to the fine jewelry department.I gave my watch to a sales person there by the name Terry.She told me to walk around the store and come back in 10 or 15 min,she will have it ready.When i came back she said she broke the watch glass when she was trying to close the watch back after she changed the battery.She showed me the watch and the glass was broken and the arms underneath were bent.She said she will send it in for repair at no charge to me,and told me to call in a few weeks to ask about it.I tols her I am not going to leave my $500 D&G watch there without her giving me a receipt.She looked at my watch and said:"this watch is not worth $500, we had them for $50.I told her the watch was a present from my father who passed away since, and it is very important to me.I told her I am not reach,and I would have never bought such an expensive watch,but my father knew he had cancer and wanted to buy me a gift I would wear every day and of good quality,before he died. The sales person Terry was very rude and said:"Honey I am entering $75 for the value of this watch on this receipt, and if they canno fix it that's all you get from us"That was on August 23,2010. The receipt said the watch would be back September 3rd.I came back on september 3rd,but the watch was not back yet.I live one hour away from that mall,and I spent 2 hours on the road and money on gas to go there for no reason.Finally someone called me on September 24 to tell me the watch was back.I picked it up and it is not working properly,it might be from the bent arms that they replaced or straightened,or from the shock of Terry breaking the glass.I called many times, spoke to different people,and finally with a manager by the name Cynthia,who said they only broke the glass,which they fixed and have nothing to do with my watch being slow now.I cannot believe how much abuse I have to take from these people.A respectable corporation should have sent my watch back for repair again,or buy me a new one, or at least send me a gift certificate for the inconvenience. But not JCPenney.People who work there are too rude and disrespectful with people's property and feelings,considering I told Terry that was a present from my father who passed.I hope someone from JCPenney corporation reads this and talks to the rude people at the Woodfield store.

I have been a very loyal customer of JC Penney for my entire life. Recently I ordered 6 pairs of shoes trying to get one pair to fit. I already have the same shoes in a different color that fit perfectly. All the shoes I ordered were defective. One was always bigger than the other and it alternated with each pair between the right or left shoe. Customer service was poor. I wanted to wear the shoes almost 2 months ago. One time the wrong color was ordered and twice orders were put in that could not be tracked. The last order that was placed was charged to my account without my permission.

I have been a loyal j C penney customer for well over 25 years mostly because of the friendly service in JANUARY OF THIS YEAR I over heard a manager harrassing a long term employ to the point of her being in tears. This employ has waited on me with complete satisfaction every since i moved to Butte Montana. I have since learned she has been terminated. I have since returned to the store and saw the manager repeating this same action with another long term employ . Is Penneys trying to get rid of all of their senior associates ? Myself family coworkers and friends have all decided to boycot this store until this manager is gone.

I am a salon owner in n.c. and have never been so gotten away with , 2 of your employees came into my salon [district manager and salon manager] questioned our services and our prices , asked to speak to a ethnic stylist, went over to her station and got business card and asked another stylist her name. they left my salon and called back in a hour asked my stylist to come work with them. first off ,i would never disrespect my fellow business partners in the industry, i think it was very unprofressional and disrespectful . I would never go in your salon and do that to your employees, i have been in this business for twenty years and have never had this problem before. I walk past your salon at least 2 times a week to shop in the store, and i have never propositioned your stylist and do not appreciate what has been done. FROM NOW ON I WILL BE FINDING SOMEWHERE ELSE TO SHOP.

WOW! Lately I've been hearing some bad things about J. C. Penney's from friends and family, but then I incurred a problem myself, so I stumbled onto this website where I'm amazed at other bad reviews against them. I too have been a loyal customer for about 46 years and I can relate to the question in the review from Karen where she states, "What happened to J. C. Penney?" Seems to me with so many business's closing now days that they would be more "customer friendly" and keep their "old" standards high. If the founder of J. C. Penney's were alive today I'm sure he would be shocked, or maybe I should say if he were alive today it wouldn't be like it is now. I guess it's just going "down the tubes" along with the rest of my beloved country. People use to mean something to stores like J. C. Penney's and even Sears, but now it's all about "the money." I wouldn't be a bit surprised if J. C. Penney's went out of business someday. I hope they have one of their concerned executives read and try to correct some of the "bad blood" that exists from some of their X good customers. After all one customer can influence hundreds,etc., etc. Be forewarned J. C. Penney's! Better one's than you have "bitten the dust."

I had a bad experience at jcpenny, I was working with asa carlton interior s to remodel the jcpenny store at the town center mall in kennesaw Ga, and was fired because the loading dock supervisor her name is crysal lied on me and I got fired because of that lie, and her racist friends that she is buddy buddy with in my company covered up the whole nature or her involvement in the matter this happened about 1 .5 years now and it still bothers me.Jcpenny just pushed the matter to the side as not being important. pleaes forward my comment to the ceo. Thank, Tim Reid / 404-839-8878 treidbuilder@hotmail.com

It is well overdue for me to take the time and find JC Penny's corporate office... I have had this same experience here in south Florida no matter which location I go to..but THE FINAL STRAW was being at the classy and upscale Aventura location...WOW.. it is amazing to me that you could even exist in such a mall.. There is absolutley NO CUSTOMER SERVICE...no help on the floor, NO ONE anywhere ..HOW SAD!! Just a bunch of people who are ungrateful to have a job, acting like they are on a ghetto street rather than working in a department store. I had to ask 4 TIMES to get any help from the three girls who were too caught up in their conversation about RAP MUSIC to direct me to what I was looking for..and the dressing rooms??? DISASTER!!! wait in line for 23 minutes and then be in a dressing room where people URINATE on the floor???? DISCUSTING..DO YOU HAVE ANY MANAGEMENT AT ALL??? DO YOU HAVE ANY QUALITY OF SERVICE AT ALL ANYMORE? I CAN'T BELIEVE THE POOR ATMOSPHERE AND HORRIBLE CONDITION OF YOUR STORES. WHAT HAPPENED TO JC PENNY'S?? HOW SAD THAT I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT AGAIN IN YOUR STORES.

I gave them 1 star because I cannot give them 0, On the 4th of July I made an online purchase from J C Penney and had it send to my sister. Someone at J C Penney had the bright idea to have UPS pick up the package and deliver it to the USPS and have USPS deliver to my sister. USPS claimed that the street ( a very busy street) where my sister lives was closed so he put a slip in her mail box. Did not bother to ring her bell nor take the package with him to deliver it, he walked to her residence, he couldn't bring the package? Ever since then my sister calls the 21Avenue post office in Astoria, New York every single day for delivery, every single day she's told, " Yes, the package is right here, we'll deliver it tomorrow, it is now July 24th and she is still calling and waiting for the USPS to deliver. I finally got in touch with J C Penney who kept me on the phone for 45 minutes trying to cancel the order and send a new one, the problem with this was that it's been too long and some merchandise is no longer available. While talking to J C Penney's manager I suggested calling UPS to get the package back and deliver it them self since J C Penney gave it to them, the supervisor at J C Penney connected me with UPS and disappeared, it was UPS that told me that J C Penney told them that they had to deliver to the post office, that they did what J C Penney told them to. Now I was really frustrated, J C Penney's supervisor didn't want to hear it, she saw the chance to get rid of me and she took it. I apologized to UPS for the inconvenience, hung up and called J C Penney again, only to hear from Teresa that the supervisor was too busy to talk to me and Teresa couldn't help me either, she said there's nothing she could do. As the shipper, there's a lot that they could do, a big company like J C Penney can tell the any shipper that they are pulling their account and taking it elsewhere and I guarantee you that they'll deliver the package. I sounds as if It'll be easier for my sister to pick up the package, except that she lives alone and is disable, there's no way she could go to pick it up. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get the email address for JCP's Corporate Headquarters and I can't find it anywhere . I have been a frequent and loyal customer of J C Penney for over 30 years and one thing they can be sure of, they just lost one dam good customer. I know I'm a drop in the bucket for J C Penney but when you add up all those drops, you've got a bucketful. From now on I'll be doing my shopping at Macy's

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