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I have been with this company for 3 years... I feel as if I'm not getting paid what I should be & I feel like im underappreciated. Its crazy that you start out waaaay more working for another company than what Im getting paid for at jcp working 3 years. I believe alot of other associates would agree with me. However, one thing I do want to say is SOME OF THE jcp team are like family... I do love alot of the people Ive worked with. They all are great people.and our store manager is nice! I can trust all of them, talk to them, and they are always there for support and praise..and honestly, I believe supervisors and management are underappreciated as well.. the customer service we give is great.. but to get that GREAT customer service jcp talks about... you have to begin with building the foundation.. (which is the associate, management, & supervisor)..make them feel great! Maybe have district or corp. write a letter every once in a while telling us how great we look and how nice we are.. or just give steve a call to tell him..HEY! I appreciate that your store is working hard.. and we thank you for keep us going!... instead of giving phone calls everyday about how bad our scores are! How can you expect someone to give us a 5 on the survey when they are being overwhelmed with all these questions: "How are you today" Did you find everything you were looking for" "Do you need me to order that for you on jcp.com?" "are you going to be putting this on your pennys card?" "Would you like to sign up for a jcp reward card, and if approved..save 10%" "Would you like to enroll in our jcp rewards program and start saving money today?, they send you $10 certificates in the mail for every 250 points you earn.. and you'll recieve updates on how to earn bonus points!" "may I have you email address?", "and "would you like to sign up for our new magazine program?" I mean, if someone asked me this many questions... i would just sit my stuff down and walk off... and the surveys that we do SHOULD not depend on our bonuses. this is wrong! The surveys are wrong! there has to be a better way of rating SMALLER jcpenney stores.. or rating ANY STORE in that case! but just so you are aware, half of west virginia is a bunch of country folk that do not own a computer.. and they are our BEST customers...really!! the other half is older women who love alfred dunner.. (look at our sales) and the elderly do not own a computer.. so the other percent( where our scores come from..) are from people who jet through the survey just to get the coupon.. or they are highly satisfied, but do not rate ANY Company perfect, so they rate us a 4! Honestly, I feel stressed everyday from this company to get our scores high..and get credit card applications!!! Mr. Penney didnt even believe in credit! I could work my tail off everyday being sweet, kind, and helpful to people... and it NEVER reflects the look, or the friendliness of our store! Overall, Im quitting because I can't handle it.. somedays I feel I'm losing my religion! FIND A NEW WAY TO RATE OUR STORES!!!!!!!

I (we) are experiencing the worst customer service of my life. Ordered two drapes ($1800) February 21st and one window is still bare as we approach June. There is a lack of concern bordering on indifference with the entire operation. The only way I can find out information is by me calling them. Out of 11 calls I have initiated 8. The contract called for installation by April 30 "but it will be sooner than that" according to Debbie Heitner, sales associate. When I call her supervisor, a Kathleen, the answer is always the same " I have told you everything I know and can not be responsible for the mistakes of others". I would list all that has gone wrong (and the excuses) but it would read like "War and Peace" We have had several parties and our guests have asked what is the problem as the family room looks "unfinished". They were told JC Penny is the problem.Do yourself a favor and NEVER EVER use JC Penny custom decorating.

JC Penney's customer service is horrible. I cannot get anyone live to speak to regarding my JCP credit card. JCP HAS to get a better customer service department. JCP has changed and it's not for the better. I give them a 0.

I got my Jc credit card in Aventura Mall of Miami Florida, due to amazed discounts in some jewelry sales for Christmas of 2010 that I was offered the sky and the stars, Therefore I ended purchasing a bracelete and <with supose to be diamonds> earings. Because of the holidays I was traveling I did not ware them, up to February 2011 but the same day I lost one earing <diamonds> due to the lose click. The bracelete lost 5 stones too. In march I went to returned. It was denied my request. I have to paid for the repair of the bracelete. Now one month and half later, no body knows what happen with my bracelete. I have been there several times and I make phone calls in this regards. Every time they do the same procedure, to print out my request, because there is no records of such bracelete. I am tired to go back and forth, and no body knows what happen with my bracelete. Now since JP is late to give me back my bracelete, I am not able to used, then I want my money back. Why I have to lose the money I paid for my bracelete and not body is responsable for that?. At this point I don't want that """ bracelete. I want my money back, who is going to do that?, If somebody there knows please tell me what I amy supose to do.

I recently visited your jcpenney located @ greenbrier mall and due to a medical condition I had to use your restroom facility--as in emergency status! The lady cleaning the bathroom refused to let me use your public restroom and had a very nasty attitude towards me... I went into the office next to the restroom and let a gentleman know I really had an emergency and he was of no help either. I am currently spending my money I intended to spend there @ macys, and will continue to do so from now on. I hope in the future you will be more empathic and gracious in meeting all your customers needs.

i have a coupon for a free ambriel panty-- it states nothing on the coupon regarding purchasing anything in order to get the free panty. I was told by girl at register that you have to purchase a bra in order to get the panty. She said no and that they had several other complaints regarding the coupon but that they would NOT honor it without buying a bra. I asked her to get a manager and she called the manager and the manager refused to talk to me and told the clerk not to allow it. I called corporate today and hope to get this resoloved. I am an administrator for the city of Berwyn and I am not the kind of person who will let this go, customers do not need to be treated like this. ths coupon should be honered as is. I intend to fight this and will go to the media if i have to- not my fault pennys did not specify any purchase on the coupon. this is the same a stealing from the consumer as far as i am concerned, they mis represented it.

My wife went to your store to have a replacement stone put in her ring. She was told by the department manager that that she would put a white sapphire stone in her ring for 44.00. She was then called back about 1 week later, and said that they had misquoted her, it would be 88.00 for the white sapphire. Said the department manager misquoted on the 44.00. My wife was very upset. They have also told her different times when the ring would be ready. To top everything off, on 05-09-11, someone again called my wife and told her they misquoted her again. She was then told it would be $288.00. i don't know the value of jewelry, but I would expect your company to honor what a customer was told. YOu should have competent people working, especially in the jewelry department. i have been a jcpenny customer for a long time and still have a balance on my credit card. i am very unhappy the way my wife was treated. if your company will not make it right, i will pay off my account and cut up our card.


For the second time in two weeks I am trying to SPEND MY MONEY on your website. Can't do it no matter how I try. Last week, I just couldn't check out. Tonight I can't see anything except for the woman in the pink shirt. Can't retrieve my saved cart. Can't look at tops. All comes back to the woman in the pink shirt, which I think is lovely, and when I try to click on THAT I just come around back the the same page, all like Groundhogs Day. I would imagine you guys are losing a lot of money. Did you ever think of changing the people who run your website? For me, I'm moving on the macy.com

I have bought a ring for my fiance a year ago, and 2 of the diamonds fell out so i went to get it repaired and when i got it back i got it tested to make sure they put the right stone back in it. Well guess what of corse they didnt it wasnt even a diamond they put in it, it was something called mossinite or something like that... I mean come on what happened to trusting people now a days...

So I am a jcp employee, and i want to stay annonymous because as an employee at my store we are shunned for speaking our mind or letting our store manager know when we are having issues with a coworker or manager! I cannot believe how badly I am being treated at my current store. I work in the salon and we have a new salon manager who is completely disrespectful on the floor to me and others! No one wants to speak up because again we get in trouble for it. I have had it! I have worked at this company for years, and I might not be perfect but I am a damn good employee! Now my problem is our store manager loves the new salon manager and wont hear me out on whats going on!. My manager wont even return my phone calls! Also right after she was hired she was in the salon for 2 days and came up to me on the floor bad mouthing other stylists that she had yet to even work with! What can i do about this!? Sadly I feel I need to look for another job. And looking through these comments and seeing all the negative things clients and customers say....sadly its all true! My old salon manager who wa amazing was run out of the salon... she was made to go to other salons and try to take their stylists!? How tacky is that!? JCP should be a company people want to come work for and it's not, not anymore and thats why they feel the need to go try and steal other peoples employees!!! pathetic!!!! My only wish is that other employees would stand up and speak their minds and let corporate know whats really going on in the store, they might be shocked!

I am completely disgusted at the total disrespect this store shows by putting spanish on all their signs and clothing labels. If that isn't bad enough, I have to listen to frickn' spanish over the intecom. I live in Fresno, California....not frickin' Mexico. This is a appalling display of complete disrespect for America...the very country you do business in....SHAME ON YOU. I will never buy anything from your store again. THE PEOPLE OF FRESNO, CA ARE LIVID!

I have horrific experience at J.C. Penney - Briarwood Shopping Center in Ann Arbor I asked for General Manager Mark Hollenbaugh but he will not available all days,for all day meetings (to play golf), that sucks, And I will never shop at J.C Penney again.

I have recently appilied for a position with one of your salon's in minnesota. I was denied employment because of a DUI that was on my reacord. I have never heard of such a thing of being denied employment with a company when all i am doing is clients hair and not driving for the company....I will look futher into this with an attorney...I have been a hairstylist for 12 years and have never been denied employment.....AND THE SAD PART IS I USE TO WORK FOR JC PENNEY 3 YEARS PRIOR...SO U TELL ME....WHY WOULD THEY HIRE ME BACK THEN AND NOT NOW......if anyone knows of a situaqtion like this please feel free to contact me through my e-mail...please put (DENIED EMPLOYMENT) in subject box...... native_rose31@yahoo.com ...Thank you Rose

have any of you women customers of j.c.penny received ads on ladies lingerie? I just received the latest, which was effective 4/20-4/23. It is nothing other than PORNOGRAPHY!!!!!! I am so furious over this piece of JUNK!!! Please check it out & let them know we don't want this CRAP in our homes!! I am canceling my credit card!!

I agree--would rather give NO stars. In February of this year, I purchased three sets of Chris Madden Mystique brand blackout curtains and then spent even more money having these drapes altered to fit my windows. What a disappointment to later realize, after spending all this money, they are NOT blackout curtains after all. The package says: "Our blackout technology blocks up to 99% of light." This is completely UNTRUE and is, in my opinion, false and misleading advertising. The curtains let in the natural light from outside, including sunlight, and then at nighttime, let in all the bright lights from nearby streetlights and backyard motion detector lights. I sent in a fully-detailed e-mail complaint, requesting a full refund of my money, to Penney's Product Service department. I received a reply saying my e-mail was being forwarded to their store manager, who would then contact me to resolve the matter. Uh-huh, right. I have heard nothing more, so came into this online site to find the address of the main headquarters so I could write a formal paper letter of complaint to the president of the company and found all these negative comments, so thought I'd add mine in, too.

This is the most unprofessional company that I have ever worked for. After 20 yrs. of working extended hrs. beyond my Drs' excuse they continually dissregaurded my medical excuse which by the way was not ureasonable.time.8hr shifts w/ 15 min break in between lunch. We have taken up monies to benefit cancer research and never did the monies go to the fund/cause. (The money was spent on hair products to be used within the store). Jean Glover is the store manager that has been in charge of store 1674 and had always gave me an immaculate apprasials throughout my career, but due to some health issues this year she made up a illegal program that got me fired. Well speak to any associate within this store and you will find out she treats them like they are the lazy, uninformned bunch of people she has ever managed. When corporate came in we were threatened not to talk to them about REAL issues we were aware of to cover her own job. Someone else will be next in line when it will benefit her. When I informed her I had to have surgery--to this day she has not even asked why. I leave this company with my head held high for I never stole or took anything I did not pay or work for.

I am a "Big and Tall" customer and have been for many years. For the past two months I have been trying to order a few basic, simple items such as 'boxer short underwear' and a 'windbreaker' or 'golf' jacket in my size (3x and 3xlt). They are always out of stock. I have called twice to corporate and asked for the big and tall marketing director and the men's clothing marketing director and have left detailed messages with two phone numbers and no reply. Since I am in Southern California I enjoy "Hawaii" style shirts. They had them for a short time under the "Hollis River" brand----no more?? Since A) you don't have what I need and B) you don't return my inquiries I have to assume you are no longer in the "B&T" business and will need to go elsewhere. Too bad I can't reach any of you because I have a lot of meaningful suggestions, but I guess you all prefer to spend your time while in the office in your "cafeteria" drinking lattes. Would love to get a reply from someone who is capable of making decisions and providing meaningful answers, not just dispensing "pablum".

Its pretty sad to hear all the stories. I work in retail and we try to help all of you people but you don't even appreciate everything that we TRY to do. As a retail associate you cant even image what we have to put up with you people. You complain about everything because some of you are stuck up people that make too much money and want everyone to kiss your feet. Go work at a place like that and you would not be able to support it. Being a middle class person i have to have a job and pay my bills i cant just go and spend my money because i was smart enough like some people. sorry we try and some of us are that way because you people make us that way. We have GREAT customers that make are day but we have some that are just rude. hope you think again what you are doing when you go back and visit such a store.

I worked for J.C.Penney for 3 years and loved every minute of it.My family and I was offered a opportunity to run a small business in hopes that in a couple of years we would buy it from the people. I had to quit my employment and the manager took it personally. I gave a notice, but do to some circumstances I could not complete the time I had given them. After working at this place that I had went to, things went bad,things I won't get into, but I would not be a part of so I went to see if I could get my job back and was told No, there were no hours. I excepted that. But with absolutely no income coming in I needed to get some help, I am applying for jobs everywhere, its just the job market at this time is rough. I finally knew I had to reach out, I had to apply for food assistance, but they needed a form of loss of income from my manager at J.C.Penny. I took the paperwork to her but she told me she couldn't do anything to help me cause she wasn't personal..I was so embarrassed, she was looking at me and talking to me like I was dirt under her feet, I left there and came home and told my husband I never should have went there. I understand that she was most likely not happy that I quit, but to deliberately turn away when I was at my lowest point, I think is not right. How did she get in the position she is in with no compassion? I will never step foot in that store again and I am telling everyone in my family, and my friends what she did to me, I feel that was a controlling issue as if to teach me a lesson. Well I hope she has to face what I have been facing lately, I am a 55 year old woman, and certainly didn't need to be treated like a dog outside. My opinion has changed and I wouldn't spend another dime in that store, after she is gone it may be a different story. I just can't believe someone in that position can treat someone that bad in this situation.

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