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One day last week I went into the JCPenney store in Lake Square Mall. It was the worst experience that I have ever had in that store. They did not have the appliance that was advertised in their paper and when I asked to speak to the store manager (Ruth) she spoke to me as if I had done something wrong. Then I walk around the corner and she was having the friendlist conversation with another woman who happens to be caucasian. Yes I am Africian American but this woman made me feel as if I spoke to her in a harsh way (which I did not). I showed her respect but did not get any in return. I think this woman needs some redirection with her people skills or I could possibly be correct and she really doesn't like African Americans. I don't see many working in that store either. It is such a shame that people like her still exist and have the position that she has. I will never shop there again....EVER!

Kris I would love to get in on this lawsuit with you. The store manager that I worked for is racist and it is not fair that she can get away with something like this because they gave her that position. If the manager does not want to be fair to everyone despite their color then they should be fired. At the end of the day we are all working the same reasons to get a paycheck to take care of our families. Noone should have to fight hareder to keep their jobs because of the color of their skin. This is not right!!!!!!


Kris, I am also contemplating a law suit against my store. I would love to join you. I have a store manager who is discriminating against me and will not address my complaints. I have given her a letter that she was supposed to fax to corporate and have heard no more about it. She has cut my hours to almost nothing while giving full hours to help that she kept over from Christmas. I have complained about this and get only that the computer is doing the hours and they are not allowed to change them. Never had this problem before!!! Her only complaint about me is the she doesn't like my attitude. She tells me that customer comments for me are over the moon with great things. We are supposed to get these comments at morning meeting with a $5.00 certificate, she has only given me one this month and at least 5 people told me that they did the survey for me. This is just the tip of the iceberg,I agree with all those people who have said that if the original family of Penney's must be turning over in their graves with the way this store is being run. Let me know what I can do to join this group.

-5 Stars! My wife worked for JCP for a short time at the Citrus Heights CA location. The employees there are miserable. James one of the managers there is a jerk.The managers harrass their employees constantly. Don't shop there and don't apply there unless you want to be harrassed. Worst service ever and even worse Management.

Everyone who is a Manager or employee at JCP is an idiot! What a bunch of morons! And if you shop there you are even a bigger idiot. Why do you think they have to give the merchandise away? That's the only way to get people in there. I'm not that hard up, I'll go to Target first.

yes im a former employee of jcpenney ssc Manchester CT who was recently terminated I want yall to know about all the racist yall have operating the building.I was fired because of attendance and which i feel was wrong i had my production lowered and was being discriminated and harassed on a daily basis reported many occasions that the problem never seemed to get handled also was did wrong because the manager and the supervisor had it out for me.theres too much favoritism i just dont understand how this went on so long


Dear JC Penney's, I am forwarding to you a copy of my on-line order. Let this be a significant example as why more and more people are turning to Amazon.com. I placed an on-line order on January 3rd, 2011. This was a gift to my step-grandchild. On January 12th, I called the store where the items were to be picked up and a woman from the customer service center stated that the orders were at the store. I called my son, and notified him that he could pick up the gifts. When he got to the store, the customer service center stated that only one of the gifts arrived and they could not release it without the other. My son left the store upset to say the least. Today, January, 15th, 2011, twelve days later from the original order date. I called customer service once again. First I spoke with Carla and then I was transferred to the supervisor (Kate). Still I am being strung along with some poor excuse of an shipment error. This is unacceptable. This is causing a family dispute because the child is question is our only step-grandchild. The fault is all being placed on me due to your faulty employees. If this goes any further, I will be seeking legal advise. Thank you, Sherry Smith

I recently order two couches from JCP and loved the floor model I saw. When they delivered the furniture I checked to make sure there was no damage to furniture. Figured I'd recieved the exact same size as floor model so I never sat on couch. Found after delivery men left as I sat on couch my feet could not touch floor. The dimentions were two inches longer and higher than floor model and arm rests were stuffed more. Called corporate office and they said because I didn't reject them before men left all sales final! Now what am I suppose to do? Almost 50 yrs old and the very first time I've ever been able to buy any furniture.Now contempory style the rage and I'm stuck with big overstuffed furniture in a small room:( My exciting dream now went sour! I feel taken advantage of after spending $1500 which was hard to come by. I'll never recomend anyone to buy furnture there ever!!

I have been a loyal customer of JC Penney for 44 years. We recently purchased a bed from JC Penney - a top of the line Sterns & Foster mattress & box springs. When we got out of bed the very first day after sleeping on this new bed there were 2 big indentions where we had just slept. I called JC Penney customer service and explained the problem... after a couple more calls to them they finally set up an appointment to have one of the service techs come look at the bed before we could get a replacement. The service tech never showed up on that appointment date... never called... nothing. My husband stayed home all day waiting for him. I called back to customer service. They set up another appointment. This time the service tech did show up and told us the mattress was defective. Two weeks later they finally got the report. In the meantime, we are trying to sleep in a hole and are getting cranky. Now... I do not want a replacement mattress because I don't trust them to do the right thing if we have problems with the replacement in the future, so I just want them to come pick up the bed and give our money back. At this point they are refusing to credit our account and saying "that's not our policy". In the future, I will not recommend JC Penney and will not consider them for major purchases because of poor customer service. Let the buyer beware. I give them a very poor rating.

After years of being a loyal JCpenney customer .. I can no longer do business with them. I will take my business to Macy's In these tough economic times. Iam shocked and disgusted by their incredibly sub-par customer service. Read Below 11/13-While shopping on JCPenney website found Duncan sectional .Called local JCPenney furniture store Lakeside Sterling Heights to ask a few questions about sectional. Spoke to Adam Vernocke ext 604 at Lakeside store. He offered to place the order I agreed to that and the transaction happened over the phone *Incorrectly ordered- should have been 2 recliners but Adam only ordered one side with one recliner. The other side was stationary- this is not what what was noted on the website. 12/24- Sectional delivered; 1)tear in back side of couch; 2)Sectional had to be reconfigured . The brackets on the sides of the pieces did not fit together . The delivery guys went to the truck returned with tools and reworked the bracket fittings. I imediately flagged this as a concern . The delivery men stated “they made a mistake and they would correct it by changing the brackets” Told men that it wasn’t right but they assured you that it was ok. Wrong furniture delivered. Both sides did not recline as promised on website. 12/24- Called JcPenney Lakeside store immediately after delivery men left and talked to John in the store. He said that you would have to talk to warehouse. Called warehouse and spoke to Anthony who said he would reorder couch but it would take 8-10 weeks and it would be the same configuration that was delivered today. He told me the store would have to correct the issue. Called the store back and spoke to John. He stated it was Christmas Eve and there were no managers present in the store. He promised to contact the store manager but suggested he probably would not be available until Monday 12/27. He promised a callback first thing Monday morning. He stated he agreed that the furniture should not require “rework” to get the pieces to fit together. He of stated the furniture was ordered correctly but was not not sure why the pieces did not fit together. I told him the website clearly states two seats that recline independantly of each other . He said that was a mistake . I asked him who was responsible for the website content as that content is what promted me to purchase the sectional from Penneys. He said he did not know but despite the fact that website that is called Duncan sectional lists that as an option, that is not what is offered . He also stated that I could have that but it would be extra. I paid the 1599.00 as listed in the website which includes dual reclining feature . 12/24- Called warehouse back and spoke to Rose in department. she said there was some kind of recourse and we should receive the exact furniture we ordered but wasn’t sure who was responsible for solution. Or the apparent disconnect in the website content verses what is actually content of the pieces. 12/27- Called the store and warehouse again. Spoke to John at Lakeside who said there was nothing he could do., I would need to speak to manager John Gresham. John is out of the office on vacation. Directed to Mike Wisack (supervisor) who was supposed to look into the situation and call back but never did yesterday. I asked Mike to explain to me why the furniture had to be reconfigued and confirm, furniture was re-ordered . Mike has yet to call me back 12/27- complaint filed with corporate; case forwarded to Sheila; waiting for a call back from her. 12/27- Called the store and warehouse again. Spoke to John at Lakeside who said there was nothing he could do. Then spoke to Mike (supervisor) who was supposed to look into the situation and call back but never did yesterday. 12/27- complaint filed with corporate; case forwarded to Sheila; waiting for a call back from her. 12/27 – 6:42 pm – Received phone call from 800-442-7902- phone rang once and hung up 12/28-10:30 am Called 800-442-7902 and explained someone had called from this number and only let the phone ring one time .. Women did not identify herself and spoke condescendingly and did not listen to the facts. She kept saying you don’t understand the situation. She said Anthony from warehouse canceled the even exchange. Then spoke to a rude supervisor who also did not listen and spoke rudely/patronizingly and hung up in mid conversation. 12/28- Spoke to John at store again and said that there was nothing he could do because case was given to Mike. John said he would contact Mike and have him call back. Mike has not called back 12/28- spoke to woman who said that case was forwarded to Sheila from corporate and she would contact in 1-2 business days. Woman at call center would forward another email about it to Sheila. 12/28 at 12:39 pm- spoke to Tara at warehouse ext 3006- very helpful; listened to situation and provided solution. Possible price adjustment or compensation for inconvenience of having the incorrect pieces . She will need to contact the store to resolve the situation .

I am currently an employee of JCP... Let me tell you this company deserves to have a class action lawsuit for harrassment slapped on them. The management does nothing if you go to them... in fact your problem will get worse! I changed my availiblity about 6 weeks ago, it was approved by the scheduling manager and than suddenly xmas week I got 0 hours... WHAT?! The busiest week of the year! Well I went in and asked the scheduling manager whats up... he said it is due to my availibility change that HE APPROVED! Also, I had been getting hours for at least 4 weeks after the change! Well if I can not get hours in the next week or two I will be auto terminated due to not working for 1 month - a stupid company policy. I also went to THE store manager who said he would look into it - well obviously nothing is happening except me losing my job apparently. I will be speaking to an attorney this week as well to find out my rights. Anyone want to join a lawsuit post on this website - we will get in touch with you.

I am a former employee. I left for a number of reasons. The straw that broke the camels back was when I overheard several employees talking...they know who they are!!! It was said that "Kyron Horman was stupid enough to get himself kidnapped because his mother's name is Desiree!" Then these cretin JCPenney employees went on to say "that wouldn't it be funny if Kyron was kidnapped because "they" thought his mother Desiree, was my Desiree". I endured a little over 5 and 1/2 years of this nonsense! I will never work or shop at a JCPenney Store every again. These same employees wonder why I quit, WELL HERE IS WHY!!!!!!! JCPenney is the white trash store of the galaxy!

I was shopping with my mom and sister we wanted to use our coupon on hair products from the hair salon we had to spend $35.00 worth to get $10.00 off, Unfortunately the salon was closed so we went to the lingerie dept. to pay and the two Associates refused to ring us up for our purchase including we had other purchases they told us to come back the following day they could not ring us up and we could not purchase them they were so rude and this woman named Tracy starting telling my 76 year old mom, that people come in and buy in bulk then sell it black market , WHAT! This was so ridiculous and out of line to say something like that ......Hello it's christmas they are christmas gifts , The stupidity and the mentality of these associates. Then as we left Tracy was watching us leave and glareing at us with both her hands on her waist and watch us leave as if we were criminals. They refused to ring us up This was very shocking. If they don't not want customers purchasing hair products after hours then lock up all the hair products and turn off the lights inside the salon so we don't have this repeated. Wait there's more my sister called to complain the following day to the store manager named Craig about the behavior of these horrible employees he laughed and did not take this serious and tried to buy my sister off with a stupied $25.00 gift card. Shame on him and shame on Tracy and that other associate with the tatoo on her forearm. People like that do not belong in customer service and as for Craig the Stockon Ca manager needs to be re[placed . Enough said!

I'm so disappointed with this store! For years my mother and I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the canton illinois store. Last weekend my mother had purchased a pair of boots and when we got home we opened the package not only was it the wrong boots, but there was only 1 boot in the box! (Not to mention it was the wrong size!) But that's just the tip of the iceberg! When we tried to return it, the girl at the counter tried to give us half of what we spent on them and so my mother asked to speak with manager cheryl so the girl called cheryl on the walkie talkie they had and cheryl responded 'can't you do anything yourself!" Which embarrassed this girl tremendously! Finally she came to the counter and ask US "what do you want!". Then she went on to ask when we bought the boots and she basically told us that their was no receipts or transactions the day and time we told her. Which obviously is a huge lie. Basically calling my mother a lier. So my mother. After about half an hour of arguing with this women my mother decided that it was a waste of time and took the one boot back and said she would wait for the main manager that would be in the next day. (This after Cheryl demeaned and degraded my mother and speaking to her like she were an idiot!) The next day Kevin the manager came to the register, obviously already knowing what had happened and he had the same attitude as the women. Women did. he asked what my mother wanted him to do, asked why she thinks she deserves special treatment, and so on. Ridiculously disappointed is not even the words I have for this company. I don't feel comfortable anymore even entering the store after years and years of being a loyal costumer! I just have no words to even describe the demeanor of the so called "trained managers" please tell me that there is something that JCPenny is going to do to restore their good values and return their dedication to me, so I can continue to shop with my head held high!

No Star needed. I was physically attacked by a 20ish year old boy! I went into the store with 2 bags of stuff without a reciept,wich is legal. Knowing the policy that you have to return everything seperate, I pulled out the Steelers stuff at mens and they refused to return without a reciept, so they returned a bracelet. Next I went to the girls department to return the childern's sweaters for my sister. So, I had 2 return vouchers. Then they tell me I have returned too much and cannot return anymore for a while. Well, I still had a purse and earings in my bag along with the steelers stuff they would not return. I looked around a little and took stuff into the dressing room to try on. Didn't like anything, so I left the stuff there. I left the store and this kid followed me to my car,in a handicapped parking space and demanded I come with him. I panicked and tried to get in my car to get away from him. He grabbed my wrist and banged me around real bad. Broke my wrist, sprained my backand sholder. Grabbed me and my purse and my bags. He took the bag with the handbag and earrings saying I stole them! Where? Who saw me??? He took my return vouchers,but returned the rest of the items I entered the store with!!!!!!!!! What in the world. Well, I was having a panic attack real bad and just sat there. Offered to pay again for the crap to stay out of jail! He was sarcastic and said I was going to pay hundreds of $'s and it was up to the police. I signed a paper from him and I'm not allowed to go to the only mall in town. I'm mentally and physically disabled! He attacked me in a handicapped parking space! Now, I live off Unemployment and cannot even pay all my utilities and have to get a lawer to get me cleared and sue JC Penny and Matt when he presses charges. I am completely dumbfounded! I cannot believe they allow their very young employees Assault and batter their customers. I don't think it's even legal. If I were you, don't take anything back to Penny's without a reciept or you might end up in the hospital like me.

I live here in Killeen,Tx (FORT HOOD,TX) and since ive been here this military town has grown alot. The Jc Penney here is so small its not even funny. You can pretty much only buy curtains with quality here, and the mens section is ok... my mother is pettie and there pettie section is even funnier. Seriously JC Penney you should consider building a stand alone store or expand this one in the killeen mall. you make a lot more money, and instead of make us drive to austin tx or temple tx when I could get it here. ask your assosiates and your customers...they have been longing for a NEW JC PENNEYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Customer service is always great!!!!Please take it into consideration.... would rather not have to go to bed bath and beyond or khols!!! Or heres an idea why dont you CEO's take a trip and see for yourselfs. It would be worth the money spent!!! NEED A BIGGER STORE IN KILLEEN TEXAS

I've been working at JC Penney's for a year and a half and you all have it so very, very wrong. The customer service you received does not reflect the company, but the individual in question. Believe me when I say I work with some complete nitwits, as well as complete assholes. I do understand that every associate is a representative of the company, and that one person's actions can and will be associated with the policies of them company. A company can only do so much to check the background of person to see what type of person they are. And a person should not be terminated based on their attitude at work. Can you all really say that retail is the only job that people hate to have? I'm going to cite examples of where I can shed some light on the situations mentioned above. Luisa Cassar: You took advice from an employee that directly effected how your package would be shipped. It's usually not normal for an associate to recommend how something will be delivered. Having said that, the postal service is the only person you can blame here, not JCP. It's the postal service that kept refusing to do anything about, not JCP. JCP and the postal service are not linked in any way whatsoever. You see what I'm saying? JCP is NOT at fault. Karen: It was unfortunate that you were treated in such a fashion, the associates were definitely to blame for ignoring you, that is the opposite of what JCP is all about. As for the dressing rooms, the line you waited in was long because of OTHER customers, not lack of associates. And the urinating on the floor? I'm sure employees were using the fitting rooms as a toilet, not the customers who are the only people to use those rooms at any given time of the day. I think maybe there's something wrong with the people who SHOP their, not the people who work there. Mindy Carnoali: The shoes you bought were defective? Manufacturing error. The person who deserves the REAL blame would be the company who makes the shoe, not the company who sells it. As for the unwanted charge on your card, an unfortunate error made on our part. F.Juzar: Your entire experience was more than unpleasant, but a few points in your story are explainable. When we look up receipts on a card, only transactions made at that particular store will show up. We no control over this. When returned without a receipt, since you did say you didn't have one, we MUST require a licence. This is non-negotiable. You see, as a company, we have to put actions in place to prevent theft and fraud. You can't realize how often people steal merchandise and then bring it back in later on and want to return it. They claim no receipt, so we return it without one and basically, are giving them FREE MONEY. Multiple that by the thousands, and you can see that the company is losing quite a bit of money. Is it so wrong we ask to simply see you license for a mere minute? You are certainly not the only person who's been asked, and you will definitely not be the last. As for your license being lost, perhaps you misplaced it? If not, another customer could have easily picked it up and stolen it. But then again, perhaps it simply was just lost. Yvette Hopkins: You're a victim of circumstance, that particular store may have racists employees, but I can assure you, most of them do not. S. Copley: For every 8 hours, you get one lunch and one break. That's the law. If breaks were given every two hours, nothing would get accomplished. Anything six hours or under, one break is given. She can simply leave the selling floor and take a break, managers have to allow her to go, if not, she can call them out on it. As for her schedule, believe me, if she keeps asking over and over non-stop, they will give it to her. However, I have to say, that's her department manager's fault, not the company's. I understand that saying this won't change what's already been written, but I feel that the company you so easily berate deserves to have someone say something on their behalf. How easy it is to complain and make someone look bad when it's clear that they cannot say anything in their own defense.

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