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They certainly do not deserve any stars!! There should be one for pathetic!! I bought a ring at the Southern Hills Mall JCPenny Store along with the extended warranty. I took the ring in 5/7/2011 to be sized they told me two weeks they would call. I heard NOTHING. I drove the 72 mile round trip three times to check on the where abouts of my ring and called so many times I lost track. I talked to so many different people and they all act like they do not know anything or they would get back to me or the manager was not in but they would call, others were right down rude and it sure is not my fault that THEY lost my ring. No need to treat me bad when it was your fault!!! What poor customer service this place has!!! So I call corporate and talk to a lady who tells me she will call Sioux City, that is what it took to FINALLY get a call from Sioux City. They can not find the ring anywhere??? They found one just like it in the Omaha Nb...they will have it sized at a Sioux City Jewler ( what does that do to the warranty???) and I will get it LAST friday!!! NOT!!!!! They call it will be here TODAY 7/21/11 and they will call me. Did I receive a call, NO!!!!! Once again more run around, more talking to people who act like they do not know anything, and more excuses!!! This store is a JOKE!! The lady who was to pick it up did not work today...is that my fault??? Then why did they tell me it WOULD be in today???? The lady will pick it up before she comes to work in the morning and then give me a call.....PLEASE!!!!!! Enough is ENOUGH!!! Now what should I do ????????????? Or more like what should YOU do about such worthless service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a JcPenney customer for about 30 years, but will no longer be one after today. JcPenney's has the worst customer service ever. Last year I went there looking for 3 different pairs of drapes advertised to me in a catalog sent to me by Penney's. The store didn't have any of them. When asked if they could order them, they said yes, but it will cost me more money because the sale was only in the store. Now I ask you, how can I take advantage of a store sale when the product isn't even in the store? Last week I saw a pair of shoes on their shelves that I really wanted. Of course they didn't have my size, 6.5, so my options were to drive 20miles to get them, or spend an extra $10 to have them shipped to me. Once again I am not able to partake of the so called sale because the product is not in the store, and they want to penalize me for it. I was told that this pair of shoes couldn't be ordered from their own catalog. This past weekend my husband went there to get a memory foam matress cover, which was advertised in a catalog they sent us, and he couldn't get it because they didn't have the twin size in the store. My guys wear pants in sizes 36/29 and 31/29. Penney's does not carry any 29 length pants and they don't carry any 31 waisted pants, so once again I came home without what I needed. Apparently only tall, fat men can buy pants there. I have approached the store managers with all of these issues and all they do is say that they can't do anything about it and say that all these issues are caused by corporate. One of the managers even admitted that she was tired of getting grief from customers because corporate sends out flyers of merchandise they don't have in their store. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is called "False Advertisement." The catalogs and flyers are only a ploy to get people in the store, and when they can't find what was advertised at a lower price, they hope you will buy something else at a higher price. Well, not me. I'm done being ripped off and leaving JcPenney's unhappy and without what I went in there to buy. Oh, and good luck finding a store representative to help you in the store. The only people working are behind the registers and they are busy ringing out customers, so you are on your own. I also noticed something new this past week. If you are seen leaving the store by an associate, they say,"Thank you for shopping at JCPenney's. Well if you really want to thank me, don't just say it with a cheesy smile, show me with excellent customer service. It's about time customers show their dissatisfaction with the lack of customer service, shoddy merchandise and advertisement schemes. I'm showing my displeasure by taking my business elsewhere.

i will never shop at jc penney again customer service is very poor at store 2914 in little rock ar. i do not agree with your policy first come first serve when it comes to the employee and the customer, your mdse should be on the floor at least 24 hours before the employee can purchase it. your policy sucks and your customer service sucks as well. i will never shop at jc penney again. this company needs new management new policy as well as new employees.

The arrogance, from the manager in the shoe department, when returning a pair of shoes that were only worn 6 hrs and beyond uncomfortable, was unacceptable. The sales associate was instructed to stop ringing threw my return and when I asked why I could not return the shoes, the manager's response was, "we do NOT have a comfort guarantee" .. She then tried to say, " I can't sell shoes that have been worn " I work in a returns dept.. and I'm aware of the options. . that aside, it was the way she handled the whole situation that was appalling. The 3 other customers browsing the department, also walked out & we all agreed that we could take our business to another retailer and be treated well. Paying my charge IN FULL and cutting it up.. I know my family friends and co workers are also passing on this situation and shopping elsewhere. Bottom line .. if the manager could not refund cash.. she could have kept a customer by giving a store credit .. but her ignorance and demeanor were inexcusable. When emailing a complaint, I received a response letting me know that they would forward it to the shoe department. Please tell me what that will do? NOTHING.

A few months ago, GE Money (JC Penney's credit) called and advised I had a past due amount plus penalty. After a LONG hassle with them, I paid it to shut them up. That was a big mistake. I purchase most of my items from them because I live on an island and there aren't a lot of similar stores. I pay them the bill the minute I receive it. I have NEVER been past due. Well two weeks ago, the phone calls started regarding my owing my bill. The bill isn't due until JULY 5. So, I ignored them and sent my check as usual. Either GE MONEY or JC PENNEY CREDIT has called me EVERY day three to five times a day for the past two weeks. The final straw is that they just called me again (on a Sunday). I will cut up my gold card and will NEVER buy anything from JC Penney again. I will wait for sales at Dillard's or Macy's or will just buy anything I need from Beall's. I am also notifying all my family and friends and the Attorney General's fraud office of this harassment. If this continues, I will consult an attorney.

I have been an employee with JcPenney's for over 6 months now in the salon. There is stylist there that has been there less than me & have took 2 week vacations. I asked for 11 days off to travel five states away to see our Grandfather who is vey ill & his lungs are functioning at 34%. The Doctors gave him a year and a half to live. We are getting very close to that mark. This is the only time My husband, kids, & my self could go. Do you know they denied my approval. Just found out several minutes ago. Is it because I am not a brown noser, or that I am not complaining 24/7 about someone? I come to work do my job & go home. Im not stealing, selling drugs out of the salon, nor causing any drama up in the work place. I am just an honest person, a wife, and mother of four. So, can someone please tell me why I am denied?? Would be nice to actually get through to corporate. Sincerely, A very Upset Cosmetologist

My wife and I visited the JC Penney store at Mall St.Matthews in Louisville,Ky.on January 31,2011 for the purpose of purchasing furniture.The furniture that I want to lodge my complaint about is the WALNUT LANE dining table,4 side chairs and 2 end chairs.When the table and chairs were delivered on February 18th every one of the chairs wobbled.I sent all of the chairs back requesting they be replaced.Two weeks later chairs were again delivered.They still wobbled.Delivery and setup personnel were of limited help.They tried to tighten up the screws in some of the chairs but acted like they would rather leave.I telephoned Penney customer service. Finally,upon receiving no satisfaction I told agent that I would keep Penny's crappy furniture as a reminder to NEVER buy any furniture from Penney's ever again! In the time that it has been in my house I've had the oppertunity to look it over closely.It is truly crap!Made in CHINA.Composite materials used in construction not real wood.I've had to tighten every single screw in every chair.some of the screws fell out onto the floor while sitting in the chair.The junk was overpriced at half the price!and to add insult to injury JC Penney sent me a gift card for $50.00 which could only be used at J C Penney as an "apology" for my shopping experience. Please forward these comments to CEO.Just thought you'd like to know. never again AMEN. don morgan

JCPENNY should have this product in all thier stores. Aquatic Life Swim Suit; eco-water-source.org. Details: Jim Reichow, jim@thedelainegroup.com Estimate $100,000,000.00 in annual sales Mr Don, mrdon@eco-water-source.org Thank you.

All us employees agree that it sucks that we can't get on to the employee kiosk outside of work. Our hours have been cut down so much and me who started out full-time, now working part-time the store is making it difficult for me to find a second job. Employees don't recieve the same treatment as the older employees that don't have good jobs in the day, in the Albany, JcPenney as far as pay and hours African Americans are being treated unfairly.

On December 31, 2010 I purchased a Sealy mattress at the JC Penney store in Wayne, NJ. I filled out the $60 rebate form and mailed it in on time. It states in my paperwork to allow 8 - 10 weeks for delivery of my rebate. According to my calendar it has been 4 months overdue. Everytime I call to get a status I am told that they (the rebate company) is waiting for approval from JCP Corporate Office to release the rebates. This is horrible customer service and I feel like it is a scam! The answer that I repeatedly get is unacceptable and I would like to receive my rebate and not have to deal with this any longer.

I usually do not contact corporate websites but my wife and I were in the Penney's store at the mall last night. She had a coupon and I was looking for some summer shirts. Many of the items that each of us picked up with intention to purchase were made in Pakistan. It seems like most of the St John's Bay stuff is as well as other items. This country is the enemy of the United States. We and several of our friends absolutely refuse to purchase anything from this country. By the way, we tossed the coupon and shopped elsewhere last night. I for one will not even set foot in a Penneys store until I have confirmation that you do not purchase anything made in Pakistan or other countries that are enemies of the US. We should not be giving them 4+ billion dollars/ year either. That money could go to helping those in Joplin or New Orleans or the American economy in general. Please stop purchasing from Pakistan and other unfriendly nations. Respectfully submitted. Les

I just shredded my credit card. I am amazed...well...not really...at just how bad customer service in the U.S. has gotten.

I put an application with jcpenneys an wasn't even given an call back, I have the skills and turn in an excellence resume, two friends were hired who just got fired from wal-mart for stealling,they were hired on the spot. Don't know what kind of hiring proceeder yall have but somebody needs to look into this the store is located in Rolla, Missouri

The store in the bronx is run by a racist overweight pig manager and also the human resources manager is racist. They fire people they don't like. They also coach and spend time with there own race. The District manager is in the store and doesn't see anything. The store manager is always in the office with door closed no one could ever talk to her. She never on the sales floor. She is the most racist person I have ever met in my life. The over satisfaction in the store as per customers SUCKS!!!!!!! Also the other store she was a store manager in also had low scores wake up corporate office. Bring back the other store manager. The Bronx store used to be #1 in customer satisfaction!!!!!! If you expressed your opinions your fired. The supervisor staff are always late have more then 50 latenesses and alot of absences, they still have a job cause they are the same race as her. This corporate needs to get involved in these situations and let the management staff know they can't get away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am EXTREMELY UPSET!! I want to be contacted by a SENIOR Level Manager!!! This is my SECOND email regarding an incomprehensible phone conversation with an associate on June 7, 2011. In addition, the JCP.com website states, a reply to emails 1-2 business days, I received NOTHING!!! This stems from an order I wanted to place after receiving several emails offering me substantial savings, along with a "We Miss You" email offering "free shipping on any order". After several attempts to order online, the site kept popping up error messages, I called customer service. After explaining the situation, I was told, what I still can't believe, I HAD TO PAY FOR SHIPPING ON A PRODUCT THAT WAS IN STOCK AT A STORE 2 MILES AWAY... The associate told me, the email offers could not be combined...My offer was free shipping on any order, because "YOU MISSED ME", then offered 15% off my entire order. I don't have time to read your microscopic fine print, and instead of retaining a customer you lost in the first place, this situation is going on the Internet!!! How can you charge shipping on a product in stock at a store? That is the most ridiculous business practice I have ever heard!!! In addition, Why do you send offers with absurd limitations??? JCP has been part of my life since I was a little kid...From Geranimals to my 8th Grade and High School Graduations...Suits for weddings and sandals for vacation... Wrapping my head around the statement, for which she was TRAINED to say, Paying for shipping on instock merchandise with a straight face...JCP actually paid someone to think that was a good idea is simply laughable!! SHAME ON YOU JCP!!! SHAME!! I EXPECT TO BE CONTACTED BY SENIOR LEVEL MANAGEMENT!!! Scott A.

I ordered some custom draperies in March with a delivery date of May 2. Of course they required a deposit to start the production of the draperies. It is now June and I still have no draperies and also no communication about whatever happened to my order. I have attempted to talk to many people at JC Penny but no one even returns my phone calls. When I asked about a full refund I was told that was not possible and JC Penny would keep 25% of my deposit for all the work they have done so far....not sure what they have done because the draperies are still missing from my house. I say...avoid this mess order anything custom from somewhere else this is a disaster!

I have beena customer of Penny's for 40 years. I buy 90% of my family's clothes there as well as all of my bedding. I recently spent about $500 redecorating. That being said, there were recliner covers on sale that I wanted right now and not on payday. So I requsted a Penny's [GE] credit card. I was given one with $150 credit limit. Really? I have 3 other paid on time GE accounts. I went to order the recliner covers and they came to $173. I transfered to speak to GE and they would no increase my limit $23 lousy dollars!!! They said my credit accounts were too new. ??? I have two accounts that are around 5 years old. I do not use credit very often. I have two cards for car repair one for a deep freeze etc. I have low limits and usually keep the cards paid down. For that, I am being penalized by machine-like people who just do not care. I explained that I am cash short today and even while I was trying to place the order the price on the recliner covers went up and they had to get special permission to give me the old price. I can remember when Penny's was a class establishment. My entire family just "Knew" to buy their linens and rugs etc. there. I've worn Penny's Oxford blouses for 20 years. However, one blouse purchased last year already has a tiny hole in it, fraying as if the thread was broken. I've owned Penny's Oxfords that I've worn for 10 years and still wear. Obviously the quality of the material is not as good. I'm very sorry that Penny [via GE] could not accompodate me in this one istance, I mean, we're talking $23!!! What happened to the days when a company cared about its loyal customers? What happened to a company having pride in its customer service? GE Credit is like Darth Vader. You can't get away from them. I have a Midas, A Firestone and Wal-Mart and all are serviced by GE credit. Of course it doesn't matter to Penny's GE that all of those accounts have always been paid on time and for about double the monthly payment. I'm angry and I'm disapointed. I really wanted those chair covers. I am also so angry, I told "Abdul" to cancel my new card and that I'd find covers elsewhere and purchase from a company that actually appreciates my business. Keep American Jobs in AMERICA. Maybe that's the problem, Penny's-going for that ol' profit margin is losing you customers right and left. Good Penny's complaints, you might be surprised, or maybe you don't care??

Hello, I had a very bad experience with JC PENNEY store in Redlands, CA. As soon as i walked in to return something two big paintings were $100 each which were bought by my husband and so i did not have receipt. Before I said anything they said we can not return without receipt on the back there was huge sticker and JC logo. I said what is the reason we have no more of these so... So i try to scan it at the one of the price check it is same price. so MR macho manager comes he says i can give you 10 dollar each! i said how is that possible he says well you have no receipt and i am the manager that is the way i do it. how rude he thinks he owns JC Penney he is just a manager probably just finished barely high-school. Was very rude! too bad you will be losing lots of good customers and i could care less about shopping there now.

On may 27 2011 my 14 year old daughter was missing from our home I woke up at 4:00 am and could not find didnt know if she left on her own will or not. I reported to sheriffs in town they tryed to help us locate her all night we looked for her in lima, ohio she ran away We were so scared for her could not find her. So an officer in Lima ohio told me i could make missing flyer poster so I did. I started posting them all over Lima, ohio most stores posted them on there windows some put behind the counter in managers office so employees could see her face if they see her notify police thank them all . But when I went to the Lima mall all of them posted the flyer thank u all but JCPenny in the mall said no we cant the wouldnt even look at the flyer I ve always shopped at JCPenny but after this cruel bussines did to us I would never shop there again if u ever have a crises like this and I hope U dont dont count on JCPenny to help VEry dissapointed email bulletx1@ymail.com thanks to everybody we found our dauhgter 19 hours later se was fine and thanks Lima Police department address 3721 Rd. k-3 ottawa,Ohio 419-456-3107 if have any comments. Raul Rodriguez

Today 5/30/11 I recv'd email from all e-mail jobs.com stating they were hiring at location 02985 which is in Davenport, Florida. I went & filled out application on line. The main thing that bothered me is they asked my age. It is against the law to ask age for employment. I filled out all info and answered questions. And than I received a response in a FEW SECONDS stating I was not qualified for a sales position. I am retired not retarded. I had worked in Connecticut Penneys as an assistant to catalog mgr. for three years and I also had completed Conflict Management for Professionals, Career Track-Taking for Control of Your Workday, Achieving Extraordinary Customer Service, Continuous Learning Couch and many others. The questions they asked were all pertaining to my education. I find it very unusual they do not ask for a copy of your resume. I am very disappointed in JCPenny (my whole house is JCPenny). After reading all of the above disappointment in Penneys. They DO HAVE A BIG PROBLEM. They should realize seniors are very good employees, always there and very very dependable. I might be up in age, but I am in excellent health and look 10 or more years younger. If they want to get back as to where they were when they first opened - in fact I was the first employee hired in the Meriden Mall in Meriden CT. They better change their policies. I would like to hear from upper management in Plano Texas. That is if they really care about their customers. Waiting to hear from you or TARGET HERE i COME & MACYS THEY CAN READ MY APP THAT i FILLED OUT TODAY ON LINE - OR DO THEY JUST DELETE SENIORS APPS. WAITING YOUR REPLY.

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