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I am completely dissatisfied with the customer service of J C Penny's so much so that I will never shop there again. I purchased a $122 earning set the day after Thanksgiving. It was marked down to only $35 dollars and while my sister was in town for the holiday we were purchasing the earning set to split. Less than one week later several of my diamonds fell out so I went to the Moreno Valley store in California, and was told that there was nothing they could do for me unless I has both earrings to return. With my sister in ID, I felt it completely unnecessary because they could just swap the bad earning for a good earring, after the sales associate went to speak to the manager I was told " that the store could not do such a think because they would be out the $122" I corrected her to say NO that the customer is out the money and actually the price I paid was on $35 so they are stealing from the customer and that were willing to lose my business over $35. With that the sales representative said "sorry and that there was nothing she could do" I understand how store lose monies in situations like this but we were talking $35 and for the non existent customer service I WILL NEVER SHOP J C PENNY'S again

I am so disastisfied that I have waited over 5 hours and called and sent numerous e-mails and my issue is still not resolved. I have been a valuable customer for years and sadly, the customer service has declined. I am even on hold right now to speek to the headquarters CS. You will be losing lots and lots of busniess b/c you have no staff.

I agree with everyone who wants to give a '0' star. I made an internet order on 11/29; that day, random items were being added to my cart by their system. I had to keep removing items, from areas I never went to from my cart. When I hit submit, low and behold a window valence was returned as if I ordered it. I had to call customer service to have them remove the item. Flash forward a few days...I got 'part' of my order delivered - NCAA sports clothes. I looked at what I thought I purchased, but only part of it was there. Online, it said 4 of my items 'were cancelled'; no call, no email, Nothing. I tried to contact internet customer service "Please call back, all of our operators are busy"!! I finally got through to someone, who, after 45 mins finally figured out that the supplier cancelled the order. They don't know why, nor did they sound like they really cared. In any case, I am returning everything and not shopping at JCP ever again. Please go out of business...

JC Penney offered free snow globes to the customers on Black Friday in which we have just learned are not meant for small children. The small Disney globe has a glass top that shatters easily when dropped. My two year old grandson dropped the globe we gave him in which we felt was age appropriate until the glass globe shattered everywhere. The box the globes came in does not have any warning, but it is now obvious it should not be played with by children.

I just renewed my credit card with J C Penney. I received a note with the new card to call an 800 number to activate the card. The person answering my call was in the Philipines and spoke very poor English. I had to ask her to repeat what she was trying to tell me several times before I could make out her response. Why is a company as busy in the United States outsourcing work to another country? There are so many American people out of work, it would not make sense to me to have J C Penney sending their work to someone who speaks English with such a strong accent from their own country that we can barely make out what is being said. I will not use the credit card, nor will I shop at J C Penney as long as that company is outsourcing work away from unemployed Americans. I hope many people will join me in no longer shopping at J C Penny until that company brings work back to this country. My Christmas shopping and other shopping will be at a company that uses American employees.

just to let everyone know how jcpenny runs on black friday i worked 7a.m. to 7 p.m.and got a break at  10:30 a.m. just a 30 mintue break how is that fair this isnt the first time this has happened. also they hire in store managers  dont they know orhave any reason to be there when our store manager was hired in  we never ever see her on the floor to help with any thing when we would ask for a meeting to deal witha complaint with assciotes nothing was ever done about it.we had a  visit withslomen and the others and everything she said was a lie we do all the reticketing on all the merchandise.jcpenny in morristown tn is a big joke and the reason we are down from last years quote is because the communication is not there when we are towatch videos our manager is no were to be found,so instead of worring about the the way we do our job look at the main leader. i have never worked for a company that is so unorgainzed when mister anderson was there they was always communications check your infomation closely before your store hits rock bottom.......ni will follow up with the state laws about our breaks on any days and i hope you take this very

I am so upset with the JC Penny salon in Wellington, FL. I have been going to the same stylist,Gloria, for more than 2 years.I spend on adverage $150 a month there. I have kept going to Gloria even when I moved 45 min. away. She is wonderful, does a great job and had lots of regular customers. The store manager fired her for not making enough money for 3 months. I am amazed by this as they have cut Gloria's hours way back making her loose customers. This salon is very clickish and Gloria is older, more mature and much more knowledgeable than some of the younger ones. She was not part of the click the younger manager has. Gloria does not even get her share of the walk ins, the favorite stylists get those. I will never spend another cent in this salon, Gloria was the only reason for me to go there.

I work at a salon and one of the stylist is being a bully by scream across the salon, getting up in my face screaming, taking bad about salon leader, very unprofessional. She makes the most money so none of the managers are addressing this issue. NO ONE CARES She has attacked me verbally and everyone in the salon including the salon leader. I am lossing most of my customers they are not returning due to her screaming across the salon. Therefore my production is low and they will terminate my next month if it does not pick up. The Assistant manager came into the salon to pass out, "who is doing the best in customer service award". That is a joke. No one is looking at the bad apple. It will be hard to build a great salon cause there is this person that is killing out salon. I filed a complaint with EEOC and labor board so we will see what happens. I love JCPenney and almost all the staff that work so hard keeping it going.

yes ihave a complaint i frequenting shop there and i wanted a job there i have 10 years of cashier experience and see all of these young people being hired for the holidays / needless to say i called the manager talk to them several times never got a call back and also callee corporate still no job i guess as long as you have a job as a manager cashier or whatever you dont care if someone who really needs a job to give them a call back or a interview im very dissastisfied.

The photo studio has a hot mess working there..they have nothing to accommodate a baby except a teddy bear and a broken down box..the background was to be white-snowy Christmas you couldn't see the picture cause there was no table for the kids they sat on the floor...her camera broke..the phone kept ringing, the associate asked us to use the computer and pick out pictures because she was running behind we stood there going right click or left click what are we ordering what are we doing?....we had two baby's..one baby had only two photos to chose from..she only took 19 photos total it was over 1 1/2 hrs it took...she was so confused....I bought the photos only because I felt bad for the people I brought this was a Christmas present to them...so I felt obligated to purchase..yet when I got home they asked me why I purchased from that girl...so I called the girl to ask for a refund she said "she would call me back"..then the phone rang 10 Min's later it was her..she called me "Gloria"..I said "is this Jc Pennys?"she said "yes"..I said "well this is Trina not Gloria" she said "wait, wait Ill call you back" and hung up....she is a mess a hot mess her shoes were off her feet stunk ...she told us it is hard for her to do more then one background yet she offered to do it anyway cause the first background had no Christmas snow in it cause the kids were on the dirty floor...she was sweating...she told us the camera that was broke would take hours to fix..she needed to call tech support.. yet the next people came in she said she was going to use the camera in the next room...she was happy the baby's were happy cause this makes her not stressed out she said..I wanted to buy photos of the baby's together so I could send them out to family yet the camera broke right then...so I could only chose from one Christmas card photo out of 12 I really feel she said the camera was broke on purpose....so far as of 8:43pm she never called me back so tomorrow I will troop over and demand a refund...please help this girl find a new job..she is not cut out to be a photo girl and someone needs to help her find a better fit.. Trina Puccio

I worked for JCP Salon for 7 years. Great job, lovely people. I left for a better opportunity. With the holidays coming, my old manager called to see if i would like to help out a couple of nights a week. "I would love to" I said. I filled out the application, passed the stupid little test you have to take, then got a call a few days later that I failed the background check. . . . . for an underage I got 6 1/2 years ago while employed there! So needless to say I am un-hireable at JCP. I just don't understand how the managers have no say in who they can hire. Or how underage drinking has anything to do with selling styling products and booking appointments! Ridiculous!!

There is no such thing as good customer service anymore. I made a purchase at an outlet store in Mo. I did not know that you have so long in which to keep the stuff or return it, I thought as long as you have the receipt you can always bring it back. I found out the hard way this is wrong. When i tried to return the items to the store the manager quickly stood on the policy and that it was posted so I should have knowm. The policy if posted is in a remote part of the store and youwould not see it unless you frequented that area of the store which is the catolog area. and i didnt. I thought let me call the headquarters and tell of my experience. I have been shopping here for over 20 years and I didnt know this policy existed. I thought someone might listen and allow me the opprtunity this time to return the items and I would not let this happen again. I called and made a complaint with Jessica who told me she would take my complaint and someone would call me back in a day or two. No one called me I had waited all week. I called the following monday and spoke to the initial operator who said thats a shame and quickly transferred me into the wiat line to speak to a rep. I held for 21 minutes only to get a rep who told me she was putting me on hold to check with Jessica. She put me into Jessica's voicemail and my only option to leave a message. I thought this is unacceptable so I called asked for a manager was put into Lane Billings voicemail and he never called me back.(this was supposed to be the manager). Its now a week and just when I was about to call jc penney Jessica called me and said a response was given the same day as my call. I told her no one called me to tell me anything. She only could recite the policy again to me. I told her I know now but i didnt know back then and what can jc penney do for me in light of this. She said the policy doesnt allow you to return and that was it. I politely told her that as a consumer I have choices and I will be choosing to shop elsewhere. I was supposed to be a valuable customer. I hate to see the way they treat customers who aren't valued.

Jc penney hired me as seasonal help. They work me 5 hours a day without one break and when i do work 8 hours we only get one break a day. Ive been working there 4 weeks and they still wont make me a schedule. How is a person supposed to have a life if they dont even know when they will be working. They are the most unorganized group of ppl i have ever met.

My girlfriend was hired at JC Penney recently. She works insane hours and definitely not enough. She went to work at 6 AM. She got up at at 4 to get ready and be at work on time to work from 6-11. When she got there they told her she didnt even need to be there till 6 PM! She lives half an hour from work and has her step dad take her to work. So she called me, I live over an hour from her place of employment. I drove all the way there to pick her up so she wouldn't have to sit there for 12 hours! only for her step dad to have to take her right back later that evening. This store is the most unorganized and inconsiderate place i've ever seen. She doesnt have a schedule. She doesnt even know when she works next. and when she calls to find out, no answer. She gets one break when she works an 8 hour day. and no breaks when its anything less than that. Last i heard, youre supposed to get a 10-15 minute break for every 2 hours you work. this is rediculous. and something needs to be done.

I am shocked at the unbeliveable poor customer service at J.C.Penny. I placed an order on 10-20-10, and am still missing two chairs. Talked to customer service more than 5 times, somone will always call me back. Still no one has ever once called me. I will never order from them again, I will stick with a store that cares about there customers like Macy's and even Wal-Mart. I place an order with Wal-Mart, and after it was picked up, they sent me an email asking if all was good with my order. That's how sad J.C. Penny customer service is.I think I will contact undercover boss, and tell them they really need to do a show on J.C.Penny they suck!

I agree with the above. You would never know our great country is in a recession. JCPenny has very little customer service skills. The sales associates are just to stand behind centerally located cubicals and take money. What a sad time we are in when customer service/satisfaction is a thing of the past.

J C Penney was quite a business man his business ethics were those one should take notes from, now long gone the business empire he left behind is in the hands of the unqualified to say the least. Times like these are suppose to humble us all, not run the faithfull constomers out of the stores. What happened to customer service at J C Penney?

They dont deserve any stars!!! I can't believe JC Penny would allow their customers to be mistreated and abused by this fun family rewards scam. It's obvious this is a scam because I never received anything in the mail, they claim its for discounts that's Bull they have taken money out of my account since May of 2010 it's November and I have never received not even a coupon that they claim they provide. For those that don't know I contacted the Federal Trade Commission regarding this matter and I advise all others to do the same.

I have been shopping at this store since I was a little girl and when I saw they were hiring for seasonal work I put in an application. When I went to the interview, the manager was one of the most condescending idiots I have ever met in my life. He accused me of being a liar when I told him about being let go of my seasonal employment with Sears of last year when they left EVERYONE go, including ALL the seasonal workers. He then told me if I went to college I would understand what he was talking about, to which I replied I WAS a college graduate (not a lie). He then went on to explain I must have picked the wrong major if I wasn't able to find a job - something that is frankly none of his business. He refused to answer any of my questions about the work or what training entailed, and instead gave me some sort of smart comment back. I had to force myself to sit through the whole interview and not walk out. If they treat their employees in this fashion and manner I can promise I will not be doing my shopping here anymore. There are plenty of other department stores to go to. Two big thumbs down.

i have shop at jcpennys for a long time i called to check up on my application twice and the guy i spoke with hung up on me instead of putting me through to who i wanted to speak to i consider this inappropriate and rudethis was the jcpenny in sothlake mall morrow georgia i dont understand hoe you can give people like this a job im so dissattisfied

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