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Wrong hair cut, wrong color, wrong highlights. Then when asking y it was not correct i am told what i wanted is not possible for them to do? Y didnt you tell me that in the first place? And on top of all that you wont refund my money? So you are going to lie to me and take my money? Wow!

My hairdresser at JC Penney is great. My complaint is that I have short hair and I am now paying $32 for a wash and cut. That is a ridiculous price to have to pay and I regret that I will not be able to go to this hairdresser as much as I used to. I do not feel I should have to pay the same price as someone with long hair, either. Just my 2 cents worth...

Clothing Items

I'm happy that your company is trying to return back to your former personality. I have 2 requests. Please consider adding more petite clothing choices, even in your smaller stores. I don't liked having to drive to Houston sixty miles away, because the store in Lake Jackson, Texas has a tiny petite section. My second request is about men's dress shirts. My husband has always loved short sleeve Staffords Oxford cloth shirts. He's worn them all the way back to when you still had catalogs. I rarely can find them in different colors anymore. It's hard to find them in stores, and on the Internet. When I do find a new look, I'll buy 2-3 of them because I know my husband will wear them for years.

store changes

put the store back as it was before the remodeling ... it is not user friendly any more ... and to be told to go to the web site to find products you used to carry in the curtain dept. I think not I will find another store as you can't really see what your are ordering or if the color is correct ... not liken it so much

I never left Penneys

I never left Penneys, but Penneys left me. I would like the new CEO to take the store back to how it was during late 1990's to early 2000's. For sure, this would be your best bet.


I hate what you have done to my favorite store. I've stopped going there because everything is geared at youth. I'm 64 but I still wear clothes. The last time I went in I couldn't find a thing. I hate that you have destroyed my store. Everything is neon and it is hard to find sizes. I feel uncomfortable there. I also hate you ads.

Loud, unpleasant music

I enjoy shopping at Penney's, Myrtle Beach, SC. However, the background music is generally too loud and brassy or hip and unpleasant for strolling through the store and shopping. I noticed and also asked sales personnel what the average age of their shopper is. It is mainly middle to pleasantly-aged people, and those with whom I spoke also found the music unpleasant. I left the store without a purchase because I couldn't wait to get away from the noise. P.S. Sales personnel also agreed with my observations. Please consider this as another improvement to your business.


Wow, it took you enough time to realize that the system you put into effect about a year or so ago , was the same dumb system that Sears ( everyday low pricing ) did that damaged the company beyond repair. Wow , two stupid moves by two great companies.

Current Customer

I had sotpped going to JC Pennmeys for about 2 years. When it changed to Friday sales days and the prices were much more competitive and I saw some drastic changes I was very pleased. I then began going to JC Penneys for all birthday and other gifts as well as shopping for myself. I just went again yesterday and NOTICED the changes . Everything I touched was way over priced. Signs that now said $5 and $10 (small letters under that sale tag sand "and Up". I checked. all the $5 and $10 sale items were AT Least $28.00 if not more. I was very unhappy - I was so so pleased with the changes that were previously made. Can't say that I will continue to shop there.

CEO vs employees

At a time when our economy is so bad, CEO's knowing this, it is disgraceful to see upper management being paid millions while their workers need government assistance because they don't make enough and many are only part time..I've decided to no longer shop at these kind of store. JCPenney's being one of them.

Late Openings

Today I stood in a group that swelled to over 20 before the store at Lexington Ky opened at 10:10 a.m. To my shock I learned this is normal - happens often because there are morning meetings each day. You should have heard the comments. The public knows a business that does not operate on time is loosing business and creating a negative customer attitude! Once inside the FEW clerks were busy with accounting procedures (that is IF a clerk was available). This store is remodeling that we should be excited but management is undermining good public relations. It will be a long time before I return to this store!

older women

Every time I receive a JCPenney catalog, there is nothing for the older women. Even the Mother's Day catalog, had nothing for the older woman. All the pictures of the women in the catalog, were certainly not mothers. Well maybe some of them were, just newly mothers, what about those women's mothers?

Lack of quality

Their Arizona brand items lack quality. You can buy them for decent price, but if they don't last, there is no value and no incentive to buy again.

Will shop at kohls

I had shopped at JCP for years quit when they stopped coupons and sales. Decided to go back since they have changed ,Well never again. I am 60 and I like to dress in style but not one thing could I find that was not skin tight or for younger bodies. I want to look good and in this store it is no longer possible. Used to buy everything form them. They just lost a good amount of money from me.


Having shopped at Penneys for 3 decades I have always liked their clothes and could always find men's clothes I liked. In my opinion tho their men's dept. is too large and they should shrink the men;s department and increase womens shoes and handbags. Follow the money to revive the stores.

j c penny

there online sales is not very good i tried to buy things from them since there in trouble now i know why i hope they cant get it together or end up like wards

Tuttle Crossing Dublin Ohio Store

04.22.13: I was at this location today in the women's department, what a disappointment. I don't know who the buyer is for this department but they obviously are out of touch with fashion these days. I felt like I was walking into a store that my grandma shopped in back in the 1980's. Choices were far and few for work appropriate attire and the department was a mess. JCP needs to do surprise visits and find buyers that are in touch with the world.


I continue to be disappointed in J C Penney. I have shopped at JCP since I was a kid going with my Mom. They always had good QUALITY products and great sales! I rarely shop there now and walk past the Levi's since I can purchase them elsewhere for less!

Thi s departmstore was the best now everything is destroyed cause of this new ceo Ron Johnson he really hurt the company the morals have gone down the integrity has gone down no one looks happy I feel bad for all the employees and the prices have gone sky

This department store was the best now everything is destroyed cause of this new ceo Ron Johnson he really hurt the company the morals have gone down the integrity has gone down no one looks happy I feel bad for all the employees and the prices have gone sky high in addition the quality is cheap and they don't even have different styles not everyone likes modern the managers and the workers dress like street people how unprofessional is that I also noticed that the employees are training while they are working that should be done off the floor Im the customer I want the workers full attention alone one on one so understaffed and those portable computers I can't stand they should have registers to make you feel comfortable and business like the management should listen to all the employees their the ones that deal with us customers its a very cold atmosphere this is not a nordstroms things need to change very fast cause this poor family company is sinking I have experienced more than one location in southern California and their all doing very badly wake up Jcpenney

I'm So Glad & Yet Fearful

I am 73, my Mother worked in your store on Long Island, NY in Fabrics for eons!! Your household department is still a good place to shop. I've purchased so much at JCP all over the U.S. so pardon me if I tell you that JCP made a massive error when it cutback on your St. John's Bay clothing line a few years ago and revamped your sales floor to play to teeny boppers over your really faithful clients, mature & faithful women shoppers!! I hope your recent change of management will bring back reality to your stores! Thanks for reading!! Show us that you MEAN BUSINESS!!

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