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With all your problems you would think you wouldn't want any more. After you cancellation of Paula Deen Products I will no longer be doing business with JC Pennyless


I am destroying my card where I buy thousands of dollars form JC Penny. The reason is you dropped Paula and I have no use for a coward company like yours. The paper shread is plugged in & ready to shred. Good bye and I hope you file bankrupcy

Photo nightmare!

JC Penney's advertises to have a professional portrait studio. Which is a fraudulent statement. First of all they do not have a photo lab. secondly they do not do any type of photo shop or enhancements. They don't even do any touch ups? I went and had my family portraits done on Mother's day May 12th. I was told that they would be ready on the 21st of May. I had ordered 1 16x20 Gradient wrap( Canvas portrait) and an additional 5 sheets of pictures. I picked them up on the 25th of May and found that my Husbands eyes were all Green, do to the glare of his eye glasses. So I immediately called the Manger of JC Penney's portrait studio (Daniel) and she apologized and said that she would have them all remade and expedited. How ever because of the 16x20 it would take a little longer. She said that they all would be done by the 21st of June. Well today June 29th my husband went to pick them up and they only gave him the 5 sheets and NO 16X20 CANVAS? WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT. And still no refund and still unresolved!!! DEFINITELY , NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

You dropped Paula Deen! I am dropping you and cutting up my Credit Card. As I have told other Companys: Shame on you!!!

Paula Deen

Shame Shame Shame on you!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ More than people!!!! She is so much better then all of you; you guys can't afford to be losing anymore customers---but you can add me to the list. See ya!!!

Paula Deen made no racial slur

Both my wife and I have reviewed the comments made by Paula Deen twice, and we could find nothing that qualified as a "racial slur". You should be ashamed of yourselves for being part of this vindictive witch hunt. Paula Deen was picked because of her "over the top" southern manner. Christians forgive. You have insulted both Christians and southerners. You should read what Jimmy Carter had to say. You have set racial relations back 20 years. No one is going to want to discuss the subject in public for fear they will be wrongfully attacked. Shame on you. i will not be doing business with you until this wrong is righted.

Phone/online services

Trying to get through to a real person is arduous and taxing. It is an extremely unpleasant experience. Trying to pay your bill online is also difficult. I was tempted just to say "screw this" and not pay it b/c it was so difficult. Then, I was afraid that a double payment went through, called to try to get a manager on the phone which also took wayyyyy tooooo long. Why can't you just get some REAL PEOPLE on the phone instead of putting your customers through an inquisition every time you want to pay your bill...I love your clothes however...

Paula Deen

Shame on JCP for dropping Paula Deen! I will not shop at JCP any longer. The poor woman made a mistake and said something 30 YEARS AGO! How judgemental and ridiculous to drop her over A 30 year old mistake! Stupid! Just jumped on the bandwagon because the suits at JCP have no backbone! I hope you get boycotted and see how you like it! Shame on you.

Corporate Policys

Not that I shop at your junk store, but I for sure will not be patronizing it now since you have added your name to the list of companies who have banned Paula Deen. Seems to me that your "junk" store is failing anyway and this is the final nail in your coffin. Have you looked at how many people there are out there who are supporting Paula Deen and calling for boycott on you, Target, Home Depot, Kmart and WalMart? I hope you are happy with your reduction in your already dwindling customer base because you allow a small majority of people to make your decisions for you. And take a look at polls. In Atlanta 80% of a recent poll totally disagree with the Food Network not renewing her contract. And also take a poll of your own as to how many of you in your corporate office have EVER said the "n" word. I've said it, I admit it and I know its not right and offensive. I look forward to seeing what your already dwindling numbers look like after the next quarter. Then I guess you'll be firing whoever idiots made this decision and will be begging her to come back. I hope she turns you down. She'll always be more classy, professional and successful than your tacky little store. Oh, and by the way, her new cookbook is number 1 on the best seller list. Just so you know since you don't seem to keep up with things.

You Approve of Paula Deen

...I am therefore removing my custom. Other businesses respect their customers enough to at least profer condemnation - Zilch from you.

very bad customer service

I had my curtains done at jcpenny I paid 20,000 dollars for them, I had them do my whole 5000 square feet house, the decorater was real bad, the installer worst...they installed one of curtain wrong and when called them to re-install it right they asked for 150 dollars for installation, I am in shock I never ever experienced this before, no wonder why they are running out of business. will never return to jcpenny and I will make sure none of I know to shop there.. big shames

I just wanted to thank whoever decided to let go all of the salon receptionists go if they didn't have a cosmetology license. I've worked for the company on and off for almost 20 years and was a very good employee. I wasn't even offered a job in the store when I was let go. Thanks again

Terrible customer service

I recently called the customer service number on my statement in order to get information just so that I could pay my bill. The run-around on the phone was so frustrating - immediately there is a recording giving all kinds of information that I did not want, and it was very difficult to get in touch with a real person just to ask the information that I needed. Needless to say, I am not particularly interested in continuing to shop at JC Penneys, although I have shopped there all of my 67 years.

Bad Customer Service (Hibbing MN Salon)

The front desk clerk acted as if it was a bother to communicate with her paying customer. Usually, I don't place complaints; however, this is now the THIRD time JCP (Hibbing MN Salon) has let me down in a big way. Three strikes your out JCP, Bye-bye!

I've just spent 4 hours at a mall trying to find a pair of pants to fit. Had you still sold East 5th pants in Penny's, I could have spent 15 minutes grabbing a pair in every color, size 8, knowing they would fit and look good. What the hell is the matter with you that you took away the ONLY brand that fits most women. They were comfortable, sat at the waist, and zipped up the side. They looked GREAT all the time. Thank you for telling all the women over 40 that they don't mean anything to you. You've lost me as a customer.

I went into JCPenney on Sunday(Father Day) and was standing in line in the children's dept. There was a lady who started to complain that the line had been changed and she could't see it. I was first in line, however, the lady behind the counter begn to ring up the woman who was complaining. I have put in a call to the store manager, but she has yet to call back(suprise!). Won't be shopping there anymore. I will be contacting the BBB in New Orleans. Hey-where's the new president...can't you do something about this?

Bad Customer Service

The cashier did not know how to do her job. I walked out without purchasing over $200.00 of men's clothing that I had brought to the counter. The issue was the rewards account. I did not have a card and the cashier said that she could not find the account and would have to call for another person to do that. Give me a break! Every other store simply inputs your telephone number to access the account so the credit points get added. I will be shopping at Sears and Macy's from now on. Most of my clothing has always been bought at Penney's, but no longer.


Well, I have been shopping at your store since I can remember and loved it, I am now 60, My mother bought all 6 girls clothes from your store, after seeing the tv report about you placing stickers on the original price tags with higher amounts then putting a "sale" price on the new amounts are non other than fraud. I will not shop in your store again. You can't be trusted now. I will do all my shopping at Kohls


I wish you would show some older women and some larger ones in your ads so that I would feel you stock clothes for us.

A Keeper Employee

Amy works at the 2950 store, Algonquin,IL location. It was getting near closing time when I ran into the store. I've already been to three stores with no luck in finding my item. With hope, I ran into JCP. Amy saw my frustration after telling me that store does NOT carry my item. She skillfully walked through the JCP website and found, ordered and explained the shipping options. She is great! Keep her! Thanks Amy!!

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