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Where did you go?

I am a LONG time JCP customer. Building a new beach house and ready to stock up today. Visited store at Baybrook Mall, Webster, TX. Tarps and painting everywhere. Nobody to wait on me. Pillows cheap! Mattress covers not available for tall mattresses. Towels, horrible. Your linens have always been the best. What has happened to your quality? Was going to buy pots/pans, can opener, knives, toaster, blender, bedspread, rugs, etc. Very little out of boxes to look at. Stock low. Left with nothing. Just thought you should know how disappointed I am. My friend with me agrees, it just isn't the same. Hate to let you go!


I have been buying all my clothes at JCP until the new leadership ignored the largest segment of buyers, the baby boomers who are professional and still working. We could not wear the clothes that were offered to are offices. He seemed only to try to appeal to the tweens and early twenties. I have a son who is handicapped and only wears the Towncraft full waist pants that have been discontinued. Please bring them back.

Lifetime warranties !

What a joke! I've been a loyal customer since early 1980's I bought the Lifetime warranty on several items over the years. The one time I go to get the crystal replaced on my wrist watch the associate tells me Life time warranties are only good for maybe 2 years and mine expired and that i was better off taking it to the jeweler down the street. They (JCP) should tell you that before they take your money!!!

out of stock

I hope your online clothing will soon be available. Most of the articles I want to purchase still says OUT OF STOCK. Glad to hear the Penney's I used to shop at will hopefully be bringing back the pleated Dockers for men. Mr. Johnson (OLD CEO) discontinued them in the store and online said OUT OF STOCK. So, I hope to find them in the stores soon.

Recent trip

I recently went to JCPenny's to do some shopping for a summer vacation. The store had been remodeled so it took me some time to figure out where things had moved (including the registers!). There was quite a large selection of the new "Joe Fresh" line. I have to say I was not impressed AT ALL. The clothing was okay but the prices were outrageous. I have shopped at Pennys because I can usually find clothing that is age appropriate (for someone in their 30s) AND affordable. Not so much this time. I left very disappointed and unimpressed :(

I really liked JC Penney and am glad they are trying to get their reputation back. However, I got a flyer today offering 20% if you use your JCP card, and the expiration date was 5/27. Today is 5/29.

Worst department store out there

Jcpennys is the worst department store I have seen. The customer service is terrible. The store is dirty and the lighting is poor. The people who work there always look unhappy and overworked. I used to go to the Lakeforest Mall store in Gaithersburg, MD but now I jug walk through there on my way to Macy's. The manager there is so loud and obnoxious. The whole company is a huge joke.


I love J C Penneys. I always have. I even kept on shopping there during your last CEO's time. I am so glad you are bringing back your old CEO. Your stores have gone downhill for long enough. I miss the good bargains you used to have. You always had great merchandise and great prices. It has been hard but I kept shopping there. I just wanted to let you know that so many people are happy you are changing back. I can't wait for the sales! Yeah!!

My CC info stolen at Pennys

Just an FYI out there for those of you who are local and shop at Christiana Mall - I was there last weekend at JCPennys and made a small purchase. They are now transitioning to the hand held cc swipers (I'm sure there's a technical name for these, but you know what I mean). Anyway, that day I saw two additional non-authorized charges on my cc from 2 separate JCPenny's, one in NY, the other in TX for quite a bit of $$. I called the store and they explained to me that my cc info was not retained on the swiper. Okay, but same day as my one purchase two more also from JCPenny show up around the country - um....not so much. Already did what I had to do through the cc company, but just be aware of this! The store supervisor was not helpful and did not take me seriously, didn't even request or want the associates # from my receipt.


I liked the "new" style store, but will continue to patronize whatever you do... I like the product.....BUT last weekend I received 2 expensive ads for Pennys; I went to my local store in Lodi, Ca. and was told that they didn't receive an item I was interested in buying, but (the good part)they would get it from a neighboring community. Then I was told (the dumb part) that I would need to drive to the neighboring store or they would charge me a $10 fee to ship it to Lodi. I left the store without the items or making an order. This is not a policy that would fly at Kohls or Macys....too bad for JCP. Five stars for Pennys staff.....One star for company policy!

the receptionist for corporate office, or the lady who directs yours calls is so rude, i wasnt even finished talking and she just transfered me without even saying please hold.... maybe she needs to be retrained on customer service

Salon Prices

I have been having my hair cut at a JCP Salon for eight years. I've always been very satisfied with the quality of and price that I paid for my stylist's services. In the past four months, I've seen the price for a simple haircut jump twice. Now I am charged $32 for a trim that takes 15 minutes!! I think it's sad that JCP is trying to solve their retail sales deficits by raising prices on their loyal salon customers. I will not be returning to the salon, except to say hello to my stylist, whom I like alot.


I was wandering around JC Pennies looking for the Big and Tall section. I asked an associate where they moved it too as the store has been remodeled. The associate was rude and pointed in the opposite direction as she walked away. When I got to the section I found a couple pair of jeans that I wanted and went to pay. While attempting to pay I asked why the section had shrunk down so much. The associate that rolled her eyes at me earlier stated " theres no money in fat people clothes". I set my items down and walked away.

Never apply for a job at JC Penney

I was excited to apply for a position at the new and improved JCP ! I was invited to participate in a "group interview" where we put a PUZZLE TOGETHER! No inquiry about education, skill set, credentials, or bringing any kind of value to the company. No wonder JCP lost 5 billion $$$$. Get ready to lose the rest of it. The whole afternoon was wasted - a joke! The "administrator " of the puzzle stood back and laughed. She said said she had no experience in this setting - very clear to all of us!


Just wanted to tell you I loved the print ads in your flyers a few months ago. They are now starting to get crowded again and if they get worse I will stop looking at them. I rarely looked at your old ( years ago) ads as they were too busy. I personally loved your low price, no sale theme as I can't always get to the store during a sale. Please don't jam the ads and jam the store with junky merchandise. I am in my 60's and wear plus size tops. I'd love some more youthful styles in plus size. Never used to shop your store until your previous renovation. Don't go back in time and ruin. Thx for listening to my input.

another request

As a long time Penney's shopper, I started shopping at Penney's as a child with my mother, I am happy to hear Mr. Ullman is bringing back old brands such as St John Bay. I am tall and have shopped almost excusively at Penney's, I especially hope you bring back the tall selection in both Worthington and St John Bay. I do not know what happen to Worthington Brand but in the last year the clothing line has become cheap and the fabric stinks. I would be thrilled to return to Penney's, if you bring back a selection of talls in the Worthington, St. John Bay and ANA, hope to see you soon.


I am so pleased to be able to shop in your store again!!! Service is back on an excellent level and quality is returning. Love your "Thank You" ad and you are again my favorite store. norsene alone

I don't usually comment on service received from a store, but I just wanted J. C. Penneys corporate office to be aware of a most outstanding Manager who works at the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville, Fl. He went above and beyond to take care of a problem I had. He is a most gracious and outstanding man of impecable character. Thank You for employing such a man. He is an asset to the Penneys organization. Sincerely. Christine Washburn

Extremely High Prices

If James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus saw how the J.C.Penny Corporation was being run today they would turn over in their graves.J.C.Penney will be out of business within a year if they don't change their price policies.The prices are almost twice as much as their competitors.and they don't have as much merchandise to offer.Whoever takes over this company had better wake up and smell the roses.YOUR TIME IS LIMITED.

stores lay-out, look clothing quality

The new look of the JC Penney stores is in my humble opinion a let-down. The cheap looking white tile floors, and the mis match of the lay-out. The most annoying feature: every corner has it's own music screaming out loud, and when you walk from one corner to another your ears have to sustain three different tunes at the same time! That drives me far, far away from the store. The clothing quality went down, the stock it very limited. I am not a happy customer anymore, sorry. I hope reviews will help JCP figure out how to win customers back.

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