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rude managers

Santa Ana main place mall in Santa Ana Ca has the most rude unprofessional managers! They are lazy and do nothing while those poor young part timers get dumped on! Find better professional people who no how to treat their employees! 2nd floor near handbags and shoes terrible!!! I am definitely not going back! What happened they used to be good these new ones have to go!

rude managers

Santa Ana main place mall in Santa Ana Ca has the most rude unprofessional managers! They are lazy and do nothing while those poor young part timers get dumped on! Find better professional people who no how to treat their employees! 2nd floor near handbags and shoes terrible!!! I am definitely not going back! What happened they used to be good these new ones have to go!


It might be time for JCP to run DMV and drug and alcohol test on it employees who drive vans/company cars in the mobile, al, Pensacola, fl area. I am amazed how a company this large does not keep up to date records


To all the Employees, I am outraged that you have targeted Paula Deen. I'm a teacher and we try to teach telling the truth and things will turn out okay. Sadly we live in a society where a lot of people commit suicide because they feel there is no more purpose in their life or they will never be forgiven. Paula Deen had a gun put to her head, or have you forgotten this part. Yes she made a mistake, but she also apologized for it. Are you blameless in your life. If not you shouldn't be casting stones at her. Teachers used to shop in your stores but now we will go somewhere else until you resolve this battle you created. I not only feel sorry for Paula Deen I also feel sorry for the kids who truly don't understand why Paula is being persecuted for a mistake. No matter how much we teach kids that things will get better they see the media and truly don't think things will get better. I hope somebody is listening and does the right thing. Maybe one person can make a difference. Hoping, AnnMarie

I don't like the renovated first floor. It was fine like it was. I can't find what I want, like I used to. It used to be so that one could find a cashier real easy, now you have to search for one. I use to look forward to shopping during the holidays because there was such a homelike environment. Not too many items available like it used to be in the home furnishing section and the Bath Section. Everything is to bright, like walking through a group of photographers flashing their cameras.


I want to commend an employee named Mary from the JCP womans Dept at the Staten Island mall. She found my left behind package in the dressing room that she was working at And brought it to lost and found. Thank God for her kindness and trust.Mary's work id # is 0403 .Please make sure her supervisor gets my comment.... Mary is a10.

JC Penney's Pathetic Customer Service

I placed an order on JCP.com and have yet to be notified that the order is at the store for pickup. The way I learned of the whereabouts of the order was through jcp.com customer service, which was accessed via 1-800-322-1189. When I called the store -- Streets at Southpoint, Durham, NC -- several times within the last hour there is no operator on duty and the voice mail box is full. There is no way to reach the catalog desk. This is a pathetic situation, at best, for a company that has operated well over a long period of time, at least for the past 30+ years of my being a customer and account holder. No wonder JCP is losing its business share. The incredible thing is those who could right the ship would never be hired to do so. The Streets at Southpoint store needs to be closed posthaste if it cannot be operated properly.

Newly renovated home department

You used to have a wonderful window treatment department. Had examples of what you could buy. I waited 3 months to buy roman shades for my dining room while your home department was being renovated. Today I went to your store to pick out window treatments like I did a couple years ago only to find a minimal selection of curtain panels, about 12 different sizes of bamboo shades and an offer from the sales girl for me to go on line to pick out my shades and order them there. I said no thanks turned around and looked at the rest of the departments in this home section only to find that there was less than 25% of the merchandise you used to carry, but there were beautiful wide aisles that will never be full of customers because why would you reduce stock and widen aisles? Thoroughly disappointed in this 'vision' of the new jc penney. Good luck, you'll need it.

customer service

I have been shopping at Pennys for 20 years never had a problem. This past month they have had my account totally screwed up. This last order done on AM July 10 2013 is still sitting and no shipping, I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE IN THE MAINOFFICE. IT IS NO WONDER PENNY'S IS DOING BAD.

jerked around by optical

Glasses? Do not buy from jcpenny. I got an eye exam at penny s. I went to buy glasses at pennys. after a one hour wait I finally got waited on. the sale person sat me down and took another one hour while she is entering information in the computer. finally she quoted $170 for the two glasses for their buy two for $99.00 sale. I left and went to visionworks and got my two for $89.00. when the new glasses were picked up I could not see any thing with my computer glasses.visionworks sent me back to penny to get a new prescription. pennys said I had to bring the glasses back their and then I waited another hour so they could compare and make sure they were made as prescription. the glasses were made right. pennys said I had to come back and get my eyes reexam. three trips now and I still have no glasses. don t let pennys jerk you around. go to visionworks. I will never shop jc penny again.


I visited your JC Penney's in Peru, IL last night and absolutely could not find a clerk in the store for 20 minutes. You really need to hire some good help if you hope to survive your latest turnaround. Customer Service is far more important to me than price. You failed to supply any assistance. I was going to purchase men's dress shoes and had to find them elsewhere.

Support JCP

I will forever support you JCP, unless Paula products are here, continue to be a company that drops dead weight!

Regarding Paula Deen

Your company is nothing but hypocrites. You are intensely pro gay, yet you got on the liberal witch hut with other idiots to ruin Paula Deen. Take care of your own corrupt business first. We have not shopped at your store more than once in three years and won't due to your ridiculous slanted views on things.

Child molester u guys enploy

Jcp has a company called ksa working in ur builing doing construction the owner is a child molester and a registerd sex offender if ksa is not termenaded from ur buildinds i will go to the news with this info

Corporate Policy

I am so very sorry to see your company cave in to the PC media pressure on one woman, fallible like the rest of us. Your lack of backbone has lost you my future business.

You lost a long time client

I have done business with your stores for over 20 years ....today no more. Not just because of Paula Deen but because of the new "redesign" ...how stupid do you think your consumers are? you lost a big time clientele, not just myself but many folks around the US. Leave well enough alone , my trusted brands, quality, prices ...all gone over some "new crappy look" ...your store was one of the last that targeted a certain population ...now you are trash like all the rest. My credit card.my money . My business will go someplace else. Goodbye


I was very disappointed to see JCP on the list of companies dropping Paula Deen. I am not necessarily a fan of Paula Deen, but I am a fan of fairness, compassion and forgiveness. You have your freedom and you have utilized that in making this choice. I also have a choice to not shop at your store. I hope you reconsider.

Paula Deen

I have shopped at JCP for over 35 years. Today I cut up my card.. JCP has caved to the special interest and political groups that run the media. This is not about my supporting Paula Deen as much as its about your allowing such over-blown coverage to sway your judgment. Perhaps this judgment is representative of why JCP is struggling. I know I can't trust you any longer.

I have been a JC Penny customer for many years, but no more. It is ludicrous that you have dropped Paula Deen!!! I will be asking everyone that I know and everyone that I come in contact with to boycott your store!! I'm appalled that your company is a part of the lench mob attacking Paula!!

I have been using J C Penney for many years to buy clothing, furniture, tires, and housewares. But this week you published that you would be distancing yourself from Paula Deen over a mistake she made years ago. If you are all honest you know you have used some sort of slang that was improper in your life. I as a consumer am not satisfied with your decision, therefore I will be distancing myself from J C Penney. I will no longer buy products from any of the companies listed in this email. Most Sincerely! Cheryl Whittle

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