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I can see why JCP is in trouble. The laxativity by management in the store is unbelievable. Employees do what they want, when they want, no one sees a thing. Customers wait in line because no manager wants to be up front. There are so many things wrong in the store and no one wants to fix them. It is sad when there is no direction given by management. How can jcp survive if all stores are run this way.

Ignorance of management!

Management here is Incompetent, salon is a ludicrous lack of efficiency. Came in a few day's ago to give it a last try, meet another new manager started and ended in a hostile manner.


If anybody planning on buying any jewelry from JCPenny for Valentines Day or any other day I would advise them to reconsider because if anything happen to it withen 30 days your stuck with it without any compensation. The only thing you might get is a trip to the doghouse, or devorce court because JCPenney would not exchange, reimburse or compensate you in any other way. Lesson I learn the hard way. Now I have to find another reputable store to buy a replacement for their defective product.

JCP Does not cater to handicap

JCP is a failed business because it does not cater to the handicap or senior shoppers, For example :No shopping carts for those who have walking difculties. I need the use of a walker/cane. I only shop at stores with shopping carts i.e.Belk Store in Rocky Mount NC who put carts back in their store with security tags so they can not be removed from their store. They get my business. Simple.

Why I don't go to JCP

I do like JCP and used to go often, but it was in a suburban mall close to where I live. When JCP pulled out of this location in Pittsford Plaza, Pittsford, NY I pretty much hardly went. Since Marshall's is right accross the street it was convenient for me to go to both stores. If I went to the bigger malls it was usually for another store and as the malls was so large or spread out, I often did did other shopping first and usually did not make it to the JCP store. It's a shame b/c I would still have gone into the store had it not moved.

Closing of Stores

I am sorry to here about JCP closing stores, but I have to admit they did it to themselves. The store has gone downhill. Their buyers are awful. I am beginning to feel they had to a plan set for this decline. JCP was a store I shopped at really (I hate to shop). People would give me gift cards there. But when the shopper started buying strange clothing, and the store managers did not take care of stock. It wasn't worth it. High goals, with poor quality products and poor expectations of employees gives you this.

wanted to buy a coat on sale and could not use my 20% coupon. What good are your coupons. Going back to kohls, they except their coupons on sale items. Now I know why I quit shopping at pennys.

No Handicap accomadations

I shopped at JCPenney in Keene NH this past week with my Partner who is Handicap. we asked if they had a wheelchair he could use. We were told no they cost to much money. Not True they cost $100. and the person we asked was very rude and uncareing. I have been a suporter of JC Penney's for over 20 years. This turned our christmas shopping into a bad experince. If you cannot accomadate your customers I think you should close your doors. I will think twice before I visit your store again.

xCredit card holder

I traveled 45 minuets to a J C Penney store in Austin Texas to take advantage of their extra 20% off purchase with jc penney credit card. When I got there they told me at the register that because my kitchen purchases plugged in to an electrical socket, they did not qualify for the extra 20%. No, I did not tear the glued flap open on my catalog to read the fine print. They should have stated "not qualified for extra 20% off" on each item. Cancelled credit card and will never shop at J C Penney again.

best customer service

Best customer service I received in a very long time...i was greeted by a friendly face and made to feel at home in your store. Your employees were very helpful and went above and beyond than just doing their job. I was extremely impressed and will definitely be shopping there more frequently!!

Black Friday Shopper

I just wanted to say that I went to several stores on Black Friday this year and was very impressed at the way the employees recovered the store from the early morning rush. The staff were constantly busy but they were friendly, professional, and courteous. They were communicating to each other what needed to be done and what areas needed coverage. I was able to get help on the floor and the lines moved quickly. Thank you JC Penney for a positive shopping experience.

I am also very disappointed in J C Penney stores for opening on a family day such as Thanksgiving. Families get so little time together as it is, but to make people work on this holiday is shameful indeed.

Family time

I just read that JCP will be open on Thanksgiving day. What a shame.

boots broken zipper

i bought a pr of liz and co boots last yr. i put them on this yr and the nylon zipper broke.i still have box with price on the outside.manager told me without reciept would give sale price of $9.97 i paid $60. for them.who keeps reciepts from boots u already wore yr ago and let alone the reciept probably faded . i paid cash so no luck just won't go there again or i will stand outside and picket.

I can get no action from customer service to update my account or to explain why my latest order has pending shipment for the last five days.

Visalia CA store has rude Managers and treat their Associates unfairly.

Shopping in JC Penney in Bakersfield, California, I was in the dressing room trying on clothing. I stepped out to look in the 3-way mirror and right outside my dressing room was a man giving his wife advice on color and so forth. I said, "this is he women's dressing room and men are not allowed." He replied, "I don't see a sign that says 'women only'." And his friend added, "Do you think someone is going to look at you or something?" I left. Will never go back. There are other places to shop.


We just had a terrible experience at the South Jordan UT JC Penny's absolute rudeness and incompetence from both the associate and the manager. Called corporate and got everything fixed but it doesn't make up for the 45min. spent at the register. I will not be back. This may well be why the company is going out of business.


i knew when lg catalogue went it was the beginnig of the end there are a lot of middle age and sr ctizens wh do not use cmputors and most likely wont i like to look and see and get ideas about what products you are carrying looking at pix on computor is not the samei ordered from your company 40 years had household items shipped to steamboat springs nix oddball colo nix the odd ball colors bring back the catalogue

rude managers

Santa Ana main place mall in Santa Ana Ca has the most rude unprofessional managers! They are lazy and do nothing while those poor young part timers get dumped on! Find better professional people who no how to treat their employees! 2nd floor near handbags and shoes terrible!!! I am definitely not going back! What happened they used to be good these new ones have to go!

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