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Horrible experience

I went to our local mall specifically to shop at Penneys. What a bad choice that turned out to be. The store is a disaster. There are no headings for departments. Juniors? Young Mens? Good luck if you are not familiar with the store, Sure, there's a "Levis" area, and "St. Johns Bay", who shops like that? No one. I won't be going back until I hear that things have changed.

Can't Get them to Take My Money

After more than four attempts to find a salesperson willing to take my money and order a piece of furniture, I give up ! Not only has this company removed anything likeable from the showroom floor to purchase, but they have removed the employees who SHOULD be there to aid with the purchase. Unless you are willing to purchase from them online then forget about trying to make a purchase.My local store is like something from a horror movie and the only clerks working act like zombies.

Not the same!

Penneys just isn't on my list of places to shop anymore! Liz Claiborne has to be turning over in her grave at the quality of merchandise you try to pass as Liz quality. And now carrying mostly Alfred Dunner in misses and women's-- don't want the elastic waist or flowered print on tops!. Their length runs short also. No wonder your sales are down.

employees need more reconition.

I love jc penneys and the staff at store #1351. I've posted this in the comment section of the surveys yet the employees are not aware of the good job they do for j.c. penneys. do they excite to the people in corporate?? what ever happen to recognition or employee of the month awards?? so I like to say thank you Stephanie ,Julie, mike and the rest of the employees for being so wonderful, helpful and very professional it's a shame the company doesn't seem to agree. p.s. I have lots of ideas in my head how to improve j.c. pennys I see there going down and not up. it's a shame Cash penny would be very disappointed with how things are ran and know I've never ran a big company but I do shop. LISA HARRINGTON


Bought a chair for my Dad for Father's Day. It was delivered without the rails necessary for the swivel function and left resting on the floor. When I called in and asked for assistance, I was told a tech would call in 48 hours to set up an appt.. I missed the call and got no voice mail. When I called back, three reps could not find the order. When they did, they told me that no one would come to assist with the missing rails and that I could return it and pay a 49.00 restocking fee and the purchase another chair. Why would I buy another chair from you when you failed to service the one my Dad had in is possession for all of three days. When I spoke to customer service supervisor I was told that the 49.00 is standard policy. I guess Ill be in court for a 49.00 collection as I will not pay JC Penny when they did not even make the effort to see what the issue was in person. If your looking to restore customer relationships, this is surely not how you so it. There is no minus rating here and that is what JC Penny.com Furniture deserves.

Poor service-customers leaving

I went to your Lakewood store, only because I received a $15 certificate as a settlement against you.I went to buy Adidas T shirts. The stock was limited and of poorer quality than usual. TThe sales girls were chatting away. One customer took his merchandise to them, plopped it on the counter, and walked out. I finally got to the register, gave the girls a piece of my mind, which they desperately need, made my single purchase, and left.If you guys don't get more help, better merchandise, and a friendlier environment the you are doomed to fail.You also have no email way of contacting you.

Window coverings

What happened to the wonderful window covering department? I always bought my curtains and drapes there because there was such a great variety. I loved to walk around and look at all the new items. Today I went to find new sheer curtains and walked out very disappointed. All the great brands are gone and there is no variety now. I stopped shopping there a year ago because it was no longer a good shopping experience. Today after all the ads in the papers I went back. I am very disappointed. Bring back the old Penny's that we all loved. I needs window coverings. I guess I will go else where and Oh by the way. I miss the catalog. It is very hard to see pictures on line. Not a good shopping experience

Customer Service

To whom this may concern. Every time I shop at one of your stores, I get no help. No one seems take time out of there day doing nothing to help one customer. I have went to at least three of your stores the same thing happens. If you want to be a good store and change your ways. Don't make a stupid square your logo change your employes.

Never will I set foot in another JCP sore in my life!

I have been a loyal customer to JCP for many years, and a unfortunate event occurred this past Monday as my sister and mother shopped there. My sister was accused of stealing, they treated her like she was nothing when all this time she had been innocent.Its not a crime to place items in other places when u don't want them everyone has done that in the past. So after they discovered my sister had told the truth they let her go. Now tell me who will ever make my sister and mother feel comfortable when shopping!


I think the new changes are great at JCP…everyone wants coupon back WHY?? To mark-up the item, and then give you a discount from your coupon. Clean, bright, and new is the direction JCP should continue to follow…bring back MR. Johnson he was taking JCP to the next level of retail. CHANGE IS GOOD!


Trying to find out when the remodeling will be complete is like pulling teeth. No one knows. Not even the corporate headquarters knows. They are not very friendly at corporate office.


I went shopping to Sephora JCPenney at NorthStar Mall in San Antonio, TX the other day and my service was very dissappointing. There are too many NEW and YOUNGER employees who do not have any product knowledge and could not answer any of my questions on my concerns with skin care.

deceiving customers

I hope this message gets forward to the CEO Mr. Johnson. I thought I would give JC one more chance since I received a measly 20% coupon and wanted to see if anything had changed since I last emailed and was tild so. Customer service was still very rude and unprofessional, but what caught my attention with the pricing. There were various sales going on. One in particular was the buy one get 50% off. I was in the store a couple days prior to this " half off sale" keep that in mind so when I went to look at a ring that was $12.99 than it was marked up now at $16.99. Great marketing scheme on ripping off your customers. Let's do the math. Ring (originally was $12.99 for quite some time before getting marked up to $16.99) New pricing $16.99 + another at 50%- $8.50 = $25.49 Old pricing $12.99 + $12.99 = $25.98 A difference and savings of 0.49¢ This was NOT a clearance or sale item. Nor the only item I came across that got marked up. Does it feel good cheat & rip off customers ??


I love the updated look at the store located at the Northeast mall in Hurst Texas. The store is very bright and very structured. It is so easy to shop now, you know where one department ends and the other begins... I absolutely love the Joe brand, the colors are so vibrant and classic, they are so comfortable to wear. The fit is perfect. I have purchased several shirts,pants and shorts. My 89 year old mother, loved my new outfits. much I purchased some Joe items for her also. They make her look so much younger, she loves all the compliments that she receives when wearing them. I also love that the coupons are back!!!

Myron Ullman (CEO)

Mr. Ullman come to the JC Penney store in Wilmington Delaware and look me up on your system as a repeat customer we need to talk about getting back to the JC Penney's of old. I rather talk with you one on one then complain through this medium. I am a loyal Big Man shopper of JC Penney products and accessories but these last few years the Big Man line has slowly dissolved making me shop with lesser value vendors who don't give value for my money like the old JC Penney's Big Man Lines. If you want some value please come to Wilmington Delaware JC Penney's and lets talk. Sincerely John Pini


You want returning Customers? RETURN the GREAT Coupons!!!! I can honestly say, I know Consumers miss the great coupon deals!!!

Former customer

I am still looking for the brands you carried, but I am going to give up and buy my clothes at Walmart and other local stores . I was a JC Penney customer since the 1950's. No more. Goodbye.


Your store's new look is terrible. You've removed every reason for shopping at Penney's. All the brands that I have come to depend on and love are now gone. The commerials are say to come back, why? I was hoping when you asked the old CEO to return, things would change for the better. I'm still waiting. MY Mom is a former JCP's associate and she also no longer shops at JCP's. She says you've lost sight of James Cash Penney's misson. Judging from all the bad reveiws, you didn't have a clue to how good you really had it. I really, really hope you can turn the store around.


If you would completely change back to the way it was 2 years ago more of the middle class people would return to your stores. We liked it that way and we also liked your sales and your catalog fliers and sale mail outs the way they were. Your ads now don't mean anything to me. It looks like you were trying to imitate stores like Neiman Marcus and such.


I think corporate should be looking at their managers. They are having a photo shoot in the fitting rooms. Walked in a room and the manager of the department was in a fitting room takin pics of herself in the mirror posting them on Facebook. This was the Lexington, KY store!

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