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I shopped at JCPenney Tempe Marketplace 1900 E Rio Salado Pkwy Ste 140 Tempe, AZ 85281 to get fitted for new bras - You need to advise your employees that spraying perfume in the store before opening and the employees bathe in it is very off putting and can be very dangerous - I will not shop in that store again -had to hold my breath when walking in to this store as the perfume counter is right up front. I have severe allergies to perfumes and chemicals - I had to use my inhaler to keep the airway open (so I could breath) at least 4 times- The couple with me don't have chemical allergies but the were overwhelmed with the smell and ended up with headaches and nausea. This really is a very dangerous business practice and should be controlled as I'm sure I'm not the only one in this world that has these type of allergies - you may want to reconsider your sales practices.

To the President, Board, the idiot moron, and WHOEVER with the BAD business plan that came up with the idea of closing down/getting rid of the JCPENNEY OUTLET STORES! As it stands for many many years, and especially in this economy, I ONLY shop at the JCPENNEY OUTLET STORES. I never go to shop at a regular JCPENNEY'S because the prices are way out of my budget, are over priced, and are way to expensive. Since you have decided to close the outlet stores, you can bet that JCPENNEY'S will lose more business by doing this action. You can forget about opening up any more regular JCPENNEY'S because they will get less business than they are now! I look at the JCPENNEY'S here in my town for years, and there are very VERY few cars in and around the parking lot of these regular JCPenney stores as it is. So, if you want to keep money flowing into JCPenney's. Then I suggest that you KEEP the OUTLET STORE!!!!!!!!! Where and how are you suppose to sell the merchandise that is flawed, out of style, left overs when you get rid of the outlet stores?!?! Your plan has a major FLAW in your thinking, and what is REALITY here in the U.S. I will NOT shop or spend my money as it is at a regular JCPenney's. As I see it, JCPenney's will be the next big company to fold and go into bankruptcy because of stupid, ignorant, out of touch thinking, and planning. Not only do I feel this way, many people that I have talked with in this town where I live, and across the U.S. will not spend their hard earned cash at a regular JCPenney's on over priced, for example $24 dollars for a T-Shirt!?!?!??!?!?!) over rated merchandise. I only shop at the JCPenney Outlet stores. So if you want to keep millions of customers that are loyal to JCPenney's, then I suggest that you KEEP the outlet stores. Or you all will be looking for new jobs, because JCPenneys will be going out of business totally. Have fun being on and living on $400 dollars a week while being on unemployment! Dennis Sullivan Ohio

******AVOID THIS COMPANY OR LOOSE YOUR TIME AND MONEY******** Ordered a sofa and love seat which never arrived. After a month and half (delivery time online is 4-6 weeks) we called to follow up and the order was cancelled for no reason, no communication nothing. Called customer service and they said that they can replace the order which is insane (Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) so we cancelled the order. There are 100s of places we can buy from, you are just another store nothing special. I am happy they did not ship, if they have this kind of service before sales can you imagine the horrors after sales. I am never going to shop at JC penny again or maybe we will at their GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE.

We have been shopping at JCPenny's for over 50 yrs. Now that we have a weekend home just completed we are trying to furnish it with all the window coverings, rugs etc. needed in a home, however after placing an order on line where we were to receive Free shipping I was charged shipping. Upon looking over my order conf. I noticed one item was omitted which disqualified the promo for Free shipping. When I contacted JCP via email concerning this issue I received a very rude response from the rep. I placed the exact same order again only to have the same thing happen which I pointed out to this rep. once again. ( A shower curtain valance kept getting deleted as something was wrong w/the site) since that time I have not received one promo email when I was getting at least 2 per week. I phoned the supervisor for on line orders and she confirmed I was signed up to received promos and being unable to determine why I wasn't getting them anymore she signed me up again and sent a confirmation email. Again, no promos, therefore I signed up w/a fictitious name and a new email address and began receiving promos 2X weekly UNTIL I wrote a note asking why they weren't being sent to my correct email address. NO RESPONSE and the promos stopped coming to the fictitious email address. Somebody obviously has anger issues and enjoys sending very rude emails to customers, just so you are aware this is keeping us from making large purchases. We don't understand how a Co. can work like this but have decided to take our business elsewhere.

I was an employee at jcp store 1122 for a little over a year and the stress they put me through was so unreal I had foot problems and I all so was harrased by the supervisers. They would just stand around and look at you while you check out people and would go down stairs to look at you through the cameras. when my doctor sent me a doctors note to take a 15 min brake every hr all hell broke loose. and they started giving me all kinds of problems so they pushed me into quiting. I really did like my job and customers and tryed very hard to make it a very good company. And it has mentally bothered me because of the way they treated me I was going to sue them but I didint. I just prayed about it and forgive them its may jobs out there for me and people out there that would really love me.

JCPenney really is nothing but AWESOME!!!!! They always have the BEST & FRIENDLIEST associates! Not to mention GREAT merchandise at an INCREDIBLE price! My entire family & most friends love JCPenney over any other retailer!

I will not be shopping at JCPenney. The above customer is correct in saying JCP employees are rude. It was said in my presence by JCPenney Logistics employees at STEAD that, "Kyron Horman was stupid enough to get himself kidnapped because his mother's name is Desiree." They then went on to say that "They" thought Kyron's mom, Desiree, was my daughter, Desiree, ha, ha,ha,ha, ha." I do have a daughter named Desiree and she does not live in Oregon. I do not know the Hormans. But I do know people who work out at the 11111 Stead Blvd site and they are rude, licivious, cunning, mean, vile, psycho, cretins! I made a choice in August that I would not work there any longer nor will I shop in one of their stores ever again! JCP employees take missing children in a light hearted fashion. It is obvious that they really do not give a damn about children at all. It makes me wonder if some of the employees involved in that conversation might be involved in illicit child activity! Actually they get zero stars from me!


I will no longer be shopping at JC Penny. They have rude and untrained employees. Which I guess would reflect poor management. They need to send the managers and employees all back to customer training. At this point if they continue with such bad customer service they can go ahead a shut the doors. I will spend my money at a place that will treat me with respect.

I was very impressed that JC Penney has class rings in my local area, Williamsburg, VA. I Decided to get it through them for my son. Placed the order by a very nice young lady who was very professional and nice. She could not process the order because she said the company had changed the way they are putting them in the system and her manager would have to put the order in. I informed her that i really needed the ring asap so please have someone fullfill the order. Well a week later someone called inquiring about the size we would be needing, of course i'm a little warm because a week had already went by. Another four days had went by and a manager did call saying she had processed the order. I had informed her please call me as soon as the ring gets there. I soon realized 6 weeks had passed and no one had called me. I called in the store inquiring about my order. A nice gentleman had answered the phone and informed me that the ring was there and no one wanted to call me because the knew I would be upset and the ring had been there for three weeks. By then I am furious. He informed me he would be there when I get there just have someone to get him if he's not there. I informed the lady that was there could i speak to him and she insisted that i not wait she would get the manager for me. Well I informed the manager that i was waiting for the jentlemen and she looked at me very harshly and said very rudely I give all customers there order when they come in. I informed her that I had spoken to the jentlemen on the phone about my order and why wasn't I informed that the ring was there and again she said very rudely I was busy we had Black Friday to worry about and I told her, well according to this document you are having me to sign it was shipped out on November 16, Today is December 1. And she said rudely what do you want me to do and looking at me as if to say "take the ring and get the hell out of the store". I informed her I am a paying customer and I spend more than enough money in here and I want an explanation on why I have to be treated this way as being one of your loyal customers. She said again rudely, do you want to speak to my manager, of course I said yes, She comes looking at me as to say what do you want. We were busy and that the ring came in 4 days ago. I looked at her and said your coworker told me that it was there two weeks ago and she did not have time to call me and that she was to busy because of Black Friday and the the slip I signed stated that it was shipped out November 16, which one are you are lying or is it both of you, she turned red as a beet, and said harshly what do you want me to do, I can return the ring back, I said my son determines that. It might not mean any thing to you but this is sentimental for us.I asked her what do you mean what do i want you to do. She said rudely again I can give you a $25 giftcard.I was not looking for anything I just wanted a logical answer and a appology, neither one seem to do neither. Both of these so called managers was looking at me as if to say screw you. Jc Penney you need to reevaluate how you hire your managers, they give poor service and your paying customers means nothing to them. I hope you will be able to stay in business because customers service is gone out of the door for your company.You have truly lost a customer and I will share to other locals to stay out of your store if this is the way people are going to be treated. especially by your managers. come on. what is going on. And the rest of your merchandise, it will be returned including your $25 giftcard.

Store employees in the Reno store put wrong pricing on about 10 dozen blouses. When my wife tried to purchase one, the clerk refused to ring it up. When the store manager, Wendy Johnson, came, my wife was told that "some customer" must have done it. To make matters worse, when my wife wrote her name down for this letter, Wendy stated "If you don't like it here go some place else"

I find that JC penney's is no longer a caring store in anyway shape or form. It seems so sad my father worked as managment for the store for fifteen years and the store was actually a good one. since my father has left it has gone down the drain. i tried to go to the store and look at some clothing. I found that people at the store are nothing more than angry hateful workers. i have never been so disrespected by people. i can understand that people have bad days, but is that any excuse to treat people like thieves and criminals. I just don't understand why i would get treated like total crap even by the associate managers. they should fire all of them and start fresh. plus seeing how employees blantely treat each other with no respect is really sad to see. i think that the store 01944 is racist anyways anytime i go in there or any other asian people i see walk in they look at us like we are criminals. JC penney's needs to evaluate their employees.

so very poor. I cannot believe how rude these people are or that they act entitled. I will no longer shop here and the Christmas gifts that I did buy I will be returning. I cannot express enough how disgusted I am with this company. Perhaps someone should try a new company for training these people. What happened to being polite and taking care of your customers. Bye Bye JC Penney card, I will no longer be using you.

JCpenney reading glasses at Victoria Garden in Sothern California....I ordered my daughter prescription and got the call that her glasses were ready for pick up.Went to the store a week later.My daughter notice one side of her glasses was about to pop right out,I was still in the store and returned to the optic and brought it to the attention of the customer no service agent. She never tried or accepted that the reading glasses were defectives...I was so p/off but my daughter was next to me so I hold the blessing that I wanted to tell the stupid s.o.b.... Keep it up JCpenney...soon you'll be out of bussines..do yout math

Please if you will give me the JC penny Crop Office 1800 number, its Very very important that I get in touch with someone at the corp office to report a serious incident at the Macon Georgia Mall J.C penny today at 1:45pm. 11/2/10 involveing the store Manager RAY GRAY,. Please please help... Thanks

The management at the citrus height ca store is harrassing and rude to their employees. The worst management I have every worked for.

I purchased a gift card from JCP as a Mother's Day gift on May 3, 2010. The card was no good. My mother returned the card to me and I returned the card to the store where I purchased it, Lake Square Mall in Leesburg, Florida. This was the last week in September. The manager, Ruth, looked up the transaction and confirmed that it was purchased with my debit card but that the card did not load. Instead of refunding my money or loading the card she told me I had to call the number on the back of the card. I did, and was told to return the card to the store (which I attempted to do) and then they told me they would have to research it and get back to me. On October 4th someone from JCP corporate called me and said the card would be reloaded within 24 hours. She also reiterated the store manager should have taken care of the problem. The card was NOT reloaded and I called JCP corporate on October 8 and spoke to Angel, a customer service (no-service) representative. She said she would look in to it and call me back. I received no return phone call. On October 9 I called the store where I purchased the card and left a message for Ruth to call me back. She did not return my phone call. On October 12 I called the number on the back of the card and spoke to Casey, who said he would talk to corporate and personally call me back. He did not call me back. This morning, October 13 I once again called corporate and asked for Angel and was told she was unavailable. The person refused to talk to me about the case and I insisted on being transferred to a supervisor. I spoke to Cassie (or maybe Cathy) and she told me she would research it and personally call me back. I have spoken to a total of ten people regarding a $50 gift card that I paid for but does not work. I am totally disgusted with the lack of customer service from this company and will never shop with them again.

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