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Too bad JCP done what it did to itself...no sales women love sales. Did away with brands that men and women depended on and always went back to Penny's to get that brand as no other br and would do. They greased themselves to a younger generation, where did they think the younger generation got the funds to spend? I do hope they take a serious look at what they did to their self and bring back soe of the brands that men and women bought. Since the change I have not been back, too disappointing not to find the brands that I loved and depended on.

"jcp" Who?

My husband returned to Penney's to buy a pair of shoes, but his style was no longer in stock. He ordered the closest-appearing shoe to what he was wearing. When I received a recorded message from "jaceahpee" that "the order is in," I had no idea who called, or what the order was. After a second call, was received, I figured it out. I'll be glad when JCPenney's goes back to its recognizable name. Unless a company starts out with initials, it's a bad idea to change. Initials are only appropriate on in-house memos. Penney's is recognized by generations, and that's who you want in the store. We found our local store to be well-maintained, well-lighted,and attractive and uncluttered. All personnel were pleasant and helpful.

Enough already!

As an employee I am tired of listening to the complaints. We hearmore and more customers say how great our stores are looking. They are more modern and cleaner than they ever were. Know we are getting Kohls customers back because they try to shop any racks brought out to restock...since Kohls mostly has racks and racks of fitting room merchandise rarely returned to their racks promptly. Now prices go up so shoppers can feel good about find a deal with their coupon. Sorry we are low in some merchandie but please bear with us through construction. One comment I can agree with is less pants for men and women in skinny cuts. They all look the same in all brands and dont sell. Id like to see some ho employees in skinny jeans...or maybe not. It is not a good look for anyone except the skinny.

Going out of business?

I went to the JC Penney store in Hampton Village in St Louis today. It looked as if 90% of the merchandise had been removed. In the mens’ department there were large signs selling items for $50 or $80. Items were priced high. There were no sale or clearance items in comparison to large number of sale and clearance items you used to have. There were no sport jackets and no suits. The store looked as if it was ready to go out of business.

fraudlent prices

I bought a pair of kids pants that were marked $24 dollars and when i got home to remove the price because it was a birthday gift the regular price was $17. Yes, I did take them back and was able to get them at the $17 charge but I am very disappointed that JC Penny would decive their customers this way!!!!

Late fees

This is the second month of a 35$ late fee when I paid online thru my bank 10 days early. I NEVER get a late fee from anyone else and the accounts are paid that day or no later than the next day. What is wrong with JCP when NONE of the other accounts have this problem. I HATE the changes at our store and all of the people I know hate the changes too. Several have closed their accounts. I never pay my bills late and a 35$ charge will just cause good customers to close their accounts.

It works for me

I am sorry for the disgruntled posters that want the OLD JCP back. Jacking prices up to then use coupons to bring them down again is a pain....just ask the shoppers at the most successful Walmart who have never done that. The styles and look of JCP has never been better than under Ron Johnson's direction. His vision for the store worked for me. I was at first upset about taking away coupons until I could see that pricing had been lowered considerably. I also kept receiving $10 coupons in the mail anyway. I am 55, but it seems to be the complaints are from my generation who want to shop the OLD JCP for OLD looks. If they go back to that style I'll shop elsewhere...I loved the new clean Gap like look of the women's departments and not having to shop with coupons and carry all that paper in my purse. Sorry Ron Johnson was let go; he had a nice vision for the brand that I thought was a terrific improvement.

Love the new Penny's!

I think the changes Penny's made were brilliant. I like the new lines and the style. I love Mango - I would just suggest more quality control especially re sizing. These were big changes Penny's made - give it a minute! There is lots of competition out there so you have to let people move their interest and dollars to your new vision! I love the small stores within the store. And the new Adler furniture is gorgeous - but very expensive. I do not shop for clothing at Target or any other bargain store. I like Macy's but can't always afford it. I think the new Penny's is on to something good. The key to your success is going to be quality control and taking good care of your customer. Every time I have been in the store I have found the staff helpful and friendly. Don't give up.

Why i Dont Shop There Anymore

I was A Loyal Shopper years, As Dependable Products where dropped from there stores, I was forced to find other replacements such as the popular Towncraft T-shirts that were a bit larger and longer (LXG =XLTG) in size. this is what most Guys would ware.There levi's got expensive, They dropped there electronics, and car service centers, cut just about everything i needed. Maybe JCP should step back and look at better times in the company, and Remodel there business it to reflect a earlier time that worked for them, Just ask the customers what they need and want. You have to spend money to make money. Look at the competition and learn !! Look at Kohl's now and there operation. Also: The Youth running the company's today only know the fashions of the day, NOT THE BUSINESS OPERATIONS. JCP executives will read this im sure.

Loss of customer care

We have watched our favorite retailer circle the drain in recent yrs. No shopping carts and no wheelchairs available limits shopping to able bodied and young folks. The clothing line has also focused on younger folks. Women can no longer find a top that is long enough to tuck into a pair of jeans or a pair of jeans that comes up to the waist or navel rather than being low cut. JCP is not the GAP or Old Navy. Bring back our OLD JC Penny's. We have shopped there for over 50 yrs. Now we are forced to go to lower end stores like Walmart or Target to find clothing that fits an mature adult.

Clothing selections

JC Penny missed the boat when they took the Clothing toward the young fit and trim and abandoned the baby boomer crowd that took them to their hayday. We all grew up with decent clothes from Pennys but now the larger sizes mean gaudy color selection that wants to dress you like a clown. Other department stores recognized this and carry better selections. Anyone there understand what happens when you loose old friends and faithful customers?


Initially when I heard that Penneys was doing away with sales I thought it was a good idea. Now I think I know at least part of the reason it didn't work well. When people see that something they like is on "sale" it gives them justification to go ahead and splurge and by it for themselves. With no sales they are more likely be more conservative and only shop for necessities.

Customer many years

Price gouging. April 1 t-shirts for women $14 and on April 11 the same t-shirts for women were $20. They were not on sale for the $14 but were going fast so what a good deal I bought 10 of then 2 of each color. I know they bring out new colors every so often so go back and now the $14 tag has been replaced with $20. They are the St John Bay t-shirts that they have not had for about 3-4 years. Not satisfied at all with what is going on with this store. Kohls is slowly getting my business what a shame as I liked Penneys.

So Sad

I used to work at JCPenney's during the Korean War and have ALWAYS been proud of shopping there. Yesterday we went to the closest store (about 25 miles away) and oh my - what a letdown. For years we have purchased iso-cool pillows at Penney's. The store had hardly anything in the housewares dept.- about 15 pillows total and the empty display areas were terrible. Very few things and no size 12 in the Alfred Dunner slacks I wanted. My husband said he didn't want to ever go back. What has happened to JCP? It was always my favorite shopping place. I cried when I got home. Why are things like this? Go back ten years and it was the greatest place in the world to shop. Please do something to come back to what you used to be.

Self destruction of an American Icon

The shame of this matter is that a caveman could orchestrate a complete turn around in the marketing department and save this Titanic before she goes all the way under! Like many other corporations in this country JC Penney has lost its customers because it has lost its image. I could present the Business plan and a nearly 0% cost turn around for these idiots so how is the answers so hard to find for them? Sadly they are destroying a legacy without even knowing why and how it worked.

Recounted what they said

Order from jcp.com and used the $10 off then the next day 20% was offered and the $10 off was still available. I emailed them and even offered to purchase more to keep it at the $50 minimum to receive discount. They offered to reorder and I agreed. Than I get an email that stated they would not honor 2coupons. Well your rep sure agreed to! No matter what they would not adjust bill. Took my clothes back, closing my account, letting everyone I know, contacting corporate and never returning. All over 10 bucks! What poor customer service, ESP since they claimed I was speaking with corporate already.

being open

I like jc penny and i like shoping their but you open way to late on sundays i am here now 7 poeple have come and gone they will find some were else to shop need to be at 10 am thanks

JCP Problems

Sunday April 14th, 2013, my wife and I are watching "CBS News Sunday Morning". After the story of JCP my wife picks up the news paper and points to the JCP ad. "Look at this ad, it is on special paper and only features 6 items that are really not a bargain." "No wonder they are in trouble." That simply sums it up. A company that needs to be positioning itself in a manner that demonstrates Value and Marketing Skills and they think they are something else. Everyone in this nation knows how WalMart has done it. Their Regular everyday Price reflects Value. JCP is in some High Rent Shopping Center and opens it's doors after WalMart has already sold 1,000 times more merchandise at a very nice gross profit. James Cash Penney was a merchant and those that followed were not.

JC Penney you wonder why you are in financial trouble? You got rid of your high end items in your stores. For example when you would come into your stores you had appliances for sale. You also had furniture. Your interest rates on your credit cards were reasonable so you could buy on time. Now our closest store has the furniture department tucked away in a corner with walls around it where no one can see your furniture. Do you think you are going to survive just selling clothes? Go back to Mr. Penneys store strategy.

I hope the new changes will bring back some of the old JC Penney. I have been so dispapointed with the "New" JCP. Brands that I loved and use to buy no longer exists. I really have no reason to shop there any more. They taken away the Dept store feel. It's more like a clothing store now and catering to the younger folks. What happened to Chris Madden linens and Addonna pj's for women. I don't think they sell home goods any more such as lamps etc. They say you can't go back but maybe you can add some of the old for your customers that have been shopping at JCP for 40 plus years.

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