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I feel that everyone that lost their jobs because of the 5 million dollar mess up should hire their people back, the man messes up and everyone paid for it! this is not right!

I just had a horrible experience, I had bought some clothes over 2 weeks ago I went to go return them I had my receipt and the tags were still on the items. Since I purchased them with my credit card I had to close it out due to a merchant problem, I had asked the clerk for cash back she said no it would be credited back on my card, I explained what happened to my card she then offered me a store credit, I told her I didn't want a store credit that I wanted cash. I took the clothes that I was returning and left the store. I will never shop in another JCP store again & I will let everyone know what happened to me. There is no where stated that cash won't be given back for returns. You have just lost a good customer and many more as well!


On May 4, 2013 at 11:00 A.M. I attempted to find your store in Alliance Town Center on the locate a store on your web site. It is not listed. I had to call the Hurst, Texas store to get a phone number. When I called it I tried to get an operator, as the recording advised, and was told the operator was not avialiable. I finally got through and was sent to the men's dept. Ask the man about some pants and he went to check on them. After several minutes the phone reverted back to ringing at the operator and it rang for 15 times with no answer. The phone then disconnected. I can see why you are having problems with your customers.

FYI......Please bring back your previous brands before you changed everything, e.g. St. John's Bay!

Another Slick Ad in Today's Paper

I opened the latest local JC Penney's ad and once again, young, skinny models and clothing geared for teens or twigs. I have a plenty of money to spend on clothes and Penney's was my very favorite go-to store for the whole family, especially Big and Tall Men's and size 16 Womens. I thought that things were changing, but the last few trips to the store ended with disappointment. I miss the core brands that were a such a staple at Penney's. I have not been able to find anything to purchase in the past two years.

stop alienating your customer base

I am a baby boomer. I grew up going to JC Penney with my mother. Later, as I grew up I shopped for most of my draperies and other items there. The push with the last CEO was to get a younger customer base. Now, the new CEO has commercials begging people to come back but all you see are people 30 and under. Where are the boomers on these commercials, the people that had shopped at your store since we were children. If you want us back, how about a commercial showing the generations from our mothers on up to our grandchildren and how we all shopped there as a family. Invite us all back, not just those 30 and under. Otherwise, my money works fine at Macy's.

I will no longer shop at JCP after the tragic fire at their factory in Bangladesh that left over 300 workers dead. It's unconscionable that a company with billions of dollars in profits, a company that paid their CEO Ron Johnson $53 million dollars in 2011 would knowingly allow factory workers earning $18 a month to work in a dilapidated, decaying building with fire hazards. Biblically we're given direction that what we do to the least, we do unto God. America will pay for the crimes that our corporations are committing in foreign countries to avoid paying American workers decent wages and benefits.

Petite clothing

I'm disappointed that JC Penny offers such a small selection of Petite size 2 clothes, especially formal & dressy dresses. Even the petite clothes that are carried are geared toward women who are much older. Just because we're not tall doesn't mean we're elderly. Can't they offer jr style clothes, just cut for the petite build? The place where I wind up shopping for my clothes, is where I wind up buying clothes for the rest of my family.

No longer a family store

I LOVED shopping there. The sales people were friendly and I bought clothes for my son as he was growing up . Every Christmas I bought my daughter in law special soft cotton P j's. loved the Longitudinal Bathing suits! I can no longer get these at JCP. Seems the products are geared to young, skinny people. The quality leaves much to be desired. Gone is the warm friendly atmosphere. Very sad indeed!

Such a Dissappoinment

I am a loyal customer at JCP and I am sad to say that the customer service has declined tremendously. I don't know if i will continue to shop there.

High Prices at the Salon

I have been getting my hair cut at my local JCP salon for many years. Over the past year the prices for a haircut have gone up substantially. They now want $42. for an ordinary hair cut. They have priced me out! You have now lost a regular customer.

Since you changed your branding, the quality of your clothes are very cheap and not appealing to buy. I will no longer shop in JC Penney stores unless you change back to better quality clothes. Stylesare ugly.


I believe This store JC Penny Belong at the top, Stop spending money on mailers & catalog's, I am sure this is costly and concentrate on online sales . people are on line big buyers. the market has change only need key stores in great locations to make it easy if needed return. drive deals on line ? concentrate on on line . Don't waste money advertising they will find low prices trust me . millions can be saved on this alone and get expert pickers to avoid returns ,

Wheaton MD JCP

I love this store the variety is endless and I like the openness of the store the new mobile registers are good. Way to go JCP your headed in the right direction

New JCP format

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the "new" J C Penney. The brands and styles are exceptional. I am delighted with the outstanding selections and prices; and find your restructured stores an absolute pleasure in which to shop. You have certainly raised the bar. I'd much rather shop your company than Macy's and Dillard's. Please retain your quality, styles, and prices. Thank you !!!!!

Horrible customer service, delivery and quality of products. Will never shop at JCP again.....BUYERS BEWARE....

Cabin Creek Jeans

When I went to Penney's to get more Cabin Creek elastic waist jeans I found out they no longer sell them. I have looked all over the internet for a place to buy them, but no luck. Even tried to find the manufacturer. If the buyers would check the internet they would learn that they have lost a lot of customers because of this. Women everywhere are looking for these jeans. When you start stocking them again you will get my business and many others. When I bought the jeans I always bought other items as well.

So Sad So Sorry

JC Penney is gone, destroyed. As a long time customer I know my business is not valued because the products I bought no longer exist. The online catalog is a nightmare and while the store looks very lovely and colorful from a distance if you squint, the quality of the women's clothing is skimpy and cheap and ill-fitting. Just like Target. So So Sad. I have read so many reviews all over the net that agree w me I know that if you want to really know what's wrong, the message is out there for you. Hop to it.


I forgot to mention in my review, I don't give a rat's rear end for coupons and never used them. I don't think coupons or lack of them are the problem. They might have been an encouragement to buy but first there must be something a person WANTS. How or how could so many customers be ignored and shafted by this company. How?

Online ordering

I was a steady customer of the J. C. Penney online catalog until recently. All of my go-to brands are either no longer available or out of stock. If I do order something, the tracking status online is always "Pending" even if it has already arrived at the store. I used to get a phone call advising me when the order had arrived. No more. Then when you go to the store to pick it up, there is no longer a catalog department. You have to go to a cashier. Invariably, the person gives a heavy sigh and a frown and takes her time strolling to someplace in the back of the store to get your order. It takes forever. It's just not worth the hassle.

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