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Paul Deen

Politically correct lemmings. She has apologized for something she said 30 years ago. Thirty Years ago. She was raised in a different atmosphere and regrets she ever said anything. To forgive is divine, they say. Well you aren't divine. Bad move. I guess no one who works in your corporate offices has ever made a mistake.


The clothing line needs to change. I do not like the cloths anymore. You can't even buy normal Levi's anymore. Penny's was always packed and now it is sparce. Change your clothing line on womans clothes.

I will NEVER EVER SHOP at your worthless store again since you dropped Paula Dean....You store is a dead store anyway. Outdated and OLD....now you are going to suffer more losses with your action against Paula.....I hope you re-file bankruptcy but it wont matter...

Your reaction to Paula Deen's honesty about having used racial slurs in the past is a ridiculous overraction. Who hasn't said something stupid at one time or another? Why not sever your ties to all of your customers who have ever done the same? Oh yeah, you'd be out of business. Grow up, JCPenney. This will make me think twice about spending money in your stores.


you treat them just like dirt. you don't pay them worth a dime, they are always asking for information, are begging for money, round up. lol

Paula Dean

Sad to hear that you are pulling Paula Deans product. I will no longer shop at your stores.

unfair treatment

I have read all the complaints about how much JCP is terrible. try working for them it isn't any better and they protect themselves to and treat their employees badly unless u fit a description. they make it impossible for the people that need a job to be there. oh and im still employed by them barely but they r protected by the laws to keep from being in troubled and they continue to get away with it.

Paula Dean

How dare this company discontinue Paula Dean Products. Just to be politically correct? This company reinvents itself, which I really liked and then it turns around and imposes their views on consumers. I will never ever shop here again!!! Dillards, Kohls, Old Navy, Nordstrom is where I will be shopping from now on!


EXECUTION IS NOT STATEGY !! pennys carries an 'EX-CONS' line, (Martha Stewart) but jumps on the lets run Paula Deen to the ground bandwagon for something she said 30 years ago.. Doesn't make sense to me, must be an IDIOT in the wood pile somewhere. I am BOYCOTTING J.C. Penny stores and have shreadded my charge card. Penny's has no brains left to run the company anyway, they are hurting bad. Can't wait for Beall's to come to Plano next month.

Shopping Experience Cape Coral

Upon entering we were greeted and introduced to the sales going on. After collecting a good number of items, Nick offered to take the items to the front register until we were finished. He was extremely nice. After completing our shopping we checked out with Zena, who also was extremely friendly and helpful in retrieving my card number. That also was when we found out that Nick was the manager of the store. The shopping experience was so much better than that of the Fort Myers, Edison Mall store.

Dropping Paula Deen

I will never shop JCP again until you re-instate Paula Deen prodoucts.

Bring Back Cabin Creek Twill pants

I am very disappointed with the way your stores are set up now and for dropping the clothes I buy from you. Cabin Creek Twill pants are the best comfortable pants to wear. I really would like to see them brought back. There are physically less clothes being sold in your stores. I saw the polyester cabin creek online, but I would like to see the twill pants to come back.

Drop Pala Deen

I will not shop your stores any longer until Paula Deen is dropped. She is a moron.

Paula Deen

Please don't drop Paula Deen from your store if you carry her stuff, she has said she was sorry, and God said, "anyone that have not sinned throw the first stone" people need to get over it... and move on. this has gotten out of hand! what a childish thing to do with the other stores. Forgiveness is the key.

Out of your items, free ship to your home!

I just went back to the store in Willow Grove Pa. to exchange merchandise. They did not have the proper size but offered to order it for me. I agreed and was very pleased until they told me their was a delivery charge to ship the merchandise to my house, free for store pick up. JC Penney needs to open their eyes and look around and start wondering why their sales were down 20%. Most of their competitors, Kohls, Sears, American Eagle all ship to your home free if the store does not have your items. JCP wake up!,

Horrible experience

Every time I visit my local store in Paducah ky I can never find anything. Everyday they have moved something or got rid of something. It's just awful. And the people that work their are just hateful and not helpful at all ever. My shopping days at jcpenny's are over. Unless I drive to Murray or carbondale's store. Which is just a big hassle. Please, hire new people & leave the store where the customer can find what they are looking for!


penneys should have a 800 number in plano,tx to give advice on why the company is losing money. have tried in the past to contact Ullman before they hired Johnson to no avail, and penneys was losing money then. no call back. then the Johnson joke. what is wrong with the board of directors. if Ullman would call me in Omaha,ne. I can tell him how to turn this company around quickly. I will be surprised if I get a call and penneys will continue to lose money heavily. it won't cost a dime for me either. 6/18/13 revenues down 47%. what a tradegy.


I realize I'm older than dirt....because I remember when JCP use to provive bench/chair seating throughout your stores. It was such a pleasure to be able to sit while a family member tried on clothes, or sit and review selections before purchasing. This customer comfort is long gone!! On a recent shoping visit with my granddaughters, (because I have mobility issues), I had to sit in the shoe department while they tried on clothes. Then they came across the store to the shoe department to find me in order to model their choices. I am unable to get a wheelchair or scooter around in your store because you cram so many clothing carousels into such a small area! So this makes for a good shopping experience? REALLY? I don't think so!!

I have been wearing the JC Penneys brand of hose since I was 16 yrs old. After you hired that now FIRED CEO he got rid of the only hose that I like... Are you going to bring it back like you have other brands that he got rid of.... PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE!!!

Bring back Mr Johnson

I loved the everyday low prices and the new format. Am I the only one who thinks coupons are inconvenient and insulting to the intelligent use of money? I am so disappointed in the shoppers that ruined an excellent idea whose time is much overdue.

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