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I have been a customer for 40+ years. Unfortunately you current merchandise does not appeal to me. You no longer carry the shoes I wear or drapes I hang. I miss the brands you use to carry. So save you coupons for the Z Generation.

Safety issue!!!

We had the WORST customer service at JCPenny. The carts are not baby friendly. I tried to show the manager and he said "what do you want me to do?" And acted annoyed I roughy my 10 week old to shop... Hate to break it to you buddy but you sell baby clothes!!! The caraway has nowhere to clip onto. I have pictures!! NoThING secures the carseat to the cart, and then the floor changes levels and the Seat almost falls off.... Wow never again!!!

Purchased my 13 year old son a pair of army fatigue pants and took them home for him to try on. After showing me how they fit he discovered all of the pockets they had. (After all they were cargo pants).He then discovered a bulge in the right side pocket and placed his hand in it only to discover a what appeared to b a used condom! I was not only surprised but disgusted. I will be returning these pants today and I will be returning to this site to inform the public how the store handled this situation.

Outdoor Signage

Just visited your store in Eatontown, NJ. Lower floor looked very good. Upstairs not so much. The new Home dept was a disappointment. Too bad all the positive changes inside are hiding behind the old facade, with the old JC Penney lettering in three different shades of plastic, with pigeon poop streaks underneath. If you want people to be curious about what's inside, your best investment would be to put up you new signage on the exterior of your buildings. Compared to what's been spent inside so far, this would be a very cost effective investment. By the way, your associates in the store seemed to agree when I brought it up with them. Best of luck!


this was totally the worst custmer service I have ever received.


i wrote an in depth and honest portrayal of the Tri-county Penneys and why it was closed down. Funny thing that it is not posted here and it has been days...i was not treated fairly there and i had a management back ground. but i only got to MA.

Great Customer Service

My husband and I were in the drapery department and had the pleasure of being waited on by Betsy. She was the very best associate that I ever have had the pleasure of being waited upon. She really went the extra mile for us. Betsy should train all associates of JC Penney, because if all associates were like her, JC Penney would soar above all other stores.

Web site problems

I tried five times each on two different browsers to order e-gift cards.The JC Penney site did not work. I tried then on the JC Penney site to send an email. The email link did not work. This is not the first occasion of problems with the JC Penney web site.

right direction

Glad you dropped paula dean. hope you will take more steps in the rt direction.

Customer Complaint

I was at the JC Penney on Michigan Road in Indianapolis, IN and had the worst customer service from an associate named Margaret. She was disrespectful and not wanting to service me. I told her I would call corporate and she said "I don't care what you do" she then continued to bad mouth me and another associate got into it with me as well, her last name was Owens. She said a racist slur and you better believe I will not be shopping at JC Penney again.


Would you please reconsider bringing back the "Cabin Creek" line. I have depended on this brand for years, and am very disappointed that they are no longer available.

JC Penny has nothing left!

Kohl's > JC Penny

Dishonest unethical managers

I'm an associate at the Middletown ny store and every supervisor and manager there are slimy, dishonest, inconsiderate pieces of garbage. The human resources manager of my store entirely violated his code of ethics the other night when I simply asked if I could work more hours to help pay my bills by not only asking "what kind of bills a 17 year old kid would have" and mocking me saying they aren't a big concern and "wait till you've reached adulthood and have a mortgage to pay." If I was able to obtain more hours and pay my bills then my parents would be able to offord their mortgage and not have to sell our house. But no. Joe pagan mocked the fact that I couldn't pay them and now he's made a serious issue that could've been avoided by just saying he didn't have hours to give and left it at that. But instead he had to take it a step further. If only major corporations didn't hire such scumbags...

Horrible customer service!

Customer service sucks!!!!!! Everyone is so flippen rude! And no one ever speaks English learn English, how do you guys even get hired??? I won't be shopping here till Paula dean is placed back into the stores!!!!!!

horrible isn't the word

Horrible customer service, no one ever speaks English , learn it people abcd... How do these people even get hired to work on the phones???? I will never ever shop in any jcpenny store ever again. And dropping Paula dean, really? Like non of y'all ever said anything "bad" whoever is behind the jcp desk must be really busy picking his nose because this company is not going to get anywhere...

Paula Deen

I am so sorry that you dropped Paula Deen - she had such beautiful and durable products. I have shopped JCP since I was a young child in the care of my parents. I am now elderly and continue to shop for myself and my family. I thought JCP had reached the epitome of stupidity when they dropped their coupons and "sales". Everyone knows people like to shop a "sale". The competitors do it all the time and continue to have crowds in their stores. But, after you dropped Paula Deen, I am beginning to wonder if someone has progressed beyond their usefulness as a JCP executive. Surely everyone working there wishes to see the company grow and prosper. Please bring Paula back.

Home Collection bed sheets

I bought 2 sets of these sheets and they are absol. horrible. They don't stay on the bed, so I wake up with them in a ball underneath me. I always thought JCpenney carried above average merchandise, but not anymore.

Paula Deen

Your lack of support for Paula Deen is awful. I thought JC Penney's was better than that, guess not. Your company doesn't have the guts to forgive. Lord says we should all forgive, guess Lord doesn't know that Penney's Corporate is perfect never has done or said anything they were sorry for or was taken completely out of context. I will think long and hard before I look to purchase from JCPenny's.....

Paula Dean

It is ridiculous that you let the media decide on the merchandise that you carry in your stores. I think that you should put Paula Dean's products back on the shelf and let the customers decide if they want to punish her for something she said 25 years ago .

Thank you

Hello, I was just watching a recent episode of the Ellen Show. You gave away $15,000 to a family in need and furnished there home. Wonderful!!!! You have won me over. You store looked elegant yet comfortable. I will definately be shopping there & I will tell me friends. Sincerely , Lori Baumgartner Truro Cape Cod Mas

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