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after spending almost $600 on a gazebo the beginning of june, it is now june 23 and i am told i can expect my puchase no sooner than july 18th. it is not that the item is not in stock, as a matter of fact it is in the possession of the delivery company "excel trucking" but they inform me thay are too busy to deliver till late july. Really, no one was too busy to take the money. Wen contacted by excel on june 17 they told me delivery for july 14--when i asked why so long the excel worker told me he would need to check becasue they were required to deliver within two weeks of receiving the item. 4 days later he called me back and said the soonest they could deliver was july 18th now. So i called jc penney customer service on tuesday and after telling my story several times a "case " was opened and i was told i would be contacted the next day with an answer. well when i heard nothing by 5pm i called customer servive again and was told the excel co was closed for the day and that customer service had sent them an email wed morning and excel did not respond. ( of course they didn't respond because they are wrong) so what am i to do play this game of calling everyday only to find out excel trucking hasn't returned any messages and let it keep going till summer is over and i don't need the gazebo anymore??? how about you get a more reliable trucking company, one who delivers and returns messages?? I am now going to call customer service again and see how my "case" is coming along. guaranteed i will get no answers and end up cancelling this order and getting my money back from the credit card company. we'll see.

so the first customer service person did not understand and actually hung up on me. the second one gave me a new customer relations number to call. that person told me that the trucking company had not gotten back to them so there was nothing they could do until they hear from them . again i say if you can't even get in touch with the person delivering your merchandise, it's time for a new delivery company. will wait till monday and they cancel the order and order from a more reliable company.

I am writing concerning the abuse of employee rights at the Clackamas Town Center in Clackamas Oregon. Penny's has no regard for the FLMAOLFA laws which they are in violation at this time and I am surprised not being sued, paying Leave of absence due, they add it on the pay stub then say sorry we made a mistake and don't add it into the gross pay for pregnant employees. Every one is treated as if they are low class. Job positions taken away, FLMA for one week or less even before the baby is born. Schedules changed without notice, a schedule site that is down most of the time. Other associates being let go with the excuse their position does not excist anymore then after they are gone someone gets the same title and the position opens up again. JC Penny's even corporate they are the ones in violation of the FLMA/OLFA laws. Ever see underboss? Maybe the CEO of Penny's should pay a visit. I am a customer and mom of an employee. I see and hear the injustice and heart ache of mistreatment for the employees and encourage them to see a lawyer when I hear of the injustice. Wake up Corporate the law is the law and you need to abide by it. Don't sit on your high horse and think with your deaf ears that you and your company is perfect it is below perfect and just because your retail does not give you or anyone the right to treat employees as second class.

In December of 2010 I received a gift card from JCP. After going to the store for an hour or so I decided that I could noit see spending the card on the items there that were mostly high in price compared to other retail stores/outlets. So, as I went online to check out the better selection from JCP.com I ran across the awesome idea of the Fan Store! I am a huge Ky Wildcats fan and have needed a hoodie for a while so I promptly found some clearance items along with some other apparel and ordered. Because this has been going on with me personally for 6 MONTHS I am certain that corporate is aware of the issues that there has been with the shopping bag being empty after the entire 4 step process of ordering is complete. I called the number for customer service (they are the only reason that I gave this experience with JCP a "Fair" rating and not a "Poor")and was told that there was a recent problem with the computers and that it was being addressed, and that I should try again later. A week later, I did. Then, a week later, I did. Then a month later, I did. I called again and was told that the computers were down and to try again. I waited, and again...same problem. This time (June 15, 2011) customer service gave me the unbelievable pat answer, "I know what out problem is right now, our system is down." really?? I am not sure why I am holding out hope (maybe because I am such a Cats fan) but I don't know where to go from here. Why on earth would JCP continue to affiliate with this company if they continue to have these issues month after month?? Can't figure it out but I am heading to the big dogs to find out!

I want to say KUDOS to the Shenango Valley Mall JC Penney Store. I purchased a dress for a special occasion and the clerk forgot to remove the ink tag. When I found this a few hours later, I called the store to complain. I spoke with the manager of Women's and Junior's Clothing, Vicky. She Came to my house and removed the tag for me. I live approximately 15 miles from the store. I still cannot believe someone would do such a great thing. Wonderful customer service!! I loved JCP before this, but now I'm a loyal customer forever...wow. Thank you Vicky. You have a great employee there. I will tell everyone I know about this experience. In 52 years I've never recieved such great service. Thank you.

JcPenny's did my family wrong. We flooded in 2008 and didn't get our mail. When I tried to work out a payment with them they wanted the full amount. I didn't even have a home for me and my kids and they refused to work with us. They the bill is in collections and I am still trying to talk to Corporate.

was applying for the Sephora inside of JCPenney, I just had met the manager of Sephora AND the store manager of JCPenney. Sara ( the Sephora manager) and I got along so well she that decided to interview me right then and there after I completed the JCPenney behavioral test. So, so far I had passed with flying colors with BOTH managers and it was down to a "opinionated" test on if I was "good enough" for JCPenney. Not ever taking a "corporate company behavioral test" in my 20 years of existence, I was VERY nervous and not quite sure what to expect. At the end of the test, I felt pretty confident and super excited in starting my new career at JCPenney. Sara was just about to interview me when she asked to see my score, and BOOM... I had not passed the behavioral test. My heart sunk, my mouth dropped, and to be honest, I am still in utter shock. How can a behavioral test define ANYONE? I just basically got handed the job straight from the JCPenney store manager himself, but apparently from a computerized test, I'm not "good enough" to work for THIS company. And if you were wondering, yes, I've had 4 retail jobs in the past and 3 of them being managerial positions. I am NOT bashing your company, but I just had the need to express how I feel and maybe someone can help me understand why a behavioral test defines if I get the job or not... since the store manager himself couldn't just hire me. Working for Sephora has been a dream for me since I first started shopping there 2 years ago. I am crushed and disappointed that I didn't get the job. Just meeting Sara for 20 minutes, I had already felt like I was apart of the team and in the recession we're having, I've never had 2 managers tell me, "Please apply now, I want to interview you TODAY, and hire you!". Sara also said, "I had a girl that I was interviewing tonight, but now that you've come along I'm not too sure about her." Someone PLEASE help me out. I want to work for Sephora!

I was in the Greensburg, Pa Pennys at Westmoreland Mall, June 8, 2011 to do some shopping. I was in the shoe dept, trying to find shoes. I collected the shoes that I wanted to have checked on ( I wear a size 11 & it is a hit and miss thing as to wether or not they might have them & if they even have them in that size. I stood in line with my shoes in hand and my portable oxygen tank, & stood & stood. Finally couldn't stand anymore, there were only 2 clerks working & they were both in the back. (Later found out from clerk in different dept they are always having to go in the back & get clerks, because they are in back taking "unscheduled brakes". When someone did come out, I had sat down in a chair that was clearly visible of the check out & they could clearly see me. I asked the girl if she could wait on me when she finished with customer she was waiting on & she said "yes" No one was behind the person she was waiting on. By the time she finished there was someone behind the lady & she preceeded to wait on the next person that came after me. I was still sitting & said excuse me, " you said you would help me next" Her reply was "Oh, I will get to you" I then asked for her to get the manager. She said something to the other clerk, I didnot hear what & continued on to wait on the customer. I waited a few more minutes, & left & went to the next counter & asked if they could call store manager. The gentle man that was there asked if he could help, explained what had happened, instead of calling from the desk he was at, he went to shoe dept, while I waited & watched & waited & watched, he called & paged manager, & I waited longer. I asked the lady at the counter for manager name & store numb, which she did give to me. I again waited. She offered me a chair, which I refused. I went to the Sephora Dept to return an item, they could clearly see I was upset. They were very nice. The one clerk went & got a floor manager, who came right away, & was very nice. She asked me to wait a few more mins for manager, but I told her I had to go, I had waited long enough & that I would be getting intouch with someone about discrimination against handicapped people. She was very nice. I went to my car & cried. I was so upset, & embarrased, which made it even more difficult for me to breath. As far as I saw the store manager never did show up. I have a $50 credit slip & a $10 dollar coupon, that I am unable to use. I am to embarrassed to go in the store again. I have never been so humilated in my life. MY suggestion is that if your are handicapped that you do not go to JC PENNY, due to their not wanting to help handicapped customers

I SO AGREE with all of the negative comments. HORRID CUSTOMER SERVICE if you can call it that! VERY RUDE managers-NASTY employees-although I imagine there are treated as shabbily as the customers are. I too had shopped with them for many years-but NEVER again! The management and so called customer service is right on par with WALMART! HORRID! Apparently ALL of their stores are the same. I have lived in Sacramento CA-all that was there was their outlet store-which is MORE than anything they carry is worth! Let alone the over priced CRAP that they have in their retail stores! Now I live in MI and just had the WORST experience at their store there almost worse than WALMART! I too MIGHT shop their GOING OUT of BUSINESS SALE!

I have worked at the Port Richey Fl. store for over 2 years and it has been a nightmare. The store manager Mariella has clear and advanced mental problems. People quit constantly and always are very good about going to corp. about the problems but Kathy Beauchamp our DM is unwilling or unable to help.Our store manager has no qualms about nicknaming associates with racial slurs ,discussing our sexuality, rating our personal appearance with a number scale,spreading rumors of affairs and drug use and threatening employees at morning meetings with hour cuts and telling us we have no recourse because she has talked to HR and believes she has no responsibility to make people happy.It needs to be understood that these associates are nice and hard working people,everyone gets along because their are no favorites, she HATES everyone.The employee of the year with a freakishly happy personality and excellent cust. service skills is treated like a dirty rug.The store manager comes and goes as she pleases ,taking week long vacations about every 5 weeks and has come to work either drunk or hung over on a number of occasions. It is clear in our numbers how well we do in her absence yet there seems no end to the demeaning and cruel behavior. Our only hope is that someone will file a lawsuit after one of her racial diatribes and let the depositions fly.Shame on JCP for not realizing that the wealth of the company rests in the hands of the customer service associates and that they should be treated as ambassadors not rotten trash.

Shortly after I was hired by JC Penny Co, I was transferred to the office to replace an employee who was retiring after being exonerated after being accused of embezzlement. The office staff had been reduced and the daily tasks increased to an impossible level. Associates were humiliated to tears by the store manager and they were openly looking for new jobs in the breakroom. My first day in the office, the store manager tried to bully me into fraudulently signing I-9 documents for current and former employees stating that she could not get into the employee's accounts due to a computer problem. I refused to do so stating that it was a federal felony to sign the forms without physically seeing the actual required documents. This behavior was repeated several times. Security was a problem. Too many people had access to the safe and there were no security cameras to protect employees. I was given the responsibility for cash orders and deposits which required me to walk across the mall parking lot carrying thousands of dollars in a backpack unescorted. After coming to the realization that nothing would change with time, I quit and cut my losses before I became the next victim of the unscrupulous manager so I'm not at all surprised to see the comments in this section.

Your customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!!! if your going to hire people who likes to stand around and laugh and talk behind the counter instead of helping customers then I guess I will be going somewhere else


Cheap,cheap,cheap! I paid alot of money for the worst eyeglasses I've ever had. They want 170 to to replace their crappy peeling lens. Save your time and money! There are so many glass shops, choose anyone else.

store 2762 has veryyyyyy rudy managers, the salon manager Dennis is very heartless treat his employees like the dirty under is shoes, I use to get my hair done there every two weeks and i ask him for a bottle of water, he told me he can get me a cup, and i can go the the water fountain to get some water, it was so sad that a big company like Jc penny can't offer their paying customers a bottle of water, he screams at his employees, very unprofessional.

The picture studio is full of young young people who dont have a clue about taking picture you toddlers and infants, get a clue just because you snap the picture dosent make it a great picture , muchless does it make me wanna purchase it

I am very disappointed in the jcp online . I recently ordered a wedding band and when I received it was the wrong product!!!! Which I understand mistakes happen so I called the customer service line and they acted like it was my fault . Anyways at the end of the call they ensured me my rings would be here on time for my wedding and I thanked them and hung up . Three days later I go to track it because being so close to the big day I was getting nervous the tracking system said it isn't schedule to ship until after the wedding so of course I call customer service again and when that employee looks it up she says they informed me that its possible that I won't get it on time!!!!! Well of course that makes me upset because if I knew that before I would of went somewhere else . I mean I understand things happen but why would they lie to me before ? I shop jcp for everything but I must say at this point I would be OK never shopping there again.

Jc Penny managers suck if corporate cared about there people they would check out what is happening if it wasnt for the employees there would'nt be a JCPenny wake up corporate and check it out before its to late someone will sue and win

1 star because I couldn't give a zero! Associates that give their all are treated like crap, and the losers and lazy are treated like royalty! Under cover boss should take a good look at this store. No matter what you do to go that extra mile, you are reprimanded because they didn't think you did good enough!! Anyone reading this, PLEASE DON'T APPLY THERE!!! The store is in Aurora, Illinois. You are treated like the lowest form of life!!! Whoever came up with JC Penney is the greatest place to work, had to be a low-life manager!!!!!!!!!!! t

Today I took my 91 year old mother to Penney’s at the Avenues Mall in jacksonville, FL to go shopping. I offered a lot of locations but mama wanted to go to Penney’s because she said ‘I have shopped at Penney’s for 50 years’ so that is where we went. We parked as close as possible in handicapped parking and I got her in the store and asked at the customer service/cash register for a wheel chair. I was told I had to go upstairs to show ID to get a wheel chair. I told her I needed someone to bring it down to me because she could not make it upstairs. I was told no, it was store policy that if a wheelchair was needed that they could not bring it down but that I would have to go upstairs. Wheelchairs are for the handicapped so why would they be upstairs??? She further told me I could leave my mother downstairs and come back. She has dementia and no short term memory. The length of time it would have taken me to get upstairs; show ID and sign out a wheel chair and back down she could have completely forgotten where she was at and why and she could have wandered off. It is the equivalent of leaving a 3 or 4 year old alone. I asked for the store manager and was told there was no manager on duty but when I insisted they called a woman who was angry that I was angry. Mother lives in Dowling Park Advent Christian Village, a rural retirement community and never gets to go shopping so I took her to the place she wanted to go. She needed all new clothes. The way we were treated was discrimination to handicapped people and there are laws against this and I intend to search the State of Florida website and find somewhere to report this but wanted to tell you too. I have friends with lung problems who cannot walk but they can still drive. They could not have made it upstairs either. I left and went to Publix who has a wheel chair at the front of the store. I went to Bealls and they have a wheelchair at the front of the store along with Target and Wal-Mart but my mother wanted to go to Penney’s. This is discrimination of the elderly; discrimination against handicapped and discrimination against a loyal customer for 50 years (time frame she gave). I am angry and hurt that my mother was treated in this way. Thank you for listening.

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