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I have a platinum card - use it a lot and recently tried the portraits area of the store LOVED the pictures and the way they came out what i diddnt love was the manager at the location I was at she was a total B i didnt have a coupon that i get monthly as a platimun holder for 15% off and i called cust service and they stated the mamger would have to call in to get the code to put in manger said there was no such thing - like i was lying and didnt even take the 5min to call - plus i was the only one at the portrait studio! i sign up for a membership and as soon as I saw her customer service - I quickly said I would rather not come back

they close my account because some one double dip in my account and would not reopen and I shop there all the time but I won"t be any more. thank you jcp for not listen. You look one way keep treating your customer"s like this.Don"t be so hard or you will lose in the end 87081

I now hate your company. i typically do not shop at your store and i have never had an account with your company. For the past two weeks your collection department has been harrassing me 5-10 times a day. They call and the phone rings twice and then hangs up. The customer service when you call the phone number back are the worst i have ever seen (i think they are outsourced). I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM YOUR COMPANY FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE. I ALSO VOW TO TELL EVERYONE THAT I CAN FIND ABOUT YOUR SERVICE AND I HOPE THAT YOU GO OUT OF BUSINESS. (sorry for the good employees that you may have.

I purchased over 6,000.00 worth of Furniture on December 4,2011 I was promised my Furniture on the 22nd and all of sudden the main furniture, my Livingroom would not be delivered until December 27,2011 ok I said I would buy another set for my family room so that I would have something for my family to sit on at Christmas time. Then I changed my mind on the color for the preston Sofa Set and was told it would take 4-6 weeks before that set is delivered! My bedroon was delivered on the 22nd by a crew driving a rental truck the back of the Nightstand was broke and the delivery guy called and the lady on the phone said they would deduct 30.00 off my 560.00 Nightstand! .. the men had body odor really bad all smelled MUSTY.. I could not get the smell out of my house my nephew who had to help these guys had to leave before getting ill.. I now find out that the rest of my Furniture will not be delivered until the 3 of January this is two parties I have scheduled and now have to Cancel.. I have no FURNITURE TO SIT ON in the Living Room.. on the 22nd they delivered the set I canceled and changed Color on for Family room sofas and took them back. the Table I purchased for the Dining Room was "SUPPOSED TO BE A Butterfly Leaf according to the Guy that sold it to me.. NOT and the Leaf has a small Scratch on it from where the Delivery people set it outside I am sure.

I ordered a recliner chair on 11/25/11. It was supposed to have been shipped out 12/5. JCP changed the ship date twice without notifying me. I have tried to talk to someone from JCP online but end up on hold for 15 minutes and no one answers. I want the chair before Christmas, as I have tried to tell these people several times. I send emails but it takes 2 or 3 days to get a reply and then when I do get one it is not helpful They do not seem to care about their customers at all!!!! I just want my chair! maybe from now on I should shop at Sears!

So I worked for this company about 5 years ago... And went through 2 supervisor's and had no problems. This third supervisor was a complete dumbass. She did not know how to do her job correctly... To add insult to injury she was sleeping with members of management, and associates. When she made a pass at me? I turned her down, and then all of a sudden I could do no right for the company. And three months later I was forced to resign my position with the company. And for a BS reason I might add? So I recently tried to get a job for the holidays and found out that I am not re-hireable. And when I tried to call corporate offices about this they blew me off and pretty much said "good luck"...The more than rude people at the corporate level have no idea what went on at store level and could care less? So in closing this company does not care about their associates, I learned first hand of that. Will not waste my time with that store, and if you ever run into a nasty mexican snaggle tooth who is easy? BEWARE.

I ordered a barbie vacation house on 12-3-2011. It was supposed to be sent to the Richmond Towne Square store in Richmond Hts., Ohio The store never called and after calling twice it was suppose to be delivered by the 16th. That is tomorrow. The Store claims they didn't recieve it. The 1-800-322-1189 online number claimed they could express mail it to my home if it was not recieved by the store. I called the store this morning they said they did not recieve it. So I preceded to call back the 1-800-322-1189 number waited ten minutes got disconnected, called again waited 12 minutes got disconnected, called again waited 11 minutes got disconnected. Called again and spoke to Gretchen. She stated I have to put you on hold and then I will talk to someone at the store. I was on hold for over 25 minutes not once did she say I am still checking please hold. I had to pick someone up and left the phone for a few minutes came back and she hung up. She left me a message stating that my account is credited and there are no more barbie vacation houses left!!!!!!!!! I called corporate and was told someone will get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. Someone got my grand daughters Barbie Vacation House and it was not me!

I'm still working here but don't know how long anymore!I'm referring to store #0691 in concord,ca. There is this one supervisor who have 'her'fav team members & you can't complain about them,if you do you're being harassed & threatened!Her name is 'CAMELLA'!recently I had an issue with one of her favorite associate!Rather then being 'neutral' or trying to understand the problem she saves her fav-pet skin!One of the associate had already submitted a resignation due to her rude/mean behaviour creating a 'favoritism environment in certain depts (especially juniors).She puts her favorites as cashier mostly and other either as zoner or fitting room person.Her favorites stay all day on registers and make jcp credit cards! The administration seems to enjoy the situation rather then doing anything about it!Its a discrimination against most employees when sup/managers are just serving their favorite ppl in store!I also complained about this associate bossy/mean behavior & suspicious too but seems that upper management don't really care about whats happening or how store will loose good employees??? I hope my complaint won't fall onto deaf ears and something would be done about the way some supervisors & managers are using their powers ASAP!

Store in concord ca is a horrible place to work for!Supervisors & managers always pet & serves their favorite associates who are not up to the mark in any kind of sales associate position at all! There is a lot of favoritism goes on in this store!& upper management ppl are puppets and seems to enjoy the 'drama on sales floor! If this continues this store will loose some good working associates!

After being a customer for many many years I am shredding my cards today. Last week in my Bill was a return envelope in spanish. I was disgusted and angry and wondered how they mixed the envelopes up. I also wonder how they know who all of their non-English speaking customers were. When I called to voice my distaste I found out that this is the "new" return envelope going out to all customers and they will only change it and send you an "American" English return envelope if the main cardholder calls and asks for one. This is America people and now jc penney thinks it will cater to the illegales because I know the majority of legals learned English long ago. I called the corporate office and told them what I thought of this. I am scanning the envelope and putting it on my facebook page. And I will make a page informing others of what jc penney is doing and just what they think of America. I will not call for a boycott. Everyone can make up their own minds as what they want to do. I hope anyone who reads this will pass it along to all of their friends. Thanks

I have been buying my husbands St.John's Bay golf shirts from JCP for decades. Imagine my shock, after my recent purchase of 8-10 shirts, to see these shirts were made in PAKISTAN! I'd much rather buy made in U.S.A....good luck! I don't mind India so much. But Pakistan? How can JC Penney justify giving ANY business to Pakistan? Who knows how many U.S. dollars were used to support that devil Bin Laden? Todays consumers have little control over the current U.S. government's policy of supporting our enemies. "We'll give you money so you'll be our friends!" Well, that's my tax money! If you have family fighting in the Middle East, pay attention to the products and services you buy. It's bad enough to see Made in China everywhere I go, right down to the canned mushrooms! Anybody heard about the Mushroom Mardi Gras in Morgan Hill, California? Read before you buy. Be a smart shopper!

I have worked for Jcp ( store 1509)over 5 years! I really did my best and gave my best to all customers. I really do believe in great customer service and really used it even outside of work.. I saw everyone as a family. We went trough many store managers and I survived! I went from fitting room girl (eighteen at the time..) to pricing team/stockroom/cashier.. I was trained to do alot! especially for the holidays. Sadly, I got very sick and left twice so I would not be an inconvenience. When my health would come back I would return and just in time for the holidays, they were all so happy to have me back! Then we got a new store manager and an assistant store manager.. we had some remodeling of the entire store and they cut my hours dramatically! I said.. well it should be fine, its a slow time after the holidays, right? The computer kicked me out do to no work. I came back and asked what had happened and told me that, then said there was no hours. I told them it was fine, I would use this to take a brake and return when the store was done remodeling. Now, when the store was done I came back happily! but the new store manager and assistant did everything in their will not to hire me.. they used every excuse. All the managers and people were happy to know I was returning for being so efficient but the store manager and assistant did not want me back. This upset me very much, I really love working there especially with the new Sephora there I wanted to do make-up but they did not hire me back. In a way its kinda good, I will be having surgery soon.. but still, is this what I get for 5 years? most of the people they are hiring are kids and they are so rude.. what happened to GREAT service? I know why they didnt want to hire me, they have to pay me more. They rather pay someone less that does a crappy job then someone who has experience and actually smiles.

Your Melbourne, Fl stores Jewelry dept has the rudest associates I have ever encountered. This should not be a surprise since the Dept Manager is setting that type of example. I stood at the counter for more then 5mins when 4 associates and the Manager all walked by me and didn't even acknowledge me (I was the only customer there)finally the Manager approached after walking past me 3 times. Then when I was asked for help it seemed that I was inconveniencing her and her staff. I will never shop at that store again and will be sure to let every at my workplace (2200+ employees) know of my experience.

I work as a Sales Support associate (which is often a lot of work, compared with how much we get paid) this is my first time job and got offered 8.50.....and recently a Zoner in the bedding department (associate in 1 section/department) told me that he was getting paid 9.00 and it was his FIRST TIME JOB like me!? why is he getting paid more? we(sales support) do way more work and all he does is be lazy and just walking around his section and does nothing but that i have already passed my 90 days since i was hired, and they haven't told me anything also, does JCP pay time and a half for veterans day (novber 11, 2111? because its a holiday? oh and i was trained to use the register several weeks back and was recently trained in catalog so i can help them on busy times

The worst store ever to do business with. They Lie and mislead you. I bought 15 Roman Shades, didn't get one and was shuffled all over. When I contacted corporate was advised they didn't have it, so I told them I was taking down 14 and retuning and they could eat the loss.....they found one. I keep trying to be understanding, but believe store as well as corporate policy is "churn" out customers, its' all about volume with jcp too bad they have some cute things. Bigger & better stores have gone under.

I worked here for a couple weeks. I got fired yesterday. They forced me to resign when I was doing my job, smiling, and working hard. I was harassed three days straight and explained I had PTSD and bipolar depression and did all I could, I was only part time anyway. I loved my job until they gave me the ax. The reason I got fired? Not smiling enough and they claimed I yelled at a customer. I NEVER did that! The customer wanted something and I got it for her, then I gave her a ten dollar discount on both orders when I didn't have to; but management said I could. I did what I was told and the customer left very happy but I was fired. DON'T WORK AT JCP! They don't care about employees.

Hey everyone do you think these jack offs in corporate care about what everyone complains about ? Boycott them put them out of work

One star is giving them way too much credit it should be minus 8. I filled out an online application a couple of weeks ago.I did not receive a Thank You or even an email saying my app was received or submitted its like I wasted my time filling it out I don't think its asking too much for a confirmation. I don't even shop at JCP I was just desperate.

I Loved my Job until today. I found out now you are just like the rest. My Manager Devoted his whole life with this company. He stared right out of High School. 30 plus years. How Devoted he was you wouldn't even know. You came in today and gave him the Ax. How sad. He lived for you guys. 30 plus years. He was going to retire in two years. He was good to everyone at the store and the customers. You took his life away today. I hope you guys all sleep well tonight and proud of yourself's. Columbus Indiana

I am in the kids department at Maplewood, MN. The other employees there are very nice but the managers and a few of the supervisor are "female dogs." I especially dislike the training supervisor. They are very mean and can't seems to understand that everybody make mistakes. But I love the work that I have to do. There is so much to learn and believe it or not, I am a wayy better clothes folder then I was. And the pay isn't too bad. This is the first job i ever had and yet i get pay one quarter more then minimum. Plus got another quarter raise within 3 months time. That's what i like about jcpenney. You get raise one quarter every month if ur doing what you are suppose to be doing. Nothing hard but i do certainly hate closing.

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