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Black Friday hours

It's terrible that retailers are ruining Thanksgiving for shoppers as well as employees. I am a Black Friday shopper as well as a jcp shopper but I will not be shopping in your store on thanksgiving and you should be ashamed.

Concerned consumer

Dear JC. Penney CEO, I thought about shopping at your store this holiday season but was when I heard that your store will be open in the Chicagoland area on Thanksgiving at 6PM, I was disappointed I refuse to do business with any store that is open Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. Just added yourself to my boycott list. No one should have to choose between their job or family. Shame on you!!

12 hr Shift

At store 0370 scare tactics are used. It's horrible enough to have to work on Thanksgiving Day and on top of that I was told there's a mandatory 12 hr shift or associates will be fired. Really bad business strategy.

Very misleading!

I thought I was getting a great deal on a shirt...the price tag said $40 but there was a sign for 50% off. I was thinking it was a great deal at $20 so I purchased it. When I got home, I noticed that the $40 tag was a sticker so I peeled it off. It was covering a blacked out price tag of $25. So my deal wasn't really a deal at all! Also, the exact same shirt in a different was $8 more. I have no plans to return JC Penney in the future.

Customer Service

Styling salon did not notify me that the stylist went on vacation. Nobody was in the salon upon arrival. Employee was in back room resting. Manager " King " found excuses regarding the scheduled appt. Regarding the employee...... we are short handed. I left angry. Store # 1417-5 Arcadia, CA

Hoping you bring back the chistmas snow globes. My sisters and I have a tradition that your store is the first one we go to to shop on black friday because we all collect the snow globes. We were so disappointed last yr when you did the buttons. This yr our tradition will be broken. Please bring them back!


We hope that you will not continue to follow Walmart in its quest to obliberate the traditional Thanksgiving holiday for its workers. A growing number of consumers are becoming incensed by this.


I worked for JCPenney in Durango Colorado Store0733-6. I had so much respect for JCP and the treatment of associates. I am very dissapointed that you will be opening on Thanksgiving Day! What happened to the family oriented company? Is money so important that you are going to have associates miss time with family? Please remember you are a family store and it is families that make your company.


On 11-17-13 at the Cleveland Tenn 37312 store I purchased a black leather jacket, Worthington, The regular stickers price was $100 dollars,on sale $49 dollars, great sale. Got it home, took the tags off, under the $100 sticker the price was $75, it was marked up $25, that's not right to do people that why

20% discount veterens discount

I went into the local jc penney in Monroe nc to use my 20% vets coupon only wanting to buy a pair of sneaker for my great-grand daughter and a new coffee maker. I was told that neither were on the discount list. what we you giving a discount on if not something that one could use. you did lose another customer, hope that you close up shop soon so that someone else that might be interested in selling something might take over soon.

opened for Thanksgiving Day

I maybe the only shopper that finds it very disappointing that you will open the stores 8 pm on THANKSGIVING DAY. What does that mean for your associates that would like to be with family but have a drive. They can't be with family. The holidays are for family not for the all mighty dollar. I will NOT be shopping this CHRISTMAS season at any store that will open during THANKSGIVING DAY..What is wrong with you people. Truly disappointed....


Very disappointed as an employee that jcp is going to be opened on thanksgiving night. Can't even have one day to enjoy with our family!!

Online is pathetic

So I order a pair of Clark's shoes online. I open the box and it is some no name pair of boots. I call customer service and I have two options. I can pay the shipping and return them to you or stop by a local JC Penney store. Really. I requested a call tag and she told me that is something we don't do. To get my shoes she goes and charges my card again and explains that once I return the shoes at the store I will get a credit. This all took about thirty minutes of being on and off hold. I now get a confirmation that my shoes are on there way. Guess what..wrong size. I will never order from this company ever again.

the worst

no wonder this store has gone down so much. their csr don't know how to adjust accounts, constantly lie about credits owed, and don' even know the names of the executive staff. idiots....


Went to our local store to purchase two pair of jeans. Decided to use my Penney's credit card which I hadn't for a while. Cashier told me the account, unknown to me, was closed. I called customer service when home and they said it was closed for non-use. I've been a loyal Penny's customer since 1968 with my card account opened in 1978. I'm 65. Some time I use it...some time I don't. But I've always shopped Penny's. There wasn't a letter sent at all to warn me of possible closing or any notification of closing. Today I will return my purchase ($57.58) and NEVER shop there again. I'm glad their sales and stock (JCP) is doing so well that they can afford to run long time customers off at their leisure. Mayby that's why their stock is down 69% over last year and they are raising cash by selling 84 million worthless shares....kinda like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

shope else where

I had bought from Jcpenny.com pants. one pant they sent the wrong size. I thought no problem.. they did give a ups label to ship it back but it will take 3 to 5 weeks to get a credit that's poor customer service.. I've never had any online store take this long maybe 3 to 5 days. this is there response: As you can image we recieve a lot of return packages a day. It can take time to go through all the packages and have the return processed for credit. This is why it normally takes 3-5 weeks for this process to be completed and posted to your account. I am sorry for the wait and appreciate your patience.

Poor Customer Service and Management

Penny's just hires individuals without giving them good quality training skills. The Mall of Georgia has terrible management and people skills. The lines are long and very very slow. Management stands around organizing the clothes racks while 20 customers are waiting to check out. And they usually have one cashier to help all the customers. Go to North Point,Gainsville or Gwinnett Mall much better service and faster lines.

Lazy workers ruin jcp

While working at JCP I noticed that many workers that had been there for years were by far the worst at cleaning, wasted time and resource being lazy. Our managment seemed to make excuses for , rewarded the long term employees with hours while good workers,newer workers hours were cut.The lack of training because they felt threatened by any new person did nothing to promote or help JCP'S current state. The store was often left in disgusting condtion, clothing on the floor, stacks of shirts left in heaps not folded on every table simply because lazy workers could care less leaving the mess all day.I can see why JCP HAS ISSUES and will continue to sink if basic store pride is not even a thought an just not happening.

Dissapointed shopper

I am so disappointed in the decision to get rid of the HOME collection of draperies, I have shopped at JCP for many years and bought nothing but these for my entire house, and have referred many others to purchase them as well. Also the selection of clothing has gone down hill, no more "classic" clothing or shoes to choose from. I am so sad that I have to shop elsewhere. Would some one who sits in an office PLEASE think of going back to the styles and choices we once had. Also getting rid of the catalog department was a bad decision.

I have always liked JC Penney, but the change is a little too much, I don't know who your buyers are but you need to go to your stores and see if you would buy these clothes for yourself. I'm 61. You also got rid of the catalog dept. now the cashier has to go to the back to get the merchandise, while the line gets longer. The lingerie dept. is still the same, can't find anyone to help you. Once I went and found someone to help me find a bra and she said she couldn't because she didn't know how to measure me. No help there, she just left. Also, here in San Antonio, we need more larger sizes to pick from.

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