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I tried to get my wedding ring repaired and they remade it! It's my wedding ring can't believe they did this. Booooooo!!!!!!!! Wish no stars were an option


I shop at the JCP in Menomonee Falls WI. The employees are gracious, and extremely helpful. People forget to say Thank You to all the hard working employees at JCP. Thank you for being a clean store with good prices, and better quality items then Kohl's and Boston Store. Happy Holidays to all of the employees, and THANK YOU AGAIN for being a bright clean store.


I work with lifetouch with the schools and they are great to work with. But jcp portaits in palmdale thier management is poor and the people are rude. I will get my pictures done there again.

poor customer support

your customer support is very poor, when trying to get hold of people I get a person in the PI who could not understand me. when I got to a supervisor she had limited authority to help. I have canceled my credit card, and will not be shopping at JCP every again. you used to be a good store, not any more. management screwed up. then you use the stupid curvey blurred "words" to make it hard to protest or complain

false ads and horrible service

I went in to use a coupon that was givin out .. got to reg and was told they were no longer taking coupons for the xmas season .. The coupon had a date of Nov through xmas eve .. contacted mngment and the mng was so rude .. I then called jcp.com and was told that they were to accept and honor the coupon and the mng refused , even told the supervisor of jcp.com that she was not doing it .. I was blown away from the treatment I recieved from this store mng and employee...


Your ads highlighting "20 % OFF" are deceitful...My wife and I went to the store in Boynton Beach, FL and I chose a pair of Levi jeans along with some other purchases. Oh, behold the 20% OFF is for only certain items. Yea, I should have read the fine print which includes so many exceptions that I would have gotten confused anyway. This cheap, false advertising is shameful! I was going to write to show you the ad along with my receipt and my cancelled credit card. I don't want any part of this as there too many other stores which don't use these type of bogus ads. I have just destroyed my JCP credit card.

pearl earrings

Ordered pearl earrings for my daughter for christmas! one week later they are sorry but my order is canceled… Thanks a lot J C Pennys. Was a loyal customer...

Despicable tv ads

Stop twisting Christmas carols into awful ads for your stores...it is despicable and a huge turn off. I jump for the remote to mute your ads!!!

JC Penny Magazine

I found that while growing up it was a blessing, to get the JC Penny's Magazine for free, in the mail. This had everyone in our household wanting to get our hands on it to mark the pages of the things we all wanted., for school, Christmas, Easter or just because. I belive if this was sent in the mail agiain and back in our hands you would sell more product. Having something in your hands helps us fantasize about the gift more, and tear out pages to remember what we want to buy. :)

No one minding the store

Went to a portrait studio at a store now no one answers the phone. Very poor even the store manager can not get results


What terrible work the curtain installers did! $3000 and can not even get a call back from them as the curtains are coming off the wall! Will NEVER use them again.

I placed an order online on Black Friday and was sent someone else's order. Now I can't get what I ordered because it is out of stock. And for the inconvienience was told they would give me a $10 voucher. Not what I wanted. I wanted my order and now I am screwed. And you wonder why you lack business. I will never shop at JCP again!! You don't even deserve one star but I have to put something.

Shame on you

Very disappointed in your advertising department in thinking that using a traditional secular Christian Christmas Carol ( Do You Here What I Here, which depicts the birth of Christ) into a "catchy" little buy, buy, buy,spend your $$$$$$ at J C Penny ditty. J C Penny should be ashamed at this association to increase holiday sales. Using the typical non-secular holiday songs are one thing but to depict the birth of Christ or any similar secular related song to increase revenue is unforgivable. They really missed the TRUE meaning of Christmas for millions big time. We feel that an apology is required and an immediate termination of this TV commercial. I for one will not shop J C Penny and I hope others as well will agree.


Your use of the music from a cherished and beautiful Christmas carol in your advertising is extremely tacky, crude and downright tasteless. How dare you! Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth, not some reason to make a mockery of that celebration and you should all be very ashamed of yourselves! I am extremely disappointed in your thoughtlessness!

Use of melody of "Do You Hear What I Hear"

Investors might be interested in the fact that I am among many who will take my Christmas dollars elsewhere this season. I have held a JC Penney credit card for 40 years. The store has been a mainstay for me. However, this season you have chosen to use the melody from a beloved, religious carol (“Do You Hear What I Hear”) in your advertising. Even I, a non-churchgoer, am offended. It’s fine to use secular holiday music, but it is NOT acceptable to use a carol about the birth of the Christ Child for your financial gain. You are mocking a belief system. Shame on you.

latest ad 11.30.13

How dare you use one of our most basic carols about the birth of Christ!! , "Do you Hear What I Hear' for your stupid Christmas sales commercial. This is a sacred song,, and I resent your trivializing it,, not to mention changing the lyrics for your own greedy gain.

Great - Calm Down

That's really great that your open on Thanksgiving, I hope your open Christmas Day. EVERYONE in AMERICA doesn't celebrate every holiday. Some people don't have families to be with, some people like spending time shopping, working out or just getting out the house. Employees have options to work on not; they are not forced. So calm down and enjoy your holidays how you want and let us that want to hang out and go to JC Penney.. Thanks


Shop at jcp in hickory nc. Sales staff has always been extremely friendly and helpful. Love the store. Quality merchandise and people My favorite store at the mall !

Black Friday Commercial

That is the best commercial I have seen in a long time ! Don't know who created it for you but they need a big pat on the back. Well Done.

Open on Thanksgiving

I was so proud that JC Pennys was really trying to be customer service. I am upset that they are going to be open on Thanksgiving. The people cant be with their families and enjoy a holiday that is really trying to become no more. The sales can still be there Friday. People will come . I wish we could make a law that no stores are open on Thanksgiving. If people would boycott and stay home them the store would not open. Please reconsider and stay closed. Money isn't everything .

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