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Very disappointing that after working there for many years, JCPenney cannot at the very least provide employment verifications.

Jcpenney has always treated me poorly as an associate. I will never step foot in the Vineland Jcpenney's again. They need to learn how to treat their employees.

very much unethical

I have to agree with the buddy system has gotten way out of hand for rehires!!! When at the time I had a huge clientele. The Rock Springs Managers don't even know me. I am a native of this town. I know hairdressers that will never work there again, because of poor management.


Im so happy to see a better line of clothes in the store. I have written many times about the poor quality of merchandise . Finally, I was heard, so HAPPY!! Thanks for listening.


For two weeks the restrooms have had several partial rolls of paper towels for drying hands. Can't they afford supplies in the Mishawaka, IN store?

Worst Salon Management!!!!!!!!

Management here is Incompetent, salon is a ludicrous lack of efficiency. Came in a few day's ago to give it a last try, meet another new manager started and ended in a hostile manner.


THe favoritism and unethical practices of these individuals is quite sad to say the less. hardworking employees who can barely make their daily bills because of lack appropriate individuals in upper management and favoritism... Someone needs to come in and get rid of the management and see how the store would improve in all categories too much of a BUDDY system instead of a place of employment.


i would like to say that the lady working jewley was great her name was cindy.. best customer service skills other girls were just talking and she came right up to me and helped me ... store at ford city

clothing options

I love JCPenney, having said that I wish they would remember that there are women over 55 who would like to wear attractive clothing, I do not like to wear black, I love pretty colors, but, every thing pretty is geared towards the younger customer, I was on their website this morning looking fro short sleeved tops to take on vacation to Mexico, several of which I would have purchased, if the sleeve had been just a little longer. JCPenney may do well if they are known fro targeting the little older customer, I am sure they aware of a little store in the U.K. named Marks and Spencer, there target customer is over 45, and, they are very successful Penney's could take a leaf from their book. I wish

The Stylist who cut my hair was excellent . She took her time and made sure I was satisfied. I also had my eye brows waxed. I did pay $9 extra( $27) because she was a Senior stylist and more for my eye brows($ 12) than other stores charge. That was not her fault. But MY Complaint is you do not offer Senior Discounts. Even 10% less would have been nice. This is the first salon I have been to that does NOT offer one. Could you reconsider this. I spent close to $50 with tip. I really liked her and want to go back but doubt that I could afford to. Thank You for your time. Bea Didio


My review of your Westwood mall, Jackson Michigan, location, is as follows: Dirty, poorly lit, poorly organized, confusing and incorrect signage, and worst of all, the store manager, Liz, is rude and seems to have little decorum when dealing with customers. When I politely inquired about the non inclusion of clearance in the coupon, she was rude, told me if things were too expensive for me at her store, I had her permission to shop elsewhere. No permission necessary, I reactivated my kohl's charge and cut up my Penney charge.

I love you jc penny's

I am a forever fan of JC Penneys. You have excellent quality and affordable prices. The store interior in my local area is lovely and the staff is wonderful. I recently tried to purchase more American Living Shirts for my son in the Men's Department, and discovered that the company is a subsidiary of Ralph Lauren. Please, please bring back this line. The shirts are superior quality at a very fair price. Thank you.

Poor eye glasses quality

I recently went for my annual eye examination. When the doctor checked out my glasses, she informed me that I only had anti-glare protection in one len. And, this is not the only time I've had trouble with my lens over the years. I am done with JCP opticals.


Lost an Item in your Katy store. The sales associate told me she saw it on the floor and "kicked it out of the way so no one would step on it" but could not tell me where in the department that had happened. Who kicks a medical device item that looks like a watch? Wouldnt you bend over and pick it up. It's laziness or a thief.


wow looks like every shopper has nothing nice to say. i just want you to bring back the AMBRIELLE BRA.

Hate your commercial

You don't even know the words to Silent Night. Are you kidding me? You should be ashamed. I am done doing business with your company.

Bought Glasses. This is the last thing I will ever buy from JC Penney. No wonder they are going out of business

New Tuxedo Commercial

Several of us ranging in ages of early 20's to mid 50's were at dinner when your commercial came up in the conversation, I had actually not seen it until today. Their opinions as well as mine "disgusting and pathetic" that you have to stoop so low to try to get increase in sales. As for us, you lost our respect. Stop designing your stores to look like a cheap warehouse and bring back the classy store that has recently faded. As for your commercial it is offensive.


..so recently i asked for help at the altamonte store,in the home department.Unknowingly it was the manager herself I was speaking too.Then she yells at the top of her voice, "see that man doing nothing", "go to him".I then approached the clerk and told him, I hope he was not embarrassed, and to speak with his manager.Lo and behold, that was his manager! shame shame

Poor customer service

My husband purchased the incorrect gift card - a menorah instead if a birthday cake. The store refused to exchange it. I'll be sending back my credit card and closing my account. Very poor customer service. Gulf view square mall in Port Richey, Fl has seen the last of me.

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