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THis company is a joke. One of their drivers in one their cars hits my new mercedes on Saturday. Here it is Monday, I called this morning. As they are self insured, And no one answers the phones on the weekends. I recieve a Confirmation number and claim number (supposedly. Go in to get a rental car with the confirmation number. When they pull it up, Oh sorry it has not been long enough. This confirmation is not valid. You can rent a car from us and be reimbursed. I mean what kind of "corporation" behaves in this manner. I am unable to get to my office and lose $900 a day due to their drive, and their Self insurance. Give me a break. This is going to make HEADLINES IN THE HOUSTON AREA. I have a large Law firm. with alot of connections. This may be the end of these type of Companies.

This is the company that lacks kindness, customer service, professionalism and anything that every customer would seek when paying the company for any kind of product or service. I would like to say that I will avoid this company in any way possible. I would rather pay little more and get exceptional service then pay what Hertz prices and get poor service they offer.

I talked to roger in miami when my daughter left her camera in the car 1 hour after returning it. All 3 of our kids saw the camera in the backseat. Roger looked in the car and talked to the people that clean the car... No camera. I am amazed at the dishonesty of the hertz employees. I am not blaming roger, but someone now has a new camera. My daughter is in tears because it was her only Christmas present this year. We will call lost and found tomorrow, but finding it looks grim. I am very disappointed in hertz.

My husband was employed with Hertz for 5 yrs and we relocated to Las Vegas he applied online for a position here and never recieved so much as a email or anything and now we are having difficulty withdrawing his 401k which is not much but it belongs to him whats up Hertz you hurting for $$ so you keeping ours??? We notified this Human Resources corporate office which shuffled us to the Teamsters office who said they have nothing to do with the 401k and he is not listed as an active employee so we not sure whats up but we know we dont have this $$$$ in our pockets! Hertz sucks!

My dealings with Hertz is of a different matter. My company has purchased numerous trucks from Hertz with out ever having a problem. The last purchase, however, had one problem. I was sent a rental charge on a truck that I purchased. Who can I speak to on this problem. There was a delay in the paper work due to the fact the title was no where to be found. It actually took 45 days to clear it all up at which time I was able to register the vehicle....

I wish there was a minus star of about 1000. I would pick it. Long story short. Accident. Tried Enterprise(no car) Hertz next. Had a car but not covered by insurance. Idiot behind desk says no problem. Same price. 5 minutes before they close, a call saying car must come back for oil change. Can't get there by closing(still have no other car for me, anyway). Talk them into letting me come in next morn. Spend 2 hours waiting for oiil to be changed and car returned to me. Finally insist on calling the man who took it for oil change. He had wrecked it. After an hour, a car still not ins compatible but still according to them,no change in price was available. Got in replacement car , no gas at all, had to wait for someone to go with me to get gas. Missed a doctors appointment and my grand-daughter missed her finals at college. Tried to return car several days later,no agent at the return place,(and she can't be found) drove around to different places trying to return. Finally called Hertz and was told to take the car to a specific place and leave it there. They would pick it up. Now they have charged my CC for the regular price and added an extra $65.00 for God only knows what. I would not rent a dog house from these people and I encourage anyone to stay far away from them. They are scam artists with a capital 'S'. I'm not quite thru with them yet. Corporate office, next call I make and keep making until they get so da*n tired of hearing my voice they do something to shut me up. I just rented another car, this time from Enterprise and they were exceptionally nice to me. 4 days-$40.00 Can't beat a deal like that. Hertz can go to he*l.

Manager and Lorie from sales at the Danbury CT store is taking money out of the register for personal use ie prostitutes. Lori rewrite the cash out sheets when it is replaced days later. Staff are afraid of reporting...fear of being fired.


I will never use this rental company again. The young clerk/manager who worked with my husband and I was rude to the point of rolling his eyes because I told him that both my husband and I were renting the car, but, the card would go on my major credit card. I thought the my response was not complicated, but, he acted very impatient and unfriendly. He also treated my husband and I as though we were troublesome or intrusive on his time. I will contact corporate with a follow up letter.

Had to rent a car from hertz back in July 2011 while my car was getting fixed bc got hit parked. The employees in hoboken, NJ processed the claim from the insurance company, I clearly asked if I can return the car in a different location and they stated that there is no problem if I do that. Two weeks after, when I had to return the car, RUTH a very unpleasant and not profession woman from Hertz at Paramus, NJ ended up messing up contract and ended up charging everything to my credit card. She couldn't fix the problem, ignored my concern for the charges and till today December 31,2011 nobody has been able to fix or helped me with my problem. Spoke to Sean site mananger from Paramus and haven't even return my calls. I will actually do everything to make sure this gets to corporate or any place highter. I am very dissapointed costumer. I'll make sure, that at least nobody from my family ever rents a car from this company.

The first week of September 2011, we rented a vehicle at Hertz at 8963 Astronaut Blvd HLE, Port Canaveral, FL. We drove it approx. 5 miles down the road when the mirror glass fell off of the passenger side view mirror. We did not hit anything nor have any type of accident. The glass just fell off. We returned the car immediately and stated that it was unsafe to drive the vehicle this way, and requested a different vehicle. The attendant looked at the mirror casing and could see that there was not any damage done to the mirror, and that it was obvious that we did not have any type of accident. He then gave us a different car to drive due to the defect. Today, Dec. 19th 2011 we receive a notice in the mail and a phone call from JNR Adjustment Company in Winter Park, Florida stating that they are collecting a debt in the amount of $256.51 due to the damage that was on the vehicle that we returned. They tell us that we may be covered with our credit card or personal insurance. This is NOT our responsibility to provide repair for a defective vehicle that Hertz rented to us. We will NEVER rent from Hertz again. We cannot believe that Hertz would swindle their customers in this way. Previous to this, we felt Hertz was a reputable company. We will fight this charge, even if it means that we will need to go to small claims court in Florida.

December 2nd, I dropped everything to rush to Plano, TX for our son's emergency operation with no idea how long I would be. A.A. booked my flight and offered to transfer me to Hertz. I asked for an economy car and said it would be in a hospital lot. Upon check in on December 3rd, the agent offered me a free upgrade to an SUV with GPS. (My Ifon has GPS.) I said I didn't need it, but he insisted it was free. It was pouring rain, and we chatted about TX drivers on ice and snow. He urged me to consider insurance for only $30 - no deductible. He didn't say that was $30 for each day. My $62 reservation was $260, but Rachim explained he had to put a $200 authorization. My focus was in Plano - dumb me. Man, the vultures are everywhere! Tuesday, a second operation was required and I had to call in to make it a full week. Now the tab is $760. Whoa! I asked why - because of the upgrade and the GPS and the $30 PER DAY of insurance. No I could not drop the insurance without leaving the hospital and turning in the car at the airport. Last time I will ever use Hertz. I will tweet, blog and notify my LinkedIn colleagues, and I will report this to the Better Business Bureau. In my road warrior days, I used Hertz often and was not tricked nor mistreated that I can recall, but if this is the new Hertz, I've been fooled that one time. You only get one. My tweet: Watch out for #Hertz at DFW if the agent wants to do you a favor and give you a free upgrade. The weeks is costing almost $800. Dumb me!

Hertz rental agent has lied to me on several ocassions in regards releasing a hold on my credit car for 7 days. Is Hertz investing funds from consumers and them releasing the holds, or is Hertz taking funds from consumers out right. Hertz should be ashame, but them there is no shame in criminal activity. This is my second worse experience and I will never use Herts again.

I rented a car with the intention of keeping for a week. I called one day prior to the return date to extend my contact for another week. Midway through the 2nd week I received a call from Hertz's automated service stating that I must contact them immediately regarding the return of the car. I called the manager at the location where it was rented, get this...he states this call is generated when a vehicle has been recalled. I told him this is nonsense,the call seemed on the level as if the car was missing or stolen. He says just keep the car.. I was extremely pissed off told him that I was going to return the car and expect to receive a discount off my bill and an upgrade. I was discounted $20 with an upgrade. I ended up returning the upgraded care b/c the inspection sticker expired 6/11 - this goes to show how frequently their cars are inspected for safety. I traded that car and demanded another discount for inconvenience and was given another $20 off the bill. I just call today to extend my contract and was told I have to return the car because they just received an inquiry that someone wants to purchase it. They think I am "stupid" they just don't want to loose money I am paying for a economy car but driving a full size. I am really fed up with the unprofessionalism, being inconvenienced and being approached as a fool. I do not rent cars frequently, but when I do it is usually thru Avis or Enterprise. I truly regret dealing with this company.

I will never rent from Hertz ever again, I had a rental and my credit card has been overcharged and I will now have to go their in the morning to figure out what has went on with my credit card. This has caused serious overdrafts and I will definitely be getting an attorney because this isn't the first time they have attempted to over compensate themselves. The company sucks and I guess with reviews and comments like these the company should be reported.

Rented a Renault for 2 weeks from Hertz at the airport in Amsterdam. The service seemed excellent and the car was excellent as well. We returned the car after our 2 week vacation in Holland. We completely filled the tank and returned the car in perfect shape. It was clean, accident free, properly parked about 15 meters from the office in a designated parking spot. Only one problem: our flight left at 6 am and the office was not open yet when we returned the car. Their booth in the airport was, however, open and we dropped the keys with one of their employees. The vehicle was left sound and locked! This was in July 2011. On 20 October our American Express card was billed by them for over $2000 for "damages." I had believed that they were a good company. We are now learning that they are despicable, underhanded, scam artists. Of course we will dispute this and hire an attorney if necessary. Please NEVER NEVER EVER rent from this company. You are bound to be screwed. Learn from our mistake!

This garbage company held $269 of my money for 4 days after, my wife paid for the rental the same day. Common Hertz why are you guys holding onto my money for? Making some intrest off of it huh?? Criminals! It starts at the top; garbage management! To all that read this go somewhere else to rent a vehicle. That way you can stop them from making money on "your money"!

Worst customer service I have ever received. I rented from the Lomita, CA location. WIll never rent from Hertz again. I would suggest to Hertz Corp. to advise people when making a reservation, if you need to change to an earlier p/u time to call in advise in advance. We came early due to issues beyond our control and they offered no solutions, were very rude. The girl Leah, even lied and said she was the manager. I understand theyhave there policies but that doesnt mean you have to be rude.

Lazman - call (201)307-2000 and ask for an Ombudsman or their Executive Complaint Deparment. I just spoke with a woman named Sharon who said she would have someone call from the office that has been ignoring my voice mails. She seemed sincere but at least it was a human.

I have an issue on an international rental. Have any of you ever been able to get a contact at the corporate office? If so would you mind sharing with me? Regarding billing contacts at Hertz I have one. Let me know if you would like it.

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