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Company a group of liars. Do not use them they will rip yoiu off. Asked to go out and inspect car before renting said they were too busy. Asked to inspect the car after return said they were short handed and too busy. 2 weeks later said car had a crack in the plastic grill. Total damages $600.00 Told them they could kiss my xxxx. Did no damage to the car and find out that is how they operate. Beware of the Hertz scam. Probably used the same claim bullshit with numerous others and use the same pictures of a grill that has been paid for many times over. Liars, cheats and theives! Rent from them and you will find out.


Hertz should be shut down. Scam scam scam. The entire company is a fraud & scams people of their money. Never rent from Hertz...EVER!

I too will never rent from Hertz again. On what was supposed to be an enjoyable family vacation, I had to experience two defective rentals from the Zurich Airport location. The first vehicle produced smoke and fumes and did not have enough power to exit the turnstyle. When I returned the attendants blamed me for the problem saying that I did not know how to drive clutch. I guess that it was only my imagination when I navigated the streets of San Francisco in a clutch vehicle. The second vehicle failed in a Munich parking garage. Battery was dead with a clicking sound. Had to wait several hours for a technician to show only to tell me I should return the vehicle to the Munich station. I returned the vehicle and completed my trip. When I spoke with the Zurich office, the manager never apologized and referred me to Customer Service. Just received a letter from Corporate office saying they were sorry but since the first vehicle checked out OK I would not be billed for damages. As far as the second vehicle goes, I was advised that things happen. I was also advised that because of my behavior at the Zurich office things had to be escalated. One thing is perfectly clear about Hertz, the customer is wrong until proven otherwise.

Hertz charged $278 on my account, which included a $200 hold even though I never took possession of the car. When I went to pickup the rental, Tom, the employee gave me a contract to sign that had an incorrect first name. I'm not talking about a misspelling of mine, but one that began with an A instead of an R. He tried to fix it, but became frustrated that he couldn't figure it out. He suggested that he cross out that name out, manually write in mine, and then attach his business card. WHAT!!!??? He then blamed my travel agent for the error, although the hardcopy of my reservation had MY name; I gave him MY driver license and MY bankcard. He said he could void it out and do it over, but he would have to run my credit AGAIN. I declined and left after being told that he would void the transaction. Of course, 5 days later the $278 charge is still in limbo on my account. I went there in person with instructions from my bank on how to remove the transactions and that idiot still couldn't figure it out! LEARN FROM MY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!

Please remove my last name on the review I just submitted regarding the $278 charge in limbo on a rental I declined with Hertz due to an erroneous first name on their contract. My PC automatically populated my full name. Thanks

HERTZ CHARGED ME FOR GAS WHEN I RETURNED IT FULL. HERE'S THE EMAIL I SENT IN THE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY THEY SENT ME TO FILL OUT. Billed $98.86 for fuel. I topped off tank just prior to drop-off. This is the first time with Hertz and the last. I've rented from AVIS for years and never had this happen to me. This kind of behavior is nothing short of "intentional". There is no excuse for this type of mistake. It comes across as nothing more than trying to scam unsuspecting customers. People work hard for their money in these hard times and don't need this kind of bullshit from a flippin' car rental company for Christ sake. I'M NOTICING A PATTERN HERE WITH THE OTHER RESPONDENT. I'D BE VERY WARY OF THIS CAR COMPANY.

I will never rent from Hertz again! I was not told that they added a $200 deposit to my card when they ran through the authorization at pick up. It has been 2.5 weeks since I returned the car and they still have not released the additional $250 in holds they placed on my card. My next step is to file a complaint the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs.

I was approved a 30 day rental by statefarm ins. and hertz still charged me for 3 days . they suck I am still fighting with them . I will never rent a car from hertz again

By far worst rental company! Do not go here! !! There employees do not know what they are talking about. One employee told me their was a 200 dollar deposit and a different employee said there was not a deposit.The lady at the desk was not even capable of finding my reservation on the computer... They took over a week to charge my account and when they did...they charged me 73 dollars for gas...they claimed it was returned half full...IT WAS RETURNED FULL. still haven't gotten my money back! TERRIBLE experience!

Hertz contacted me via email lwhite@telus.net I can not find the email to respond. but you asked for a contract # I do not have, so I suggest you look under our nameYou have all the info in your computer Linda White

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