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Should have read the reviewds First. Would not have even made reservations.

I specifically rented with Hertz because you advertised Double A+ Reward points with AirTran. THAT WAS IN MARCH...IT IS NEARLY THE END OF JULY AND NO POINTS. AirTran says they have not recieved notification from Hertz. I have sent numerous emails with complete documentation showing my reservation number with Hertz (including my AirTran number)to several people at Hertz, I have made numerous phone calls to your staff who offer no customer service and just read from a paper of standard answers that do not help with questions asked. Is this a bait and switch scam????

I wish I could give a minus 0 star. Recent trip to Atlanta airport and hertz rentals. While I realize they are not responsible for items left in returned vehicles common decency plays a roll as well. On 6/19/12 we returned our rental to the airport. I realized when we got on the plane that I had left my handicap sticker and my fathers flight log book from WWI in the rental. I still had the receipt with ticket number on it and called lost and found. They told me nothing was in the car. Shame on the person who cleaned the car. Clearly they stole my sticker and probably threw away a treasured memory of my father. It had been given to me at the family reuion we attended. Sick at heart I will never use Hertz again.

I was very discouraged about Hertz. I have a son that works for the company I have rented several times in the last couple of months. The two previous times were some what uneventful. The last time we rented a car for my father in law. I sent my husband to pay. Everything had been set up. The amount was supposed to be 189.00, the man told my husband an amount of 559.00. My husband asked about the difference in the price and was told 200.00 was just being held and would go back on. The guy who took care of the reservation changed everything. Since I did not deal with it myself it wasn't until I saw the amount that had been taken out of my bank account. I went to Hertz where I felt with a manager named Tamera. She told me there was nothing she could do because the contract closed on the 1st and I would have to contact the corporate office. So I leave upset even more because she had horrible customer service skills, actually no skill. So I call corporate, where I have to get a call back because the wait time is more than 30min. So they call back, only to tell me they can't help me I have to have a manager from the location it was rented from. Ok so I did that and it difn't work. Well I have to do it again. Really what if that additional 300 caused financial devastation. Hertz has no care for their customers. From getting ripped off to super visors all the way to corporate.

I am a active employee of hertz. I was going to rent a car from hertz with my company discount at Houston Hobby and low and be hold nobody waa at the counter. So I asked the Avis person and she said they never come in. So I called the number they left for a contact. So I finally got to talk to someone and told them my employee number. They come back and told me $268 for two day on a compact car. To say the least I checked around and ended up with a car from Avis. The same exact car was only $109. So guess who I want rent from cause my employee discount is a joke

Hertz is a joke. I called in June to make a reservation for a large SUV or a 7 passenger mini van. Called a week before my reservation and the Hertz office did not have any of my information that I spent 20 minutes giving the girl on the phone a month prior. I am needing to rent the vehicle for 2 weeks (my personal vehicle is at the body shop), which I feel they would like the business since it will not be a cheap rental. Monday morning called again to state I will be in at 9:30 to pick up a rental . . . they had nothing for me to match my request. I rec'd a small crossover to fit myself, my 5 kids, and our belongings - not!! We are cramped in this car (Mazda 5). I was told today, Tues, they would have the SUV I requested - shocker, they dont!! I was told to call the Airport location (45 mins from my home) to see what they have to rent. Isn't that Hertz's job to find me a car!!!!!!! I have 5 kids at home and I need to do their job. I have called Enterprise rental and they have been FABULOUS!! Also, Hertz NEVER called me once with what was going on with my rental the past 2 days, I ALWAYS had to contact them. HORRIBLE customer service at the O'fallon, MO location

I haven't had any problems with them getting a loan when my car was in the shop, until I wanted to keep the car for the weekend and Hertz agreed. Then once the weekend was over I went back to work couldn't leave. I called them to ask can they but my husband on as a driver so that he could bring the car back. The gut told me no, so then I ask if when did the car have to be back so I wouldn't be charged another day, he said at 9. I mean, they didn't want to work with me or any thing. No grace priod or any thing. Mind u I called like 9:20 ish. I told them when I called at 4:18 on Friday that should have been the time to return it. when they started charging me unstead of the dealer. So I call the corporate office and made a complaint but they just asked me they would have someone pick up the car, I told them no because I'm already being charged for the day so what's the sense in that. I just feel hertz is very cut and dry and they would no be a choice for me and my friends.

I booked a car on hotwire for a mini van, and they made me pay everything up front from my account, daily rate, airport taxes and pick-up fees, and the insurance for the three day rental, to be picked up at Hertz Ontario Airport. When I went to pick up the van it was not big enough so Hertz offered me an upgrade to a SUV, they did not even deduct the $297.00 already paid to Hotwire, they charged me another $30.00 which they said would be $10.00 a day, they charged me $155.00 extra for 3 days of insurance, $37.00 for airport taxes and pick-up fees, that I already paid hotwire $66.00 for. They charged me for a total of $359.00 extra, plus I prepaid for gas $118.00. When Hertz finish overcharging me and did not even consider what was paid to hotwire in their behalf, it cost me $768.00 for a three day rental. I am still trying to get my money back due me from Hertz and Hotwire, and they just keep bouncing me back and forth. I will never use either one of them again. They don't event know who did what pass the reservation number and play dump to the situation. I will take it to another level corporate or file in court for a settlement of this double charging and deception in who should pay me for the overcharges.

I just held on the phone for over an hour, and did't get to speak to anyone. So much for my loyalty and being a Gold member for years.

I recently rented a car from the San Francisco international airport office and would like to compliment Mr. Mike Fini in that office who was extemely helpful in obtaining the vehicle I needed for the trip. He went, in my opinion, out of the way to be helpful and is certainly a credit to your entire organiation. I am an attorney in Florida with a full time practice and appreciate Mr. Fini's efforts. Thank you. Malcolm H. Kahl, Esq. 2929 East Commercial Blvd, Suite 507, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308.

Your employee Dana Hancock is a liar, and has no customer service skills. She is rude and vulgar. If I had an employee that showed as much disrespect and contemp for my customers as she shows I would not have any customers at all. It is my opinion that she should be terminated at once

I have had what is probably the worst customer experience of my life. Someone named Dana at the Dallas airport has to be the rudest most condescending person I have ever had to deal with. To be very blunt her people skills leave a great deal to be desired. You should know that because of her and her attitude I will never use your company again. I would rather walk. You should consider employing persons with much better people skills

I intiated a car rental one way for one day,drop off near my house. The bill was supposed to be 50.00 . It ended up being 120.00 We dropped off the car at 6pm.Now were getting billed for 2 days ,plus 100 dollars. Total 427.00.This has been 2 days of phone calls and no resolution. I will never use Hertz again. I will get through to there coorporate headquarters and hopefully there will be a resolution. We filled the car with gas also.

You have an employee at DFW airport that is working with a ex company tow truck driver who lives in Grand Prairie to swindle money out of the company. You should investigate this. They have or are sleeping together as well...She is also getting kick backs from a company called Pro tow...Again you should do a complete investigation of this person

Hertz doesn't even deserve one star. Everything appeared fine. When we were getting in the car I noticed a few small ant looking bugs on the front bumper of the car. I just thought they were eating bugs and were only on the outside. When we got to our location 6 hours later, there were bugs all over the trunk ( which is where the luggage was). We unloaded and washed everything we had. It was late at this time so I decided to call hertz in the mornig. I went to the car to grab the papers and their were bugs everywhere (Front seat, back seat, trunk, and on the outside of the car). They would not pick up the car, I had to return it. I had to drive 2.5 hours to get to another Hertz location. On top of the inconvience, I also had to fill up the tank! Can you believe this! Not only did the car have bugs AND I had to drive it to a Hertz location, I also had to fill the tank! Customer service was horrible. I spoke with the manager and he said sorry, but you have to fill the tank. Have some companies really forgotten about providing EXCELLENT customer service. I will never use Hertz again.

I have rented from Hertz many times and have not had a problem as far as the money situations everyone else has had. They treat me with respect and are always willing to work with me if they do not have a certain car in due to demand. They have drove me home before and and I believe if you have the right people in the work environment you will receive excellent customer service. Also, based off what I have been reading, some of you may have rented from a bad location that does not have professional employees. So, also look at the location and I guess sometimes that may be a factor. I know it is sad, but it is true in certain circumstances as far the work environment and professionalism is involved. Overall, I have been satisfied with my past experiences renting from Hertz. Sorry to hear all the bad comments but hopefully not all customers should have a bad experience. Hope this helps! Good luck!

I flew into Atlanta Air Port. I had a car resevered and when they swiped my card (which should have been for $58.00) It went through as 4 different swipes which placed $1018.00 hold on my bank account. They told me it should fall off in 24 to 48 hours that was last Friday. Today (Monday) I spoke with them and they said it may take up to 7 days. I'm so pissed right now. To top it off, none of the managers want to deal with the questions that I have for them. Everything is "I'm so sorry about that. You are not the first person that this has happen to." Never rent from Hertz.

Absolutely the worst rental company. Extremely poor customer service. I was involved in a car accident, the lady who hit me, her insurance paid for the rental car luckily. Of course, her company would chose the lowest class and rudest car rental company. When I returned the car, they made it seem like such a hassle to come pick it up, and the guy who picked it up couldn't be any more rude and unprofessional. He started getting in the car to leave while I was asking him a question, and he said "work it out with my manager" and slammed the door, speeding away, literally screeching the tires. I spoke with the manager who wasn't much help either, his name was Ben Ten. I would never reccommend this company to anyone, and I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with Hertz. I will also be filing a complaint with them with the Better Business Bureau regarding an unathorized charge.

the other guys insurance company set me up with Hertz... Somehow, a rental car company has no cars. The employee on the phone says he will call me back in 10-15 minutes. That was 24 hours ago. Of course, I have tried calling them - no one answers the phone or returns msgs. Ya know... there are a lot of ethical people out there who cannot find work and then you have the employees of Hertz who cant even return a call. these sons-a-bitches... Im out a vehicle because a 91 year old man decided to get behind the wheel and Hertz cant even pick up the phone.

I rented a car in April from Hertz. My price was 120.00 when I made the reservation. When I got there the price jumped to $290.00. I had all my paper work stating what the price was and the manager in Boston could care less. Im still trying to get the money back from HERTZ!!! I will never get a rental from this place again and neither will my family or friends. I am disabled and these people took advantage of me.I dont have money to waste!!! They should return the money They can afford it at the prices they charge.

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