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I called in 4/1/2013 and said I wanted to file a complaint against 2 hertz locations in Arizona. Everyone was very nice, so nice they helped me with my problem. They assured me everything was going to be okay and that they were going to look into the problem and were going to call me back. Now all I can do is wait. So here goes. Ill give you guys an update to what happens. Thanks for reading my review.

Very poor service in AZ

I rented a Volkswagen CC at Phoenix airport. While driving to the hotel, we noticed a noise in right front. Then next morning we drove car again and the noise was even more previlant. Called the hertz number at airport 602-267-8822 and could not get a human being on the phone. Left 3 messages, each one being more demanding and yet no response. Called the emergency assist number and they told me I had to drive back to the airport to exchange the car, because they said it was drivable. This is terrible service. Hertz should have delivered me a new car to my hotel.

Worst customer service in the world

I rented a car from hertz in Middletown Suffolk county, the guy was rude. I placed the call at 9:00 on Saturday morning 3/16/2013 He was so rude I was trying to ask him he hung up on me right away they over charged me i dropped my cAr off on thurs and saturday.im trying to get an answer why my bill went from 95 to 395 huge difference. That is really bad bad service I never experience service lole that before in my life and I had bad service before wow.. I ask for the manager he said no manager on duty until Monday. I really upset. Who are working in this offices no you will lose business from this I will never ever ever rent from hertz again they are thieves

Never again

Hertz is the most incompentent, unresponsive and deceitful, business I have dealt with. They prey on hurried travelers and trick them into additional charges with reckless abandon. If you try to get a human being on the phone to get resolution, it is like being dropped into a black hole. MONTHS of trying to reach some one, then getting passed off to another office that doesn't answer, or return messages. My issue was no small dollar amount. it was over $2700 in false charges. I will steer everyone I can away from getting mixed up in the Hertz racket.


I contacted Hertz corporate office about a discrepancy on my charge card for gas use. The lady I spoke to, Sharon, was courteous and friendly, and resolved the matter to my satisfaction. I will continue to use Hertz so long as they are honest and reputable. Thank you, Mark ( Tampa Florida).

I will never buy a certified car again from hertz...is almost a month and my lien holder doesn't have the title and is already pay off very bad customer service

Do Not Rent

I will never rent from Hertz again. I was overcharged and was switched to $35.64/day for 12 days after I had been paying $11/day....and was not informed until I had to pay.


I have been pleased with Hertz the past few years in the Jackson, Mississippi area. They have always been able to supply me with the type of vehicle I requested. And I hope to continue my business with Hertz in the future. Thank you. Mike Koskie


Rented a mini van in NY JFK, filled the tank before returned vehicle, no one there to meet me at vehicle check in, charged me $88 for a tank of gas sight unseen...Still waiting for my refund. I'm sure the corporate rentals don't even check their statement and hertz must make millions on this...Thanks but never again. 1.5 rating out of 5.....Holy....

I was VERY disappointed in my service this past week. I rented a standard size car with Hertz though Priceline, I was quoted a fair price for a weekly rental, I even called the Hertz company location where I rented from, asked them 3 times if they had shuttle service from Denver Airport and I was told YES, I had speaker phone on so my travel companion could also hear so we both could be reassured we would be shuttled right to the Hertz car rental place.!! We arrived at airport, went out to catch aHertz shuttle and we were told they didnt shuttle to the Hertz we rented from, needless to say, we was stranded at the airport, I called Hertz Corp and they apologized to me but couldnt get me to the Hertz destination that we needed to go...The customer support lady then changed my reservation to the Hertz that did shuttle to and from airport, and of coarse it costed me way more than what my initial reservation would have costed, plus they charged me a $200 deposit on top of the $300 for the rental.!!! Needless to say, thank God I had a place to stay while on vacation (at my sons) because I had no money left after renting the car,so I spent my weeks vacation broke, unable to enjoy my visit being so stressed over Hertz's mistake and mis-communication!!! If I wouldve known there was no shuttle service in the first place I wouldve never rented from that location at all!! And because of this experience, I will NEVER rent from Hertz again, nor would I reccommend anyone to rent from Hertz!! ONE VERY UPSET and DISSATISFIED customer...


I was very displeased with my first and probably last experience at Hertz rental car, this past weekend i went to their Port Columbus location to rent a car because my car was down I was quoted a price of $130.00 plus a 300.00 deposit then the representative told me that i could add extra coverge for $19.99 more only to be ripped off and charged $20 dollars extra a day. could add extra coverage to the vechicle for $19.99 more. Only to return the car tuesday and find out he charged me by the day. I even had him repeat the total to me only to still be ripped off.

i have rented from hertz with only minor problems over the last 10 years. I will however be choosing a different vendor in the future. The last time i was in atlanta ga. i loaded the luggage and found the car wouldn't start so the hassle began. the time previously to that, they allowed me to drive an unregistered car off the lot to my destination, think of the potential here for a hassle. i reported it to hertz and the have not even responded with a KMA

I called a local Hertz car rental in Poway CA two different times to get price quotes. The first time it rang until I was hung up on. The second time it rang with no response or even a recorded message. I called Corporate Headquarter to advise them of my experience. The representative advised me that I could not call that number for a rental and had to call another number. I told her that I prefered to do business locally where I intended to pick up the car because they are more aware of availability and price. I was surprised by that the corporate office was not concerned about poor customer service and the loss of business. I told the representive I could see why they were rated 1-1/2 stars out of four. She told me I interupted her and she was going to say that she would pass my complaint on. There seems to be a serious lack of customer service in all departments I delt with. It is too bad she felt the need to advise me that I interrupted her instead of taking customer information to improve their services. Again, what happened to good customer service and training? I will not be calling on Hertz for a car rental in the future.

Was getting my car worked on as the dealership rented me a car from hertz. The billing was set up to be payed for from the dealership. Somehow hertz took the money out of my checking acount. A week later nothing has been resolved and are very difficult to deal with. Will never do business with again.

No such location

We rented a car at Andrews AFB and drove to Charleston AFB only to find that the location we were to return the car to no longer existed. Had to call to find a new drop off location after driving around for 1/2 an hour. Then had billing problems after that, but they did manage to correct that.


I attempted to rent a car on a Saturday morning in Norman, OK and needed to pick up the car at 8:00 a.m. I was told the office does not open until 9:00 a.m. When I told the representative I wanted to return to car on Sunday morning I was told their Norman office is not open and i would have to keep the car and extra day and pay the cost of keeping the car. Hertz needs to be open from 8:00 a.m. to at least 8:00 p.m. The representative told me the office in Norman is open from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays and not at all on Sunday. Poor service when customers need a car and can't get one when they need it.


I will not rent from Hertz again either. I am in Falls Church, Virginia, and rented from my local dealership within a mile of my house. Had issues with first car, got a second car with issues as well. Wouldn't mind so much, but the non-caring, 'oh well' attitude is what concerns me most. When I called "Executive" Customer Service in NJ, I got attitude from them as well. Something's wrong at Corporate, for the employees to be carrying an attitude.

Not Happy

The Crystal Lake office has the most inadequate people I have ever spoken with.


Trying to get picked up so I can get my rental car and Hertz just doesn't seem to care. The Hertz rental site have their phones forwarded to Hertz central reservations who are totally useless. Called 5 times and felt like I was distrubing her nap or nail polishing.

I rented a car and was given a sentra. Asked for an altima and was charge $75 for an upgrade! I am a GOLD member and the altima is an intermediate, which was what type of car I requested. Sent in a complaint, after two weeks got a response stating I would receive a credit. Then got another email stating I would not get a credit. Spoke with the customer service rep. , who was RUDE and she didn't care if Hertz lost my business. REALLY??? Well, no longer will I rent from Hertz. Poor customer service!!!

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