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crap customer service

Calling 800 654 4173 is such a headache, been trying to get an old receipt for insurance purposes, since the original receipt was incorrect, for 6 weeks now every time I call the hold time is ridiculous, they do not help and apparently no upper management is available. Today I was on hold for 15 min finally spoke to someone just for them to put me back on hold and then cold transfer me to a hertz at an international airport. Never doing business again with a company that has such crappy customer service

Hertz hurts!

I rented a car from hertz recently and i never will again, they failed to give me my $200 deposit on time. How unbelievably inconvenient is that? The representative I spoke with was rude and did not hear me out, kept talking over me, and had she stopped talking for 2 seconds, all I needed to know was the last things she said. I had to wait nearly 2 weeks to receive my deposit! Do not go to hertz to rent a car unless a $200 deposit is chum change to you.


I've been a long time and loyal Hertz customer but no more. After many attempts to correct a problem, I've given up and will transfer all business travel to competition. No one is to blame except Hertz upper management for the complacency and incompetence that now exists in its corporation compared to previous years. Certainly the poorest customer service I've ever encountered as a business traveler. I'm never coming back.

rip off

We rented a car from hertz and the employee parked the car so close to a building that when my boyfriend went to pull straight out his vision was blocked by a brick wall...mind you he was pulling onto a 4 lane road...when he started to pull out the back end scraped the building the employee parked the car next to...they say he has to pay for scratch on the car he never made it out of the parking lot...plus they told him the car needs to be returned with a full tank of gas even though the car wasn't full when he got

Poor Customer Service

I will never use Hertz again. Their cancellation policy is really bad. Over 60% in fees of the original cost!

horrible customer service, imporoper charges

I am SO disappointed in the service received by Firefly Rental Car Co., a subsidiary of Hertz in Orlando airport. I wish I had read these reviews before I rented with them. Actually, I had no idea Hertz owned Firefly until I needed help. It took 5 days, 5 different managers and ultimately the threat of my lawyer calling before the issue was resolved. The car got towed for parking - apparently illegally with 15 other cars, several of which were rentals (which is a totally separate issue). I can share more details if anyone wants, but I just put out there CONSUMER BEWARE!!!

Read your Agreement

I love Hertz & I will always rent w/ Hertz. Everyone want to say that Hertz has poor customer service. Mental note...you are a cust everywhere you go. People shld be more aware of what is in your agreement & is quick to blame the company. All you have to do is READ your agreement.... that is the most important. Don't BLAME Hertz....blame yourself. Keep up the good work HERTZ!!!!!!


My fiancee & I rented a car from west Palm beach airport, the car had ants in it!!!! LIVE ANTS in the AC vent!!! So every time you turned on the AC, ants were flying on you!!!! The absolute worst customer service, I have ever dealt with!!!!!! Still trying to get a full refund back!!!!!

OMG-anywhere but here!

I reserved a standard vehicle and pre-paid the deposit to be sure I had a vehicle the day I would pick up! I received a call from the agent at the Dearborn, MI office informing me that they were waiting for a vehicle to come in. This was half an hour before my pick up. I waited 3 hours and then called another site. I was told that they were all in the same boat, waiting for cars to come in from Ohio! Well needless to say I never received a car...I contacted their billing department to ask for a refund on my $129.00 deposit and was told they would need to verify my story!!! I called again a couple of days later and was told they could not doing anything until my reason for wanting a refund was verified. On September 23rd $29.00 was refunded, so I once again contacted the billing dept to ask why only 29.00 was refunded, and again I was told they had to verify my story before the $100.00 could be returned!!!! FORE REAL....!!!!! It's September not April so no April fool joke!!!!

my car was hit by another vehicle so their insurance company paid for a car rental while my car was being repaired...they set it up with hertz and it was a nightmare from the beginning! they inspected the car for damages before they gave it to me! I did not notice until I got home that there was a small chip in the windshield...never reported it because I didn't know I was supposed too! when I returned the car they charged me for the damage! I argued with them but to no avail! the previous renter drove the car from florida to nh. I will never rent from this company for anything!! I've always used enterprise and now I know why! do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!!

Awful customer service & perhaps dishonesty

I rented from Amsterdam location. When I got home, I was notified by Hertz that an admin fee was taken from my credit card for a speeding ticket that I had allegedly been given. It has been 4 months and I have not received anything from the Holland authorities. I have sent several emails to customer service demanding proof of this ticket. I am still waiting for answers. I will not rent from Hertz again.

Horable customer service

I would recommend not renting from here . The vehicles are unsafe !!!!! Customer service Sucks! The cooperate office is no help either ! Don't put your family in one of there cars if you do your putting your loved ones in danger ....


I specifically told the counter person not to bill for insurance and he did it anyway. All the charges are a nightmare so I did not pick it up until back at the airport. I was told it was too late. I had an on-line registration which tured out to mean nothing when it came to expected cost. I never had this problem with the other car rentals so I will retun to them vs using Hertz.

Sorry azz Company

The most unpleasant experience for a car rental company I have ever experienced. Thinking about renting from them? You're gambling. Think you can keep a handle on the way things go? Be my guest...you may pass...its possible. The smart thing to do...? Go with another company...less stress and opportunity for trouble that will only get explained why and not fixed should always be avoided.

ripped me off

I will never use the Hertz rental in Tupelo, Ms. again. I returned my car 15 mins after the time due in,[which they give you a 30min grace period that I was well within] because I was unloading my luggage from the rental car to my car and then filled out the mileage chart for them to save me time and they charged me an extra day for it. I called the mgr. and she was very rude and no help to me at all. Basically said since they were a private licensee of the Hertz Rental car they could do what they wanted to as far as putting the wrong times in the computer so they can bill you extra. I'm calling the BBB.

Plate Pass?

My wife and I were in an automobile accident and rented a car from Hertz. When we turned the vehicle in we were under the impression everything was paid. Wrong!! Our bank account was debited from Plate Pass for tolls. We did not know what Plate Pass was. The salesperson did not inform us that they charge $4.95 per day plus tolls. I called Hertz and they said it was in the paperwork and I should call Plate Pass. I called Plate Pass and the gentleman was kind enough to refund all but 1 day. I can't even blame Plate Pass, Hertz should have informed us of this additional charge. I actually feel that the entire amount should be returned to us and that we should even be refunded for the additional day. All parties, including corporate were contacted. I do not feel comfortable renting a vehicle from Hertz now or in the future.

Horrible Service

Customer Service is horrible. They held my deposit and wouldn't release it. I asked for a manger and I was told they don't have managers. I was then told it would take 3-5 days for someone to call me back if I wanted to talk with a supervisors. I had to call their corporate to receive the help that I needed.

Thrifty Car Rental

I was extremely disappointed in the service contract for Thrifty. My husband had to pay an extra $11 per day to drive the car we rented. What a real rip-off! We attempted to contact the corporate office all to no avail. We were originally told to wait until we returned the car, talk with the manager and if no resolution contact the customer service. We did all of that and had to wait and wait for someone to answer our call, finally just hung up! We will never rent from Thrifty again and will caution anyone we know about using Thrifty Car Rental!

The hertz rental needs a drop off box so vehicle return in the event people has to go to work.

Poor Customer Service

I rented 2 times from Hertz in the past year. I have been a gold member for a number of years. I had 2 small problems that could have been easily resolved; however, no one at Hertz seems to care. I call, I write and I get no response. What was a small problem has now become big in my mind. Caring and service after the sale is non existent. I guess since they are the biggest they don't have to be the best. I have not rented from Hertz since and unless their deal is overly competitive I don't envision renting from them again, I also share my experience with others.

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