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well I don't see it. so I'll try again. you block me from sending friend request to friends of friends, and even some people that I know. That is against what FB is supposed to be about. Rethink what you're doing..


Dear Facebook, why do you always keep changing the way my profile page appears? I'm tired of having to "adjust" to the continual changes your IT techs are doing to my profile page. I understand Facebook is free for my use but be more understanding to Facebook users that don't like changes all the time...like myself.

editing info

I would like to correct some things that have accidentaly gotten posted to my profile, but your site does not allow you to change some of the profile such as Job titles and for some reason My friends High school got posted to my profile what the ____ up with that?????

cable and billing

Sad to say that I can't get a cable buried in my yard. It has been stretched across my fence and strung to the pole where people can run into it for 6 months. Every month for the last 3 months, I have been told that they would credit my account $20..... Funny, but they must have credited their own account. Haven't seen a penny of that. This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Maybe the BBB will help!!!!!

I challenge you

I challenge you to close your FB. But then open an new "fake " FB. From the same or different device. Have no connections to your last FB profile. When you look at people you may know. ..... Your closest relative will be the first one on the list. It's real and scary. Never. Ever ever open a Facebook page. There is reason those who work In Government dont have personal. Social media.


we went to a kfc in mt.Vernon mo. It was the filthyest place we have ever seen. They were out of chicken had to wait for it. out of grilled did did not offer to cook any. Every table was dirty. Trash on the floor trash cans were full.the food bar was nasty.the drink machine was filthy. And they were not busy.we took pictures. If u would like to see them. Just thought some one should check on those people.before some one gets sick. Thank you jeannie concerned


It is in your best interests to deactivate my Facebook account without further delay. I have tried for two months now to no avail. David E Strange

Paula Deen

I would just like to say that I'm disappointed in Home Depot. I read that you are dropping Paula Dean's merchandise. I think this is a terrible mistake! People that were not raised in the South in the earlier days, don't know what people had to go through. Just because she worked hard and made something out of her self, someone is jealous and are wanting to see her fail. God Bless Paula Dean and God Bless America...


Hey so for about three or four months I have been harrassed by a page on facebook. I have tried blocking them but facebook won't let me. I also reported them and facebook did nothing what so ever. Its not that the harrassment bothers me but I'm tired of this page taking my picture and posting it on there page and replacing my face with and x and things. I'm also tired of the rude unneeded messages on facebook. I just want to go about my life. I havea family and do not need this.

President of RHIM

I want know what your problem is , every time I add people I knew onto my Facebook you block me. I am a minister that travels around the world for the last 32 years. Pastors and other ministers I knew I add to my facebook. but you always block my account. You need to correct. you have don't now three time this year, I know thousands of Pastors around the world, and they use Facebook. its easy for us, but if you don't want on here, we can all move to different social network and you will lost between 300,000 to 500,000 members. You been doing the same to my friends blocking them. Now never block fake accounts that contact every week between 20 to 30 of them, scam, copying someone else account, but when I am legel Ministries in the USA for over 32 years contact people I know you block my account. now your wrong in your behavior to as a person as a Minister. Dr. Robin Franklin Harmia

Unanswered Question

I've bought books, I've inquired via Google, Ask.com, etc. in an effort to find out how I can get copies of all my postings on my Facebook account sent to my e-mail address so I can transfer them to Microsoft Word...PLEASE HELP...PLEASE HELP.


My microwave is arcing due to peeling of paint... sears said the answers for me to spray it.... This is inside the microwave.... this is unbelievable ....... I will be a future Lowes customer.


when facebook starts monitoring the statements of corporations, individuals, editing those statements that do not fit facebook political beliefs then i believe facebook has become a political tool of the obama administration..you in effect have taken the political beliefs of people and denied them the right to express there beliefs..once people in this country believe you a arm of the obama administration then companies, individuals will no longer support you because you now the problem and not a assistant to help...i am dropping my facebook account because you not letting people express their political beliefs and stopping the public from free expression

account e-mail change

Recently my wife passed away and facebook was on her e-mail account but that account is no longer in use. I need to keep the same account on my new e-mail address. I can't see any place to do this. I also think we need some one to talkt or at least an e-mail address.


Facebook customer service is non existent and totally sucks. Anyone know how to contact a human there?

Cannot Load Face Book

Everything else seems to be fine with my computer, after having the motherboard replaced under warranty, and doubling the RAM, EXCEPT that I cannot load Facebook. If I am copied with a post on my google e-mail account, I can sometimes comment on THAT post, but absolutely NOTHING ELSE. I do miss the program, even though I was not addicted to it like some seem to be. HELP ?!?!?!!?

Writing Free Comments

I think something should change in Facebook. I have a nephew, which is a priest. He want to use Facebook as a work instrument putting some propaganda and deleting anything which does not match his ideas. I think that kind of behaviour is OK but got to be indicated in advance so everyone knows. Others could put their advice freely, subject naturally to decency.

like and dislike icons

hi y is there only like icon under each status y dont u put dislike jst like on youtube. plz bring it because many pple write badthngs so by pressing dislike it will show that person we nt happy with his doings

Face book is getting sorry

I have been blocked again for sending friend request to people that I knew in my past. I thought this was what face book was about. I sent request on a site" Remembering South Jackson" I found out that there is the problem, there is infighting on the site, so old members are being blocked to keep the word down, this is BS on face book part. Why does face book not have a human to talk too?

Why write anything. Nothing happens anyway. from all the comments above you truly have a sorry company with no customer service. You have blocked me for no reason and I can not do anything about it. Too busy counting your money?

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