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FB Fees

I would ike to know why I am charged fees for my FB account?


For the past 2 months over $1,100 has been charged to my credit card from Facebook w/ the criminal mind game. This was most certainly turned over to the bank for fraud investigation which turned it over to law enforcement which then turned it over the to attorney general. I want my $$ back.

Facebook Account

My facebook account is locked and I can't get login in it


I am banned from facebook? why? I support our constitution and now cannot access my business page which i live on and my personal page. I am asking why? I am asking you to fix it. I was told by a worker at a phone number i called for facebook help that i have suspicious activity on my computer??? really? I am not a criminal, I am not attacking anyone, I am a good person trying to survive in my business and this corrupt world. thanks.

Forgot my password

I forgot my password,and my email account has been deactivated,so I can't retrieve an temporary password,I need help in this area.

I am very upset to say the least with facebook and their executives. I have been suffering for nearly 2 years.They won't so much as respond to me or call me. I do need to sue them although i want it settled privatly and I need to pursue criminal action agaisnt them for not coopertign with criminal matters The law is alos evading their responsibility, as thety always do, which is why this is still happening. Please contact me mark, sheryl, sean, whoever!

Dear Facebook. Your updates suck. So do the visual changes you make, as well. Why is it on my IPAD when someone "likes" what I post, it only shows the site it came from, but not the post itself? Meaning if I posted 3 stories from the same site, one may be liked, but notifications won't tell me which one. no offense, but do stupid people make these decisions? I only as because they make no sense whatsoever. What ever happened to the old saying, "leave well enough alone"? Let me know when you hire people with an I.Q. above 10.


Is there a such thing as face reconitionon Facebook ti where if you sent a picture to Facebook headquarters they can alert your phone if that account is activated again?

Facebook for couples

Is there such thing as a Facebook for married couples. cause where you can put the part to where it says where do you work what's your hometown. And what school did you go to its point less to put anything cause face books set up for one person. Why not invent a Facebook for married couples also. If there is please let me know Thankyou.

crap on fb

facebook used to be a good site for kids to contact their friends and family, but how its all drama and using bad language from people that dont care if kids see what is being posted. I am going to find other safe site that my kids can be on without all this drama and bad language.

FB Customer Service - a Misnomer

After having my account hacked and trying to contact FB to rectify the problem, I've come to the conclusion that FB "customer service" is a big fat joke! Not only is my account still being hacked by someone or something, and that after deleting all FB cookies (and any cookie not identifiable), running virus software, cleaning my computer registry, changing my password half-a-dozen times, and sending multiple notices to FB myself, as well as having several of my friends do the same. What FB has managed to do is idiotically ban me from my own account and send me several warnings about posting content that violates its rules. Nice. I'm not the one posting, have asked for help from FB, and it bans me, instead of going after the hackers. I think what I'll do is save this response and start sending it around to the corporate offices of different companies who have anything to with FB. Maybe with enough dollars pulled, because of the unsafe environment that FB hosts, someone at FB will finally get off their lazy butts and do something besides pilfer money from the public.


How dare you tell me I cannot use the password I have been using for Facebook! It has been fine in the past.

password reset

I have been trying to reset my password for a while now since my college acct has been deactivated and I cannot remember the answer to the security questions, I have tried everything to reset but cannot because there are no other options offered so I have been locked out my account a while now. I think there should be other options to by pass, especially if you offered another email address so that the password can be reset.

video Ads

Mark Zuckerberg posted that u r going to start doing video ads and it will stop us FB customers and make up watch them. That is against the law to do that and if u do FB will be a ghost town. no one will stand for it. We have other things to do on FB and we don't need that garbage stopping us from doing r stuff. We only have a small window to do it and don't have time for no pop up demand must watch ad video. U do and watch what will happen to FB fast. Mark My Words.


you shouldn't be able to send someone a message if you have it set to friends only. you give others a chose of a other box .. that's wrong if we all wanted people to send us messages we wouldn't set it up to people we no .. think about this ..

Searchbar Funamulism

Dear FB - Your algorithmic criteria for theoretically improving the Searchbar, has suddenly become an abhorrence. You have accelerated beyond Google. You actually assume you can satisfy FB's Marketing Team Goals by Clustering responses BEFORE the user can completely type out one simple word. Does this mean that you presume on a friendship?


facebook is kewl it rulez

Why FB not allow me to 'likes ' my own friends is photos n status etc

Is that illegal to likes my own friends is photos, status etc ? Would you who may it concern answer me please,, Thank you..

Why Fb always threaten to block me

Is that illegal to 'likes' my own friends is photos, status n comments etc? Would you please answer my question?! Its the third time I ask you dear FB.. I love you so please answer me..

am so sorry there is no support to get well on line

I never I my life seen a linr that sucks like Facebook I got blocked twice for 30 days on games was sending friends rewuest to play well I got job I spelled my first name kraig since people spelled that like that had my work phone it messed up so I added line to my gallaxy was using my work number had kool friends same thing Facebook started proof id sent that told them who I was number bussiness number still play so I copied everthing sent to ic3gov.com fbi compter crime unit and better business bureau google had to fight to get my money from facebook. .I also use norton u would not believe how much viris .malware is on there stay away go to kik..flirt..

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