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Horrible Customer Service

Seriously, I love Facebook, but hate your arrogance. Between my co-administrator and myself, we've written at least 20 times asking for help with a group problem. We have 14,000 members and can't find the answer in your Q&A, which you use for every answer. Come on guys, you can do better than this - it's been two months that we've been chasing the problem. HELP!


The Nigerian Pertoluem minister (DEZANI ALison Madueke) is a facebook scammer who uses face book to defraud people of thier money by offering oil contracts. Most recently, she has started engaging hackners fron Weybridge Enngland to hack into facebook accounts of people who there write on her profile to aked for their stolen monies to be return. Facebook need to urgently investigate and deal with this criminal matter.

Business owner

On a Teaparty feel that a great way to kick off a new national holiday would be to just kill that not-white guy in office. It must make them feel tough to hide behind a computer screen while threatening one of the most powerful men in the world. Included a picture of a noose being put around the president's neck. This is the most offensive, vilest post I have seen anywhere ever. Facebook, time to censor. This is worse than filth. The person / persons who posted this are worse than scum sucking bottom feeders, sub human.

Deletion - No Notice

Facebook deleted a profile without any notice. When I signed on, I was told that my page was miscategorized and given altnerate options. But when I selected one of them, I lost everything, all my contacts, messages everything. Trying to contact them to find out WHY, and there is no way to contact them. It's a pointless site if people can just delete your profiles.

No Answer

Don't bother calling this number because you will just be directed to online help.

I got a message saying I won $600,000 from Facebook. Is this real?

is this a scam

I want to say Big congratulations to you. Your name was selected by Mr Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook Founder & Chief Executive Officer, the promotion was made to make all Facebook User to benefit from the gain of the company, hence, we device this Annual Lottery Promotions to help the poor and all Internet Users at large, all winners has been confirmed because of the lucky draw that was made between Users from Facebook. Get back to us as soon as you are ready to claim your money. Okay

Facebook tagging issue

I was browsing photos of my relatives. The next day my relative emails me about how weird was that I tagged him as my little niece... I did not! I hate Facebook and I do not use it, but I go there once in a few years to look up photos or some info of some company. Honestly, I will report this incident to Federal Trade Commission. If I had the money I would sue Facebook for this incident alone.

facebook scam

Today According to the local news Facebook was hacked! also today I contacked Facebook to close my facebook account... there tec then explained to me there server was showing a bad ddl or something in regard to my account and that they would have to charge me $199.00 for the tools they would need to close my facebook account. WHAT A BLEEPEN RACKET Charge the poor man to resolve facebooks" shortcomings... Someone needs to stop this type outright theft... thank you.

locked out

Was on my facebook page on Friday. I tried to check it later in the day, had a message saying that my account seemed fake & that I need to verify info. Well I sent you the info, received an email saying you will review & contact me......haven't heard anything!!! Getting frustrated!!!!


Wow! Trying to contact anyone in your organization is extremely hard. No call backs when you have a contact name and number. When you call the corporate number you get automation. Very impersonal.

Locked out

someone tried to access my account by another devise and i have been locked out of my account and i can't get back in message saying that the devise I'm using has never been used before. when in fact it has been used? I'm lock out and can't get in.

?retired person

The other day I stupidly logged off of my facebook account. Not realizing I didn't know my password but I thought it was hondazero2013 but you said that was not it .Now you want me to tell you my password andmas it looks I don't know it.I was hopeing you would email me a new one so I could get back on facebook. Please help me.Thankyou very much.


I am unable to log on to my account. Numerous tries at reset passwor. It says my phone number is not my phone number. It says this computer has not been used before. It is the only computer i have used. I am paying a company to maintain my business account. You owe me $74/month until I can access my account. so far i have tried 14 distorted codes to send this.

my facebook

Someone deleted my facebook and.would like to know who did.it

Telephone number

Why do you publish a phone number if you won't accept any calls? Evidently you just want advertising money and have NO interest in helping your customers. You say to press one for customer support then say you won't take calls; to visit the online help center. Which does NOT respond to anything.

poor service

My companies Trade name has been used by Facebook on their web site without authorization. The request to remove any reference to my trade name was made to Facebook over 60 days ago. They were supplied with documents show that information was and is correct. They have done nothing but give me the run around. Yesterday they have now said the do not have a record of receiving the information. That is just like saying the dog ate my homework as I still have the e-mail from Facebook acknowledging receipt of the same documents 60 days ago. I am force to consider going to court to seek an injunction to stop this massive multinational corporation from abusing a small Canadian business.


Turning into a LOUSY system. Can not get live help anywhere and the "help" page is so generic it ought to be wearing Depends..

Domestic Violence Survivor

I am at a loss as you made me change my personal timeline to be a fan page - i am petrified here now -

I need to contact Facebook Corporation. Are you emailing people and saying that they won a monetary prize that you picked their name at random? If I had an email address I could attach the email that I received supposedly from your President. This is most likely a fraud using your business as a front.

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