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I loved the fact that I kept in touch with more of my relatives, past/present coworkers, and friends from high school on Facebook than on Myspace or Twitter. But I have one MAJOR problem with Facebook. I recently had my account disabled because other individuals had maliciously marked my profile as being "fake". I have done everything corporate has asked me to do to verify the authenticity of my account, and I have been waiting very patiently for my account to be restored. I really don't see why it has to take so long to verify an account's identity. The fact of the matter is that Facebook doesn't care whatsoever! They do not bother to investigate ANYTHING! I'm going back to Myspace - they at least know how to take care of their users!!

Hello first off let me say that I used to like going to facebook.. There on facebook I have found people i havent seen in ages on there, but one day I go there and my facebook account has been DISABLED. I have done what corporate had asked of me but still I cant get in my account. There is no reason why it should take so long to get it back, I did nothing wrong someone made a FAKE profile. All I want is my account back. Thanks, Kathy Kincaid.

Greetings, First of all I want to thank everyone from the developers of facebook what a great website you guys have created. Speaking for myself, as a visual artist, it's my 'second home' to communicate with friends and acquaintances from around the globe from whom many are also wonderful artists and professionals. I'm also emailing you to tell you that I just recently had an unwanted photo added to my 'photos' page. It rests above my photos' page and is a detriment and distraction to my 'Orderly' arrangement. I have tired in every way to see how I can 'delete' this photo but it's NOT within my 'EDIT PHOTOS' link. Definitely need your professional help to have this photo removed. The desciption of the unwanted photo is: A PHOTO THAT CONTAINS MANY FRAMED 'SMALL' MINIATURE PAINTINGS HUNG AGAINST A WALL. THANK YOU! Facebook member, -Catherine Ann Esquivel

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