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some one stealing my kids pictures

i want to know what can i do about some one stealing my pictures not only mine but my childrens aswell ive submitted several complaints and flagged them but i have heard nothing till this day


Fixs the game called Cafeland Plese.

FB banned me.. Moms on the list

I recieved a notice that I sent too many friend request. I personally knew the people on the list, most of them I was already friends with on FB or better yet my mom and several relatives were LISTED and


On trying to access my fb account this evening i got a screen telling me my account has been disabled, i am not eligible and the decision is final. I have never previously been warned or blocked for any reason so cannot understand this action.

Friends Request

Once again Facebook is lying and making False accusations in sending notice that I am sending request to people I don't know. They themselves encourage you to reach out. To have a policy is one thing, I don't have a problem with it; but when you accuse me I've got a HUGE problem with it! I refused to accept the notice so I am now blocked from Facebook.

big problem

why have you stopped me from getting into facebook you say im not a real person but oh yes I am and you have got rid of me from my friends and family im an old lady and I enjoy facebook bingo so now I can not play or chat to my friends

My thoughts about face book isn't very good right now! There is no place to get a hold of them and I have a very big problem! They tell me to go to the help page but what I need isn't on that page! Nobody seems to care!! Too busy adding their money!!!!!!!

according to facebook i send too many friend request ........ and its my choice to do so and if they want to add me they can if they want . and that just goes to show how closely we are being watched

Bogus Reports of Abuse

The Real Manistee facebook page has been blocked for sending friend requests even though the user of the site has not sent any. What is going on? Of the friends the Real Manistee has, over 90% were from them asking to be friends. Please unblock this site and tell me what caused this situation.

getting pick on by facebook

they are saying that I send friend request to other people that I don't know but every friend that I have knows me because I go to church with most of them and facebook is harassing me they say they are going to get me for harassing if I send one more message and said that I could be banded for life i think they have something against chistians i am tired of being pick on you need to lift the banded because i did not do anything wrong or break the rules why don't you banded the people who cus and post nasty pics you should not allow that i could affend people

Worst "customer service".

Facebook is the worst company in the world. No customer service, at all. I am filing a BBB complaint with this company for unfair business practices.

Ongoing problems with my Account

I want to know why my recent facebook news feeds are all getting deleted. I am not physically deleting them but for some reason they are gone. I don't know if it is a glitch or what is causing this to happen but I am getting aggravated about this problem. It appears that you have no customer service e-mail address or phone number to contact. That is sad since you are such a multi billion dollar corporation.

Not a review

I haven't any review, please help me , I didn't receive code generator, I am unable to access my account please,didn't receive code :( :( :( :( :( :(


Dear facebook,your corporation needs a live customer service center,that will enable everybody that are having issues,concerns,etc talk to representatives,and solve whatever the problem is. From passwor malfunctions,page concerns,and other inquiries. By doing so,this will eliminate a lot of problems from the users and the corporation will have a better rating.


I would like for you to stop the ads and pop ups on my computer. Everytime I check mail send e-mails or mail, I can't because there are so many that it stops me from doing what I want to do on my computer. This is getting rediculous besides the spot in the corner saying facebook is hiring. I'm a senior and not interested. PLEASE STOP

freind request block

i am sick and tired of getting block when i send out friend requests we are here to meet new folks and i am always getting 30 day blocks.If there was another site for social media that i can find i will go to it. yet i like facebook but this is getting on my last nerve,

Face Book

This is to all of you folks out there who have complains about what is done or is said on Facebook. Why don't you folks get a life. If you do not have enough sense not to post something on your page and expect it not to be seen by other people. Then you need to get a life. Also most of you folks out there have NO idea how a computer system works, you best find out. Computer programming is an art in its self. What somebody can do, somebody else can undo it!

Adding people

I am Justin and this is outage you can not even add people they have you blocked up to a month even some 14 days some times 7 days what kind of service are they doing there we need a new online service.

Reportig accounts

Someone has made another account of me with my pictures etc and i am getting no where to report the account so it can be permanently deleted

Restraining Order

My daughter's FB was hacked by someone that she has a restraining order against. He has changed the email, phone number and password on her account so that she can no longer secure her account. He is posting pictures and messages on her FB now and talking to her friends. I have tried to contact FB now several different ways to try to get her FB deactivated. I am getting no where. Everyone beware of your safety on FB!

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